Getting Married Set Me Free
Chapter 5

Copyright© 2023 by Vanessa Evans

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 5 - Getting Married Set Me Free from my strict Catholic upbringing

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Nudism  

Day 8 - Sunday

We had a lazy morning, not getting off the bed until it was time to get ready to go to Dylan’s boss’s annual barbecue.

I was unsure what I should wear so I phoned Lucy, her having gone to the barbecue the previous year.

“Just a nice, summer dress Esther, it’s an opportunity to tease the boss to, hopefully, get him to give your man a big pay rise and bonus.”

“So the more flesh he sees, the bigger the bonus?”

“That’s the theory, but there’s no way of telling if it works, none of the guys tell each other what they get. Oh, a little warning, Henry (the boss) gets a little handsy when Julia (Henry’s wife) isn’t around.”

“So an ultra-short, thin summer dress is the order of the day then Lucy?”

“If you want to help Dylan, yes.”

“Okay, I can do that. With a bit of luck I can get something out of it as well. Thanks Lucy.”

I chose to wear a loose fitting, slightly see-through micro dress that has a deep ‘V’ at both the front and back. If I lean forwards all of my tits can be seen by anyone in front of me and my bare butt can be seen by anyone behind me. I also chose a pair of 5 inch heels.

Just for a bit of fun, Dylan came up behind me and pushed the shoulder straps off my shoulders and the dress quickly slid off me and puddled on the floor leaving me naked.

“I hope that you’re not planning on doing that at your boss’s house.”

“I might, I know that you want me to do it. Besides, you bought that dress just so that I could do that didn’t you?”


I feared that since I was still not that used to wearing heels progress would be slow getting to Dylan’s boss’s house but Dylan phoned for a Uber. After he’d done that he told me that I could use his Uber account anytime that I wanted, but I was used to getting around on the Underground so I told him that I would continue to do that.

“You just want to flash your goodies and get groped don’t you Esther?”

“Well now that I’ve discovered the fun that I can have can you blame me?”

“Not at all, in fact some days you can get up when I do and come with me, I’ll stand near to, but not next to you, and we’ll see what happens.”

“That sounds fun, I might take you up on that lover.”

“You look amazing Esther.” Dylan said as we walked out to the Uber. “I didn’t realise how see-through that dress is. Have you ever thought of getting your nipples or clit hood pierced so that you can have jewellery or chains showing through the fabric?”

“No I haven’t, I’m not sure that I’d like piercings but I will think about it.”

We arrived at Dylan’s boss’s house at the same time as Lucy and Tom’s Uber arrived and as we walked to the door Tom said,

“That’s quite a daring dress Esther.”

Lucy saying,

“Love the dress Esther, where did you get it?”

“I’ll take you to the shop sometime Lucy.” I replied.

Both Henry and Julia (boss and wife) answered the doorbell and introductions were made. Henry saying,

“So you’re Esther, when Dylan was telling us about the girl that he was going to marry I imagined that he was going to marry a nun, and when I saw your honeymoon photographs I wondered if he had hired a call girls to pose for him, but they were genuine and here you are in the flesh so to speak, looking better than in the photographs.”

“You didn’t tell me about Dylan’s honeymoon photographs Henry.” Julia said.

“No I didn’t, but you can see the real thing now, she’s gorgeous isn’t she.?”

“Yes she is.” Julia replied, “I’m jealous.”

“Didn’t you say something similar to me when you first met me a year ago?” Lucy said.

“Did I? Well now we have 2 beauties married to my men.” Henry replied.

I was soon being introduced to all the other guests and it was obvious that most of Henry’s staff were young men and that they had younger wives or girlfriends. Also, most of the girls were wearing quite short and low-cut summer dresses. As we went round everyone I couldn’t help noticing that most of the summer dresses were made of thin fabric that if the girl was between me and the sun, I could see the shape of her body through it, and the bulges made by the girl’s nipples. On 3 of the girls I could see the shape of their inner labia lips hanging down, confirming that they weren’t wearing any knickers like, I suspected, most of the other girls there.

A thought crossed my mind, that Dylan would be happy that it was a warm, sunny day so that he could appreciate the scenery.

It was self-service for the drinks and Dylan got himself a beer and me a glass of wine, something that I’d never had before, then we started talking to the nearest group. It wasn’t long before the comments about the photographs and my slightly see-through dress started coming, all of which were complimentary, even from the girls there, and all of which made my nipples and clit tingle and my pussy get wet.

In a moment when the conversation was about Dylan’s work I reflected on how I had changed, and how different that barbecue was to the last one that I’d been to last year which was at my mother’s church. They didn’t even have any alcohol there.

I was released from my daydream by another girl there (Sue) who asked me if it was really true that until I got married I was a devout Catholic and dressed like I was one of the TV Walton girls.

“Well I don’t know what a Walton girl is but my clothes were horrible, my mother acts like it is still the 19th century and I’ve got Dylan to thank for getting me out of there.”

“You didn’t marry Dylan just to escape your mother did you?”

“No, no, it wasn’t like that at all. I love Dylan more than anyone can love someone, he’s amazing.”

“So are you rebelling against the clothes that you used to have to wear, I mean, you’ve gone from dressing like a Walton girl to wearing next to nothing, everyone can see that that dress is all that you are wearing.”

“No I’m not rebelling, with Dylan’s help I’ve realised that I really like dressing like this. Okay, I know that I accidentally flash my goodies occasionally but instead of feeling guilty about my body, Dylan has helped me to be proud of my body, and now I just love it when people say that I have an amazing body.”

“What’s that about you having an amazing body?” a male voice behind me said.

I turned and saw Henry standing there. He moved to my side and put a hand on my butt.

“Oh,” I replied as the hand slid up under my dress, “I was just telling Sue that Dylan has convinced me that all that Catholic guilt is rubbish and that it’s okay to be proud of my body.”

“Having seen the photographs I would say that my man Dylan has done a brilliant job with that. Let’s hope that we get to see the real thing later.” Henry replied as his hand gently rubbed my bare butt. “I mean we can already see most of it with you wearing that see-through dress Esther.”

Henry’s hand squeezed one of my bare butt cheeks and as I turned my head to look at him I could see that he was looking down the front of my dress.

“Henry, I can’t just get naked, what would everyone think, it just wouldn’t be right.”

“Maybe you could start a trend Esther, all you delightful girls get naked and we could call these barbecues a CMNF barbecue.”

“What’s CMNF?” I asked.

“Clothed Male Naked Female.” Sue replied and added, “I’m not sure that I could strip off.”

“It’s warm enough and private enough, so why not?” Henry asked.

Just then Julia shouted for Henry telling him that the barbecue needed his attention. That attention being that the food was ready to be served. People lined up and got a plate full then went looking for somewhere to sit and eat.

There was a sort of circle of chairs and the girls sat on the chairs with the guys sat at their feet on the grass. It was only when Dylan quietly said that he could see my wet pussy that I realised most of the guys could see up their girl’s skirt because they were sat with their plates on their laps. I opened my knees a little bit more so that Dylan could get a better look at my pussy.

Everyone eating, Henry and Julia came round offering more drinks. I watched Henry and saw that he was looking at each girl’s lap as he went round. When he got to Dylan and myself I think that the wine must have got to me a bit because I lifted my plate up to my chest and spread my knees even wider apart.

I saw Dylan smiling and Henry looking like he had won the lottery. I giggled.

“She’s only recently started drinking and never had wine before.” Dylan said, but not in a tone of apology.

“That’s okay Dylan, I’ll put some dance music on in a bit and maybe she can dance it off. The alcohol I mean but if she wants to take the dress off that’s okay with me.”

Dylan said nothing, Henry walked to the next couple and I wondered what it would be like to dance naked with everyone there watching me.

When everyone had finished eating people started talking again and after a few minutes Henry called for silence then thanked everyone for coming and added a short motivation speech to his team. Just as that was ending Dylan stepped into the middle of everyone and said,

“Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, earlier, the boss had an idea that I’d like to hear everyone’s opinion on, he suggested that these barbecues should be CMNF barbecues. In case anyone doesn’t know what CMNF is it’s Clothed Male Naked Female. So everyone, what do you think of the idea?”

There was a deadly silence for a good few seconds then one of the girls said,

“You mean all of us girls have to take our clothes off?”

“Yes,” Dylan replied, “and to start the ball rolling I invite by bride to be the first girl to get naked. Esther, can yo come over here please?”

My jaw dropped and I looked round and saw that everyone’s eyes were on me. I felt my face go all red, my nipples and clit get as hard as they could. And my pussy start leaking.

“Oh my gawd, Dylan’s dropped me in it, I really love that guy.” I thought as I walked over to where Dylan was.

“Need any help Esther?” Henry asked.

“I think that I can manage.” I replied, but Dylan said,

“Okay Henry, I think that Esther would appreciate that.”

Before I realised what was happening, Henry was stood in front of me with his hands on my shoulders.

“Just slide the shoulder straps off boss.” Dylan said.

Henry was staring into my eyes as his hands slowly slid the straps of my dress outwards. In Henry’s eyes I could see that look of lust that Dylan gets when he’s about to fuck me.

I felt the dress start to slide down my body and 2 seconds later it was puddled at my feet leaving me wearing only my heels. Henry took a step back and so did I, completely out of the dress as I heard a couple of gasps from female voices.

“My, my,” Henry quietly said, “so much better than the photographs. I love that you are bald down there, do you laser it?”

“Thank you Henry.” I replied, not answering the question.

“Do a twirl and show everyone.” Henry loudly said.

I did, and as my eyes passed Dylan’s I could see an expression of pride and lust. I could also feel my nipples and clit throbbing, I so wanted Dylan to fuck me.

Back facing Henry, Dylan said,

“Okay ladies, who’s next?”

There was deadly silence for a few seconds before Lucy made the first move, her hands going to her back to unzip her dress. Then another girl took her top off revealing that she was braless. Before long all the girls, except Julia, were taking all their clothes off. I wondered just how many of the girls were only getting naked in the hope that their man would get a big pay rise or bonus, of if they were actually like me, enjoying exposing their naked bodies to their man’s work colleagues.

Once all the girls were naked, Henry turned to look at Julia and said,

“You’re turn Julia.”

“No, no, no; no chance, no one wants to see my old body.” Julia replied.

I guessed that Henry had no leverage over Julia as he didn’t pursue the matter.

Most of the girls were making half-hearted attempts to cover their tits and pussies, unlike Lucy and I. Lucy was obviously as proud of her body as I was of mine.

“Okay let’s get the party going again.” Henry shouted as he walked to where the sound system was.

Lucy came over to me and said,

“Let’s dance.”

I’d never had any real chances to dance anywhere other than my bedroom, only watch YouTube videos when my mother was out, so I wasn’t very relaxed or good at it so I sort of copied what Lucy was doing. Soon, quite a few of the other girls had started dancing and some of the guys as well.

Unsurprisingly, Henry wanted to dance with most of the girls, and his version of dancing included physical contact. When he got to me he tried to dance the old fashioned way, holding my hand at arms length and putting the other arm round my waist, only he must have thought that my waist was much lower that it actually was and his hand was squeezing one of my butt cheeks.

Then he pulled me close so that my little tits were on his chest and his hips were almost touching mine. I could feel his hard cock pressing on my stomach and I wondered what it would feel like if he wasn’t wearing any trousers.

Julia came and saved me by telling Henry to,

“Leave the poor girl alone, I’m sure that she’d rather dance with her new husband.”

Henry moved on to another girl that was near me.

“Thanks Julia.” I said as Dylan moved in front of me and put his arms on my shoulders.

“You okay Esther?” Dylan asked.

“Yes, I am. I love you and hate you for getting me to strip like that but it is nice being naked with all your work colleagues around me. Although for one second I thought that Henry was going to lift me up and lower me onto his cock like you do, but Julia turned up just at the right moment.”

“Good, I don’t think that I want my boss to fuck you.”

“But you wouldn’t mind if your workmates did?” I asked.

“No I wouldn’t mind, just so long as I could watch, but it’s up to you, not me, would you like them to fuck you Esther.”

“Well I’ve only ever had one man’s cock inside me so I think that I would like to sample a few others, but it’s not going to happen, is it?”

“Doubtful, maybe Tom.”

“I’d like that, he makes a nice sized tent in his trousers, but it’s not as big as your marque.”

“You say all the right things Esther.”

We danced and I preferred the slow ones so that I could press my naked body against Dylan and feel his boner.

After the dancing had gone on for an hour or so, the music stopped and Henry said,

“Well everyone, just about all of you have seen the photos of our latest married couple’s honeymoon and you’re all looking at the amazing Esther in all her glory right now, but the big question is, how has getting married changed them? Esther, how has getting married changed you?”

“Wow,” I replied, “where do I start. Lets just say that with Dylan’s help I’ve done so many things for the first time that I’d need a supermarket till roll to write them all down.”

“Okay Esther, just tell us the biggest 2 things.”

“Okay, well I guess the best thing is sex. I was a virgin when I got married.”

“Poor you Esther, sex is amazing isn’t it and I bet that you are catching up quickly. What about the second thing?”

“I guess that it’s being able to be naked in places that people don’t usually get naked. We found that nude beach that you’ve seen in the photos and I really enjoyed my time there with all the men looking at me.”

“Well I’m happy that I suggested a CMNF barbecue.” Henry said, “How about you Dylan, what 2 things are you really enjoying about married life?”

Dylan put his arm round me and replied,

“Well, I don’t think that I need to tell you the first thing, just look at this body. Esther has discovered that she loves it and is proud of it and I love it too and I am proud of it for her, I really have trouble keeping my hands off it.

“I guess that the second thing is the way that Esther has changed. As most of you know her mother is a devout Catholic living in the 19th century and that is how she raised Esther, but look at her now. What more could any man ask from his bride?

“Oh, there’s a third thing, we’ve discovered that Esther really enjoys being spanked. She’s one of those lucky girls that spanking makes her cum, not that she’s been short of orgasms since we got married.”

“Wow Dylan,” Henry said, “that’s one hell of a confession, perhaps you could put on a demonstration of that?”

“Noooo,” I said, but Henry ignored me and responded to the cheering, or just his perverted mind, he said,

“I’ll get you a chair.”

“Actually boss, would you mind if we used that table over there, the one that had the food on it?”

“Sure, 2 of you guys go and get it and put it in the middle here. This could be very interesting.”

I was extremely nervous and actually shaking a bit as I watched and waited, but at the same time the throbbing and tingling was almost making me cum.

Once the table was in the middle of everyone Dylan told me to get on my back on the table. I was still quaking as I got on and lay there with my knees tightly together. I looked down at my chest and got reminded that when I’m on my back my tiny tits seem to disappear leaving just 2 hard nipples sticking out of it.

“Okay Esther,” Dylan said, “you are going to be spanked in a position that is new to you, please lift your legs, grab your ankles and push your legs as far apart as you can.”

I gulped some saliva down as I realised that I was going to be spread as wide as when those guys on the nude beach lifted me up and pulled my legs apart so that they could take loads of photos, but I did as instructed and heard a couple of female gasps.

“Good girl Esther,” Henry loudly said then continued in a softer voice,

“I totally agree with Dylan, you do have an amazing body and your pussy is beyond perfect, I can see why you are proud of it and want the whole world to see it.”

I felt my face get a darker shade of red.

“Over to you Dylan.” Henry said and I braced myself for what I knew was coming but then Dylan started talking again. I cursed, wondering if he was deliberately extending the time that I was spread wide open.

“With your permission boss, I’d like to open up the spanking to everyone here, say 5 spanks each, no, better make that just 1 spank each, I don’t think that Esther would last long enough for everyone to give her 5. Please guys, everyone who wants to spank my gorgeous wife’s bare butt make a line, and I don’t want to have to take Esther to A&E just go home with at smarting and very red butt, so don’t be too brutal with her.”

“Excellent idea Dylan, shall I go first?”

“Yes sir, be my guest.”

As I waited for the first swat to land I was both cursing and thanking Dylan in my brain. I didn’t know how long I would last but I just knew that it was going to be a very intense one when it arrived. I looked at Henry and saw that he was staring at my spread pussy. I closed my eyes as I saw hm raise his hand.


“Ouch, one, thank you sir.”

Thankfully, it hadn’t been that hard and I relaxed just a little.

“Impressive Esther, have you been reading some BDSM magazines?”

I hadn’t a clue what he was on about so I just lay there holding my legs far apart.

Henry moved out of the way and one of the other guys moved close. Again I watched him staring at my pussy until his arm went up.


“Two, thank you sir.”

I opened my eyes and looked down my front and saw my clit pointing to the sky and it looked big. Then I looked up and saw another one of Dylan’s colleagues staring down at my spread pussy.

Again I closed my eyes when his arm went up.


“Three, thank you sir.”

On it went until 9 of Dylan’s colleagues had landed a spank on my butt and I opened my eyes to see who was next. It was my turn to do a double-take as I saw Lucy looking down at my pussy.

“Jeez Esther, your pussy wasn’t that swollen and wet when we were doing yoga.”

I didn’t get the chance to reply as Lucy’s right hand came down on my butt, and it was with more speed than any of the guys.

“Ten, thank you sir sorry ma’am.”

As Lucy moved away and the next guy moved in for his turn I heard Henry ask Lucy about the yoga. She shut him down by saying that they were private, ladies only sessions.

Two more guys and 3 more girls spanked me before it was time for Henry’s second turn. By then my butt was getting quite numb and my arousal level was quickly rising. As Henry was looking down at my pussy, or my red butt, or both, I heard Dylan say,

“A little harder this time Henry.”

Henry’s version of a little harder was a lot, lot harder and when it landed I said,

“Fuuuck that hurt,” I said as really strong ripples of electricity went from my butt to my clit, then up to my nipples.

“Oh shit, I’m cuuuuuummmming.” I managed to say.

My body started shaking and jerking and my hands gripped my legs like my life depended on it. I was also letting out a few swear words, something which was a first for me. I would have been grounded for a month and my mother would have immediately taken me to church to confess my sins if she had heard what I was saying at that moment.

When I finally started to return to normal I opened my eyes and saw Henry right in front of me and he was surrounded by everyone who could manage to see me. What’s more, Henry had a phone in his hand and was pointing the camera lens at my pussy. I wondered how long that had been there. Dylan was standing behind me and slowly stroking the side of my face.

Henry was the first to speak.

“You’ve got a real keeper there Dylan, you should have seen her pussy convulsions, it was like she was trying to suck in a cock. Oh wait, you’ve probably seen her doing that already but I’m sure that you’ll watch the video that I’ll email to everyone. You’re one lucky bastard Dylan.”

I let go of my legs and slowly got off the table, Dylan coming round it to make sure that I could stand unsupported.

“Okay folks,” Henry continued, “It’s time to wind up the barbecue but there will be a proper CMNF barbecue next summer so you ladies don’t have to worry about what to wear and I hope that some of our wonderful girls will put on some displays like young Esther just has. On behalf of everyone here I’d like to officially thank Dylan and his amazing new bride Esther.”

There was a round of applause and I stood there feeling a little embarrassed before all the girls, including me, started looking for our clothes. Then it was a polite thank you and good-byes to Henry and Julia who looked a little embarrassed.

Some people had phoned for a taxi or Uber and were hanging around at the front of the house, others, like Tom and Lucy, and Dylan and me, were walking to the nearest Underground station.

Once on the street Dylan asked me if I was okay.

“I’m worn out but very happy, I owe you big time for today Dylan, did you have any of that planned?”

“Nope, it was all spontaneous.”

“Well I hope that your brain keeps thinking as quick as it did today.”

“How does your butt feel?”

“On fire and sore.”

“I’ll rub some ice on it when we get home.”


“So Esther,” Tom said, “did you really enjoy being spanked, or was it just that you wanted everyone to see your pussy?”

“Both Tom.”

“You’re even more of an exhibitionist than Lucy is.”

“Not complaining are you Tom?” I asked.

“Hell no.”

“It looks like you’ve got yourself quite a party piece Esther.” Dylan said.

“What’s a party piece?” I asked.

“Something that someone does at most parties that they go to and sometimes at any public event.” Dylan answered.

“You aren’t seriously saying that you are going to strip me naked and spank me at every party that we go to Dylan?”

“No, not at all Esther, sometimes I’ll get other men to do it for me, you’ll enjoy that more than if it’s me spanking you won’t you? And sometimes I’m sure that you’ll just strip off without any prompting and ask men to spank you.”

“Oh my gawd, you are serious? I could never do that on my own.”

“Are you sure Esther?” Lucy asked.

“The question is Esther, you certainly enjoyed getting naked and getting spanked this afternoon, and don’t try to tell me that you didn’t, your dripping pussy and that orgasm told everyone that you did enjoy it, so do you want it to happen again?”

“No I don’t, well maybe, okay I enjoyed it, especially as you sort of forced me to do it, but I’m sure that there will be times that I really don’t want to be spanked.”

“Okay, I can understand that, how about we have a safe word or phrase that you can say that will stop things dead in their tracks.”

“That sounds good, a safety net.”

“Exactly, how about if you say ‘I’ll tell my mother,’ I will doing anything to you and change the subject straight away.”

“Ha, you know how to pick them Dylan Hargreaves, I never want to hear my mother’s name again so yes. I guess that that would be a good choice.”

“But you only say it if you REALLY mean it, none of these half-hearted objections that you don’t really mean.”

“So if I say ‘no’, you will ignore me and keep stripping or spanking me?”

“Yes, and we’ll extend that to finger fucking and any other sexual activity, and yes, the word ‘no’ can be just for the benefit of the people watching you and you will need to say ‘I’ll tell my mother’ for me to stop”

“Okay Dylan, did I ever tell you that I love you?”

By then we’d reached the Underground station and as we went down the escalator I turned and looked up to Lucy to ask if she was going to the yoga on Thursday, and I got an eyeful of her pussy. I knew that her dress was longer than mine and as I was asking her I realised just how good a view short skirts gave when the wearer is on an escalator. That thought made my pussy tingle and decided that I definitely would take Dylan up on his offer of taking me on the Underground at rush hour.

The train wasn’t very full and there was seats for all of us but I didn’t sit down, I stood next to Dylan and he put an arm round my leg that was nearest to him. He slid his hand up to my bare pussy and toyed with my clit as we all recalled events that had taken place that afternoon.

Lucy saw what Dylan was doing but she did nothing other than give me a knowing smile.

Tom and Lucy got off the train first and then I asked Dylan if he thought that he’d get a bigger bonus because of my spanking.

“I doubt it, but we’ll never know if my bonus is bigger than what the other guys get because we never talk about remunerations. For all I know this girls flashing Henry to increase the chances of their man getting a big bonus might just be a ploy put out by him to con all the guys into getting their girls to flash him.”

“The sneaky...”

“Yes he is, but you can’t deny that you enjoyed yourself can you?”

“No, it was amazing, I can’t wait for next year.”

Whilst Dylan was talking I was looking around and I saw a middle-aged man looking at me and I wondered if he could see what Dylan was doing to me. I’d spread my feet a bit to give Dylan better access and I guessed that my dress was only just covering my pussy, but maybe it had gone a bit higher and the man could see my bare pubis and slit.

Dylan didn’t make me cum before we had to get off the train, but he sure did leave me wanting him to fuck me and it didn’t help that the middle-aged man got off the train at the same station as us and he followed us up the escalator. Dylan had seen the man and he went up the escalator in front of me.

Back at home Dylan stood me in the shower and sprayed cold water on my butt. Then he dried me and then rubbed some moisturiser cream on it. I was laid on my stomach on the bed and as Dylan was rubbing the cream on I slowly spread my legs and I ended up with moisturiser cream all over, and inside my pussy. Dylan finger fucked me to another glorious orgasm before I went to sleep.

For the first time since near the start of our honeymoon, Dylan’s cock wasn’t inside me when I went to sleep.

Day 10 - Tuesday

It wasn’t until the Tuesday morning that I again woke up to the feeling of Dylan’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy. The alarm had gone off early because I wanted to go on the Underground with Dylan. I’d set the alarm for 30 minutes earlier than normal to give us time for a proper fuck and shower which we combined into one.

I wore a denim skirt that the back only just covers my butt, and the front is a little shorter, just coming down to the top of my slit. I also wore a heavier top, but still one that affords a good view down the front from above, and a pair of 4 inch heels. I wanted to be a bit taller so that a tall guy could easily reach my butt.

It wasn’t a nice day, cooler and wetter than of late and we left home with one arm linked with Dylan’s and him holding an umbrella.

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