Why Is My Life Sciences Teacher Naked? - Cover

Why Is My Life Sciences Teacher Naked?

by Pan Fried Mushrooms

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Erotica Sex Story: Wait, what—we’re studying “practical sexuality” next term, with in-class practice? And you want me to get involved? Are you sure, Mom?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Reluctant   BiSexual   School   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Teacher/Student   ENF   .

I shift on the wooden seat, trying to get less uncomfortable. Actually comfortable isn’t an option, of course, not during a student-parent-teacher conference.

Especially not with a naked teacher.

I tear my gaze away from those breasts with puffy nipples, that crotch with its dark triangle, and look behind her again at the poster on the wall of the life sciences lecture room. Circulatory system of a frog, I remind myself. Memorize that.

And above all, don’t notice my own hard nipples or damp pussy.

Ms Burns smiles as she files my summary sheet back into a folder. “And that brings us to next term’s unit.”

Mom makes an encouraging noise.

“As you may have seen on the parent portal, we’re covering sex education in a new way.”

Mom nods. “I did see that.”

Wait—what? What kind of new way? Is this why my teacher is naked? And why is Mom smiling?

“This will be a practical program, not theoretical as in the past. It includes live demonstrations, classroom practice, and a proficiency exam.”

The bottom of my skull falls out. She makes this sound like a how-to-have-sex class. That can’t be right. I can’t even.

“It’s about time,” Mom says firmly.

Whoa whoa whoa wh-what?

“I was hoping to have your support,” Ms Burns says with a smile. “Do you have any concerns?”

“Let’s see.” Mom ticks off her fingers, “How heteronormative is the curriculum? Will you be teaching safe oral, vaginal, and anal sex techniques? How will you handle issues such as consent, age difference, kinks, incest, and bestiality?”

Was this—did my Mom really just say those words?

Ms Burns smiles and ticks off fingers of her own. “Not at all heteronormative—to pass the unit, each student will be required to perform at least one sex act with both sexes.”


I almost don’t hear her go on, “Yes to all three types. Consent is a fundamental topic, and we will repeatedly stress the importance of explicitly requesting and granting consent, and of avoiding coercive situations, as well as build the case for Consent Is Sexy. Age difference, we’ll explain what’s legal, but acknowledge that laws do get broken and encourage minors to, if they do break them, do it carefully—circling back to further discussion of consent and coercion. Kinks, we can only discuss at a high level, though including a strong prohibition on any form of kink-shaming. Practical instruction just isn’t possible in a short introductory class like this—kinks really are advanced topics. Incest, we won’t bring up unless a student does, and then neither encourage or discourage, except to circle back again to law and consent. And finally, bestiality, we’ll strongly discourage, see consent again.

“Did I address everything?”

Wait wait wait, that’s all but encouraging kids to have sex with adults. I try not to notice how my teacher’s nipples crinkled and popped even further out during that speech. Try hard, and fail miserably. Dang.

Mom nods. “I could wish for something more on family openness, but your hands are probably tied there. Otherwise, this sounds excellent. And well overdue.”

“I’m glad to hear it. Zoey?” Ms Burns looks at me expectantly.

“Yes?” I manage to say without too much of a pause.

“Any concerns?”

Somehow my brain unfreezes enough to latch on to a stray loose end and even find coherent words about it. “If we have to have sex with two people to pass—I mean, what about students who are in an exclusive relationship?”

Ms Burns smiles and nods. “While we’ll do our best to not kink-shame students who are monogamous, the rules are explicit—and we will make this clear to everyone—that a passing grade requires having sex with more than one partner. Those who wish to stick to the minimum of two will be accommodated, and we won’t coerce them into more. That said, we will encourage all students to practice with a variety of partners, for both the experience and realism. Anything else?”

Teaching everyone to be bisexual and promiscuous—srsly? At a public school? How on earth is this—?

I shake my head once. “That—ooo-kaythen.” Then my still half-frozen brain flags another detail. “What about non-binary and intersex kids? Which of ‘both’ sexes do they count as?”

Ms Burns’ eyes widen slightly, and she nods again. “Good points. We are definitely not going to enforce binary genders. It is not, to the best of my knowledge, a concern in your class, but we should explicitly confirm that with each student as we brief them. And we need to consistently use more inclusive language—thank you for pointing that out.” She makes a note on her tablet.

She glances up at me. “For the record, you identify as female and use she/her, correct?”

I nod, and notice my face feels slightly numb.

She finishes her note and continues, “As for intersex people, that condition is protected personal information, available only as need-to-know. You are right, however—in this case, we do need to know beforehand. I will push to get confirmation one way or another whether it’s an issue this term, and make adjustments accordingly. Thank you again—very good point.” She makes another note.

“Anything else?”

My poor brain comes up nada. I shake my head.

“Good, then I have a request for you, Zoey.”

I manage an inquiring noise.

“The unit requires the assistance of two teacher’s aides, a boy and a girl, to perform demonstrations during lectures and assist students one-on-one. I’d like you to be one.”

Okay, this is going way past weird. She wants me for a TA?

Mom steps up. “What exactly is involved?”

“TAs will be naked during all classroom sessions of the unit, and available as models for teaching anatomy, including some touching and gentle exploration by other students. They will demonstrate to the class the various sex acts in the curriculum, partnered with each other and the teachers, including but not limited to masturbation, mutual masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus, vaginal sex, anal sex, and sex with two partners.”

Fucking in front of the class. With both a boy and the teachers. More than once. That—that was totally kinky ... and kinda hot. Really hot. I swallow, my mouth watering—heck, my pussy watering. Really, body? You like the sound of that?

Ms Burns continues, “TAs will assist the teachers by giving hands-on help to other students as needed. As in guiding them, only—TAs will never be required to perform sex acts with other students, nor accept any form of harassment, verbal or physical. We will crack down hard on that.” She makes a small smile. “This is a pilot program, and it has to go well for everyone.”

“Good thinking,” Mom says.

I’m too wrapped up in the idea of fucking in front of my classmates to respond.

“In return, TAs get double credit, for both the class and a term of TAing, and if the routine in-class activities are performed satisfactorily, they get an automatic A+ for the class without completing any homework or exams.”

Double credit? Now that’s tempting—that would make it easier to graduate early and blow this taco stand of a high school.

“Your thoughtful concerns show you’d be a good choice, Zoey. Are you interested?” She holds up a hand. “I’m not asking for a commitment yet, and there are some conditions to be met before I can make a formal offer.”

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