Getting Married Set Me Free
Chapter 6

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Getting Married Set Me Free from my strict Catholic upbringing

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Nudism  

Day 14 – Saturday

The supermarket delivery driver didn’t look that surprised when I opened the front door totally naked. It was a different guy, younger, and I think that word must have got around. Dylan was in the kitchen and he finger tested me each time that I brought a basket of groceries in. Dylan said that I got a little wetter each time.

To Tom and Lucy’s party I chose to wear a very short turquoise, tight, lycra tube skirt. When I tried it on in the shop it started riding up just as soon as I moved. With it I wore a matching silky camisole top with spaghetti straps. Dylan told me that my legs looked amazing in that skirt and my highest heels.

My journey to the pub nearest to Tom and Lucy’s place was very revealing. As I said, the skirt rides up even when I just move a leg or even bend a little. As we walked to the Underground station I had to tug the hem of the skirt down every time that I saw someone looking at me because it had ridden up exposing my slit and my clit which was rock hard and tingling all the time.

Going down the escalator with Dylan behind me, I ignored the man in front of me who kept turning his head and looking up at me. The train was less revealing because it was quite crowded and we had to stand. The up escalator was just as bad, or good, as the down one although I didn’t look back to see who was looking up at my butt.

When we got to the pub there was already a handful of people who we knew were going to the party, most of the either workmates of Dylan and Tom, or team mates from the rugby club. Half a dozen of the girls there had been at Dylan’s bosses barbecue so had been totally naked there like I was. We were all stood in a group and I soon forgot about my skirt.

Dylan started talking to his mates and I started talking to the girls that I’d met at the barbecue. Most of them were complaining about having to get naked and saying that they wouldn’t have done so if the possibility of a big bonus or pay rise for their men hadn’t of been possible. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that it was probably all a ruse by Henry just so that he could perv on their naked bodies.

One of the girls was very sympathetic to me about me being spanked, saying that she could never have done what I did, and that Dylan wasn’t a very good husband to let it happen.

I just said that I loved Dylan and would do anything for him, which was the truth.

The rest of the conversations weren’t very interesting other than most of the girls saying that they liked the outfits of the other girls. Two girls actually said that they liked my outfit. When that was said I discretely checked that my slit and clit weren’t on show.

After an hour or so everyone headed off to Lucy and Tom’s house. It was dark outside by then so I didn’t bother tugging the hem of the skirt down.

Lucy and Tom’s house was quite crowded when we got there with people standing around, drinking and talking in most rooms of the house and some were outside as well.

Dylan got me a glass of wine and we got talking to different groups of people. Dylan knew a lot more people than I did so I was forever getting introduced to people and most of the guys looked me up and down then told me that I looked great, or words to that effect. I wondered how much of that was because my nipples were trying to drill through my thin top and my legs were bare right up to, well maybe above my pussy, I didn’t bother checking.

I’d given up tugging the hem of my skirt down because I didn’t think that people standing close to me could see my slit and clit.

Dylan’s beer and my wine were going down well and we retreated to the kitchen to fill up. Whilst I was pouring my wine Dylan put an arm round me and it slid down to my butt as he told me that he loved me. He found my butt cheeks before I thought that he should have and I asked Dylan to tug my hem down.

“Hey Esther, I thought that you liked people seeing your butt?”

“I do, but I’m not sure that this is the right place for it.”

“It’s the perfect place for it, no one here will complain and now that you know, enjoy your display.”

Dylan squeezed my butt then picked up a fresh bottle of beer and we went to the lounge. Before we got talking to someone else I said,

“Dylan, this party isn’t like any one that I’ve ever been to before, there’s no jelly or cakes and I’ve never been to a party where there was alcohol.”

“Well Esther, this is a party for normal adults not kids or religious freaks, relax, enjoy meeting people, have some more drinks and enjoy yourself.”

“I don’t want to get drunk Dylan.”

“I saw some soft drinks in the kitchen, you can change to them whenever you want...”

We were soon meeting and talking to other people. I got the impression that Dylan knew most of the guys there, probably through his and Tom’s workplace and from the rugby club.

Dylan’s beer didn’t last long, and this time I went to the kitchen on my own to get a fresh bottle for him. At the same time I finished my wine and got myself a cola. Lucy was in the kitchen and we talked a little. I complimented her on her dress, which I actually liked although if it had been mine I would have had it shortened. Then Lucy said,

“You do know that everyone can see the bottom of your butt cheeks and your slit Esther?”

“I guessed as much but I deliberately didn’t check it.”

“Naughty girl.” Lucy said and we both giggled a little.

Back with Dylan I seemed to be getting more compliments about my outfit and I realised that quite a few of the guys, including Dylan, were getting, shall we say ‘happy’. I’d heard about drunk people throwing-up when they drink too much and I hoped that Dylan wasn’t going to.

Someone turned the background music up and a few people started dancing. Lucy and I moved to the centre of the room and joined in. After a while Dylan and Tom came and joined us and soon, both pairs of guys hands were around their girl. Dylan’s finding my tits and teasing my nipples.

“You do know that your skirt is up and this guys sitting on the floor near our feet can see everything Esther?”

“I didn’t, but I don’t care.” I replied.

Then Dylan walked away from me and seconds later the music died and Dylan loudly said,

“Okay everyone, quite a few of you will have suspected that my wife isn’t wearing any underwear, but now I’m going to confirm that for all of you. Esther, come over here please.”

It was a very nervous and excited me that slowly walked over to Dylan. My 3 pointy bits were all rock hard and tingling like hell and I was sure that if I spread my legs I would be dripping on the carpet.

“Esther darling,” Dylan said, “would you be so kind as to prove to everyone here that you are naked under that skirt and top?”

“Dylan, I’m not doing that.” I said as I tugged at the hem of the skirt.

“Don’t be a spoilsport Esther, you know that you want to and I’m sure that everyone here wants to see you naked, isn’t that right everyone?”

Dylan was right, of course, and at least half of the people there started cheering and shouting things like,

“Take it off, take it off.”

I looked at Dylan’s face and I could see that look of lust that he gets so I decided to do as he asked.

“You strip me then Dylan, I replied

The cami was a loose fit and Dylan easily raised it up, me raising my arms to help him. The guys cheered louder and Dylan moved his hands to my waist and slid his thumbs under the top of the skirt.”

“Shall I?” Dylan asked as he held his thumbs there.

Unsurprisingly, all the guys were shouting at Dylan to tell him to get on with it and after a good few seconds my skirt descended until it got to my knees where Dylan let go of it. It was so tight that I had to shake my legs for it to drop to my ankles.

Dylan came round to my front and then lifted me up, my legs automatically wrapping round his waist.

“Are you going to fuck me Dylan Hargreaves?” I quietly asked.

“Not yet sexy.”

Dylan carried me over to the dining table and quite a few people rapidly cleared a space for me. Dylan put me onto the table and told me to lay back. I did, resting on my elbows so that I could see what Dylan was up to. Then Dylan turned and moved to my side, leaving me with my legs spread wide and my wet pussy on display for everyone to see.

“Right everyone,” Dylan said, “The other day Esther met a man who must be the world’s best at finger fucking. I wasn’t there at the time but I’ve seen the videos and Esther tells me that she was still cumming 5 minutes after he stopped. I’ve been practising after watching the videos, but the question is, who here is the best at finger fucking?”

I looked at Dylan in amazement and I just knew what was coming next. My jaw dropped, I felt my face and chest warm up, my nipples and clit start to throb and my whole body start tingling.

“You’re going to let some of these guys finger fuck me Dylan?” I asked.

“Do you want them to Esther?”

I quietly nodded my head.

“So,” Dylan continued, “who would like to try and send my wife into a sexual stupor?”

I don’t know if Dylan was expecting every guy there to shout that they wanted to try, but that’s what happened.

Dylan put his hand up asking for silence then said,

“Wow guys, I expected 1 or 2 but all 20 or so of you. I’m pretty sure that if you all had a go Esther would end up in hospital, or the morgue. So, which of the young ladies here would like to offer their services to help Esther, and of course themselves. There has got to be guys here that are pretty good at it.”

There was deadly silence for a few seconds and I looked out to see all the faces of the girls there. Lucy was smiling at Tom and another girl, Daisy was whispering to the guy next to her. Then both Lucy and Daisy stepped forwards.

I was both happy and unhappy. Happy because I stopped thinking that I might end up in hospital and unhappy because it would have been nice to see if I could have coped with 20 or so guys finger fucking me.

“Thank you ladies.” Dylan said to Lucy and Daisy, “I’m sure that Esther appreciated the help. Hey Tom, will this table support 3 naked girls?”

“Sure, we bought a sturdy one so that Lucy and I can fuck on it.”

“Tom!” Lucy said, “You don’t have to tell everyone our secrets.”

“Okay ladies,” Dylan said, “get ‘em off and get up there. Don’t be shy, we all know that it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of guys and that most girls like being naked in front of guys.”

There was more cheering as Lucy and Daisy did what Dylan had just told them to do. Clothes disappeared under the table and Dylan lifted Lucy and Daisy onto the table, them laying back on their elbows and spreading their legs.

“Guys,” Dylan announced, “this isn’t going to work like this. We’re not going to be able to find the best finger fucker here like this, and I think that we need to add a bit of mystery for our 3 gorgeous volunteers. Tom, would you have 3 clean tea towels?”

Tom dashed off and seconds later he was back with 3 tea towels.

“Girls, please lay back so that Tom can effectively blindfold you with the tea towels.”

Tom covered the 3 faces with the tea towels the Dylan continued,

“Thanks Tom. Now you guys who are eager to get your fingers inside one of these gorgeous girls. Please form 3 equal lines, one in front of each girl.”

They did.

“Right, each finger fucking session will last for 3 minutes. Tom, can you do the timings please. Girls, can you count the guys and remember the number of the one that you enjoyed the most. When they have all had a go we’ll take the 3 guys that have pleasured you the most and they will take it in turns to finger fuck all 3 of you again. Then we will compare each of your favourites of the last 3 and with a bit of luck at least 2 of you will have the same favourite.”

“What happens if the girls each have a different favourite?” A guy at the back of one of the 3 queues asked.

“Then I guess that we’ll have to start from square one again.”

“Err Dylan,” Lucy said from under her tea towel, “Do you realise that us girls will have been fingered something like 10 times, and if we have to start from square one that will make 20 times, at 3 minutes a time. Do you really think that we can cope with being finger fucked almost non-stop for a solid hour?”

“Good point Lucy, “Dylan replied, “Let’s see how you feel after the first round then we’ll take it from there. I’m sure that the guys who usually spend a lot of time inside your pussies wouldn’t appreciate having to miss out because you are sore or injured after being finger fucked so many times. Okay, is everyone ready? Tom? Oh, and remember guys, the objective is to give the girls pleasure, not stretch or damage them.”

“Ready.” Tom replied.

“Go; and girls, don’t remove the tea towels, we need a number not a name.”

Two seconds later I gasped as 2 fingers invaded my pussy. No foreplay, straight in. It was a good job that I was dripping in anticipation.

In and out went those fingers. Totally ignoring my clit or searching for my G-spot. When Tom shouted ‘TIME’, and the fingers withdrew I just hoped that the next guy would be better at it.

He was, but not by much. As his fingers fucked me I thought of the last time that Dylan finger fucked me. He was so much more gentle and caring. Dylan wanted to give me pleasure not just take pleasure.

It was the same for the next 2 guys although all that ramming of fingers into me was having the desired effect. It was guy 5 that tipped me over the edge. Not only did he find my G-spot but his thumb rubbed my clit as well. I was cumming when the fingers withdrew and I guessed that Tom had called time.

I was just starting to come down from my high when the next guy’s fingers invaded me. They caused me to gasp then moan but the fingers didn’t send me back up there. Neither did the last guy. I definitely had my winner and I again wondered if it had been Dylan.

“Okay ladies,” Dylan said, “we’ll have a short break but before you scuttle off to the bathroom please can you give me the number of the guy that you enjoyed the most.”

We did. Then the 3 totally naked girls went upstairs to the bathroom to get cleaned up and discuss the abilities of the guys. Thankfully, both Lucy and Daisy had had an orgasm and we discussed the 3 minute time limit and when we went back downstairs I asked Dylan if we could extent it to 5 minutes for the next round. He agreed and Lucy, Daisy and I got back on the table, spread our legs and put the tea towels back on our faces.

“Okay ladies and gentlemen,” Dylan announced. “We have our 3 guys who are going into the next round and each of those 3 will finger fuck each of the girls. At the request of the girls the 3 minute limit will be increased to 5 minutes in the hope that the rest of us will be able to witness more orgasms, and there will be a 2 minute break between each session to allow the girls to compose themselves ready for the next invasion.

Oh ladies, do any of you have any objections to being videoed? If you do, please raise a hand.”

There was silence for a few seconds then Dylan continued,

“Good, it’s not like we will be able to see your faces on the videos anyway. Tom, are you ready?”

“Yes mate.”

For some reason Dylan didn’t rush to get started and I remember there being deadly silence, for what seemed like hours whilst my brain was thinking about all those people looking at my bare, spread pussy.

“GO,” Dylan finally loudly said, then continued, “and remember guys, the objective is to give pleasure, not to get the girls to have to visit A&E.”

My pussy wasn’t as wet as it was when the first round started but it was still wet enough for me to have no discomfort when the first finger penetrated me. I did hear Daisy sound as if she wasn’t that wet when her pussy was penetrated but that quickly changed to a moan.

In and out went the first guy’s finger, then two fingers, then they curled up and I let out a long moan. My G-spot was getting rubbed and I could feel my arousal level going up. Then fingers from the guy’s other hand found my clit and within seconds I was giving everyone in the room the sight and sound of my second public orgasm of the night. A split second before it hit me I had a vision of Dylan holding his phone over me and recording my orgasm.

Of course I couldn’t see if that was happening, but just the thought made the orgasm a little more intense.

Then it stopped and I guessed that the 5 minutes was up. Unfortunately, Dylan let everyone have enough of a break for my orgasm became history.

The seconds guy wasn’t quite as good but he did raise my arousal level quite a bit again.

Then there was the last guy to finger fuck me that night, unless Dylan was going to finger me later, after everyone had either left or gone to bed.

The third guy was good, he too found my G-spot and my clit but it would have taken longer than the 5 minutes to take me over the edge.

All over, Dylan loudly said,

“Okay, firstly girls, are you all okay? Put a hand up if you are.”

Apparently all 3 of us put a hand up because Dylan continued,

“Good, now can each of you girls give me the number of the guy that you thought was the best. Daisy, you go first.”

Three numbers were called out and then there was a lot of cheering then Dylan loudly said,

“Ladies, we have a winner, please take the tea towels off and see the best finger fucker of the evening.”

I pulled the tea towel off my face, got up on my elbows and saw Dylan with his arm around the shoulders of Oscar, the rugby team captain. Like most of he people there, Oscar was still looking down on the 3 bare, wet and well finger fucked pussies, only Oscar had a huge grin on his face and a large bulge in the front of his jeans.

Someone turned on the music again and the boyfriends of the 3 girls on the table went and stood in between the still spread legs of their girl. My pussy was just a little sore but definitely not sore enough to not want Dylan to properly fuck me right there and then, but it wasn’t to be as Dylan and Tom helped Lucy and I to our feet and hugged us.

Daisy, however, had other ideas and she had her arms round her boyfriend’s neck and they were kissing passionately. As Dylan led me to the dancing area I looked back and saw that Daisy’s boyfriends jeans half way down his thighs. I felt some disappointment that Dylan hadn’t fucked me before I got off the table.

As Lucy and I were being led to the dance area Lucy said,

“I’m not getting dressed, everyone has seen everything so why bother.”

I totally agreed, in fact I was quite enjoying being naked in amongst all those clothed people.

We danced for a while, me still naked and the naked Lucy dancing with Tom. Still feeling aroused from the finger fucking, and with a little less inhibitions than when I arrived at Lucy and Tom’s place because of the wine, I turned to face a couple of guys who were sat on the floor, probably looking at Lucy and me. Then I changed my dance style to a sexy one that I’d seen on Youtube and spread my feet and started doing pelvic thrusts at the 2 guys.

Okay, they’d more than likely got a really good look at Lucy’s, Daisy’s and my pussy when we’d been on the table but I remembered what Dylan had told me about guys never being able to get enough pussy viewing time, I guessed that seeing my pussy being thrust at them would make them horny. It certainly sent my arousal level up high.

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