The Movie Date - Cover

The Movie Date

by Master Jonathan

Copyright© 2022 by Master Jonathan

BDSM Sex Story: Master decided to take her out for a night at the movies. But the show on the screen wasn't what was most on his mind...

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Public Sex   Illustrated   .

Master and I had a “movie date” one Saturday night – he had called me up and told me just what to wear and when to be ready. I love these spontaneous times with him, he always makes them so exciting and sexy! I rushed to make sure I was ready.

He had specifically told me to wear my little black dress, stockings, and heels. I wasn’t to wear a bra or panties, and right then I knew it wouldn’t be an ordinary movie date! I dressed as he requested and when I had my makeup and hair looking perfect, I was ready.

When we arrived, he picked the movie. We didn’t care what it was, we weren’t there for the movie. We got into the theater and found some seats way in the back. The theater began filling up and was about half-full when the lights went down.

Fortunately no one was too close, but still close enough to make it dangerous! There was an older couple about three rows in front of us and another couple down the row ahead of us on the end. It was late enough that there were no small children at the theater (thank goodness!)

“Don’t make a sound and just keep watching the movie,” he instructed me. Then his hand slowly slid up my leg and I knew where it’s headed! His hand was just above my knee and I already ached for his touch. He lightly grazed my stockinged thigh and it was like a live wire is touching me. I bit my lip as his hand got higher and closer to my sex.

His hand was at the hem of my dress now and I was squirming in my seat. I know that he would soon have me begging him – Master knows just what to do to drive me insane with lust! His hand reached the top of my stocking and I gasped a little when His fingers touched my bare thigh.

“Quiet slut! You want everyone to hear you!” he whispered. His hand withdrew a bit – a punishment of sorts for my noise. I gripped the arms of my chair and with my lips closed tightly I shook my head.

His hand resumed it’s travel up my thigh until I felt him petting my mound. I raised up just a bit; enough for him to slide my dress up to my waist and then I settled back down, spreading my legs wide for him.

He slipped a finger, then two into my sopping pussy, smiling at how wet I already was. He scooped out some of my pussy juice and brought it to his lips, sucking me off his fingers. My heart soared when I saw him smile; I knew he was pleased with me. He began pumping his fingers in and out of me, fingerfucking me right there in the theater!

I was soaking wet by this time and I knew the seat under me was getting wet as well, but I didn’t care; Master was taking his pleasure in making me squirm and writhe in my seat and I was enjoying being the object of his amusement. But all too soon he pulled his fingers from me, drenched in my juices. He offered them to me this time and I greedily sucked my own honey from his fingers.

When I had cleaned his fingers to his satisfaction, he slipped out of his seat to kneel on the floor in front of me. There was just enough room for him to kneel down in the row and once he was between my legs, He reached up and began unzipping the front of my dress.

He chose this particular LBD because of the way it fit me – skin tight, it clung to me like wet toilet paper! But the thing he most enjoyed was the front zipper which ran from the scooped neckline, cut low enough it showed my cleavage very well, down to just below my navel. He pulled the zipper down agonizingly slow, making me tremble as more and more of me was revealed to him.

Once the zipper finally reached the bottom, Master pulled me forward a bit and slipped the straps off my shoulders and down to my elbows, effectively pinning my arms to my sides, but also baring my tits completely to the cool theater air.

My nipples were already hard just from the excitement, but once the air hit them, they hardened even more. Now they ached they were so hard and erect. Master leaned forward and whispered “Now remember; no sounds.” I could feel his hot breath as he spoke.

I whimpered very softly so that only he could hear me, and then I clamped my mouth shut. His hot mouth closed over one of the taut nubs and his tongue caressed my nipple sweetly. One of his hands slipped back up to toy with my drooling pussy and rub my clit. I couldn’t help myself, I moaned softly; Master bit my nipple, “Shhh” he whispered.

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