Getting Married Set Me Free
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2023 by Vanessa Evans

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Getting Married Set Me Free from my strict Catholic upbringing

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Nudism  

I’m now called Esther Hargreaves and I’m 21 years old. A year ago I got married to this amazing guy called Dylan, who is a good head taller than me, after we’d been going steady for nearly a year.

My parents are devout Catholics and that’s what I was brought up to be. You know,

“It’s a sin to touch yourself between your legs.”


“No sex until you are married and only when you want to have a baby Esther.”


“If you let a man, other than your husband, put his hands up your skirt or on your chest before you’re married you will go to hell Esther”


“Always sit with your legs crossed Esther.”

All that sort of indoctrinating and controlling stuff. The thing is, I used to believe all of it until I reached my early teens when I started to realise just how stupid it was but because of the control that my mother had over me there was nothing that I could do, until I met and married Dylan.

Dylan’s parents are the opposite, they are also rich and bought a house for us as a wedding present.

Because of my mother I was somewhat naive when I got married and had stupidly done whatever my mother and the nuns at my all girls Catholic school had told me, well most of the time...

Thankfully, Dylan is a very patient guy and he was prepared to wait until we got married, but he did push to have the wedding sooner rather than later.

There was one big thing that I did a few weeks before the wedding, one thing that went against everything that I had been taught and that would horrify my mother if she found out, I went to see my doctor to ask for some form of contraception. There was no way that I was going to wait for my ‘safe’ time of the month to have sex with Dylan.

I’d just expected my doctor to ask me a few embarrassing questions then give me a prescription for some pills, but no, I was mortified when he told me to take all of my clothes off so that he could properly examine me, and I thought that I was going to die of shame when he got me to put my legs up on those stirrup things and he started prodding and poking my pussy. To add to my embarrassment I could feel my pussy getting quite wet.

Needless to say I didn’t die and I was so relived when he told me that I could get dressed. Then he told me about the different types of contraception and I chose the implant in my arm because he told me that there was a good chance that I would stop having periods. That pleased me as I hated that time of the month.

Dylan was the only person that I’d told that I was going to see my doctor and afterwards when he asked me how it went I just told him that it went okay and wouldn’t elaborate. It was making me blush just remembering my ordeal.

I was expecting my life to change when I got married but I never even considered that it would change in the way that it did.

Due to a late change of schedule, our aeroplane took off in the early hours and we had to go to the airport straight after the wedding reception instead of spending the night in a hotel where we had intended to consummate the marriage.

Our sexual adventures started on the aeroplane going on our honeymoon. I was wearing a nice, knee length summer dress and some white lacy underwear that I’d bought just for the occasion, not even telling my mother that I’d bought them. She was expecting me to wear my usual industrial strength bra and granny knickers.

Of course I’d packed some of my old underwear but when I took my dress off in the hotel bedroom, in front of my new husband, I wanted to look like some of the models that I’d seen in magazines. When I’d told Dylan that I was going to buy some nice underwear for the honeymoon he tried to convince me that he was sure that he’d find an amazing, slim, shapely body once I took my clothes off for him. Through my blushes I’d told him that my breasts were too small but he’d convinced me that he loved small breasts and told me that he was 100% sure that when he’d finally get to see my body it would be truly amazing and that he’d love every square millimetre of it.

I wasn’t convinced, but it was nice of Dylan to say so and it was what he thought that was important and I just hoped that when he eventually saw me naked he wouldn’t be disappointed.

Anyway, on the aeroplane Dylan pointed out that a lot of the girls getting on the plane were wearing mini or micro skirts, or short shorts, and that it looked like some of them weren’t wearing a bra.

“I’ve never worn a miniskirt, nor short shorts, nor gone without a bra Dylan.” I replied.

“Well there’s a first time for everything Esther, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy the experience.”

“I’m not so sure about that.” I replied.

“Why don’t you slide the hem of your dress up so that I can see your thighs Esther, you won’t be showing any more than those girls that have just walked past.”

Eager not to disappoint my new husband, and feeling a little curious about how it would feel, I slid the hem up to mid thigh.

“Further please Esther.”

I did, but stopped when I thought that the people passing could see my knickers if they looked. That was stupid really, because I was sat on a plane seat with my knees together and almost up to the seat in front, besides, I also had my bag on my lap.

“Just a little further Esther.”

I felt terribly exposed even though I was sure that no one was looking at me.

Dylan leant over and kissed me. Whilst he was doing that I felt one of his hands on my bare thigh, and it slid up until I felt it touch my knickers. I gasped and felt a strange tingling in both my pussy and my nipples.

“Stop that Dylan, someone might see us.” I said when our kiss broke.

But Dylan didn’t stop. His hand was still just touching my knickers over my pussy and I swear that his fingers moved up and down my covered slit a couple of times as he leant over and kissed me again.

I was embarrassed but also excited by what Dylan was doing but It stopped suddenly when a man came and sat on the other side of Dylan. Dylan straightened his body but he left his hand where it was. I looked at my lap and confirmed that his hand was covered by my bag so I relaxed a little as Dylan said hello to the man.

Dylan’s hand stayed where it was for most of the flight and my pussy started to feel damp, especially when Dylan moved his fingers a little.

As we were walking through the terminal building Dylan said,

“You liked having my hand on your pussy didn’t you Esther, even if it was through your knickers and all that hair.”

“Yes, it was nice, I can’t wait until we get to the hotel.”

“It will feel much nicer when you haven’t got any knickers on, nor any hair down there.”

“You want me to shave down there Dylan? I’ve always wondered what it would feel like and I’ve read that a lot of girls keep themselves smooth down there.”

“Yes please Esther, I’m sure that our lovemaking will feel much nicer when you’re smooth down there.”

“For you husband, I’ll do it.”

I’d never shaved my pubes off before, not even trimmed them, but if that’s what my new husband wanted then I’d do it.

Dylan’s hand found its way to my knickers again when we got onto the coach to take us to the hotel and I realised that my pussy was getting wetter and wetter and that tingling was back.

Once we got into our hotel room we went straight out onto the balcony and we both agreed that the view was spectacular. Dylan was stood behind me and his hands were round me, His left hand went up to my tits and his right down to my pussy, but above my dress.

“Not out here Dylan, someone might see us.”

“So what?” Dylan replied as he picked me up and carried me into the room.

“I hope that you like what you are about to see.” I said as Dylan started to take my dress off.

“Nice undies.” Dylan said as my dress hit the floor.

“I bought them especially for you darling.”

“I didn’t think that your mother would have bought them. I bet that all the ones that she bought for you are industrial strength.”

“Yes, but these feel much nicer.”

“Not for much longer lover.” Dylan replied as he took my bra and my knickers off leaving me standing there totally naked.

“Wow Esther, even more beautiful than I imagined.

“My tits are too small, I haven’t got those butterfly lips that I’ve read about and I haven’t got a clit hood that manages to cover my clit.”

“Whoa there Esther, for starters your tits are definitely NOT too small, they are perfect, and those nipples, I bet that they taste wonderful. If I’d thought that you had big tits I would never have asked you out on a date. I hate big tits.

As for your pussy, that’s perfect too, you don’t need to have butterfly lips or a hood covering your clit. Just a slit with your clit sticking out is the perfect pussy. There are probably tens of millions of girls out there who would kill to have a pussy like yours. I bet that thousands of rich women have paid millions to have their pussies altered to look just like yours.”

“You’re making me blush, stop it Dylan.”

“There is just one thing that needs a slight change.”

A wave of disappointment swept over me until Dylan grabbed hold of my bush and continued,

“So can we shave all this off?” Dylan added.

“If it will make you happy, yes.”

The disappointment disappeared, that was an easy problem to solve.

“It’s not important at the moment because I’m about to take your cherry, You can ride me this first time so that you are in control of our first time.”

I watched as Dylan started to get undressed and I gasped as his hard cock sprung out of his underwear and for a split second I wondered how that cock was going to fit inside me.

Dylan lay on his back and I straddled him, looking down at his face which was the happiest that I have ever seen it.

“Take your time Esther, remember, it will hurt for a second or two when your hymen breaks.”

“I know, but it will be worth it.”

“It certainly will, we are going to fuck solidly for the next couple of hours, no, make that weeks.”

And we did fuck for a couple of hours, we fucked in most of the positions that I had read about. We also did some oral sex and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course I’d heard about blowjobs and I really enjoyed having Dylan’s cock in my mouth. I tried to go further down on him, get his cock in my throat but I gagged a bit. Dylan explained that I just needed to relax and that I’d manage it with a bit of practise.

Dylan went down on me as well. I never realised that I could get so much pleasure from a man’s mouth on my pussy, and oh my gawd, my clit gave me 2 amazing orgasms and I cursed myself for listening to my mother and not having sex with Dylan from as soon as I met him.

By the time we collapsed on the bed I was a VERY happy, married woman, and quite exhausted. When we finally got off the bed I said.

“I need a shower.”

“So do I.” Dylan replied, then added.

“And I’ll take care of this lot as well.”

“You’re going to shave my pussy!?

“Yes I am, is that okay with you?”

“Of course it is, but I’ll be terribly embarrassed.”

“You look cute when you’re embarrassed but you’ll soon get used to it, all part of married life.”

Dylan fucked me again in the shower before I got out my shaving things that I’d only ever used on my legs and my armpits before.

Another hour later and we were all clean and my pussy was as bald as it could be.

“Come on Esther, there’s still time for us to get a couple of hours sun before it disappears for the day.”

“Okay husband. I’ll dig out my swimsuit.”

We both delved into our suitcases and by the time I had found my swimsuit Dylan was standing and wearing his swimming shorts. He was also holding a little package. As I held my swimsuit against my body 2 things crossed my mind. Firstly I hoped that he liked my old, one-piece swimsuit, and secondly, I wondered what was in the little package that Dylan was holding.

“I’ve got a little surprise for you Esther.”

A puzzled me watched Dylan pass me the little package.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“A bikini for you, put it on please.”

As I was opening the package I was thinking that there was hardly any fabric.

“Is this a thong bikini bottoms?”

“A micro thong bikini bottoms actually darling, you’ll look great wearing it.”

“I, I don’t know if I can, my butt will be all bare and it’s a good job that you shaved me.”

“Exactly, didn’t you see those girls wearing them as we entered the hotel, and come and look down at the pool, most of the girls there are wearing them.”

Dylan took hold of my hand and led me out onto the balcony. As I exited our room my spare hand didn’t know which part of me to cover.

“I’m naked Dylan, someone might see me.”

“I doubt it but if they do they will agree with me in that I am the luckiest man in the world.”

I was feeling really happy and at the same time nervous and embarrassed. That was a very strange combination for me and I wasn’t sure which was the strongest feeling of the three.

“Look,” Dylan said, “thong bikinis everywhere, dozens of bare butts so you will be no different to all those girls.”

“I guess so, okay then, I’ll wear it, can we go back inside please?”

“Of course darling.”

Inside I put on the thong and it felt so strange. I put my hand on my pussy over what little fabric there was and said,

“The fabric’s so thin, I feel naked.”

“Put the top on Esther.”

I did and the yellow fabric was so thin that I could see the bulges that my nipples were making. Also, the triangles covering my tits were so small that they didn’t completely cover even my small tits.

“This is obscene, I can’t go down to the pool like this.”

“Of course you can, you look amazing. You’re no more exposed than most of the girls down there.”

I thought for a couple of seconds and realised that Dylan was right. I guessed that I would have to get used to it. Besides, Dylan obviously wanted me to wear it and it did make me feel good.

Dylan picked up my old swimsuit and it looked enormous compared to the tiny little bikini that I was wearing.

“I guess that you won’t be needing this any more,” and he threw it to the waste basket.

I gasped then realised that he was right. What’s more even just wearing my new bikini felt so sexy and for some strange reason I wanted people to see me wearing it. My pussy and my nipples were tingling, and when I looked down at my chest I saw that the 2 bulges looked even bigger.

“I can’t go down to the pool like this, look, you can see where my nipples are.”

Dylan again took my hand and led me out onto the balcony. This time I resisted trying to cover anything with my hands.

“Look down to the pool Esther, look closely at the girls.”

“Oh my gawd, some of them are topless, are you expecting me to take this top off?”

“No I’m not expecting Esther, it is entirely up to you but if I had a body as amazing as yours is I’d be proud to show it to the whole world.”

“Dylan, I couldn’t do that, what would my mother say?”

“Esther darling, what your mother thinks or says is no longer relevant, you are now married and the only people that you have to answer to are yourself and me, and I have no objections to you showing your naked body to the whole world, in fact it would make me so proud and very happy for you.”


“Esther, I’m not going to force you to do anything, baby steps, one at a time. Lets go down there and enjoy the last of today’s sun.”

As we walked down the corridor I said,

“I feel so naked, exposed and embarrassed Dylan, but at the same time I guess that I’m enjoying being dressed like this.”

“Is your pussy feeling wet Esther?”

“Yes it is, I hope that the bikini bottoms don’t get all wet.”

“If they get very wet you could take them off or jump into the pool.”

“I hope that you aren’t expecting me to take them off in public Dylan.”

“No, as I said, I don’t expect you to do anything, It’s up to you.”

“You’re enjoying wearing just the bikini and seeing those guys checking you out aren’t you Esther?” Dylan said as we walked through the hotel lobby.

I said nothing, even though he was right. and I concentrated on walking out to the pool and finding a couple of loungers. As I bent over to spread my towel over I realised that I was accidentally presenting my bare butt to the group of guys that were reasonably close to us. I hoped that the tiny thong was covering my pussy properly.

“This is the life Esther.” Dylan said after we’d been laying there for a couple of minutes.

“Nothing to do but lay in the sun dreaming about my gorgeous wife and how good she looks in that bikini.”

“I’m embarrassed Dylan, those guys are staring at me, can I borrow your towel to put over me please?”

“No Esther, you can’t. You’re an attractive girl and it’s human nature for guys to check out the attractive girls around them.”

“But it’s making me tingle and I want to go back to our room so that we can fuck again.”

“So, being seen by a group of guys when you are wearing a tiny bikini is making you horny Esther?”

I thought for a second then replied,

“Yes it is, is that normal?”

“Yes it is Esther. It’s probably making those guys all horny as well. I know that you are making me horny.”

I turned my head and looked at Dylan and saw that there was a huge bulge in his shorts.

“Hmm, I can see that, shall we go back to our room so that I can take care of that?”

“No, come on, we’ll get into the pool and we can take care of it there.”

“You want us to fuck in the pool, that’s crazy, we’d get in a lot of trouble.”

“I doubt that, I’m sure that lots of couples have done it before, maybe some of the people are doing it in the pool right now.”

“But?” I replied, but I didn’t get the chance to finish saying that I couldn’t possibly make love in a swimming pool in front of lots of people before Dylan grabbed my hand and pulled me into the pool.

Dylan had let go of my hand and as I slowly surfaced 2 things crossed my mind. Firstly, the water on areas of my skin that had never been uncovered in a swimming pool before felt nice, and secondly, the idea of making love in a swimming pool with lots of people watching did actually appeal to me. My pussy and nipples were tingling.

When I surfaced I looked around for Dylan but he was still submerged and I watched him as he swam towards me, one hand going to my pussy and the other to my tits. The bikini had gone all loose and Dylan had no problems getting his hands under it.

“Dylan, stop it, people can see.”

But he didn’t stop, he went behind me and his hands continued to pleasure me.

“No Dylan, not here, people can see us.”

It was then that I realised that Dylan’s bare cock was touching my bare butt and I so wanted to do what every indoctrinated instinct was telling me not to do. I spread my legs and felt his cock slide over my bare pussy, Dylan’s hand having pulled the thong’s fabric to one side.

“Oh my gawd, that’s so nice.” I said as Dylan’s cock found my hole and entered it.

“Oh my gawd, I’m going to cum if you don’t stop doing that Dylan.”

Needless to say he didn’t and it wasn’t long before I felt his warm seeds squirt inside me triggering me to cum as well.

As I started to get my wits about me again I looked around and was a little disappointed that no one was looking at me. Dylan had moved around to my front and I was smiling just as much as he was. His eyes kept going down to my chest even though it was under the water. Something made me move my hands to my tits to check that the bikini top was still covering them and I panicked a little bit as I realised that my bikini top wasn’t there. Moving my hands to my neck I couldn’t find any trace of it so I said,

“What happened to my top, where is it?”

“It came undone shortly after we dove in and it floated away.”

“And you didn’t say anything?”

“I thought that you must know, and besides we were a little busy.”

“Yes we were weren’t we, but we have to find it, I can’t get out without it.”

“Why not, there are other topless girls here.”

“Yes but!”

We both looked around but couldn’t see it anywhere and eventually people started drifting away as the light started to fad.

“We’re going to have to get out now Esther. Just do it quickly and run to your towel.”

I looked around and realised that I had no choice so I swam to the side and pulled myself up and out. Dylan was right behind me and I quickly grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me.

“Topless by the pool Esther, you’re making real progress in kicking your mother’s crazy ideas.”

“Thanks, I think, it was quite exhilarating.”

“And you looked amazing, there is absolutely no reason why you should be shy or ashamed, you have an amazing body.”

“This thong feels all weird, it’s cutting me in half.”

“Take it off then, no one can see under that towel.”

Dylan was right so I put one hand between the cross-over of the towel and pull on the strings fastening the thong bottoms. As it fell to the floor I realised that I actually felt good wearing only a towel. The thong may have been tiny but actually being naked under the towel made me feel even more naked. Stupid really because the towel covered way more than the thong bikini.

Anyway, we gathered our belongings and started to head inside the hotel. Just as we were leaving the pool area one of the male staff people came up to us and he was holding my bikini top.

“Would this be yours ma’am?”

“Yes, yes, thank you so much, I thought that it was gone for ever.”

“It was on the bottom at the far end.”

“Thank you so much.” I again said.

As we were walking back to our room Dylan asked me what it was like to not wear anything under the towel.

“Actually,” I replied, “it feels quite nice, I feel free and horny.”

“We can do something about that in a minute,” Dylan replied, “then we can go out for something to eat and maybe you could extend your underwear-less adventure to going out without underwear under a sundress.”

“I might just do that, it is a nice feeling.”

Two minutes later I was knelt on the bed and Dylan was pistoning his cock in and out of my pussy and I was thinking that I liked married life.

As he was doing that, Dylan kept spanking my bare butt and for some strange reason that seemed to hasten my orgasm, and it was a strong one.

After a short rest and then a shared shower where neither of us could keep our hands to ourselves, we got out and dried each other, then we finally started unpacking our suitcases.

When I got out my old bras and knickers I looked at them then turned to Dylan and said,

“I don’t think that I ever want to wear any of these again, what do you think lover?”

“If you don’t want to wear them again then throw them away so that you can’t get tempted.”

“Shall I?”

“If that’s what you want Esther.”

“I do, and I know that it will make you happy, so let’s do it.”

The trash bin was looking full.

Once everything was stowed away I said,

“I’m hungry Dylan, can we go and get something to eat now?”

“So am I, put something on and we’ll go for a wander, see what we can find.”

I got another of my sundresses out then said,

“Oh, I’ve only got one bra and one pair of knickers now and I worn them to come here, shall I wear the again or shall I put some of my old ones on?”

“I’d rather you didn’t put your old ones on, they’re for a woman 5 times your age, but it’s your choice Esther.”

“I thought for a couple of seconds then replied,

“No, I’m never going to put them on again and with nothing clean I guess that I’ll have to what you suggested, go out without any, it’s not windy is it?”

“Not that I know of, are you sure that you don’t mind going out just wearing a dress?”

“I guess that I’m about to find out. After all, it’s only once and we are on holiday, can we go and buy some more tomorrow please?”

“You might find that you like being underwear-less and not want to buy some.”

“Maybe, we’ll see. It’s a really big change for me.”

“I know, and I’m really proud of you for having the courage to try it. You’ve changed a lot today.”

“Thanks lover, and I owe you for helping me change, I’m really liking the new me but I’m so pleased that we’re not back home and I’d be seeing people that I know, I couldn’t face them.”

“That’s the advantage of going somewhere where we don’t know anyone and it’s nice and warm and sunny.”

By then we were both ready so I said,

“Come on, let’s go before I loose my courage.”

It was one thing wearing just a thick towel but wearing just a thin cotton dress I felt more naked than when I was wearing just the thong bikini. At least then there was only a few people around to see me, but I must admit that I felt quite aroused being outside with lots of people around me. When I told Dylan he let go of my hand and put his arm around me. And felt my tit over the thin fabric of the dress.

“Stop it Dylan, someone will see what you’re doing.”

But he didn’t stop, well not until his finger and thumb had found my nipple and rolled it a few times.

“Stop it Dylan, you’re making me want to jump up on you and fuck you.”

“I wouldn’t complain Esther.” Dylan replied but he did move his hand lower.

It felt quite strange wearing only a thin cotton sundress with all those people around us, but at the same time I felt good, and horny. It felt so right walking down the street like that, and holding Dylan’s hand.

Once we’d found a cafe and were sat with a drink and waiting for our food, I told Dylan about my feelings

“I guess that you might just be an exhibitionist Esther.” Dylan replied, “It makes sense having the upbringing that you have had, you may be subconsciously making up for your upbringing by going it the opposite direction.”

“You think so?”

“I’m no phycologist, or whatever, but it sort of makes sense to me.”

“But I’m a shy girl, I couldn’t even talk to you when we first met, I just sat there like a dummy and I still haven’t told you about my ordeal when I went to see my doctor to get this implant thing.”

“Well you’re certainly coming out of your shell now Esther.”

“I guess that I am, but don’t expect me to take my dress off and run down the street totally naked because I’m not going to do it.”

“Esther, I’ve told you, I don’t expect anything, just being here with you is enough for me, anything else is a bonus.”

“Did I tell you that I love you Dylan Hargreaves?”

“I seem to remember hearing you say that once.”

We had a nice meal then wandered around for a while before heading back to the hotel. It had been a long day and we were both quite tired.

When we got onto bed I spread my legs ready for Dylan to mount me but he told me to lay on my side facing away from him. I felt a little disappointed that he didn’t want to fuck me but that was short lived as he snuggled up to my back and I felt his hard cock slide between my legs. I waggled my butt a little until I felt his cock enter me.

“I love you Dylan Hargreaves.” I quietly said.

“And I love you too Esther Hargreaves.” Dylan replied.

That was the last thing I heard before the morning.

I woke up in exactly the same position, and I mean exactly. The only difference was that Dylan’s cock was very slowly sliding in and out of me.

“Can we do this all day please Dylan?” Were my first words.

“That would be really nice Esther but we’d starve to death. What we can do, if you want, is the first one of us to wakes up each day will start fucking the other even though they are still asleep.”

“That sounds wonderful but will you be hard each morning?”

“Probably, it’s called a morning woody, most men wake up with a hard-on and with you next to me I’m sure that I will.”

With that Dylan rolled onto his back pulling me on top of him. His cock was still inside me as one of his hands went to my tits and the other to my pussy. He played with my nipples and clit until we both had wonderful orgasms and he filled my insides with his cum.

We made it down to breakfast with me wearing just a summer dress and me confessing to Dylan that I was quite enjoying not wearing any underwear.

“Well I was going to suggest that we go shopping this morning to get you some new clothes, some more modern ones like the ones that the girls around here are wearing, and some knickers and bras but maybe we should forget underwear, but you will need some more bikinis, you can’t wear that one that I bought you every day.

“True, okay, shopping it is this morning, but I think that you are right about the bras and knickers, I really enjoyed going out without any on last night and thought that I might stop wearing any, at least whilst we’re on holiday, that’s if you don’t mind Dylan?”

“What you wear, or don’t wear, is entirely up to you Esther. If you want to stay naked all the time or wear your old, mother chosen clothes that is up to you. I just thought that you might want to have some ‘briefer’ clothes, like the other girls your age here are wearing.”

“Dylan, I can’t see me wandering around the streets totally naked although the idea of doing that does appeal to me. Gawd, listen to me, last week at this time the thought of doing anything remotely like that would have horrified me.”

“That’s okay honey, you’ve just escaped the clutches of your mother and you’re letting the real you come out.”

“Well I’m really liking the new me, it’s so exciting, it makes me so horny, and with a big, hunky husband beside me I feel quite safe getting a bit adventurous, letting the real me, as you call it, come out.”

We went back to our room to clean our teeth and got ready to go out, but when I took my dress off to put a clean one on, Dylan came and kissed me. It was another hour before we left our room.

We quickly discovered that just about all the clothes that we could find were bikinis, cover-ups or knickers. I should have been disappointed but I wasn’t, and Dylan bought me 4 cover-ups that I could wear as dresses. Dylan pointed out that they were all see-through to one extent or another and I surprised myself by saying that I liked the idea of them being see-through, then trying back-track a little by saying that I’d probably only be wearing them at night when it was dark.

I was pleased to see that the shops sold thong bikinis and I again surprised myself by zeroing-in on the ones that were as brief as the one that Dylan bought me.

Dylan was unbelievably supportive and I could tell by the bulge in his shorts that he liked the idea of me wearing the clothes that I selected.

The changing rooms in the shops were non-existent, which for some strange reason disappointed me, but Dylan told me that it didn’t matter, that if anything didn’t look right on me we’d just go and buy something else.

I didn’t say anything but I guessed that that was one of the advantages of having lots of money.

Anyway, shopping over we went back to the hotel and as soon as I took my dowdy dress off Dylan jumped on me. One hour later we left our room with me wearing one of my new, thong bikinis and one of the cover-ups.

The beach was heaven, the warm sand between my toes was amazing and I cursed my parents for not taking me to a beach before.

I giggled a little when we spread our towels, I took the cover-up off and Dylan told me that he’d have to lay on his stomach for a while. I’d spotted that his shorts had an impressive bulge in the front.

“So what would you be like if I took my bikini top off Dylan?” I asked.

“I’d be begging you to give me some relief.”

“And how would you want me to do that?”

“Either your hand or your mouth.”

“Are we going to have to go for a swim before we sunbathe?” I asked.

“I thought that you’d never ask Esther?”

“Dylan,” I said as I got to my feet, “you don’t have to wait to be asked, my body is your body to do with as you please, you can pounce on me at anytime and demand that I do whatever you want, hell, you don’t have to demand, just do it.”

“You’d better get in that sea before I strip you naked right here young lady.”

“Promises, promises.” I replied as I started running into the sea.

I’d expected the sea to be cold, like everyone had told me the sea around the UK was, but it was warm. Soon, Dylan and I were splashing each other and generally messing around. When we got tired of that we swam next to each other and I told Dylan that it was so different from the swimming that I’d done in the pools back in the UK.

I told Dylan that the feeling of the water rushing against my skin that used to be covered by my old one-piece swimsuit was amazing.

“I’ve read that it feels even better when you’re naked.” Dylan said.

“Would you mind if I tried that Dylan?” I asked.

“Of course not Esther, if you want to take your bikini off go for it, I’ll hold it for you.”

And I did, and Dylan was right, the feeling of the water rushing past my nipples and pussy was wonderful. After I’d swum a few metres then back to Dylan I said,

“I don’t ever want to wear anything when I go swimming again.”

Dylan laughed and called me a horny little bitch. I laughed too because I knew that he was right.

“I still can’t get over how you’ve changed Esther.”

“Don’t you like the new me Dylan?”

“I love it Esther, how do you fancy having fuck right here and now?”


“If we go to where it’s a bit shallower you can float on your back. If you spread your legs I can get in between them and hey presto.”

And that’s what we did. It wasn’t the best fuck that I’ve had but I still had Dylan’s cock inside me and that was good enough for me.

We swam and messed about some more and I’m sure that a few people saw that I wasn’t wearing my bikini top but when I saw anyone looking I felt more excited than just being naked under the water.

When we decided to get out I asked Dylan for my bikini but his response was to pick me up and carry me in his arms back to our towels with me still totally naked. I protested asking him to take me back into the sea and give me my bikini back but he just kept walking.

“People will see my pussy Dylan, you’re embarrassing me.”

But Dylan kept walking and when we got to our towels he gently put me down on my back and my hands went to cover my pussy and tits.

“Dylan, please can I have my bikini or my dress.” I said, but in reality I was actually enjoying it.

Dylan gave me my bikini bottoms and I quickly put the thong bottoms on, tying each side. Of course I needed 2 hands to do that and my little tits were exposed to everyone on the beach.

Once my pussy was covered I stood in front of Dylan and put my hand out for my top.

“You’re enjoying being exposed aren’t you Esther?”

I said nothing for a few seconds then replied,

“Yes, I am. I want your cock inside me again.”

“I don’t think that we could get away with that here but you can get away with sunbathing topless Esther. There are other topless women here.”

Dylan was right so I lay on my back on my towel. I looked at my tits and confirmed what I could feel, that my nipples were as hard as I have ever seen them.

“Looking good wife.” Dylan said a few minutes later.

“You think so husband?”

“I do.”

“Thanks, do you think that I could get away with never wearing a bra or bikini top again?”

“Of course you can Esther, it isn’t as if you’ll get a black eye if you have to run anywhere.”

“True, have you got your phone with you Dylan?”


“Would you take some photos of me?”

“You want some photos of you topless Esther?”

“I do, do you mind?”

“Hell no, I’d love to have some photos of you, topless and naked on my phone so that I can look at them when you aren’t around.”

“Well if we go to the end of the beach we might be able to find a quiet place where you can take some nude photos of me.”

We quickly packed our things and headed off along the beach. I hadn’t put my bikini top on and it really turned me on walking passed all the other beach goers with my hard nipples pointing the way.

As we walked, hand in hand, Dylan said,

“Who are you and what have you done with the quiet, very shy girl who wore old-fashioned clothes and wouldn’t even let me in her bra never mind her knickers, what happened to all that Catholic guilt?”

I giggled a little then replied,

“It’s all your fault Dylan, if you hadn’t introduced me to sex I would probably still be that girl. You don’t want me to go back to being that girl do you?”

“Hell no Esther, I love my exhibitionist, nymphomaniac wife.”

“Dylan, I want to ask you something, please don’t get mad at me but I think that I want you to help me show my body to strangers. I haven’t got much imagination or knowledge about what men like.”

“You mean something like us being at a party and me getting all dominant and suddenly telling you to take your clothes off?”

“Yes, things like that although at a party I’d know most of the people there and I was thinking more of strangers.”

“But at a party you’d strip if I told you to?”

“Yes I would, I promised to love, honour and obey you so I would do it Dylan but knowing the people would make it so much more embarrassing, I think that in front of friends would be even more of a turn-on than if I were in front of strangers.”

“You really have changed Esther, but I don’t like the new you, ... I LOVE the new you.”

We made it to the rocky area but it wasn’t all rocks, there are small areas of sand. What’s more, the further we went, the less that I could see of the main beach.

“Will this do for you Esther?”

“Perfect, walking along the beach topless has made me all horny.”

“We should get some great, sensual photos of you then.”

“I don’t know how to pose for photos Dylan.”

“Just stand there and imagine that my hands are all over your body. Use your hands and pretend that they are mine.”

I did, letting my mind go back to Dylan making love to me on our hotel bed. After a while and goodness knows how many photographs, Dylan said,

“Pull the strings on your bikini bottoms Esther.”

My first reaction was to think,

“No way, we’re on a public beach.”

Then I remembered that we were away from the main part of the beach and there was no one around to see me so I pulled on both pairs of strings and the expected happened. I was now totally naked on the beach, and boy, did it feel good.

My hands went back to sliding up and down my body but they extended their range to my pussy and as my fingers touched my clit I automatically spread my feet and started playing with my pussy, imagining that it was Dylan hands, not mine.

My eyes were closed and I was in heaven as my fingers brought me to a wonderful orgasm, so good that my body was shaking and I was worried that my legs would give way.

I was nearly back to normal when I opened my eyes. I could hear Dylan’s phone camera clicking but I wanted to see his face.

What I actually saw was another young couple standing next to Dylan. I panicked and my old fashioned instincts took over as my hands flew to cover my tits and pussy.

“Relax honey,” the girl said, “Harry here has seen me doing that hundreds of times.”

Dylan stopped taking photos and came and put his arm around me. That made me feel a bit better.

“This is Esther and I’m Dylan,” Dylan said, “she’s still a bit shy but she’s making amazing progress. You can lower you arms and Esther, I know that you want to.”

Dylan was right, something inside me was telling me that I wanted the young man to see all of me, which he probably already had.

“I’m Roxanne and this is Harry, sorry to intrude on your little photography session, we were just looking for somewhere to do a bit of nude sunbathing.”

“That’s okay, it’s one of the reasons that we came here wasn’t it Esther, you want to get an all-over tan don’t you?”

I hadn’t even thought about getting a sun tan before then, but when Dylan mentioned it it sounded like a good idea. My skin was deadly pale from the huge clothes that my mother had me wear and now that I was free, a tan sounded like a great idea.

“Yes, I hate tan lines and I like people seeing me without clothes on.” I replied.

No sooner than my mouth shut I cursed myself for saying that last bit.

“This patch is big enough for all 4 of us, why don’t we all spread our towels here?” Dylan said.

“Well if that’s okay with you,” Harry replied, “we could just keep walking.”

“No, no, we don’t mind do we Esther. We only arrived here yesterday and you are the first people that we have really spoken to.”

“If you want to go to a beach where everybody lets it all hang out there’s a nudist beach about 5 miles that way.” Roxanne said, “We’ve been there quite a few times, it’s a great beach and no one seems to care if you have some fun like you’ve just had Esther.”

I made a mental note to find out more about this nude beach, the new me really liked the idea of spending the day totally naked with lots of other people there, Maybe I could get Dylan to fuck me with people watching.

We all continued the small talk as I just stood there, not really believing that I was naked on a public beach and talking to 2 strangers, but it did sort of feel nice, and my pussy was feeling quite tingly and wet.

I watched as Roxanne stripped as naked as I was and I saw that she hadn’t shaved off all her pubic hair, there was still a thin strip of it going from the front of her slit up towards her belly button. I was also a little disappointed that neither Dylan, nor Harry took their shorts off.

Roxanne, Harry and Dylan all lay on their towels and Roxanne spread her legs wide. I’d never really studied female genitalia before and I was a little surprised to see that Roxanne had big inner labia, and she had her clit hood pierced, there was a ring going through it. Dylan brought me back to earth by asking me if I wanted any sunblock spreading in me.

“Oh, yes please, but let me do you first.” I replied.

I positioned myself so that I could rub the sunblock on Dylan and at the same time watch Harry doing Roxanne. I was slightly surprised, and pleased when I saw Harry rubbing the sunblock all over Roxanne’s pussy. Harry took much longer doing her pussy than he’d spent on the rest of her body and I watched and listened as Roxanne spread her legs quite wide and she was moaning as Harry worked on her.

Dylan got started by putting the sunblock on my back and I too spread my legs wide as Dylan’s hand was doing my butt. He took the hint and his hand went down between my legs. I should have been more embarrassed than I was when Dylan said,

“I think that I should have dried you off before I put the sunblock on, you’re very slippery down there Esther.”

I didn’t say anything but I could see Harry smiling.

When I turned over Dylan got me moaning again as he spent lots of time making sure that my little tits didn’t get sunburnt. As he was doing that I was still watching Roxanne and Harry who was still rubbing sunblock on Roxanne’s pussy. I couldn’t see exactly what his fingers were doing but it became obvious when her butt rose up for a few seconds then she started shaking and jerking.

“Make me cum when you get to my pussy please Dylan.” I quietly said.

He did, and I was pretty sure that my orgasm was just as good as the one that I’d watched Roxanne have.

As we all lay there enjoying the sun we were all talking. Most of it wasn’t interesting but I asked Roxanne and Harry how they got to the nude beach and was pleased to hear that they got there on a public service bus. Roxanne also told us where we could catch the bus and what route number it was. I just hoped that Dylan would want to take me there.

After about an hour of just enjoying the sun, something changed in my peripheral vision and I turned my head to see a couple of middle-aged men walking over the rocks towards us. Both men were fully dressed and were carrying fishing rods.

My first instinct was to turn over onto my stomach and close my legs but my brain quickly stopped me doing that and I watched as the men walked passed us, both of them looking at us for a few seconds. As they walked away I looked over to Roxanne and saw that she too hadn’t closed her legs. The 2 men must have had a great view of both our pussies.

A while later Dylan said that he was getting too hot and I realised that I was too, so we got up and walked the few metres to the sea. I had a good look towards the main beach and guessed that anyone there would need binoculars to know that I was totally naked.

We splashed about and splashed Roxanne and Harry when they came into the water as well.

Splashing over, I went over to Dylan and kissed him. As our kiss got more passionate Dylan pulled me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Before our kiss broke Dylan had got his cock out and he was lifting me up and lowering me onto his cock.

We had a long, slow fuck with Dylan easily raising and lowering me. At one point I was facing Roxanne and Harry and saw that they were doing exactly the same thing as we were.

After we’d both cum I stayed with my arms and legs wrapped around Dylan. I could feel the sea water lapping against my pussy and I was one very happy and contented girl.

All good things come to and end and Dylan finally lowered me into the water and we waded ashore. We lay in the sun to dry the Roxanne and Harry decided that they were leaving. As we said our goodbyes I thought about asking them if the wanted to meet up for a drink sometime, but before my mouth could speak I changed my mind, I wanted to have Dylan all to myself for all of our honeymoon.

About 30 minutes later we decide to head back.

“Are you going to go back to the hotel like that Esther?” Dylan asked.

“Do you think that anyone would say anything if I did?”

“Probably, this place isn’t Cap d’Agde.”

“What’s Cap d’Agde?” I asked.

Dylan told me, then after I’d said that I’d like to go for a holiday there he said,

“I think that you’d soon get bored Esther, you get off on surprising people with your nudity and in Cap d’Agde you’d just be one of hundreds of naked people. No one there would be shocked by seeing you naked. Okay, most of the men would appreciate seeing your amazing body but they wouldn’t be shocked.”

I thought about what Dylan had said and he was right, once I’d got over Roxanne and Harry seeing me, them seeing me all the time wasn’t what was making me horny, it was the thought of Dylan fucking me.

I put Cap d’Agde to the back of my mind and got my cover-up out of my bag and put just that on thinking,

“With a bit of luck someone will look at me long enough to realise that this cover-up is slightly see-through and that they can see my tits and slit.”

As we walked back to the hotel I asked Dylan if we were going to go to the nude beach one day.

“I can tell that you like being naked in public so quite a few times probably, we’ll go there tomorrow and see what it’s like.”

I squeezed Dylan’s hand to let him know that I was happy, then I had a brainwave,

“Dylan, you know that our wedding photographer is making a photograph album of the wedding, well what do you think of us having a second album of photos that you’ve taken on our honeymoon?”

“I know how your brain is working young lady, you mean an album full of photos of you naked in different locations and poses don’t you?”

“Yes, you have got me worked out, well the new me, so what do you think? When people come round to visit us we can show them the wedding album then if we think that they won’t be too shocked and leave, we can show them the honeymoon album.”

“You’d be happy for all our friends to see photos of you naked Esther?”

“Yes, why not, oh, what about you, would you mind your friends seeing photos of me naked?”

“Hell no, I’d be as proud as punch, it will make them very jealous of me. I’d be happy for you to be naked permanently but I don’t think that your mother would be too pleased if she came to visit us and you answered the door totally naked.”

“I think that you need to get that phone of yours out of your pocket more often lover and if my mother comes round too often I will answer the door naked.”

Back at the hotel we went to our room, had a shower with a fuck included then went and sat on the balcony to enjoy the views of the sun starting to go down. Whilst we were sat there we could hear people talking. The sounds were coming from the balcony above and I saw a smile appear on Dylan’s face.

“Move your chair so that it’s right against the railings and put your butt on the front edge of the chair and your legs over the railings Esther.”

Once I’d done that Dylan loudly said,

“I see that you’re sunbathing naked on the balcony again Ester, someone might look over their balcony and see you.”

For a slit second I wondered what Dylan was up to then it twigged and I lay back as far as I could in the chair the looked up. A few seconds later I saw a young man’s head looking down at me then him quietly saying,

“Hey Pete, come and look at this.”

Seconds later a second head appeared above me. I looked at Dylan, smiled and opened my legs as far as I could. Dylan’s hand moved to my pussy and started playing with my clit. It didn’t take long for me to start cumming.

As I started to get my wits about me again I looked up and was pleased to see both heads still looking down on me.

“I like you doing that to me on the balcony after we get back from the beach. Are you going to do that to me every day?” I loudly asked.

“I certainly am, and if you’re lucky I’ll fuck you our here as well.” Dylan replied.

Still feeling quite horny. I kept my legs spread wide and the fingers on my right hand played with my clit.

“Are you going to take some more photographs for our special album Dylan?”

“Shit, yes, I was so distracted by your amazing body that I forgot.” Dylan replied as he went and got his phone.

Dylan took a few photos of me on that chair with my legs spread wide. Later when we scrolled thought the photo gallery I noticed that one of the photos had the head of one of the guys in the room above us in it. The head was looking down on the naked me. I told Dylan that I wanted that one on the album.

Later that evening when we were at a cafe eating I reminded him of the time when I was on the bed on my hands and knees and he was fucking me doggy style.

“How could I possibly forget that Esther?”

“Well you were spanking my butt as you fucked me.”

“Yes I was wasn’t I, it just sort of felt right, I wasn’t hurting you was I?”

“No, not really. You doing that made me feel good, it made me cum quicker.”

“So are you saying that you liked being spanked and want me to do it again?”

“Yes, I think that I am.”

“Well I never want to hurt you Esther.”

“I know that Dylan, but sometime could we try you spanking me again, spanking me like I was a naughty girl?”

“I’m sure that that could be arranged but I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I know, but when you spanked me before, each swat sent a tingle from my butt to my clit and up to my nipples, and it was nice.”

“I’ll just surprise you sometime Esther, tell you to get naked and lay over my lap.”

“That’s if I’m not already naked, I’m really getting to like being naked, and I’m getting to like you telling me to do things, things that would have embarrassed and even humiliated the old me. Can you be all masterful with me Dylan?”

“No I cannot Esther, now lay back in that chair, spread your legs as wide as you can and pull your dress up so that I can see your pussy.”

For a couple of seconds I was shocked that Dylan would talk to me like that, then I realised that he was following what I had just admitted, and I smiled and did what he had ordered.

Seconds after I’d done that a waiter appeared beside me and asked if he could get us another drink and I think that he saw my bald pussy. Even that thought made me blush a little and tingle a little.

We sauntered around for a while then went back to the hotel, and to bed. And yes, we went to sleep with Dylan’s cock still inside me.

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