Oldies but Goodies - Cover

Oldies but Goodies

by sourdough

Copyright© 2022 by sourdough

Fiction Story: Max gets lucky with some older women.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Humor   .

My name is Max. I came along late in my parents’ lives. They were in their forties when I was born so I was definitely a surprise baby. Their other children, my brother and sister, were already grown up. The other surprise they got was their discovery that I was not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I struggled through school even with having tutors. I guess almost all of the brains had already been passed out by the time it was my turn. That was a great disappointment to my family. Everyone else had college degrees and good jobs. By the time I graduated high school I knew I wasn’t going to college. My family knew it too.

They were worried about me becoming independent and being able to support myself, but I was determined to do just that. My parents had retired by then and I didn’t want to become a burden to them. I told them I was going to get a job and get my own place. Easier said than done.

I wasn’t being picky about the jobs I was willing to take either. I was willing to do anything for a paycheck, but every place I went there were plenty of others wanting the same position even if it was a dish washing or a busboy position in a restaurant. All the other people wanting the jobs always had more experience than me. I didn’t have any. It was quite discouraging. I thought about enlisting in the Army, but I wasn’t sure if even they would want me.

I used a bicycle to get around since it was a lot cheaper than driving a car and it was the only form of transportation I could afford anyway. I was pedaling home from some more job hunting when I saw this old lady pushing a wheelbarrow up a long sloping driveway and it looked like she was having a hard time doing it. I stopped at the end of her driveway.

“May I help you move that, ma’am?”

“You most certainly may, young man.” I got off my bike and pushed the barrow up the driveway while the lady walked the bike beside me.

“My name’s Max.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Max. My name is Rose. It was certainly kind of you to help me. I do have a few more chores. Can you spare a couple of hours? I can pay you.”

“I can’t right now because I have my good clothes on, but I can come back tomorrow whenever you say.”

“Nine o’clock will be fine.”

I was real happy to finally get a job even if it was just for a couple of hours. I got up bright and early the next day and arrived at Rose’s house right on time. She had me raking leaves, loading trash barrels and turning mulch piles for the rest of the morning.

“I like to do my own gardening,” said Rose. “The so-called gardeners today mow the lawn and blow some leaves around. Then they think they’re done. That’s not gardening.” She also hated the racket the power tools made and just used hand tools. Even her lawnmower was the old push type.

It was a warm morning and I was all hot and sweaty. Rose left to do something else. I was out of sight behind the garage so I decided to take off my t-shirt. I felt a lot better. I’d just started raking again when I heard someone gasp. I looked up and saw Rose staring at me. She looked surprised. It took me a moment to realize she was probably upset with me being half naked.

“I’m sorry!” I blurted and rushed to put my t-shirt back on. She finally smiled.

“Don’t worry about it, Max. Sometimes I wish I could get away with doing that myself. I just came to tell you lunch is ready if you’re hungry.” Well, I’d completely forgotten about packing a lunch and suddenly I was starving.

“Is it all right?”

“Of course it’s all right.” Rose led me inside the house and showed me where to clean up. When I came out she introduced me to Priscilla and Mary Lou. The two ladies looked as old as Rose. We sat down and had sandwiches and lemonade for lunch.

“Tell us a little about yourself, Max,” said Mary Lou.

“There isn’t much to tell. I’m 18 years old. I just graduated from high school and I’m out job hunting.”

“What about college?”

“I’m afraid I’m not smart enough for college. I got through high school by the skin of my teeth. What about you three?” I was told Rose was 78 years old. Priscilla was 80 and Mary Lou was 82. They were sisters and they were widows. They had done pretty well for themselves and were enjoying their retirement, but still keeping active. They decided to live together because they still enjoyed each others company. They each had children and grandchildren.

“Well, I have to get back to work,” I said. “Thank you for the sandwich and the lemonade.”

“Wait a minute,” said Priscilla. “What about the beefcake? I want to see some beefcake.”

“I wouldn’t mind dessert,” I said. Priscilla and Mary Lou laughed. Rose looked embarrassed.

“She means you, dear.”

“I’m beefcake?”

“I told my sisters how handsome you look bare-chested.” I grinned when I realized what Rose meant. I’m not a muscle man but I do like to keep myself in good physical shape.

“So what about it,” Priscilla asked.


“Why not?”

“Only if you don’t mind,” Rose added.

“I don’t mind.” I stood up and took off my shirt.

“Nice!” Priscilla exclaimed. I started posing like the body builders do.

“May I touch you, Max,” Mary Lou asked. I started playing some music in my head and strutted over to her. She caressed my biceps and then moved her cool dry hands to my chest. I felt two more pairs of hands on my back and butt. I was getting excited and didn’t much care how old these women were compared to me. Someone’s hand brushed my crotch.

“Holy shit! He’s got a boner!” Priscilla cried. “Do you wanna get lucky, Max?”

“Priscilla, you shameless slut! You can’t ask him that.”

“Why the hell not? He’s of age, isn’t he?”

“Because I found him first.”

“And I asked first. You lose.”

“Damn you! You’re always trying to steal my boyfriends.”

“And succeeding mostly.”

“Only because you spread your legs for every boy with a nickel to offer.”

“That’s a dirty lie! I never did anything for less than a half dollar and that only got a boy a hand job. Anyway, I don’t recall you introducing Max as your boyfriend. Bitch!”


“Cock sleeve!”

“Calm down you two,” said Mary Lou. “I’m sure you’re not making a very good impression on this young man. I’m also sure if he had the slightest interest in either one of you old crones, it has since disappeared based on the way you’re both behaving. Besides, I’m sure he already has a girlfriend, likely more than one.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” I said. “In fact, I’ve never had a girlfriend or even a date for that matter.”

“A virgin!” Priscilla gasped. I blushed. She was right. I was always shy around women or girls of any age and it didn’t help when I was turned down by the girls I did ask out. I gave up asking after a while. By the time I turned 18 I was sure I was going to be a virgin for the rest of my life.

“In that case,” said Mary Lou, “I hereby volunteer my services to rid you of your cherry, Max.”

“Hold on there,” Priscilla protested. “This is between me and Rose. Where do you get off butting in on our business?”

“And what makes you think Max would prefer either of you two tramps over a lady like me?”

“Lady? Ha! Go fuck yourself,” Rose exclaimed.

“For once, I agree with Rose,” said Priscilla. “Go fuck yourself.”

“Let’s let Max decide which of us he wants,” Mary Lou responded. All three looked at me and I suddenly felt like I was completely naked. I knew I had to say something.

“I like all three of you,” I said.

“Well, that was diplomatic,” said Priscilla, “but it doesn’t solve anything, honey.” I guessed she was right. I wasn’t being helpful.

“Can’t I do all three of you?” All three of the ladies gasped. I guessed I said the wrong thing again.

“Max IS a teenager,” said Rose.

“That’s true,” said Mary Lou.

“That means he can probably get it up more than once a day,” said Priscilla.

“I can get it up ten times a day,” I declared, “and cum each time besides.” I wasn’t just making that up. I’ve kept count. Still, I was embarrassed by my outburst. I was going to have to learn to keep my mouth shut. Rose grabbed me by the hand and started pulling me toward a door.

“Where are you going with him,” Priscilla asked. She sounded annoyed. “He hasn’t decided.”

“I’ve decided for him.”

“That’s cheating!”

“So I’m a cheater. Sue me.”

“I hope you like saggy tits, Max.”

“I’m next,” Mary Lou called.

“What? I asked first and suddenly I’m last?” Priscilla complained. “Let’s play rock paper scissors for the number two spot.”

“You know I can’t play rock paper scissors with my arthritis. Besides, you always cheat and have since you were a little girl.”

“We can draw straws.”

“Forget it!” They continued bickering, but I was already out of earshot of the two sisters so I couldn’t hear what they were saying.

“All three of us have saggy tits, Max,” said Rose as she led me into a bedroom and closed the door.

“I don’t care,” I responded. “I’m glad you’re the first.” Rose hugged me.

“It’s sweet of you to say that, darling. I am too.”

“I just hope Mary Lou and Priscilla don’t stay mad at you.”

“The only thing they’re mad about is that neither of them thought of grabbing you before I did. We’ve always been fiercely competitive with each other so don’t worry.”

“I suppose I should clean up first. I’ve been sweating.”

“No, don’t do that. You smell wonderful just as you are, very masculine.” Rose sat me down on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of me. The next thing I knew she was pulling down my zipper and hauling out my prick. It got all stiff right away. “It’s very pretty,” she said. I never thought of my prick as being pretty but I wasn’t going to tell Rose she was wrong. I was going let her take the lead because she knew what she was doing and I sure didn’t. She sat there admiring my prick for a while and I got to thinking that was all we were going to do. I just about jumped out of my skin when she licked the head.

“You like that?”

“I love it.” She had to have known I just pissed out of that thing but that didn’t seem to bother the woman. Rose continued licking and sucking my dick and I was going crazy in no time at all. Jacking off was wonderful, but having a woman sucking on it was fabulous. I warned Rose off when I knew I was about to shoot, but she just shook her head and kept sucking. I expected her to pull away when I started spurting, but she just swallowed and swallowed until there was nothing left to swallow. Rose smiled wickedly as she licked my prick head. Oh my! I never knew it could get that sensitive. I leaned down to kiss Rose to show just to show my appreciation, but she pulled away.

“I don’t mind having sex with a young stud like you, Max, but I would feel kind of weird kissing you with me being so old,” Rose said. “I hope you’re not offended.”

“I’m not offended,” I said. “And you’re the boss so whatever you say is okay with me.” I was the newbie around here so I was going to do whatever Rose and the others wanted. I was just glad she didn’t change her mind about the sex.

“Fine,” Rose responded with a smile. “The boss says get the rest of your clothes off and lie down on the bed.” I did exactly that. I felt kind of shy undressing in front of a woman for the first time ever, but that didn’t stop my prick from getting hard again. When I was butt naked I lay down on the bed on top of the covers.

“Like this?”

“Exactly like that,” Rose said. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.” I didn’t budge as much as an inch while Rose was gone. She came in a few minutes later wearing a robe and carrying a tube of lotion or oil. She put some of it on my prick and then climbed on top of me.

“Let me do all the work, Max. My bones are fairly brittle at my age and if you get too enthusiastic with your thrusting something could break, okay?”

“I’ll remember that, Rose,” I responded. “I’ll be sure to remember that for Priscilla and Mary Lou, too.”

“They’ll appreciate it.” The woman propped up my prick and lowered herself down on it. She called it the cowgirl position. I felt my prick being enveloped by moist, warm flesh and I realized I was no longer a virgin. Hallelujah! I was prepared to just relax and enjoy my first fuck, but Rose gasped and I was afraid she had hurt herself.

“Are you all right?”

Rose grinned and said, “I’m better than all right. I’m fantastic. My pussy is happy, too. It’s been ever so long since she’s had a man’s prick inside her, she’s given me a celebratory cum already.” That made me laugh.

“You need a boyfriend,” I said.

“I’ve had plenty of men wanting to be my boyfriend or my husband even,” Rose responded. “All three of us have. But the men showing interest in us these days seem to have one thing in common; a desire to get a hold of our money.” I guessed Rose and her sisters had to be rich living in a big old house in a fancy older neighborhood, but they just seemed to be regular folks to me. That was sad. I was never going to chase a woman just for her money no matter how desperate I got.

“I can’t believe they were not attracted to you just for your beauty,” I said.

“Ho ho! That’s a line of bull I’ve not heard in a long while. I used to be beautiful, but not any more. Time has taken its toll.”

“Well, I don’t know how you looked when you were younger, but you look beautiful to me right now. All three of you for that matter.”

“We were quite beautiful in our day. We inherited our looks from our mother who was a Broadway chorus girl. Our father was a successful financier who taught us how to make and invest money. With looks and money, we were in the sights of every eligible bachelor we met. Quite a few men who were not eligible also sought our favors. Fortunately, I married for love. So did Mary Lou. Priscilla went through three husbands. Also for love, of course,” she said and giggled.

Rose continued rocking back and forth on my dick and gasping every minute or so. I finally figured out she was having little cums each time she gasped. I got kind of daring reaching up and caressing Rose’s breasts. The nipples perked up and stiffened under her robe.

“I like your gentle touch,” the older woman said.

“Can I see them?”

“I’m not sure,” Rose responded. “I’m afraid you might lose your boner if you get a look at them.”

“I won’t,” I assured her. She pulled her robe open and shrugged it off her shoulders. I did like the looks of my friend’s breasts and my dick showed its appreciation by stiffening a little bit more inside her pussy. Rose must have felt it because she gave me a big grin.

“You really do like them, don’t you.”

I nodded and said, “I could look at them all day.”

“You’re certainly welcome to.” Someone pounded on the door just then.

“Hurry it up in there,” I heard Mary Lou say. “I want my turn, too.”

“Oh, it’s all about you, huh?” That was Priscilla.

“As a matter of fact, it is.” More low level bickering continued that I couldn’t hear.

Rose sighed and and sped up her pace a bit. Watching her breasts bounce and jiggle put me over the edge. I grunted and spewed my cum inside the woman’s pussy followed by a louder gasp from my bed partner. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips.

“Oh gosh,” Rose said. “I made the rule against kissing and I broke it right away.”

“I don’t mind.”

“You’re sweet,” she said and kissed me again. Rose climbed off me. “I’ll tell Mary Lou and Priscilla to give you some time to recover.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I think I’ll be fine and ready to go again if you give me about five minutes.” Rose gave me another one of those strange looks like I said something wrong again, but I sure couldn’t guess what it was and I thought it would be impolite to ask.

I thought Rose was going to send in one of her sisters, but she told me I was in her bedroom and she didn’t want either one on her bed. I nodded and started to dress.

“Don’t bother,” Rose said. “You’ll just have to get undressed again.” I nodded again. It didn’t feel right marching out the door all naked, but I wasn’t going to argue. The two sisters were waiting for me. They were both dressed in robes just like Rose. Mary Lou grabbed my hand as soon as I was out the door.

“It’s my turn no matter what Priscilla tells you,” she said.

“Only because you cheated.”

“I did not cheat. I won fair and square.”

“It was supposed to be best of three.”

“You offered best of three only after you lost the first time.”

“Did not.”

“Did so.”

“Don’t worry about it, Priscilla,” Rose said. “I guarantee Mary Lou won’t be able to wear out Max before it’s your turn.”

“I’m just afraid he’ll go permanently limp when the poor boy gets a look at her pussy.”

“I could live for another 20 years and my pussy would still look better than yours does right now.”

“Oh yeah? Put up or shut up.” Priscilla opened her robe. She was naked underneath. Her pussy didn’t look half bad to me. I felt my prick stiffening again. I half expected for Mary Rose to copy her younger sister. Instead, she ignored Priscilla and led me through another door across the hall from Rose’s bedroom.

“Low-life cocksucker!” I heard Priscilla yell as Mary Lou closed the door and locked it.

“So,” I said for something to say. “What game did you two play for second place?”

“I arm wrestled her,” the woman responded.

“Arm wrestling? Isn’t that kind of hard on you with your arthritis?”

“My arthritis isn’t as bad as I claim. I kind of overplay it. Don’t tell anyone,” the older woman whispered with a grin.

“I won’t.” Mary Lou dropped her robe. I thought her pussy looked just fine.

Having sex with Mary Lou or Priscilla wasn’t really very much different from having sex with Rose. I would lay down flat on my back with my dick all stiff and oiled up. My partner would then straddle me and guide it into her pussy. The only difference was how each woman reacted when she had her cum. Rose gasped. Mary Lou grunted. And Priscilla squeaked. But no matter what, I did my darndest to satisfy these ladies. They certainly did not have any problem satisfying me.

I finally looked at my watch. Half the afternoon was gone!

“Gosh, I wasted a whole bunch of time with me playing around.”

“I wouldn’t call your playing around a waste of time,” Rose said.

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