Getting Married Set Me Free
Chapter 8

Copyright© 2023 by Vanessa Evans

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 8 - Getting Married Set Me Free from my strict Catholic upbringing

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Nudism  

Day 22 – Sunday

For the first time since our honeymoon I didn’t wake up to the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of my pussy. Instead Dylan’s cock was sliding in and out of Lucy’s pussy. I turned to face Lucy and started kissing her as my hands drifted to her tits and her clit. Dylan and I made her cum twice before Tom arrived and got into the bed behind me. It took him only seconds for his cock to start sliding in and out of my pussy.

It seemed a bit strange being fucked by Tom whilst I watched my husband fuck Lucy, but I was sure that I was as happy as the other 3 looked.

It was nearly lunchtime when we got off the bed and after some coffee Lucy and Tom left leaving Dylan and I to tidy and clean the place.

That evening I got a phone call from Bethany asking if I was still interested in helping out at the shop. I said that I was but it depends on when because I was now committed to some things on some days of the week.

“How about Mondays?” Bethany asked.

“I’m free on Mondays.” I replied.

“That’s good,”Bethany said, “Monday is usually a quiet day and I was thinking of shutting the shop so that I could have one day off each week. Tell you what, talk it over with Dylan and come in in the morning if you are still interested.”

I quickly had a word with Dylan and then phoned Bethany back and told her that I’d be there in the morning. After I’d terminated the call Dylan said,

“That’s good Esther, it will keep you busy on a Monday and you can travel in on the Underground with me.”

“Not too close to me on the trains I hope, I don’t want you to put off any pervy gropers.”

Dylan laughed the replied,

“I could come up behind you and grab your bare butt under your skirt.”

“Hmm, that would be nice, especially if I don’t know that it’s you.”

Dylan grabbed one of my tits with one hand and my pussy with the other.

We had an early night and we both managed to catch up on the sleep that we lost the previous night.

Day 23 – Monday

Dylan woke me the usual way and early enough for us to have a shower together before getting ready to leave. It looked chilly outside so I wore a denim jacket over the thin cotton micro skirt and thin tank top. My legs, right up to my waist felt the chilly air as we walked to the Underground station.

As we approached the crowded platform Dylan stood behind me and I pretended to ignore him but it was a little difficult as he kept lifting the back of my skirt and grabbing my bare butt. I kept looking from side to side pretending to look for the hand’s owner and saw a couple of youngish men looking at what Dylan was doing and I hoped that they were getting some ideas.

The train arrived and just as I hoped, it was quite full before we got on. I felt like the proverbial sardine in a tin with men in business suites all around me. I couldn’t see Dylan but I knew that he wasn’t far away.

It didn’t take long for a hand to start exploring my butt, firstly over the thin cotton, then under it. As that hand explored my butt I felt another hand on my front top of one thigh. Both hands were slowly moving towards my pussy, I wanted them to move quicker but I guessed that they were taking things in stages to see if I was going to scream and make a scene.

Then I felt a hand come from my other side, much higher, and it found its way into my jacket that I had unfastened when we arrived at the station.

By the time the density of people in that carriage reduced I’d had had my nipples squeezed and rolled, my clit rubbed and my vagina penetrated by a finger from behind. All by unknown men. I had got quite aroused and was disappointed that the train journey didn’t take longer.

Back on the platform, I felt another hand go up that back of my skirt then a split second later I heard Dylan say,

“Enjoy that did you Esther?”

“Yes I did, I’m looking forward to going to work at the shop every Monday. I wonder what time Bethany will want me to close the shop and what the trains will be like on my way home.”

“Don’t build up your hopes Esther, people tend to leave work at different times so the trains don’t get that crowded.”

There were too many people going up the escalators for anyone to see up my skirt and on the street Dylan and I kissed before we parted.

Bethany welcomed me and as we sipped mugs of coffee, she explained everything that she thought that I needed to know. Then about 30 minutes later a young man came in and Bethany introduced Lucas, her boyfriend.

“Well Hi there Esther,” Lucas said, “you look even more amazing than you do in the videos.”

I suddenly remembered the finger fucking that Tim had given me in the back of the shop.

Then Lucas continued,

“Esther, Bethany tells me that you got spanked at a barbecue, how do you fancy making a spanking video right here in this shop?”

“What, here, now?”

“Here yes, now no. I’ve this idea of a girl pretending to be a shoplifter, us catching her then spanking her over this sales counter as an example to the lots of shoppers that were here at the time. What do you think?”

“Can my husband come and watch?”

“Of course he can, he can be in on it if you want.”

I didn’t need to think about it and I replied,

“I’m in, when?”

“How about this Saturday, that will give me time to set things up.”

I was happy and after Bethany and Lucas had left my imagination went wild as I went through the possible ways that it could work.

It was late morning before the first customer came in, a girl a guy. It was obvious that they’d shopped there before because the girl didn’t hesitate when she found a dress that she liked. She gave it to her guy to hold as she stripped naked then put the dress on, right near the front of the shop.

She tried on 3 more dresses before deciding on the one that she wanted, then she put her own clothes back on and came over to the sales counter.

As I was nervously processing her credit card the girl told me that she was going to meet her boyfriends father for the first time and she wanted to make a good impression. I smiled at her and noted that the fabric of the dress was slightly see-through. As I looked at the fabric the girl saw what I was looking at and said,

“Oh, I won’t be wearing any underwear under it.”

I smiled and finished the transaction.

Bethany was right about Mondays being quiet and I soon got bored so I started trying on the clothes. After taking mine off at the sales counter I started browsing the racks totally naked. I think that it was after I’d taken off the fourth dress that I’d tried on, and found one that I really liked, and thought that Dylan would like it, the doorbell rang and I looked over to the door and saw a man who looked to be in his thirties and he was wearing a suit.

Not caring that I was naked in front of an unknown man I asked,

“Good morning sir, how can I help you?”

The man did a double-take when he saw that I was naked then replied,

“Yes, I’m looking for a dress for my girlfriend, I’m going to take her to a surprise diner and dance at a posh hotel tonight but she only came to London with jeans.”

“Will you be wanting a long dress then sir?”

“Yes, oh, and she’s a size 8.”

“That was going to be my next question sir.”

I led the man over to the appropriate racks and said,

“These are what we have in size 8 sir, I hope that you can find one that you think she will like.”

I left the man to it and decided to go back to trying on clothes. About 5 minutes later I saw the man holding up 2 dresses and looking from one to the other and back.

“Those are both nice dresses sir, I’m sure that she will like either of them.”

“Yes,” the man replied as he continued to look at both dresses.

Then he looked at me and I saw his eyes go up and down my naked front as he asked,

“I don’t suppose there’s any chance that you could try them on for me so that I can see what they are like on a real live girl?”

“We’re not very busy at the moment so I guess that I could do that for you sir.”

I put out a hand for one of the dresses then put it on and modelled it for him, imagining that he was a mirror.

“Very nice,” the man said, “could you try the other one on please?”

I was soon naked again and putting on the second dress. As I modelled it for him he said,

“That one’s very nice as well.”

“You have good taste sir, I’m sure that she will like either of them.”

“You’re right young lady, and I’m sure that I can talk her into wearing nothing underneath either of them just like you, I hate being able to see straps and underwear through such thin fabric, it’s a good job that she’s had her pussy lasered. Hmm. I think that I’ll take the first one please.”

I took off the second dress, put it back on the rack and took the first dress to the sales counter. As I was folding and bagging it the man asked,

“Is it normal for the sales assistants to work naked in this shop?”

“No sir, as you may have noticed, we have no changing rooms and the customers try clothes on out in the main part of the shop. Mondays are quiet so I was just filling the time by trying on some of the garments.”

“Well that’s certainly a good way to draw in the customers, I shall have to let my mates know about this shop.”

“I think that word of mouth is the way the owner has managed to build the business, it’s quite busy in here on a weekend.”

“I can see why, you don’t cater for the larger sized girls do you?”

“No sir, the owner doesn’t think that her designs would look so good on larger girls.”

“I can see why. Thank you young lady, I may just bring my girlfriend back here.”

“Thank you sir,”

The man left and I was feeling quite pleased with myself.

The rest of the day was quite quiet and I only got caught naked once more, but it was by 2 girls who said that they’d just popped out of the office to get a new skirt that one of them had seen the previous time that she’d been there. It was a very short skirt and I wondered if she’d be wearing it in the office, me smiling at the thought of working in an office and accidentally flashing the guys there.

Anyway, the day actually went quite quickly and Bethany and Lucas re-appeared late afternoon, Bethany telling me that it was great to have a few hours off with her boyfriend.

I left the shop telling Bethany and Lucas that I’d definitely be back on the Saturday to do a bit of shoplifting.

As I walked to the Underground station I phoned Dylan and arranged to meet him outside the station so that we could travel home together.

As I stood outside the station a group of rowdy young men came along. I turned my back to them, not wanting to risk making eye contact, and when they got right up to me I suddenly felt my skirt being pulled down. The thin cotton micro skirt was of the skater design with an elasticated waist so the young man had no problem pulling it down to my feet.

I wore no underwear so I was bottomless, on the street outside a busy London Underground station. I screamed and instantly realised that that maybe wasn’t such a good idea because at least a dozen people tuned and looked at me. My brain may have been working but my body wasn’t as I physically froze.

The rest of the rowdy young men quickly saw what one of their mates had done and started cheering and shouting comments about my butt and bald pussy. Within a minute Dylan appeared in front of me, squat down and pulled my skirt up.

“Oh my gawd,” I said, “what just happened?”

“You got sharked Esther, for an exhibitionist like you it shouldn’t be a big deal.”

“It wasn’t a big deal, just a shock, it’s never happened to me before. The next time I get, was it sharked you called it, I’ll ask the guy to take my top off as well.”

“That’s my girl, now let’s get home so that I can ravish that cute, little body of yours.”

The train wasn’t that busy and I sat next to Dylan on the long bench seat down the side of the carriage holding onto his arm and looking up at him as I told him about my day. It was only as the train pulled into our stop that I looked at the people on the bench seat opposite and saw the thirty something man that was smiling as he looked at my bare legs right up to my bare pubis. I had subconsciously sat with my knees a good few centimetres apart.

As we went up the escalator with Dylan in front of me I realised that I was very horny and couldn’t wait to get home to jump on Dylan. Our evening meal was a bit late that evening.

Day 24 – Tuesday

After our usual weekday routine of Dylan fucking me from behind to wake me up and then another quickie in the shower, Dylan left to go to work and I thought about what I was going to do that day. It was my first day with James, my personal trainer, at the local leisure centre and I was a little nervous. Okay, James had seen me naked at my naked yoga class when he’d stood-in for Amber, but would he expect me to wear clothes for my training session, or would he expect me to be naked again.

This room that he said that he had at the leisure centre, would it be private or would there be other people there? Would it have windows that people could watch us through? And finally, could I go for a swim afterwards and what should I wear to go swimming. I guessed that the leisure centre wouldn’t allow skinny dipping.

All those questions and no answers. In the end I packed a bag with my shower things and got out the yellow, thong bikini that Dylan gave me on the first day of our honeymoon. Then I got out my white tennis style skirt, a white tank top and a jacket to keep me warm. It wasn’t time to leave to I went and cleaned-up the kitchen and did a bit of housework until it was time to leave...

As I got dressed I looked at myself in the mirror as saw that my nipples were tenting the top and that the hem of the skirt was just below my pussy. Satisfied that I might turn some heads I put the jacket on, picked up my bag and left the house for the short walk to the leisure centre.

James was waiting for me in the reception area and after saying hello, he led me to the room that he used. It was only about 4 metres square, had no windows, a huge mirror on one wall with a sponge mat in front of it and just 2 exercise machines.

“Okay Esther, today’s session will be exploratory for me to find out more about your current fitness and what you hope to achieve.”

I’d taken my jacket off when I’d entered the room and I saw James looking at the tents in my top. The chilly air outside had made my nipples erect and James looking at my chest had kept them that way.

“Esther, apart from the yoga that I know about, please tell me what other exercise you do and if you have any area of concern.”

When James mentioned the naked yoga my nipples and clit tingled a little at the thought that he’d seen me doing all those revealing poses at the naked yoga.

I answered all James’ questions then told me that he needed to check my muscles each time that I did any stretching or exercising. This was all new to me, but there again I had lived a pretty sheltered life until I got married, so I agreed, wondering just exactly what he meant.

Next he told me that he just had to make a quick visit to the reception desk and he asked me to get changed into my workout gear whilst he was away, telling me that next time I should get changed in the ladies changing room ready to get on with my workout as soon as I got to that room.

As James left I was wondering if I should have bought some proper workout clothes but it was too late. Anyway, I didn’t own anyway, so I took off my skirt, top and trainers and just stood there waiting, totally naked. As I stood there I felt my nipples and clit tingle a little, and my vagina leaking a little.

After a minute or so James returned and when he saw me he said,

“Just because you do naked yoga doesn’t mean that have to do these workouts naked Esther, you could have worn workout clothes if you had wanted to. The ancient Greeks may have done all their sport naked but it isn’t compulsory here. But having said that it is better that you are naked because it means that I can see and feel you muscles easier. Now, lets start with some stretching exercise, stand in front of the mirror and do each exercise as I tell you.”

I went over to the mirror and stood facing it with my feet about shoulder width apart. I looked at myself and saw that my nipples were as big as I’d ever seen them and my clit was in a similar state, clearly visible to James who was looking at me in the mirror.

James then talked me through quite a few exercises and as I did each one I felt his hands were feeling the muscles that were being stretched.

One exercise that he got me to do was the standing splits. As I lifted one leg high in the air I felt James’ hands sliding up my leg that was still in the standing position. His hands slowly went up and I gasped a little as they got to the top of that leg and touched my spread and very wet pussy. James’ hands lingered there for a couple of seconds, the side of one hand sliding along my slit and over my clit causing me to gasp again.

Without either of us saying anything, James’ hands slowly started sliding up my raised leg until he held my foot.

In an unexpected way I was pleased that James was lightly holding that leg as it helped me to balance which meant that his hands were on me for longer, but only a few seconds they started slowly sliding down.

As James’ hands again found my slit he again slid the side of one hand along my slit and over my clit, but this time he moved his hand back and forth 3 or 4 times causing my whole body to shudder.

“You have good muscle tone Esther. You should take up jogging to build your leg muscles.”

As James’ hands slid down I gave him a brief summary of my adventure jogging in the park but leaving out the fact that I’d done some of it naked.

By that time James’ hand were on my ankle. He had squat down in front of me which meant that his face was quite close to my pussy which he was definitely looking at. Of course that made it tingle a lot more and get even wetter.

After a couple of seconds I was pleased that James told me to lower my leg because I was starting sway a little and I knew that if I didn’t drop my leg soon I’d end up in a pile on the ground.

“That was good,” I said, “but if you’d kept me there for much longer I’d have fallen over.”

“Yes it was good Esther, as I said, you have good muscle tone, they felt quite firm. Okay, moving on, please lay on that bench please, we’ll see how strong your arm muscles are.”

I went and got on the bench with my shoulders under the supported bar, and looked down my body. My little tits had nearly vanished but my nipples were stood erect and proud pointing to the ceiling. Lower down my body I could see my bald pubis sticking up, then my legs. Not only were my feet on the floor but I’d instinctively placed them about 20 centimetres from the bench, my pussy was spread open.

There were no weights on the bar but when James told me to lift it I realised that it was a little heavier than a broom handle.

“Hold it there please Esther.”

I did and I felt James’ hands slowly slide down one of my arms and to my armpits.

“Did you know that your arm muscles are linked to you chest muscles Esther, when you use your arm muscles you are actually using some of your chest muscles as well.”

I didn’t answer James because his hands had found their way to my chest, and more specifically, my tits. I moaned as his hands lightly slid over the tops of my hard nipples. My eyes were closed and I was imagining that it was Dylan’s hands on my tits. He loves to tease me by lightly rubbing his hands over the tips of my nipples.

James put his fingers round the base of my little tits and gently squeezed them back into their normal conical shape before letting go and telling me that he was going to put some weights on the bar. As he was doing that I enjoyed the tingling in my nipples and clit, and the deep feeling of arousal in my nether regions. I was also looking at the bulge in James’ shorts and trying to imagine what his cock looked like.

Weights locked on the bar, James told me to lift the bar and I was surprised that I could easily manage to do it. With my arms extended James’ hands started wandering all over my chest again as he said,

“I can feel the difference Esther, this exercise will be good for you.”

I smiled and thought,

“Yes, and you groping my tits is good for me as well.”

James changed the weights to slightly more heavier ones and as he again groped my tits, my arms were straining and starting to wobble a little.

James spotted the wobble and his hands moved from my tits to the bar and told me to lower it.

“Good Esther, that’s given me a good idea of your arm strength and where there is room for improvement.”

“I don’t want to end up one of these muscle girls with muscles trying to escape their clothes.” I said as I looked and his bulging shorts with is hard cock trying to escape.

“Don’t you worry about that Esther, now, whilst you are on this bench let’s see how wide you can stretch your legs and how far back over your head you can get them. Shuffle down the bench a little please.”

“Didn’t me doing the standing splits do that James?” I asked.

“Partially, but doing it whilst laid on your back uses muscles differently.”

Even if I’d known that was true or not, I wouldn’t have challenged James as I was looking forward to spreading my legs wide for him again so that he’d get another great view of my swollen wet pussy.

“Okay Esther,” James said after he’d moved to near my feet, “spread your legs as wide apart as you can.”

I did, getting them about 90 degrees to my torso. As soon as they were there James’ hands went to my left ankle then slowly slid up my leg. I managed to bite my lip and stifle a moan when the fingers on his left hand stopped moving as they touched my pussy.

After a couple of seconds during which I wondered if he was going to finger me, his hands moved to my right ankle where I felt his wet fingers touch my skin. Then his hands slowly slid up my right leg.

Again I bit my lip when his fingers reached my pussy. I so wanted those fingers to slide inside me but they didn’t and James said,

Your muscles feel perfectly normal Esther, now can you lift your legs and try to touch the ceiling with your toes, still keeping your feet as wide apart as you can.”

As I did so, James removed his hands and I thought,

“If you’d those hands there much longer mate, I’d have cum all over them.”

“Now lower your legs and see if you can get your feet as low as your head please Esther.”

I tried, but didn’t managed to get them as low as I thought that Dylan had wanted.

James hands went to the back of my thighs and slowly slid up to my butt. The fingers of his 2 hands meeting as they met, right at my entrance.

“Keep going.” I thought, but after a couple of seconds James withdrew his hands.

“Very good Esther, now let’s see how strong your abductor muscles are, shuffle further down the bench so that your butt is at the end and spread your legs wide.”

I did, and then I watched James kneel between my knees and put his hands on the inside of my knees.

“Okay Esther, what I’d like you to do now is to try to close your knees whilst I hold them apart.”

I wanted to wrap my legs around James’ waist but his hands were too strong. I tried with all my might but I just couldn’t do it.

“Very good Esther, now we’ll try the reverse.”

I relaxed, James got to his feet and stepped back.

“Close your knees please Esther.”

I did, and James bent over and put his hands on the outside of my lower thighs.

“Now try to spread your knees please Esther.”

I did try, but James’ arms were just too strong and by the time he told me to stop I was getting a little frustrated with myself. At least it took my mind off my throbbing pussy.

“Very good Esther, now can you move to the other bench and get on your hands and knees along it.”

The other bench was wider and padded just as much as the first one and as I got into position I wondered if James was going to fuck me doggy style.

Again I was disappointed when James told me to straighten just my left leg.

As I did so I felt James’ hands slide up the back of my raised leg right to my butt where his fingers from one hand rested at my entrance again whilst his other hand went under my chest and fondled my hanging (not very much) tits. I resisted a naughty urge to push my butt back.

“Hold it there Esther.”

I did, and I felt James’ hand move down and up my slit then my butt crack.

Again I bit my lip but didn’t managed to completely stifle my moan.

After a few second James told me to change legs. I did, and James did the same as with my other leg.

“I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that James.” I though as I bit my lip again.

“Okay Esther, leg down and drop your lower arms so that you are on knees and elbows.”

I did, and smiled to myself as I looked over to the big mirror and saw my butt stuck up in the air.

“Now raise your leg like you just did please Esther.”

I did, and James repeated his hands sliding up the back of my thighs. I had another moan to stifle when his fingers met my entrance again.

James told me to change legs and I don’t know how I didn’t cum when James’ finger found my entrance again. I was getting quite sure that James was doing that just to tease me.

At last my being teased ordeal (ha) was over as James told me to go and lay on the mat. However James did go and stand at my feet which had naturally fallen a few centimetres apart.

“Right Esther, just 2 more exercises then we’ll call it a day. First I’d like you to do 20 press-ups.”

As I rolled over and started I thought back and the only time that I could remember doing press-ups was when I was laying on Dylan’s stomach impaled on his cock. That thought reduced the rapidly increasing aches in my arms. What also helped was that James was knelt beside me and one of his hands was fondling one of my tits that got squashed each time that I lowered myself.

The last few were not very impressive press-ups and when I collapsed on the mat James said,

“Well done Esther. Last of all, can you do 30 sit-ups for me please? Put your hands behind your head and start whenever you are ready.”

As I started James came and knelt beside me then started smoothing his hands over my stomach. After I’d pulled myself up 4 times one of his hands moved down and cupped my pussy. It didn’t stay just cupping my pussy, the next time that I strained to pull myself up I felt a finger invade my vagina.

It stayed like that for 2 more sit-ups then the next time that I strained to get my upper half up I felt the finger bend and press on my G-spot.

Well that was it, after James had been caressing nearly all my body for so long I just couldn’t stop myself from cumming. My upper half fell back onto the mat, I started swearing and my body started shaking.

The orgasm went on for ages, possibly because James kept his finger inside me and pressing on my G-spot.

It was a long and satisfying one and when it finally started to recede, James withdrew his fingers and got to his feet.

“Bloody hell James,” I finally said, “do you do that to all your clients?”

“Only the pretty, young ladies like you Esther.”

He helped me get onto my feet then said,

“You did well Esther, your body is in a very reasonable state so you must have been doing something right. Keep up the jogging and the yoga and I’ll soon have you at your peak performance, assuming that you want to continue these sessions. I’ll also draw-up a workout schedule for you to follow if you want to do any at home.”

“Yes, Dylan can afford this session and I certainly enjoyed it so I will it be here at the same time each week?”

“Unless you want me to come to your house, and yes, I’m pleased that you enjoyed yourself.”

“I think that I’ll stick to coming her for now.”

As we each got our things together and I put my clothes on I said,

“I think that I’ll go for a swim.”

“Good idea Esther, swimming is also good exercise.”

We left that room together then parted, me heading to the ladies changing room. As I put on the little, yellow bikini that Dylan bought me I wondered if it would be too brief for the staff there. I remembered the first time that I put it on and thought that it was obscenely brief, but this time I thought the complete opposite. I decided that if I didn’t get asked to leave I would go shopping for an even smaller one.

I felt pleased with myself as I walked out of the changing room and to the pool. A male staff member saw me but all he did was do a double-take and I soon dived into the pool. Diving in I started swimming lengths and after doing around a dozen I stood up in the shallow end.

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