Ever Have One of Those Days? - Cover

Ever Have One of Those Days?

by Kevin and Nina

Copyright© 2021 by Kevin and Nina

Fiction Story: Things get awkward when she assumes too much.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

The sound of the shower woke me.

I looked over at the clock on my dresser and groaned.

“How does she do it?” I wondered.

My roommate Jess and I were both out til the bars closed. I just wanted to sleep yet she was up at the crack of dawn taking a shower, getting ready to face the day.

I wasn’t sure what shape she was in when we got home but I wasn’t even sure HOW we had gotten home.

I was just happy to find the other side of my bed empty and my underwear on right side out.

I pulled the blankets back over my head to grab a some more z’s before my first class of the day. Luckily, I only had a civics class that day and it wasn’t until 11:00.

I must have nodded off because the next thing to interrupt my slumber was the smell of bacon and coffee.

I love my roommate! She does all the cooking, half the cleaning and didn’t fight me over who got the larger bedroom in our apartment. But, her morning perkiness and ability to shake off a rough night of drinking and dancing with just an hour or two of sleep really frustrated me sometimes.

Well, if she’s making breakfast the least I could do is drag my sorry ass out of bed and join her.

Maybe some coffee would make me feel halfway human again.

I threw the blankets off and padded my way down the hall to the kitchen.

Rounding the corner, I was greeted with a back view of a man wearing nothing but a pair of board shorts.

*Strong, muscular shoulders and an upper torso that tapered down to a narrow waist and from what I could tell in his baggy shorts, a nice butt.

Long, athletic “runner’s” legs lead down to bare feet.

Unruly, sandy blond hair topped his head.

“Uh-Oh” I thought. I’ve been drunk enough to wake up next to someone I never would have under sober conditions but I’ve never brought one home with me.

Jess was no prude. She didn’t have “A” boyfriend.

She had a handful of guy friends she dated in what seemed like a rotating basis and I know she was sleeping with most if not all of them but she definitely wasn’t the type to hook-up with a stranger, much less bring him back to the apartment.

She often teased me that one day I was going to wake up dead from some serial killer I met in a bar.

I looked down at what I was wearing. Anklet socks, white panties cut high on the thigh and white tank top. Sans bra.

“Um ... Hi?” I rasped. I really needed some coffee.

He turned and if the backside looked appetizing, the front look absolutely fan-fucking-tastic!

The greenest eyes I’ve ever seen. A cute little nose. A smile to make any woman weak in the knees. Dimples. Well defined chin and jawline.

If his shoulders were any wider, he’d have to turn sideways to go through a doorway.

Pecs and abs that have never missed a day of exercise.

He had those little channels that run at an angle from his hips to “somewhere” below the waistband of his shorts. My imagination was running rampant as I tried to recall if I had seen that particular “somewhere” last night before passing out.

* (It took longer to tell that than it did to think it. Probably 5 seconds or so)

“Hi! I’m afraid we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Jeremy.”

“Great. I’m Brenda. Uh ... Jeremy, what are you doing?”

“Making breakfast. Jessie said if I woke up early I could cook breakfast. The coffee is ready, the bacon’s almost done and I figured I could make eggs to order, depending on how you like them.”

“Jess told you? Um...” I found myself saying um a lot that morning “Did you and Jess...” I made the one finger going into a hole motion.

“Oh God No!” He exclaimed with a look of shock. “I just thought I’d make breakfast for y’all to thank you for your hospitality and putting me up.”

I poured myself a cup of coffee, added some sugar and a splash of half & half from the fridge and tried to figure things out.

He hadn’t slept with Jess and seemed surprised I’d asked.

We obviously hadn’t had sex last night. A girl can tell if she’s done the deed recently.

He certainly was polite and a gentleman since he hadn’t tried to have sex with a woman when she was passed out drunk and he made a great cup of coffee.

But, still.

“Look Jeremy.” I said as I attempted to put on my stern look “I know you came here expecting something and I appreciate your chivalry and all but I already have a roommate and I’m not looking for another.

You probably came here with the promise of at least an offer of getting your rocks off.

I’m really not in the mood for sex right now but I’m not a tease. How about a quick hummer and then off you go. You can even take a to-go cup of coffee with you if you want, but you can’t stay here.”

“What?” He stammered “I thought...”

“Don’t think Jeremy.” I instructed as I approached him. “No one is interested in your thoughts. You’re not here to think.”

I put my palm on his stomach just above the waistband of his shorts.

“This is the offer. Take it or leave it.” I said as I slid my hand down the inside, searching for that afore mentioned “somewhere”.

As my hand travelled south, I discovered he was completely shaved in the pubic area.

I found his cock and wrapped my hand around it. I could feel it begin to grow under my ministrations.

He reached over and turned off the heat under the bacon and leaned back against the counter.

The beast in his shorts continued to grow. I could barely circle it with my hand and touch my middle finger to my thumb.

“Hell!” I thought. “I haven’t even tugged on it yet and it’s turned into a python. Maybe I should have offered more than a knobber.”

I used my other hand to pull his shorts down and over the object I knew I had to see to believe.

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