Debbie's Conversion - Cover

Debbie's Conversion

by Farleven

Copyright© 2021 by Farleven

Mind Control Sex Story: Debbie and her class have just been kidnapped by strange leather clad men, and soon find themselves unable to resist submitting to their new owners.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Slavery   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   MaleDom   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Body Modification   .

From the author: This is one of my darker little stories. If you’re not into brainwashing conversions of innocent women into sex slaves, I’d skip this one.

Susan gasped as the handler pulled the new slave to her feet. She felt so strange, so oddly natural as another leather clad man sprayed down the other slav- no girls! Damn it, Susan thought as the professor looked back at her students. She felt a sudden rush as she looked at the naked splendor of the coeds. Nothing was right about this moment, and Susan’s head was spinning as she tried to make sense of it all. She tried to focus by checking on her students, her concerns for them seemed to be one of the only things that could cut through the confusion.

The closest was Justine, when last Susan had seen her, she had been rather plain, now she was every man’s wet dream. Justine’s formerly modest chest was now large and round, nearly defying gravity. Her dark blond hair was full and long, cascading over the tops of her now heaving breasts. Susan flushed as she looked down to see the new slave’s throbbing cunt already red and eager.

She’s such a hot slut! Susan couldn’t help but think that as she looked over her student. A quick survey of the other girls only served to make Susan grow even more aroused. Their hot pussies and bouncing breasts were so appealing that the professor could barely contain herself.

“Slave!” Susan gasped as a handler slapped her soft ass. The need to serve this man overwhelmed her and she tried to kneel, even as he held her up. She didn’t know where these thoughts had come from, only that they were burned deep into her mind. One moment she’d been in her classroom in front of her students and the next thing she knew she was naked, reshaped and seething with the need to submit and obey.

“Slave, attend me.” He grunted, and let Susan drop down to her knees.

Susan’s hands flew to his codpiece as all of her students watched. She barely registered their presence as her fingers unsnapped the leather straps that held everything together.

“Oh Master, you’re so big!” Susan gasped in surprise as she reached out to stroke the massive manhood that had sprung out before her. Even as she ran her hands over his shaft, she dropped her lips to take him into her mouth. She’d never been so brazen before, but the heat between her legs just blazed as she knew her students were watching their slut professor attend her new master.

Debbie watched from behind as Miss Lewison dove down on the powerful man before her. Oh god, that’s hot! Debbie squirmed as she watched her professor eagerly sucking on that man’s cock. She’d never imagined it would be so hot to watch a woman going down on a man, but her pussy only grew wetter as she watched.

Debbie tried to settle herself as she felt her breasts heaving with her deep aroused breaths. She looked down to see two large pointed nipples stabbing into the air atop two massive breasts. Slavetits, the word slid through her mind. She could feel the imprint on her mind as she stared at the impossibly large and perky breasts that heaved on her chest. She didn’t need to look up to know that her professor had a pair of slave tits as well, large and perky.

Debbie looked up to one of the handlers. “What have you done to this slave?”

Debbie shuddered as she heard her own voice, so much more submissive and higher than it used to be. She sounded like a slut! Debbie felt an eager tingle run up her spine at the thought. She could feel the imprint again, telling her how good it was to be a slut, to be a slave. The depth of it surprised her, even as she recognized it was false.

“Just making improvements, slut.” The handler laughed as he reached down and squeezed one of Debbie’s new slave tits.

“Oh Master, Yes!” Debbie squealed as he sank his fingers into her amazingly sensitive slave flesh. She realized she had called him ‘master’ and her spine tingled again. The imprint said that all men were masters, and Debbie shuddered as this master rolled the hardened tip of her nipple beneath his fingers. The feeling was unreal, she’d been felt up before, but it had never felt so good.

“See, improvements, slut.” The handler smiled and pulled his hand away from Debbie’s eager breast. She thrust her chest out to follow his hand until it was clear he wasn’t going to continue. Debbie shuddered as she fought back against the deep influence of her imprinting.

“This slave didn’t need to be improved, Master.” Debbie stated as firmly as she could in her light, girlish new voice. She realized she was still kneeling with her legs split wide and her pussy on display as well as her chest thrust out. Debbie knew this was Slave Position 1, a pose that a slave at rest should take to advertise her assets to any Master who cared to look.

The Master looked down in surprise as Debbie pulled her legs together slowly, then he smiled. “Slave Position 1, slut.”

“Yes, Master.” Debbie squealed and then eagerly threw her legs open again and thrust out her chest. Her slave cunt quivered as she obeyed, her imprint told her how good it was to do what masters told her to do. As she thrust out her chest, she finally managed to fight back against the imprint and she slid her legs closed again, this time more forcefully.

“Interesting, you’re a rather strong willed slut.” The handler smiled as he looked down at Debbie’s quivering naked flesh as she continued to kneel with her legs closed.

“Yes, Master, this slave is not a slave.” Debbie squealed proudly as she thrust out her large slave tits defiantly as she squirmed with her legs closed.

“Really? Position three slut!” The handler stated firmly and Debbie felt the same thrill of being ordered again. She crawled away from the other girls and then turned her back to the handler. Debbie shuddered as she fell onto her hands and knees and spread her legs and thrust up her soft round ass. The imprint told her that Position Three was for when a Master wanted to enjoy his slave doggy style. She flushed at the thought of being used like that, in front of her fellow students. Her imprint flooded her with arousal at the thought even as her own humiliation was washed away.

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