Wendy's Fantasy - Cover

Wendy's Fantasy

by wendyk52

Copyright© 2020 by wendyk52

True Sex Story: "boys play room" it got me curious if other woman near my age had the same fantasy so I went online and found a website. and chatted with some ladies and realized they did have the same fantasies. One woman named Wendy asked me if I had a room available to live out.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Exhibitionism   Teacher/Student   .

I was in my fully furnished basement that has every a man and teenager would want. 75’ flat screen tv, all current video game systems, fridge full of pop and snack, etc. Why would a 60 year old man have stuff for teenagers in his basement. It’s nothing to do for me fully. You see my wife had this fantasy that she wanted to live out but due to medical problems she wasn’t able to. Now it took me a bit to get into the idea but she told me that after the fantasy was done that we would have the best sex that we have ever had. So what was the fantasy well she wanted to invite some young men over and hang out and play games or whatever. Something that draw then in. I’m a pretty good gamer myself that how would bring them in. I would chat with them online and then be able to get their info and then persuade them of coming over and when they do my wife would come downstairs wearing one of her sexy lingerie outfits and then go from there.

Now while my wife has been deceased and gone for a good year. Knowing what her fantasy was, and had spent so much time and effort turning my/our basement into what I called “boys play room” it got me curious if other woman near my age had the same fantasy so I went online and found a website. and chatted with some ladies and realized they did have the same fantasies. One woman named Wendy asked me if I had a room available to live out. I explained my situation about my wife and her room. Yea I would be in the room playing game but the main purpose of the room was never used. But Wendy asked what would it take for her to use the room to live out the fantasy. I gave it some thought and decided.

“I’d be willing to let you use the room if you can fully guarantee that you would fuck me afterwards and give me the best sex ever had.” She eagerly agreed to it. I had 2 rules. 1. When it was all done she would shower up and get rid of any left over mess in and on her. 2 I’m there just as observer or protector in case they get out of control. She agreed to those terms. So then came time to come up when and how it was going to happen.

So we decided that I would host a gaming competition at my place winner gets $100. Figured that would intrigue young male gamers. And it did had 3 interested and came over. I had the room fully set up. 4 TVs, snacks and pop so to them it looked like a legit competition a controller for me and 1 for the 3. Game on the line Madden. Now I knew I wasn’t fully good at it but I can pull off some good plays.

Rules simple to them. Win your game you move on to face winner of other game then win the money. I was facing a guy Raymond, he went by Ray for short. He seemed like your average size althete. Played sports, stayed in shape and black. The other 2 guys were your normal sized boys. A white and black. The white k. Kevin. Had a bit of a belly on him but arms had some muscle tone. The other black k. Jerome. Went by Jerry, he had the most muscle build out of them all but course he was on the actual football team of the local high school. Course made sure all the boys was over 18 before we even started playing.

Competition is going and I’m losing to Ray and Jerry is beating Kevin. Its getting to be half way through the games and Wendy walks in the room wearing a black silk see through night gown with a see through robe. When I first meet Wendy, have to admit. She looked like a typical woman that wore clothes that hid her figure and assets. So I didn’t know what she had under her clothes. Her curves was see able but don’t know what’s part of clothes and what was her. But now seeing her in the night even I was turned on before did anything. Once Ray got a look at Wendy I was able to get a great play on him and scored taking the lead. Kevin gave a glance at her and then back to the game. Jerry’s cock was easily growing in his pants in it drew her attention and she licked her lips.

I didn’t know what she planned on doing or what her next move would be but she knew she had the black boys attention. Which coincidentally they was sitting on the edges on the same couch so Wendy walked over and turned around and bent over giving Ray and Jerry a great look at her ass before she slowly sat down on couch. Ray soon realized I was winning our game and just as he was about to make his next play, Wendy placed her hand on his thigh and her other hand in Jerry thigh. Due to Jerry growing cock his pants was tighter then Ray. Which made Wendy lean more towards Jerry. Her head now on Ray shoulder and then she moved her head up to look up at Ray and when she did Ray looked at her which he had a great show on her tits which made his cock throb in his pants. It made Wendy moan some as her hand then moved up and over Ray cock. Kevin looks over and see what’s going on and sees his shot to get the upper hand in his game against Ray.

Ray moaned out as Wendy rubbed on his cock over his pants. Her other hand moved up and down Jerry thigh which soon made his cock grow. Now both black boys getting hard by Wendy, can tell she was getting really turned on. She leaned forward some just enough to reach behind and take off the robe then placed her hands on both the boys cocks. They let out a moan as Kevin and myself took this as advantage to our individual games. I knew the black boys was about to get attacked first, and wasn’t sure if Kevin would join in during or what her plan was but knew that Ray and Jerry was for sure first.

I knew our agreement was nothing happened between me and her till she was done with the boys which I plan on keeping but same time I was going to enjoy the show she was going to give.

I watched from the corner of my eye as what she was doing as I saw her soon turn her body more towards Ray. Spreading open her legs and placing a leg on Jerry leg and then moved her hand off Jerry cock and placed it on Ray pants and started to undo his pants. Jerry hand moved off the controller and on her leg and moved up and down her leg. I took this shot to score against him again. Wendy soon had Ray pants fully open and moved her hand in and felt on Ray cock on his boxers but didn’t take it out. She gripped his cock and stroked it slowly and Ray moan could he heard and made Kevin look and he was getting little excited watching what the boys and Wendy were doing. Jerry hand soon felt the edge of her pussy and it made her open her legs more which made Jerry move his hand more onto her pussy over her panties. She then looked up at Ray and leaned her head in and kissed on his neck. Ray was now in her control as he dropped the controller and moved one of his hands to her tit and gripped it hard which in turn she gripped his cock more.

Then without much notice or warning, she quickly pulled down Ray boxers and pants pushed them down to his knees. His cock flung free almost smacking her in the tit. She then looked down and said. “Mmm someone is a big boy” to which Ray responds “sure am want to get a closer look?” Wendy nodded her head and then moved her head down kissing his body as she made her way down. When she reached his bare cock she pushed out her tongue and dragged it over his cock. His hand then went down on her head and stroked her hair. Kevin took this chance to get ahead and scored a few goals and wound up winning the game cause Ray be involved with Wendy and Jerry would soon do the same which I would win our game. But course watching what the 3 were doing was more interesting then the games.

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