Camping Ground - Cover

Camping Ground

by Harry Bolo

Copyright© 2022 by Harry Bolo

Romantic Sex Story: Nick Company CEO needed to get away and meets a red head sexy devil. She has just finished uni is ready to job hunt. They enjoy some sexy times together when a family accident brings them closer together and enjoyment for all. Some sex.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   Geeks   .

Sysop: Nick Company CEO needed to get away and meets a red head sexy devil. She has just finished uni is ready to job hunt. They enjoy some sexy times together when a family accident brings them closer together and enjoyment for all. Some sex.

I had to get away. I travelled north to the sunshine and heat. Down under here, heat is North, cold is South. I drove past the 1770 town where I stocked up with supplies for four weeks. I know you pay more in a small town, but they have the supplies for us. Items like packet soup and non refrigerated goods until opened. I pulled into a caravan park and planned to stay for a few days. I was tired from the 24 hour drive. I slept soundly until 7am. On waking I felt good, fresh air and a nice sea view.

There were around 30 other tents, mobile homes and caravans in the area. A good mix of ages. I am Nick, 28, single and a programmer. I have just finished a 2 year program and need the client to run the program for 3 months side by side of his existing program. From day one he was ringing saying this was wrong, every time I checked it was a PEBKAC error. That’s why I am away, no phone, no computer, just me and the caravan.

The caravan park was small, with a room to hold 75-80 campers. It was on the river next to the beach. I walked over to the beach and found the nice white sand and large bay a beauty. The tide line had a heap of junk from plastic bottles, twigs, branches and seaweed. I walked for an hour along the beach. Returning to the site I had a nice drink from fresh water. Not the polluted water from the tap at home. This stuff tastes good. I did ask the site manager to change over my water tank. He agreed for a $20 cash payment. It took about 2 hours to change. Drain the tank, flush, refill. Now I have really fresh water to drink and to make my coffee with. I sat outside watching the river and other campers walking about. It was a good age range from 4 to 80. The only noisy group were some 7 teens playing their music loud. The manager came over and told them to turn it off or go to the beach. They walked to the beach playing the music very loud. Just to annoy the manager. The problem was no one could talk to each other, in the group, because of the loud music.

I had a nice salad lunch and fruit reading the maps where to go next. Yes paper maps, as I mentioned my phone is at home. I decided to stay for 3 days then travel north along the coast. I noticed the teens return without their music box. With an ear open I heard one complain, that box cost him $400 and that bastard has given me a fine for playing it on the beach without a music licence. Now I have to pay the fine to get my music box back. F, F, F. I smiled.

Returning to the beach, after lunch, I went for a swim. Silly me the hot sun soon made me pink. I returned to my caravan to rest in the shade. Quite a few people nodded to me and a few talked, mainly the older ones. I returned inside the caravan, locked the door and slept for an hour or so.

For dinner, tonight I got out the small BBQ and had a mix grill, steak, chop, sausage, with some salad and tin boiled potatoes. I must say it was a very nice meal. Cleaning up I could hear the teens drinking and I could smell the smoking pot. I retired early to read my book and sleep.

The following morning the local campers were making a lot of unnecessary noise early. I think it was payback to the teens for their late night antics. I smiled, had my coffee and muesli for breakfast, looking out the window. About 30 minutes later I changed into swimmers and walked to the beach. Two of the teen girls were talking, one looked at me and smiled. A nice looking red hair, skinny, I say boob 30b 18, 26 body shape. Nice muscle in the legs. The other, a large tit girl, dirty blond just gave me a dirty look. But she did push her chest out. Looking at them I prefer the red-haired girl. I nodded to her. Walking further up the beach I dropped my towel and went in for a swim. It was lovely and relaxing with a water temp around 26c. I returned to my towel and laid on the beach for some time. Again I forgot my sunscreen and returned to my caravan. I noticed the girls were gone.

Later in the afternoon one of the boys was screaming, looking for his stash. The others tried to tell him he used it all up last night. He was not having it and accused them of stealing it. He hit someone and then a screamed. The red-haired girl came running out. I pointed to my caravan and she ran inside. He came storming out from his tent naked asking “Where is that bitch she owes me her ass?” Two of the other residences told him to get dressed. He put on a pair of shorts. He kept demanding, from everyone, “if they had seen the redhead bitch?”

One guy, who saw me point to my caravan, replied “She went running towards the beach along the tree line” He went running after her.

I entered my caravan and closed the door. She was hiding in the toilet. Good idea.

I asked her “What happened? My name is Nick by the way?”

She looked at me with teary eyes “I’m Sarah, I was the odd girl in the group. His girlfriend won’t sleep with him so he tried to have me. He hit me telling me to get naked. I kicked him in the balls and ran out. I’m not an angel but there is no way I want him, at all. He got stoned last night and made us all wary. His, I mean our lift is not returning for another four days. I just want to get out of here. Can I stay with you please?”

I replied I was planning to leave tomorrow for another park further up the coast.”
I did not get a chance to finish Sarah asked “Can I come with you please, pretty please?”
I asked “What about your stuff? I’m leaving after breakfast. So long as you tell one of the others you are coming with me, voluntarily, I have no problem with having some company.”

Sarah advised “I’ll tell Zoe, the one I was talking to yesterday. I can hear him coming back?” She remained where she was and I returned outside to sit with a mug of coffee. He was fuming as he could not find her. He opened a beer and started binge drinking. He was soon asleep. I mentioned it to Sarah.

Sarah came out and spoke to Zoe. She collected her items and they returned to my site. Zoe said “He will sleep until midnight then drink again until he faints. Not a nice boy. I will not tell him you have gone until you leave with this man.”

I gave Zoe my business card telling her “I do not have my phone with me.” She recorded my rego numbers. “I am going to the Gold Coast for a few days and could be back up later.” Sarah looked at me but did not say anything. She did not mention to Zoe where we were going. I answered her look as Zoe walked away “Just a bit of misdirection in case he gets angry with her.”

We had dinner together, Sarah cleaned up the dirty dishes to my surprise. I asked “I’ll make up the single bed for you?”
Sarah answered “NO, if he looks in, he knows you are on your own. I’ll sleep in the double bed and if he looks in, I shall slip onto the floor.”
I looked at her in surprise “OK I can see your logic. I’ll act like a gentleman!”
Sarah said quietly “Hope not.” I did not hear those words. We closed the curtains fully and put away any loose items in their cupboards or drawers. It pay’s, in a caravan, to be very tidy every day, especially when you are leaving the next day.

I undressed and put on night shorts for bed. Sarah undressed and looked at me laying on the bed in shorts. “I wonder Nick if you we can play out a game for me please?” She played with her naked breast, pulling her nipples. I was getting hard. “Do not touch me, remove your shorts.” I removed them and started to stroke my hard cock. Sarah climbed on the bed and stood over my cock. She squatted down and opened her pussy lips. I moved my cock to greet those pink lips. My cock slipped into her tight wet pussy, a few inches. She stood and came back down this time sinking all the way down my extra hard cock. As our pubic bones met Sarah moaned in pleasure. She rode me for three or four slides slowly. Grabbing my hands, she placed these on her beautiful boobs and squeezed them tight. I squeezed her boobs tightly. Her hands moved to my shoulders and she came. Sarah bounced up and down on my cock, her juices coated me and the bed cover. I responded and pumped into her. No sooner had she calmed down then she came again with my grinding into her. This time as she was at her height of cumming. I shot my load deeply upwards into her. Her orgasm intensified further. Her legs and arm went soft and into spasm. Her body shook as if in a fit stage. She moaned in pleasure and collapsed on top of me exhausted. My arms went around her body and I held Sarah as she slept. Never have I had a girl who came like she did tonight. I laid on the bed with Sarah on top of me, I kissed her forehead realising this was the first time we had actually physically touched each other. I fell asleep sexually happy.

The next morning we had breakfast within the caravan. I asked her to stay in bed until I drove away from the camp. He was awake but still drunk looking for his girlfriend or the red head for company. I pack up my caravan and surrounding items. He saw me and asked if I had seen them. I shook my head. He did look in the caravan windows. Sarah was in the toilet with the door closed. Pulling away with the caravan, I bade farewell to the manager. Telling him I was going south. Five minutes outside of the camp, Sarah came into the car with me. In 1770 I stocked up with additional items. Then on to the Bruce Highway north bound.

I drove to Yapoon and stayed in the Beachside Holiday Caravan park. I booked for 5 nights. It was right on the beach just a little bit out of town. Sarah rang Zoe to say she was good and they were on the Gold Coast at Southport. He was listening to the call, he wanted her ass.

We had dinner in the van and slept together. Tonight she came onto me again getting me to lay on my back as she sat on my hard cock. Tonight she kissed me and I do mean kissed me. Tongue and all. She came twice before I shot into her and we fell asleep. It was nice to have some female company. I have been alone for the last 4 years. I did move in with another girl but she got upset with my tidy ways. When your father was a sailor you learned early to be tidy.

Sarah moved out of home 3 years ago to enter uni after a gap year. She had just completed studies as an environmental scientist. She will start job hunting when she gets home.

For the next few days we saw the sights of Yapoon and its surrounding countryside. I felt so relaxed having a mutually intelligent girl with me. Most places she would hold my arm or my hand to show we were together. It was very nice. During the night we would keep each other sexually happy. In the caravan she kept the place tidy. Her parents had a caravan and she enjoyed her time in it. So she knew you needed to be tidy. Everything has its place. After our passion for sex was satisfy we talk. And I mean talked about a lot of things. A lot we were on the same wavelength, but some we were polar opposite. We agreed to allow the others point of view and laugh at it. Most of the items were silly but there were a few serious ones.

The next day we packed up and headed north to Townsville. We stayed one night and moved on to Cairns. We stayed at the Cairns holiday caravan park. Quite a nice park with a nice pool. We spent a nice three weeks doing the various day trips and island hops. We walked most times into the town and only really used the car when we needed shopping. I realised it had now been a month since we got together, the best month I had ever felt with another person. We went out to celebrate with a nice seafood platter dinner and three bottles of wine. An enjoyable dinner.

Two days later Sarah got a phone call from her mother. Her brother has been in an accident and is in hospital. He was flown to Sydney due to the extent of his injuries. Sarah was in two minds, She wanted to go, yet she did not want to leave me. Looking at the flights, Sarah could not get a flight out of Cairns for 6 days. She cried on my shoulder. I hugged her. Using her phone I rang my secretary and got her to arrange a flight out of Cairns to Sydney or Bankstown the following day and I would call her back in one hour for the details. Walking to the site office I mentioned about Sarah’s brother and the need to fly out. I booked the site for two months and paid on the spot.

Contacting my secretary she gave me the details of the flight 9.30 pickup from the airport and the location, private jet. 3 hour flight. Arriving at 12.30 with Limo to my unit. I thanked my girl Friday and mentioned to Sarah I have a flight to Sydney booked for tomorrow for us. Well the cuddle and full body hug together with the sex afterwards was worth it. She made love to me pulling down my shorts and fully engulfing my semi soft cock until it got hard in her mouth. In the meantime she had stripped off her shorts and undies. She sat on my cock and rode me hard. She wanted me and she got me. I shot my cum deep into her pussy. She screamed in pleasure as she came at the same time and collapsed on my chest exhausted and happy. I held her tightly as I felt her tears of joy on my face.

I put my vehicle and caravan in storage mode for 2 months and flew down to Sydney with Sarah. She was surprised with a private plane and a limo to my unit in Rose Bay. As we had lunch on the plane I drove Sarah to the Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick. She insisted I came inside with her to see her brother. He was a Ski instructor in the Snowy Mountains and fell off the ski lift onto rocks. I met Sarah’s parents and saw her brother Bob. He looked a mess. I grabbed his medical records and reviewed the paperwork. I studied nursing for two years. I smiled at the reports.

Sarah looked at me. “What are you reading Nick?”
I answered “Have the doctors told you anything yet?”
Her mother replied “Only he is in a bad way?”
I answered “He is in one way but he will fully heal. Basically he has broken bones but he does not appear to have damaged any organs. That is the doctor’s worries. Head, spine, pelvic and knees OK. He has broken his Scapula, humerus, radius and ulna both sides, 9 ribs, Femur left side, tibia and fibula right side. No broken bones in the hands or feet. In other words he will need babying for the next 4-7 week for feeding and toilet until the bones mend then 3-5 months rehab. Please don’t tell the nurses or doctors I have told you, other than broken bones and spirit he is OK.”

I pointed out the bones as I spoke. Well didn’t I get the hugs from Sarah and her mum. Her dad gave me a hand shake. The eyes of Bob were grateful for the comments.

I looked at Bob ``Did you go into a doggie or cat pose before landing?” He looked at me and nodded. I continued “That move saved your organs, bones can heal themselves in time, some organs cannot. Good thinking Bob.” Sarah cuddled me. “He will be fine Sarah, in three months.”
Bob smiled and nodded his head.
The tea lady arrived and we left to have a cuppa as well. Sarah’s dad asked “How come he is not talking, Nick?”

I answered “That is, I believe, a mental problem. He would have hit his head on something. They plan to do a scan in two weeks if he does not improve. I gave you the good news in the room. More for his benefit. He has not broken his skull but his head has taken a great knock. From the reports he was out for 24 hours. I would recommend he stays in here for as long as possible or until his speech returns to normal.” They looked at each other and nodded.
I asked “Do you live here or just staying locally?”
Sarah said “No they live in the ACT. Where are you staying Dad?”
He replied “The city, we have been travelling out daily, two to three buses or cabs, there is nothing locally?” I smiled.
Sarah looked at me “What’s going on in your mind Nick?”
I answered “Well I have a home at Rose Bay that is empty, you will need to be here for around 2 months for your son. If you look after my home, collect the rubbish mail and we get a lot, Sarah and I can continue our travels and you can look after your son with reports to Sarah. I will be very happy knowing someone is looking after my place. I normally get a house sitter but I did not get time to organise this time. Interested?”

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