Meeting In-laws

by LiteroCat

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Incest Sex Story: Strong fiance meets strict in-laws.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   InLaws   MaleDom   Humiliation   Spanking   Exhibitionism   Facial   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Public Sex   .

“I have to warn you, Beth, my dad is an extremely old school patriarch. He has to be in charge and everything has to be his way, or else.”

“Or else what, Bob? Does he think that just because I’m marrying his son he has control of me? What century is he living in? You know I speak my mind and have no tolerance for bullies.”

“Yes, I do. Your frankness, with your willingness to be wrong, continue to attract me to you, but my dad is a steam roller. Don’t be too frank with him. Here they come.” A shiny black Escalade pulled into the restaurant’s nearest handicap parking space.

An attractive woman in her mid forties in a deep cut silver dress, hem to her knees, slid out of the high seat and carelessly exposed most of her shapely thighs as she continued to bicker with the driver. “Henry, you know this space isn’t for you so move this truck now.”

“Oh shush, Holly, I’ll just tell them my handicap is you. Look. The kids are waiting for us at the door. Ain’t that nice?”

“Um, Bob, did your mom just flash her panties at us?”

“Doubtful. Dad doesn’t like her to wear panties. Something about ‘quick access’ he says.” Bob blushed. He is a gentler and kinder soul than his dad so he never opposes him, no matter what. Beth gave him a wide-eyed look but could say nothing before his six-foot-six 295 pound dad pounced on them. Dressed nicely in an off-white shirt, string tie, black slacks, and dark jacket, his snake skin boots were out of place, yet befitting.

He slapped his son’s back as a greeting, stared Beth up and down for a long moment in her low cut, strapless, mid thigh, gold dress. “Well ain’t you a pretty thing in that shiny little scrap of a dress?” Without flinching, he stared directly at her DD tits, trying to look in her cups or through them. Bending sharply, he hugged her hard enough to knock some wind out of her, loving the feel of her firm tits pressed against him. Lifting and swaying her a bit, he put one hand under her firm ass — to support her of course — and winked at his son and wife. As he squeezed her ass, he noted the wide zipper running nearly all the way down her back.

Holly opened the door, “Let’s go, Henry. They don’t hold reservations here,” she smiled. He put Beth down, watching her dress rise in the window reflection. A Maitre’d led them to a table near the right side with a window view. Henry pulled out a chair for Beth, then sat next to her before Bob could. Holly sat opposite her brash husband; Bob sat opposite Beth. He noticed his mom had raised her skirt above mid thigh and her barely covered thick nipples were pushing hard against her top. Though he tried to ignore them, he stole frequent glances.

Henry slid his chair closer to Beth and wrapped his arm around her, not hiding his obvious stares down her top or her well-exposed legs. “I’ll order drinks and food for all of us and naturally, it’s on me,” said Henry.

The future bride flushed with anger. “I’ll choose my own drinks and meal, if you don’t mind,” she said coldly. Henry took offense, made a scrunchy face, yet allowed her to order to his son’s surprise. She ordered two doubles neat. As they drank, Henry’s arm never left Beth’s shoulder. With every sip, he squeezed her against him, trying to make her top billow for a better look at her fascinating tits. Not especially shy, she tolerated it. After the third drink, he reached in and pulled out a tit. His wife and son watched without objection. Bob downed a drink and ordered a double.

As he lifted and shifted her big tit, he said, “I just had to see your nipple — its color, texture, shape, size — I’ll check its taste later.”

Beth had enough. She slapped his hand away and began to fold her tit back into her top. He grabbed one hand, guided it to his stiffness, and squeezed it against his cock. His thickness surprised her, compared to his son. Her still exposed tit shook, her nipple stiffened, everyone around them stared at the bare beauty.

Holly made excuses, “Don’t mind him. He gets like this after three drinks. It’s all family anyway.” She raised her skirt higher, nearly to her lap to distract the other patrons and servers.

Bob grumbled, “This is why I stopped bringing dates home. He doesn’t just get ‘handsy,’ as if that’s not bad enough. He treats them like they were his date and kisses and exposes them, sometimes worse. You never stop him, mom.” He finished his drink and ordered another double.

“I tried once. You know how he reacts when opposed. While you were in the rest room, he stripped me in front of her, put me over his knee and spanked me hard. That’s when he forbid me to ever wear panties again. That’s why she was gone when you came out. He still checks me every day. See?” She lifted her skirt to her navel and spread her legs to let her son and half the patrons around her see her waxed pussy. “We’re all family and friends, so it’s OK.” The cluster of servers and bus boys seemed to agree as they stared.

“Even if that were true, Mom, Beth’s tit isn’t part of the family yet and may never be if he continues.” Henry heard them and raised Beth’s skirt past her navel. He complimented her sexy legs, but said she shouldn’t wear panties. Saying the VPL was gauche shocked her, coming from him. Holly giggled, saying it was just ‘good fun.’

When Henry rubbed Beth’s pussy over her mini panties and demanded to see it, she had enough. “This is too much. YOU are the gauche one. Get your fucking hands off me!” She got up to leave, one bare tit still flouncing to everyone’s delight, but he grabbed her wrist. She threw his wine at him and he pulled her over one knee.

“Little girl, you have a potty mouth. I don’t stand for that or disrespect. I have to wash it out. Son, you have to train her better.” He lifted the back of her skirt as most of the patrons watched in silence, then wiggled her panties off. She squealed and struggled. After taking an obvious whiff, he tossed them to his son and began spanking her bare ass as the growing audience watched. He spanked one of her glutes three times before spreading her cheeks and her legs.

Showing her bald lips to the crowd, he stroked them gently until they grew moist. She was furious, yet thrilled at imaging all the strangers looking at her wet pussy. There was no more denying that she was an exhibitionist. She could see them as if her pussy developed eyes; that made her dizzy with delight. Then he spanked the other glutes three times, leaving a reddening hand print on both lovely cheeks. She barely noticed the spanking, yet her mouth smiled at the pain. Bob began feeling his drinks, yet ordered another.

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