Floren's Villa: Miklai's Night of Wonders - Cover

Floren's Villa: Miklai's Night of Wonders

by Detailed Archery

Copyright© 2022 by Detailed Archery

Fantasy Sex Story: Miklai gets a taste of the sexy slave Beata.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   Big Breasts   .

Beata led Miklai to a room that had a large bed in the center. The bed was framed in gold and had gold sheets on it. Surrounding the bed were large plants and various pillars. Miklai was impressed by the decor. He had never been to a brothel or whorehouse that was like this. He understood now why Floren’s villa was considered the very best as it produced an all encompassing experience.

Miklai looked over at Beata who gently pulled him towards her. She kissed him softly which excited Miklai a lot. He was almost afraid to touch her because she seemed so fragile. His fingers brushed her soft skin. It was like running your hands across butter. That was how soft her skin was. Miklai’s hands moved over her arms and then up to her breasts. Her breasts were so soft and round.

She wasn’t big-breasted like the girl that Retan had chosen. Her breasts were on the smaller side but that was what Miklai liked. He didn’t go for the large-breasted ones as they were never really his type. He preferred his women to be on the thinner side. It was what got him excited.

Miklai’s hands went to his shirt as he began to take it off but Beata stopped him. She let out a soft giggle that Miklai liked.

“Let me do it, Master,” Beata said. She slowly took off Miklai’s shirt then his trousers. His cock jutted out towards her and she smiled as she looked at it.

“You have a nice cock, Master,” Beata said.

“Thank you,” Miklai said as he blushed.

Beata gently took his cock into her hand and began to stroke it. Miklai let out a small moan and looked intently at Beata. He could see her hard nipples poking against the front of her tunic and it made his cock throb even harder. He reached out a tentative hand and softly touched her breasts and rubbed her nipples.

“Let me take this off for you, Master,” Beata said. She took a step back and pulled down each sleeve with her tunic falling to her feet. Miklai stared at Beata’s lovely body. She was magnificent! Her pink nipples were erect and ready for Miklai’s touch. He looked down at her cunny. There was hair all around him that made Miklai’s cock twitch as he looked at it.

“Do you like what you see, Master?” Beata asked him with a smile.

“Yes,” Miklai said softly. He reached out and pulled Beata towards him. He kissed her passionately as his hands went to her back and then down to her small ass. He held her ass in his hands as his cock twitched against her. Her own hands went to his cock and began to stroke it.

Miklai moaned into her mouth. It had been a while since he had touched a woman or had one touch him. Constant battles took away anytime for pleasurable encounters with the female sex. His hand was the only source of enjoyment for the past few months.

Beata’s hand moved up and down on his hard cock as Miklai continued to kiss her. They parted after a moment and Beata slowly went down to her knees. She stroked his cock a few times more then put it inside of her mouth. Miklai looked down at her as Beata sucked his cock. Her lips were wrapped around the tip of his cock and Miklai would watch as much of his shaft would disappear into Beata’s mouth.

Miklai moaned from the pleasure and kept his eyes on Beata. She sucked his cock very slowly and gently as if it was a valuable jewel. It felt so good to Miklai as the women he usually fucked would suck his cock fast in an effort to get him to spill his seed quickly. He loved that Beata took her time.

After a few moments, Beata rose to her feet and slowly moved Miklai to the bed. She laid back as Miklai moved in between her legs. He looked down at her as he guided his cock into her. Beata let out a quiet gasp as Miklai’s cock moved deeper into her tunnel. He let out a moan himself as he pushed deeper into her.

Beata’s legs wrapped around him as Miklai fucked her. She lifted her head to kiss him as Miklai’s hard cock pounded in and out of her. He was so excited and he started to fuck her fast. Beata began to moan as she looked at him. Miklai held her hips and fucked her even faster. Her cunny was very wet and took all of his cock.

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