by Bisamrattan

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Fiction Sex Story: A woman is recovering from a serious car accident. She’ll be fine, but for now she’s still blindfolded and immobilized by casts…

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   BiSexual   Fiction   Sharing   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Massage   Masturbation   .

Ivy was completely unprepared for the incident. In one moment, she was driving to work, gathering her notes for an upcoming interview. The next, the large trailer to her left blew a tire, lost control, and crushed her light car. The airbags deployed, but were of little help. The last thing Ivy remembered was a terrible pain from her crushed bones. She did not even have time to scream.

She came back to her senses, feeling very dizzy, numb, and in a dull pain. She tried to open her eyes but could not. She heard muffled voices and soft footsteps and the clanking of metal instruments around her.

“She’s awake,” she heard a man’s voice to her left.

“Thank you, Sam,” a woman to her right replied. “Ivy? Can you hear me? Move your fingers if you do.”

Ivy tried to move her fingers. She did not feel them, but the woman responded.

“Good. Very good. Listen to me, Ivy. You’ve been in a terrible car accident. Fortunately, you were brought here in time, and our surgeons have done wonders to put you back together. You’re going to be fine, but your recovery will take a few months. For now, you are immobilized. Don’t worry about your face, your eyes are intact and the rest was plastic surgery. For now, your face is bandaged, so you can’t open your eyes. But there’s nothing to worry about. Do you understand me, Ivy? Move your fingers.”

Ivy moved them.

“Excellent. Now you will be taken to your ward. From now on, we’ll be together until you get better. Don’t worry about money, everything is covered by the insurance. Don’t worry about anything at all, just relax and heal. Try to sleep now, you need rest.”

She did not feel herself being moved, she fell into something between a deep sleep and unconsciousness.

For the next few days, she focused on simply being alive. Just breathing was a conscious effort. The only things she could move were her fingers, toes, and tongue. Everything, including her jaw, was encased and immobilized.

She was dizzy from the painkillers, but she still felt a dull ache everywhere. At least her skin was gradually regaining sensitivity. She never thought how agonizing itching could be when you can’t scratch.

The nurses did their best to clean her, give her water, and say reassuring words, but that only helped her hold on. For the first few days she was fed intravenously, then they replaced that with the feeding tube that was put in her exophagus. It did not feel good either.

Ivy prayed for the end of each day, hoping that tomorrow would be easier. And it did get easier, bit by bit, but so slowly!...

From the nurses’ touches, Ivy understood that she was naked (where not covered by the casts), spread-eagled to facilitate her cleaning. In other situations she might have been embarrassed by this, but now it was her least problem.

She wasn’t even embarrassed when Michael was visiting her. After all, he had seen her naked and exposed many times before. She was rather sorry that he saw her in such a bad shape. But he did not mention it. He told her that he still loves her, and will wait for her recovery, and help her in any way he can, and they will be married and happy together. He touched her fingers and kissed her dry lips gently, and she felt better.

She was glad that at least Mike came to see her. She wondered what her friends and colleagues thought of her now. Well, probably no one would visit her here anyway - who wants to look at someone so injured and immobilized in casts? Only Mike ... Ivy realized how much she loved him and looked forward to his visits.

Later she was told that her friends remembered her and sent her their love, but she was not allowed to have visitors yet. They’ve made an exception just for Michael.

Within a week, she began to recognize the nurses. There were three of them, working in shifts on her ward. They were equally caring and professional (Ivy wondered how they managed to change her sheets, but they did it with ease), but they had different voices, footsteps, and smells.

Ivy soon became accustomed to their hands touching her entire body. Cleaning was accompanied by caressing, and it seemed to her that their caresses became bolder and more intimate as the days went by. Yes, they were professionals, but they were still women, and they clearly enjoyed the beauty of her body and wanted to make her feel good. Ivy blushed and moaned softly at these touches. At times she wished she could move.

But the climax came on the seventh day when one of the nurses ran her fingers over Ivy’s clit and began to caress it, gently at first, but then faster and harder. Ivy shuddered and moaned. She did not know if she was the only patient in the ward (at least she did not hear others), but now she did not care. She had not even remembered about sex in the last few days, she had more important things to think about, but ... The pleasure was so sharp and so contrary to her other painful experiences...

The nurse slipped two fingers into Ivy’s pussy and she moaned louder. Ivy involuntarily remembered the last time she had sex with Mike before the accident. She felt guilty for not thinking about him more often, but ... His touch was somehow restrained compared to this nurse...

The nurse kept moving her fingers inside Ivy’s pussy and rubbing her clit with her thumb. Ivy was shaking all over, trying to arch her hips, but of course she could not.

The climax shook her violently. She jerked her hips, or tried to, and screamed. Then she relaxed back on the bed, breathing heavily. The nurse laughed softly, kissed Ivy’s lips gently, then kissed her pussy and left.

Ivy lay back and felt the warm pleasure slowly dissolve into her body. At that moment, she felt more alive than she had in the past week.

The nurses must have conspired, because from then on, every nurse’s visit ended with them bringing Ivy to orgasm, sometimes twice.

In a few days, the doctors removed the cast from Ivy’s jaw and the feeding tube from her mouth.

“It’s not completely healed yet, so no chewing for the next few weeks,” the nurse said. “But any kind of food can be made into a smoothie, you know.”

And she spoon-fed Ivy some delicious cream soup. It tasted like the best thing in her life! Ivy swallowed greedily and smiled at the nurse.

When Mike came to visit later that day, they talked a lot (mostly sweet nonsense). It was the first time Ivy had been able to speak after days of silence. Then Mike paused and said: “You know, the doctors have allowed us to do one thing...”

Ivy gasped as she felt Mike’s hands caressing her belly and slowly moving down to her crotch. The nurses’ hands were much softer, but she loved Mike’s strong ones! Then he paused and she heard him unzip.

Mike carefully placed himself between Ivy’s legs and leaned forward, pressing against her pussy. She shuddered. He thrust slowly and she moaned. Her pussy was already wet with anticipation. Mike moved slowly at first, then sped up and drove his cock deeper, hitting all her nice spots inside. Ivy cried out with delight and began to moan as he thrust. Oh, how she wanted to hold him now!

Mike fucked Ivy for about five minutes, but to her it felt like a sweet eternity. When Mike came, filling her with warmth, he caught his breath again and started kissing her all over, every open spot. Ivy felt wonderful. This was just what she needed.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too.” He kissed her. “Sleep and heal, my love, I’ll be back the day after tomorrow.”

She slept better than ever that night.

Tomorrow, just after the nurse had fed and cleaned her and given her a nice morning orgasm, Ivy was lying there, trying to stretch her muscles where she could, and wondering if she should ask for some ambient music to listen to during the day, or if she’d get tired of it too soon if she couldn’t stop it herself. Then she heard the door open and someone enter her ward.

“Hello,” the male voice said. “I hope I’m not disturbing you. I’m John, a patient from another ward on this floor.”

Ivy parted her lips in surprise. She would raise her eyebrows if they weren’t still bandaged.

“H-hello ... John ... Um...”

“Don’t worry, I mean no harm. I just wanted to get acquainted and offer some words of reassurance. You know, I was maybe in even worse shape than you, and now I’m walking again. I’m sure you’ll be fine.”


Ivy was so used to being naked, with only the doctors, nurses and Mike seeing her like that, that she didn’t realize until now that she was naked and helpless in front of an unknown man. She blushed. Um ... he probably noticed her blush ... She blushed even more.

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