Getting Married Set Me Free
Chapter 10

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 10 - Getting Married Set Me Free from my strict Catholic upbringing

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Nudism  


After being woken up the usual way and having another awesome lovemaking session, Dylan asked me how my Bucket List was coming along. I reached for my phone and showed Dylan what I had got. As he read it I could see the smile on his face.

Esther’s Bucket List

  1. Be tied, naked and spread eagle to a table or wall and be ‘teased to multiple orgasms whilst being watched by dozens of people.

  2. Be spanked and then fucked on a stage with hundreds of people watching.

  3. Be gang-banged in public.

  4. Spend at least 2 weeks naked somewhere around the Mediterranean, but not at a nudist resort.

  5. Have a job where I can be naked and get visited by dozens of men.

  6. Watch lots of guys wanking and shooting their loads on me.

“There’s not many things and they’re all sex things Esther. Isn’t there anything else like parachuting or learning to drive or fly a plane?”

“Sex is all that I can think of these days.”

“Oh well, I’m sure that you’ll think of more over time. You nearly completed the first one yesterday, It’s a shame that we didn’t invite a bunch of strangers to watch.”

My mind went back to my burglar theory but I said nothing. I was starting to believe that it WAS Dylan and that he was just teasing me.

Most of the rest of the day was taken up with boring household things but things started improving when we started getting ready to go on TC’s and Daisy’s Hen and Stag nights.

Dylan looked very handsome in his smart casual outfit. He told me that I looked amazing, then he warned me to be careful with our drinks, telling me that it is easy to put something in a girl’s drink when she is having fun with her mates.

As per Lucy’s suggestion, I wore only heels, a very short skater style skirt and tank top with spaghetti straps.

It was a bit chilly as we headed to the Underground station and I told Dylan that I should have worn a coat. Then he told me about the Geordie girls in Newcastle who all go out drinking in some part of Newcastle called the Big Market all throughout the winters and wearing as little as I was at that moment.

“Wow, I guess that I’m just a Southern Softie.” I replied.

“I don’t think so, It’s just a case of what you get used to. Besides, I much prefer you to a tuff Geordie girl.”

I noticed one guy turn and look up my skirt as we went down the escalator but I ignored him.

The train was quite quiet but when Lucy and Tom joined us the conversation changed to where we were meeting the others.

Tom and Dylan followed us up the escalator and both Lucy and I got our butts and pussies groped. Yes, Lucy was going commando as well as me.

When we got to the street where Lucy and I were meeting the girls, and where Dylan and Tom were meeting the guys. We split up with Dylan whispering,

“Enjoy yourself but remember to be careful.”

Dylan groped my bare butt under my skirt before we parted.

As soon as I opened the pub door I saw a couple of girls stood beside Daisy who was dressed in a T-shirt and skirt with a huge inflatable penis strapped to her front and a condom stretched over part of her head.

It took me a couple of seconds to realise that the 4 girls were wearing the same T-shirts, and that the fabric was so thin that they were slightly see-through. What’s more I couldn’t see any evidence of a bra on any of the girls. All the T-shirts had printing on the front of them, “Daisy’s Hen Do.” On the back of the T-shirts was a print of a Cockerel with the words ‘No Cocks Allowed.” printed under it.

I smiled just as Ellie handed Lucy and I a T-shirt telling us to put them on.

“What, here?” Lucy asked.

“Yes, why not?” Ellie replied, “stuff what you’ve got on in your bag.”

I looked at Lucy, smiled, and we both pulled our tops up and off at the same time. I guessed that the other girls had done the same earlier because groups of young men around us all cheered at the same time.

Both Lucy and I did a slow 360 as we pretended to sort out the T-shirt that Ellie had given us. I felt my hard nipples and my hard clit start to tingle as all the guys stared and cheered. As Lucy and I pulled our T-shirts into place Ellie said.

“Good to see the headlights are on ladies, you’ll need them on later.”

Before I’d got married I wouldn’t have had a clue what Ellie was talking about but Dylan had explained what a girl’s headlights were and I had become proud of mine.

“So, what’s the plan Ellie?” Lucy asked,

“Have a few here then move to somewhere else then maybe on to a club.” Ellie replied, “Although if those guys hang around here we might as well. They’ve already bought us some drinks and they look as though they are fun to be with.”

I wasn’t used to boozy pub nights and I’d never been to a club so I didn’t really know what to expect. All I knew was there were 5 very happy girls, all wearing very short skirts and T-shirts through which everyone could see their tits, and groups of young guys all around that seemed to be appreciating what the girls were wearing, and were wanting as much of a laugh as the girls were.

Lucy turned to me and quietly said,

“I know that you’re not used to booze-ups like this Esther, just don’t go anywhere without one of us girls with you, and don’t accept an open drink from anyone except us girls.”

Most of us girls were standing up but Daisy and Tracey were sat on this long bench seat and I noticed that I could see up their short skirts to their bald pubis, and if I could see that then I guessed the guys could as well.

Ellie handed Lucy and I a bottle of beer and we were soon talking to, mostly the girls, but sometimes the guys as well.

Everyone was getting on just great and appeared to be enjoying themselves. I thought back to the last church outing and how boring it was by comparison.

I saw Ellie go to the bar with one of the guys and a few minutes later they came back with more bottles of beer.

After about 30 minutes or so, one of the guys came back from wherever and said,

“Guys, were up, the table is free.”

I hadn’t a clue what he was talking about until another of the guys asked us girls if we wanted to play a game of pool. They’d actually had a pool table at the church youth club so I’d played before and I wasn’t displeased when Ellie said,

“Okay guys, we’ll thrash you at pool, but we’ll have to have some sort of bet.”

As everyone headed to the pool room, which I hadn’t even seen, Ellie and Daisy were negotiating the bet.

The pool room turned out to be a much smaller room, just big enough for the pool table in the middle and a few smaller tables and chairs around the sides. There were 4 older guys sat at 2 of the tables With our group of girls and the group of guys the small room looked quite crowded.

“Right girls, we’re going to split into pairs and we’ll play double against the guys until we’ve all played at least one game. We’ll have won more games so the guys will have to take their tops off. If the guys cheat and they win more games we’ll have to take our tops off.

There was the expected cheers and comments and I wondered just how good everyone there actually was.

As soon as the first game got under way 2 things became obvious. Firstly, those 2 guys were better pool players that Daisy and Tracey, and secondly, every time that Daisy or Tracey bent over some of the guys gathered behind whichever girl because her very short skirt was riding up over her butt and giving the guys a great view because I knew that both Daisy and Tracey were knickerless.

The girls lost the first game and I got nominated as a player in the second game with Lucy.

As expected, some of the guys were always stood behind us each time that Lucy or I took a shot but I was playing better than Lucy, or either of the guys, so I was bent over most of the time.

Lucy and I won that game.

On it went with all of the guys having seen the bare butts, and what was between their cheeks, of every girl. Judging by the guy’s comments I guessed that all us girls were knickerless.

I glanced over to the 4 older guys sat at the tables and saw that they were watching us and were getting a great view as well.

It was obvious that the guys were winning more games, and it was obvious to me that the girls weren’t trying very hard. Not that I cared. Once I realised that us girls were going to loose I was looking forwards to taking my T-shirt off.

Okay, my tits were probably the smallest there but I was proud of them and I was very happy to put them on display.

It happened and one of the guys declared that they had won more games and Ellie conceded defeat. In a voice that sounded more like victory, she said,

“Okay girls, the bet was our T-shirts and we lost so we have to get topless.”

To lots of cheering from the guys and big grins from the girls, including me, all our T-shirts quickly became a pile of fabric on one of the tables.

It was a good job that someone had recently got another round in because there was no way that any of the guys were going to leave that room for quite a while.

I looked around and confirmed that my tits were the smallest, but my nipples were as big as any there.

Ellie let the guys stare, cheer and drool for a couple of minutes then she announced a new challenge. She suggested that the bride to be and the newest member of the group of girls, take on any 2 of the guys.

“And what do we get when we in?” One of the guys asked.

Ellie went to her bag and got out 2 tubs of Fruit Polos (disk shaped boiled sweets complete with a hole through the middle). Holding them up she said,

“In the unlikely event of you guys winning all us girls will pull all our nipples through one of these and you guys have to lick them until they fall off.”

That statement got smiles from the girls and cheers from the guys. When the cheers died down it was Lucy who asked,

“So what do we get when Daisy and Esther win?”

That was the first time that I realised that I was the newest member of the group of girls and after a split second of realising that I would be partnering Daisy I said,

“I think that when Daisy and I thrash you guys you should all drop your jeans and undies and leave them down for 5 minutes with your hands on your heads.”

It was the girls time to cheer at the thought of seeing all those cocks. The guys took a second to absorb what I had said then one of them said,

“That will never happen because we will win.”

“Okay guys, prove it.”

“We’ll even let you break.” One of the nominated guys said as he setup the balls.

The game started and when it was my turn I played my best and the required balls were soon going into the pockets. I’d been hit with the desire to see all those cocks and wasn’t taking much notice of the guys that were moving around behind me. As I was about to take another shot Daisy bent over beside me and whispered,

“What are you doing Esther, we need to loose not win.”

It took only a second to realise that I’d got my priorities wrong and that I was supposed to loose. So I deliberately missed an easy shot and it wasn’t long before the guys declared themselves the winners.

Game over, the guys cheering and Ellie started handing out the Polo Fruits to the grinning girls.

Some of the girls found it relatively easy to get the Polo Fruits over their nipples and they put some of their saliva on them and twisted then round to make the sweets sticky.

The rest of us girls were finding it a bit harder to get our nipples through the holes in the boiled sweets but with some saliva, some twisting and using our finger nails, we all managed the task that Ellie had given us.

I looked at my tits and thought about doing the same for Dylan. It would be nice to have Dylan sucking my tits until he got the Polo Fruit off my nipples.

“Okay,” Ellie announced, “girls, go up to a guy and let him suck one of you nipples for just 1 minute. I’ll shout when the time is up and then guys, you have to move on to another tit. After another minute I’ll shout for you to move to another tit. Guys, the other big rule is that you can’t suck the same tit twice. The game will end when all the boiled sweets are off our tits. Girls, pick your guy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand start.”

I smiled at the smiling guy as his mouth descended onto my left nipple. His tongue was flicking the end of my nipple which was protruding right through the hole in the boiled sweet. It felt nice. I also realised that the guy had put his hands on my hips and I wondered if he was going to shark me.

He didn’t and when Ellie shouted that the minute was up he moved straight to my right nipple.

Just as I was starting to really enjoy his administrations, Ellie again shouted that the minute was up. The guy stood and moved on and I looked down at my tits and was pleased that there was no sign of either Polo Fruit having moved.

The next guy moved in and started licking and sucking and I heard a little moan from one of the girls.

About 5 minutes later, one of the girls with smaller nipples, announced that one of her Polo Fruits had disappeared, presumably into the mouth of the last guy to suck her tit.

“That tit is out if the game, sorry Amelia.” Ellie announced.

This must have gone on for a good 10 minutes with tits getting eliminated as the sweets cane off. Then Daisy said,

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

To lots of cheers from just about everyone in the room Daisy’s body started shaking and her mouth let out a lot of swear words. The poor guy who had sent her over the cliff had to back off because Daisy was shaking too much.


A different guy’s mouth descended on my right nipple and started sucking. The thing was, one of his hands went up my skirt and found my clit. Even just the touch of my clit by his finger set me off cumming. I didn’t even have time to let everyone know. Somehow, it registered that the guy sucking my right nipple and touching my clit, was telling everyone,

“Guy’s, I just touched this one’s clit and she went off like a rocket.”

Telling the other guys what he’d just done must have registered with all the guys that it was okay to put their hands up our skirts and within seconds more and more girls were announcing that they were cumming.

As orgasms started to fade away, Ellie announced.

“Well it looks like that game is over, but guys, you can’t leave is girls with sticky tits, you’re just going to have to get these Polo Fruits off our tits and lick us clean.”

Ellie didn’t have to say any more as mouths descended on tits. It took going on for 5 minutes, during which I felt a guy’s teeth going behind what was left of the blackcurrant flavoured Polo Fruit that had been on my left nipple. I really hoped that the guy had full control of his teeth and that he didn’t bite my nipple. That would spoil Dylan’s and my fun until it had healed.

The guy was gentle but I felt my little tit being stretched forwards before the Polo Fruit slipped off into the guy’s mouth.

Then it was the same with the orange flavoured sweet on my other nipple.

I was getting so close to cumming again when the guy disappointed me by stopping licking all around both of my nipples. He looked up to my face and thanked me before turning to see how his mates were getting on.

As I also looked around I saw one of the bartenders walking around the pool room collecting empty bottles. He had a huge grin on his face and one of his hands was fumbling around on a table because his eyes were staring at all the bare tits.

I also saw that Daisy’s body was shaking and that her head was back and going from side to side. A guy was still sucking one of her tits and I guessed that she’d cum again.

Finally, Ellie announced that that game was over and she asked if anyone knew of any other games that they could play. One of the guys said,

“How about shooting a pool ball at the bride’s pussy, see who can get a ball up her cunt.”

Daisy liked that idea and before anyone could say anything she dropped her skirt, climbed on the pool table and sat at one end with he legs wide open. Unsurprisingly, all the guys were cheering and phone cameras where flashing like mad.

The guy who suggested that game rushed to the other end of the table and lined up a ball. As soon as he hit the ball I realised that it was an impossible task as Daisy’s vagina entrance was too high off the table. However, that didn’t stop most of the guys wanting to try and it was only after about the fourth guy that Daisy grabbed the ball and announced that she couldn’t continue because she was getting too many bruises on her upper thighs.

“So which of you girls want to have a go?” One of the guys asked.

Before he had finished saying that my skirt was hitting the floor and I was climbing onto the table, totally naked. As Daisy got off the table I moved to where she had been and spread my legs as wide as I could.

The phone cameras started flashing again and I felt my nipples and clit tingle more than they had all evening.

“Spread them wider tiny tits.” One of the guys said.

I didn’t think that I could get them any wider and still have my feet on the table but guys on either side of the table grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs even wider apart, my feet going over the sides of the table.

Like Daisy, my vagina entrance was too far off the table for a ball to go inside me but one of the guys had also realised that and he told me to bend forwards. This very slightly improved the guy’s chances of getting the ball inside me but it meant that my pussy was hidden. Something that I wasn’t happy about. It also meant that the guy was shooting blind.

Thankfully, the guy didn’t hit the ball too hard but he did miss and the ball hit my upper, inner thigh. It only hurt a little bit, but I sat up revealing that the ball wasn’t inside me. The guy got some stick for missing.

Meanwhile I was smiling and my clit was tingling even more as I enjoyed every second of my exposure.

“You’re turn Ben,” I heard a guy say, “bend over again tiny tits.”

As I did so I thought about being called ‘tiny tits’, but I wasn’t upset because the guy was right, and I was proud of my tiny tits.

This guy’s blind shot was a bit slower and more accurate but the ball rolled under me and came to a stop when it touched my clit. How I didn’t cum I don’t know, but I didn’t, and as I sat up everyone saw the ball resting against my clit.

“This is never going to work.” Ellie said, “if you keep trying, one of us is going to get really hurt. Can anyone think of another game that we can play?”

As a few stupid suggestions came from the guys I just sat there, legs spread wide, the whole front of my body totally exposed and a few of the guys staring at me. I was loving it.

Finally, one of the guys said,

“How about we get each of the girls, in turn, to lay on the table and we all have shots off their bodies? That should liven things up a bit.”

That idea went down well and one of the guys disappeared then came back with a bottle of Tequila.

“Okay bride first.” The guy announced.

I was still sat, totally naked on the pool table but one of the guys lifted me off then lifted the still naked Daisy back onto the table. She lay on her back along the table and I noticed that her feet were about shoulder width apart. The guys at that end of the table were getting a great view of her exposed pussy, not that Daisy seemed worried about that, in fact, when one of the guys said that she was all wet, she spread her legs some more.

The guy with the bottle of Tequila tipped a couple of drops of the clear liquid onto Daisy’s belly button then said,

“What the hell, lets go for it.”

He then tipped a couple of drops onto each of Daisy’s nipples and then the same on her pussy.

“Who’s first?” The guy asked, and another of the guys stepped forward, leant over the table and sucked one of Daisy’s tits. Then he sucked her other tit before going down her body and sucking the Tequila out of her belly button.

“I’m gonna enjoy this.” The guy said as his head moved to her pussy and caused Daisy to gasp as he sucked.

“Heaven,” the guy said when he stood up, “Tequila mixed with pussy juice.”

The guys all cheered as the guy with the bottle of Tequila tipped a few drops on Daisy’s tits, belly button and pussy, then asked,

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