Getting Married Set Me Free
Chapter 7

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 7 - Getting Married Set Me Free from my strict Catholic upbringing

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Nudism  

Days 16 - 20

I was expecting the following week to fall into a routine but several things happened that I wasn’t expecting. One thing that I was expecting was that several different delivery guys got a pleasant surprise and yes, I also went to naked yoga with Lucy on the Thursday evening.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very nice so I couldn’t top-up my all-over tan but I did spot a man looking at the back of our house from the wooded area at the bottom of the garden. When I saw him I deliberately did things in the rooms at the back of the house.

I had some fun with my girly toys and most afternoons I wore my Lush and texted Dylan to tell him that I was wearing it and each time he controlled it and gave me some amazing orgasms, a couple of times the Lush was helped by me holding my magic wand over my clit.

One afternoon Dylan escaped to somewhere quiet where he could video call me and he watched me as he remotely controlled the Lush to 2 very intense orgasms.

Dylan and I had been talking about me getting more exercise and some things happened that week to help me get that exercise, Firstly, previously we had gone to the bottom of the garden and looked over into the wooded area and seen the little track that had obviously been created by people walking through the trees, and we discussed how we could make a gap in our fence so that we could climb over, get on that track and jog along it expecting it to lead to the main park.

Well, one slightly dull and chilly morning I decided to do what we’d discussed about the fence so I put on some warm clothes and gone and modified the fence. It turned out to be quite easy and once done I got the urge to climb over to see what I could find.

I went back inside the house and changed into my trainers, a very short and lightweight tennis skirt and a thin tank top then went back outside and climbed over the fence.

I hadn’t taken too much of the fence down and as I climbed over it my bare pussy rubbed on a length of wood causing me to gasp and start thinking about my bare pussy.

I started walking, and as the track got wider I started jogging and soon found myself in the open space of the park. I jogged across the wet grass then onto the tarmac path. It may have been the middle of a morning at the end of summer, but there was no one else in sight.

As I jogged I thought more about my pussy. Okay, the little, floaty skirt was flapping about and I was sure that my pussy and butt were frequently on display, and my rock hard nipples were trying to drill their way through my top, but that didn’t feel like it was enough for me. I wanted to jog naked. So, after about 20 minutes when I got back to where I had started I went along the track to behind our house, took off the skirt and top and hung them on our fence.

Feeling daring, free and natural, I turned and started jogging along the same route for a second time.

The air rushing passed my nipples and pussy felt amazing and my brain started remembering me being on the beaches on our honeymoon. My brain was so full of those memories that I didn’t see the man with a dog until I was right in front of him.

After a split second of panic I decided that I’d brazen it out. I smiled at the man and said, “Morning,” and kept running, just as I would have done if I was fully clothed.

“Morning, not so nice today.” The man replied.

Seconds later, and a good few metres away, my brain started thinking that I had enjoyed the experience. I could feel the moisture between my legs as my pussy leaked my juices.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I didn’t see anyone else and was soon back on the little track to the back of our house.

Being a bit sweaty from the jogging I picked up my clothes as climbed over the fence before walking through the back garden to the house, not even thinking that someone in the nearby houses may be able to see me.

I immediately went for a shower and gave myself the relief that I so needed.

Another unexpected ‘new’ thing that happened that week was that I got a phone call from James, the boyfriend of Amber who runs the naked yoga classes. As soon as he gave his name I wondered if there was a problem with the payment for the yoga classes, but quickly James explained that he’d heard that I might be looking for a personal trainer.

“Err yes, is that what you are James?”

“As well as a stand-in yoga teacher, yes.”

“So where do you do this personal training James?”

“That’s up to the client Esther. I have access to a small room at the big leisure centre which I believe is quite close to you, but I also give sessions at the client’s home if that’s what they want.”

“Okay James, give me some details of cost and duration.”

He did, and as he was doing so I decided that I was interested. My first thought was that I could get James to come round to the house but I changed my mind and asked him if I could meet him at the leisure centre which is only a 10 minute walk away.

We sorted out the details, the main one being that my first session would be the Tuesday morning of the following week.

After I’d terminated the call I was thinking about my general health and fitness and that led me to remember what Bethany had told me about self defence lessons. I went and got the card that Bethany had given me and I phoned the guy and was surprised to hear that he too used the facilities at the local leisure centre and ran classes on a Wednesday evening.

I asked Caleb for more details and he told me that classes were small, usually 6 or 7 people, mainly girls but sometimes a young man or two. Then I asked Caleb what I should wear for the classes.

“Whatever you wear when you go out to the pub or a club, that’s the times when young ladies are most likely to need the skills that I teach so it’s best that you wear what you would wear on a night out.”

That seemed a little strange to me but I decided to go along with it and arranged to go on the Wednesday evening which was the next day. When I told Dylan that evening he smiled and said,

“You do realise that this Caleb will be teaching you how to drop guys to the ground and that you’ll be practising in pairs so you’ll probably end up on your back some of the time.”


“Short skirt, no knickers.”


“And it will make things more interesting for the guys there.”

“I guess that it will be their lucky day then.”

“Okay Esther, your decision. Actually, that will fit in well with my Rugby training, We’ll both be out on Wednesday evenings so it’s less time for us to be apart.

The next day I woke up the usual way, with Dylan’s cock slowly sliding in and out if me, then had the rest of the day to think about the evenings self defence class, or more importantly what to wear for it.

Well not quite all day because I sent Dylan a text and he drove me crazy with my Lush. It was on for going on for an hour and I had 4 orgasms before Dylan turned it off. Shortly after that he phoned me and apologised for leaving it on for so long, apparently his boss, Henry, had called him into his office to discuss something and it had taken a long time to get away from him.

I told Dylan that it was okay, that I could have just pulled it out if I wanted to but I hadn’t and had really enjoyed myself.

I had a meal waiting for Dylan when he got home but there was no time for and fun before we both had to leave.

Caleb didn’t seem at all surprised when I turned up for the self defence lesson wearing a mid thigh skater type skirt and a baggy, low-cut blouse. I was sure that he could tell that I was braless but at that point he wouldn’t have known that I was knickerless as well.

There was 2 guys and 3 girls there when I arrived, all were around my age but I noted that both guys looked a little whim-pish, me guessing that they were there to try to get some confidence.

Caleb quickly got started, explaining to us that the best defence is our 2 feet, to run like hell.

Then he explained that we were there to learn what to do as well as practise, but not to the extent of hurting anyone, if we were attacked.

He then explained the various ways that you can trip someone and get them on the floor without much effort.

Then Caleb asked for a volunteer so that he could demonstrate. No one seemed eager to volunteer so I did. Within seconds I was on my back on the mats without even realising what had happened.

I heard a couple of gasps from the girls and saw the guys staring at me with open mouths. At first I thought that it was because of how quickly I’d gone from standing to flat on my back, then I remembered what I was and wasn’t wearing. I looked down my body and saw that my legs were far from closed and my skirt was up around my waist.

“What?” I said.

“You haven’t got any knickers on.” One of the guys said.

“Caleb told me to wear what I normally wear when I go to the pub.” I replied. “So I did.”

By that time my brain was thinking about my exposed pussy but I wasn’t there to put on a show so I got to my feet and said,

“Can you do that in slow motion please Caleb, so that I can see what you did.”

Caleb shook his head and said something about not expecting me to be knickerless but he came over to me and started the move again. This time I watched him carefully and he caught my hand before I hit the mat, depriving the others of another look at my pussy.

“Right then class, pair off and all of you try to do that.”

Caleb also told us to select a different partner for each exercise so that we got a variety of aggressors.

I got paired with one of the girls, one wearing shorts, and we both tried the move. It was quite easy actually and first the other girl was on her back, then I was again. Again ending up with my skirt around my waist and my legs spread wide. This time Caleb was stood at my feet and one of the guys was just getting to his feet and most of the people stared at my pussy again.

Moves to put the aggressor on the floor continued and my pussy got put on display a good few times before Caleb moved on to ways to break a hold that the aggressor had on you. He showed us a few ways and we practised them but he came to one where the aggressor has a hold of you lapels or blouse.

I again volunteered and Caleb grabbed hold of my blouse. As my arms went up inside his I felt the buttons on my blouse pop open. When Caleb’s hands were off me my blouse was open, pulled right up and my little tits were on display.

Caleb looked down at my chest and I could see him smiling. I could also hear one of the guys moan and I wondered if he’s just cum in his pants.

Not mentioning my exposure Caleb told us to get into pairs again and try it. I fixed my blouse then saw that I was paired with one of the guys and I guess that he gripped my blouse too hard because as well as hearing the buttons pop I felt the fabric rip as it was raised up above my head...

“Oh my gawd,” the guy said, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise that I was holding your blouse that tight.”

“That’s okay I said, I shouldn’t have swung my arms up so hard.”

But the damage was done and my little tits were on display again. After letting everyone have a good look for a good few seconds I pulled my blouse back down and I saw that all the buttons had ripped off, and bits of the fabric around the button holes were ripped. I pulled the 2 sides of my blouse together and then loosely tied the 2 front tails.

I had similar exposures each time that Caleb showed, then got us to try different ways of getting free and inflicting some pain. Amazingly, no one said anything about my tits and pussy getting displayed so often but everyone also got to see the knickers of the 2 other girls who were wearing skirts. At one point when one of the girls was on her back on the floor Caleb said,

“When some moron is attacking you the last thing that you want to be thinking about is your modesty.”

That seemed to have a bit of an effect on those 2 girls and I noted that they both stopped pulling their skirts into their intended place most of the time.

All too soon the lesson was over and Caleb came over to me and asked,

“So who recommended this class to you Esther?”

“Bethany, the Fashion Emporium shop owner.”

“Might have guessed, she’s sent a few girls to me. Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe that girls should be able to wear whatever they want, and I love seeing scantily clad girls, but unfortunately, there are too many guys out there who don’t respect girls, hence these classes. Did Bethany tell you about the course fees? I keep them low because I hate it when I hear about a girl getting attacked.”

Caleb went on to explain the costs and more details of the course. I signed up for the full course. Just as I was leaving Caleb said,

“Esther, don’t think that you have to wear jeans and sweatshirts for the rest of the classes, you wear what’s comfortable and what you would go out in.”

“Thanks Caleb, I will, see you next week.”

As I walked home I thought that I was going to enjoy the rest of the course and I started thinking about what I could wear the next week. I also thought about the couple of minor injuries that I had acquired during the evening and wondered if I’d be a bit sore in the morning.

I was just about to get into the shower when Dylan arrived back home. As I half expected, he had mud all over him and a smelly kit bag which he left near the washing machine. We had a joint shower then dried each other before Dylan carried me to our bed,

Whilst I rode him we talked a little about our evening but the conversation never ended as after we’d both cum I went down on him to get him hard again before he spooned me and we went to sleep.

On the Thursday it was the naked yoga with Lucy. Amber was back and she really pushed us, making us stretch at angles that I never thought that my body would do.

I was getting more and more nervous about our upcoming party. Dylan still wouldn’t tell me what costume he’d got for me, and looking back I should have guessed because he came home with a Huntsman’s outfit on the Friday evening. Tall boots, white breeches, red jacket and a horse riding helmet. I joked about the riding crop that had a flat, leather bit at the end.

Day 21 – Saturday

Anyway, on the Saturday we got everything ready and by 8 p.m. I was still in the dark about my costume and I was getting more and more anxious. I watched Dylan put his outfit on and when he was ready he asked,

“Are you ready to see your outfit now Esther?”

“I’ve been ready since you first told me that you were providing my outfit, what is it?”

“Kneel at the bottom of the bed, lay forwards and spread your knees Esther.”

“Have we got time for you to fuck me Dylan, some of the guests could arrive at any minute?”

“I’m not going to fuck you Ester, well not right now, please do it.”

I did, and wondered what on earth Dylan was going to do. He went away and came back a minute or so later.

“Dylan, what are you doing?” I asked as I felt Dylan finger me and then rub my juices all over my slit and butt. Dylan said nothing as I felt his fingers enter my butt.

“Dylan, I thought that you said we didn’t have time for this?”

Again Dylan said nothing then I felt his fingers withdraw and the something cold being pushed into my butt.

“Is that a butt plug?” I asked as I felt my sphincter close on the narrow part of the plug, but something wasn’t right, something was tickling the back of my thighs.

“Okay Esther, you’ll be ready as soon as you put this mask and some heels on, get up”

“What?” I asked as I got to my feet. “You’re not expecting me to wear just a butt plug, who or what could I be?”

It was then that I felt the furry, bushy tail hanging down from my butt. Before I could say anything Dylan said,

“I’m the huntsman and you are the Foxy Lady that I will be chasing all night.”

“Oh my gawd Dylan, I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, frig myself or jump on you.”

“I don’t want to make you cry Esther, but I’m sure that you’ll be doing all the other things before the night is over.”

I just hugged Dylan.

I put some heels on and did my hair, putting it in a ponytail, then put the mask on and went to find Dylan, As I walked about the tail tickled my thighs. I found Dylan in the kitchen and I said,

“I can’t believe that I’m doing this. Oh my gawd, are your mother and father coming?”

“I doubt it, but brother John said that he’d call in and maybe bring a couple of his mates on their way to a pub somewhere.”

“That’s okay then, John saw my pussy when he came here the last time.”

“I doubt that my parents would come, different generation, they wouldn’t want to put a dampener on things.”

I poured myself a glass of wins telling Dylan that I needed a bit of Dutch courage. His response was to come up behind me and put his arms around me. It felt nice as his left hand tweaked my nipples and his right hand gently rubbed little circles around my clit.

I quickly drank half the glass of wine and was just about to tell Dylan to stop teasing me when the doorbell rang. As I put my glass down and started walking towards the front door I said,

“I can’t believe that you are making me do this Dylan, but I’m really pleased that you are.”

“Tally-ho Foxy Lady.” Dylan said and I felt the riding crop swat my butt.

I was feeling quite nervous, but quite excited as I opened the door and saw a Bride and Groom. The Groom was in a suit and bow-tie and the Bride was wearing white heels, white stocking, white suspender belt, white garter, white see-through G-string, white soft mesh totally see-through bra, and a veil.

I think that all 4 of us said “Oh my gawd!” at the same time and I quickly realised that it was Lucy and Tom stood in front of us.

Lucy spoke first,

“You look amazing Esther, I hope that you don’t mind us coming as a Bride and Groom, I know that it’s only a few weeks since you 2 were married but we left it to the last minute and this is all that we could think of.”

“I wish that you’d been dressed like Lucy at our wedding.” Dylan said.

“That really would have given my mother a heart attack.” I replied.

“I love your outfit Esther,” Tom said, “Is that a bushy butt plug that your wearing? Are we all going fox hunting later, or is Dylan going to demonstrate the use of that riding crop later?”

“Maybe,” Dylan said, “come on in guys, and don’t leave your coat outside Lucy.”

We went inside and to the kitchen where I got Lucy and Tom a drink and I took another gulp of my wine as the other 3 started talking. The doorbell rang again so I went and opened the door to Captain Picard and Seven of Nine, a.k.a. Oscar and Ellie.

“Wow Esther,” Oscar said, “you look amazing, are we going to hunt you down and ravish that amazing body of yours later?”

“If you are lucky Oscar, welcome, come on in. Ellie you look amazing, you do realize that that grey catsuit is a bit see-through and that I can see everything don’t you?”

“Yeah, I wanted one that felt very soft and this fine mesh is just that. I doubt that any of the guys will complain about it being see-through. Oscar said that he couldn’t ever see any evidence that Seven of Nine wore any underwear so here I am. Besides, they’ll spent all their time looking at you. Was that outfit your idea or Dylan’s?”

“Dylan’s, but he knows me so well, I really like it.”

I led Oscar and Ellie into the kitchen, took another gulp of my wine then went to answer the doorbell again. This time it was Darth Vader and Princess Leia, a.k.a. TC and Daisy.

“Bloody hell Esther,” Daisy said, “I thought that my outfit was revealing. TC loves that he can see my tits under these swirly things, and see my slit when he stands beside me, but your outfit covers nothing.”

“It covers part of my butt. I seem to remember that the fabric that hung down the front of Carrie Fisher’s outfit was wider than yours?”

“It was s lot wider to start off with but TC kept getting me to cut some more off it. It’s only 3 centimetres wide now. TC couldn’t keep his hands off my pussy on the way over here.”

“Come on in, you must be hot in that helmet TC, and watch where you’re sticking that lightsaber.”

“Which helmet are you talking about Esther?” TC replied, “Do you think that this lightsaber would make a good dildo?”

“TC stop it.” Daisy said as she thumped his arm.

“Sorry,” TC replied, “I guess it’s too early to talk about dildos.”

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