Did He Get Away With It; a Hypnotic Halloween! - Cover

Did He Get Away With It; a Hypnotic Halloween!

by Gator

Copyright© 2020 by Gator

Mind Control Sex Story: Hypnotism has always been a night club favorite. some even had hypnotist come to our colleges back before the politico's were so prevalent on campus. The premise of this story is what would explain a usually mild-manner color guard director and art professor act out of character including spanking and anal sex. the question is for you dear reader, is did he get away with it? All adults, no characters under eighteen years of age.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Hypnosis   Mind Control   School   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Spanking   Anal Sex   .

Back in the south in the seventies it was customary to call adults by their first name using Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. before their first name was a common practice and in the vernacular of that generation of the Southern States.

The funny thing was, who knew Mr. Deal had found my “true contrition. so, I guess you could say it all had come out in the wash.

Honestly, I had to admit I had a real need to expunge my guilt for vandalizing my color guard dird director and art professor’s house. and I trembled holding the seat of my hot panties as I realized Mr. Deal was coming over to continue my comeuppance as he called it.

Elizabeth remained stuck in the window as the man the college pom-pom girl nervously watched as she remained stuck in the window. all in a failed attempt to avoid the band imposed lockdown due to the virus. She had done her best to sneak out and disobey Bart Deal her band director as well as her Art professor. She shook her shiny lustrous long brown hair from side to side as he climbed the steps to the side of the coed dorm near where his band office which was down the hall in the center of the red brick building. It was evident from the way he carried himself with a straight backed spine and a smug smile. This was clearly a take charge man.

“You can paint this one purple.” blared as the game on the radio on in her dorm room neared its victorious end.

I did not have to wait long to find out as Bart Deal ha no intention of helping me get out of the stuck window. Instead he bent me back over farther than I had been before,, so my feet pedaled in the thin air. and, so I remained over the window sill with butt stuck up now even higher in the air of the yellow painted cinder blocked window ledge.

Elizabeth’s heart jumped into her throat as she implored Bart to find another punishment and not spank her like she was a little girl.

Her art professor and band director was not moved by her display of crocodile tears ordered me to get into position and I obeyed like I was a naughty teenage girl.

Bart Deal is six foot tall and he really surprise me with the long birch Switch, which upon closer review was five switches, bundled together and tied with a purple ribbon. Bart made me lifted her skirt and pull down my own panties in preparation for the switch.


Four lines of fire roared into my bottom, as my poor ass was consumed with a deep unmanageable sting. The switching soon covered my red bloody swelling bottom and I was lost in a river of tears. Surely my bottom was shredded.

“Now, Elizabeth to take your mind off your troubles” We’ll expand your punishment.”

Bart plunged his hands onto her spanked red butt cheeks and spread them open to Elizabeth’s despair putting a dollop of cream on it as well as inside my bottom hole.

A whine of complaint from Elizabeth provided a continuing discourse to continuing the punishment Bart aimed to give her. however, Mr. Deal’s promise of a second session made me compliant like a good girl.

Her punisher prepared his erect penis to challenge the gate of Elizabeth’s most private hole. The room she did her business in and looked too as a place of solitude. However, that feeling of privacy had been breached Elizabeth knew it wouldn’t fit into her ass hole without tearing her and making her bleed.

In full panic mode, Elizabeth begged, “No, Please; my butt hurts enough already, Mr. Bart, look how red it is in the bathroom mirror!”

Deal sneered as he looked down at Elizabeth’s pretty red and purple colored spanked bottom.

“No you won’t you little virgin they always look to big if you’ve never had one up there before, Elizabeth.”

“You’ll squeal just like a teen girl getting in the ass for the first time, but you’ll bear up to it just the same.”

“I have no choice.”

“But you do, Elizabeth. you can pull up your big girl panties and smooth down your skirt and accept the grounding of your life.

‘Moving on to the next part of your spanking I think you will recognize my paddle.”

“You mean the one you keep in your band office. The fraternity paddle hung on the wall?”

“I bet it really burns!”

“Yep, I’ll be glad to show you, Elizabeth!”

Professor Deal lubricated his thick penis with KY showing more mercy than the senior computer analyst deserved.

Placing the tip of his purple headed penis against her ass hole, it entered and she squealed just as he had predicted.

Elizabeth was not given time for her anal canal to get use to it’s size.

Director Deal, the ‘dildo.’ l gave a wicked hip-thrust and drove his thick penis painfully

There was a sudden displacement of air that both recognized as Elizabeth farting which both knew was common place when the fat, rigid penis fought to control her bottom and dive deep into her bowels. All the way up her Hershey Hwy in a punishing stroke, Elizabeth’s asshole started to bleed.

The pretty brown haired cutie with shoulder length hair pushed farther until his raping member was flush against her red-hot spanked bottom.

Bart looked down at her in her uncomfortable state pulling rapidly out until just the tip of his wide pink penis was still in her ass hole and then without warning

“WHAMM, SLAMMMM” his hips made a spanking noise, he pushed his penis as hard into the depth of her bowels as he punched back into her now swollen angry red ringed ass hole.

It was crystal clear that Elizabeth definitely felt every swat. Elizabeth heard Bart spoke in a raspy voice,

“Come on Elizabeth ... I know you like this. I’ve got your cherry, there’s a little blood on my penis, come on big girl, show me how much you like being fucked in the ass!”

With a groan of pain and total humiliation Elizabeth grasped his disciplining member with her ass muscles while spurting nearly to the level of the desk in a tremendous climax with her very first anal orgasm. “Oh, Woo Woo”

I felt his hot member pushes for entrance and then he was in as He told me to push out I farther around his member.

That was all he needed as his penis buried itself way up my pooper.

Bart swatted that is spanked my switch red lined ass and it drove me swarmed like a filly in heat.

“Spank” in and out he stroked fucking me to oblivion. I cried and screamed in orgasm

Her asshole convulsed when he pulled his thick penis out with a painful yank as it was withdrawn, drawing a ‘fart’ out of Elizabeth’s asshole which continued to burn.

She stopped and just stood at the last door. She made no move to walk in or knock so I stepped forward and went for the doorknob.

Bart. the fart as we mimicked him behind his back although he really did know his choreography. I guess he got that working on Broadway. Still I have to admit I was scared shitless when he stealthily stepped in back of me and glared. “Elizabeth. Do not try to open that window.”

“What the hell, Bart? Bart’s in there and we don’t know what Bill is doing. Let me through.”

She sighed and frantically tried lift her hips and the heavy window which remained closed on her mid-torso. Elizabeth tried to move forward, pushing with her feet barely able to make connection with the floor in her dorm room off the center=middle hallway. And, because she was stuck with her butt in the air as Bart Deal arrived in her room, she wouldn’t have been able to get away through the away the door to her dorm room either because her band director and color guard coach was would have been blocking her way!.

“Mr. Bart directed me to keep you out. He stated Compton wanted to talk with him and it would be private. He is my maker Elizabeth. Not only that, but I am loyal to him.”

I understood her, to an extent. Whatever they wanted to talk about I would find out later.

We waited. I could hear whispers from behind the door, now and again, a heated argument. I suspected others could hear the whole conversation. She made faces now and again, showing her disgust to their words.

After a while, the door opened ajar. Bart stepped out, his head down.

I rushed up to him and placed my hand on his cheek. It wasn’t like him to look defeated. He had always explained to me Vikings don’t show emotion.

His expression made me forget my previous anger towards him.

I wanted to speak but Bill did first. “Now that Mr. Northman and I are finished you three may leave now.”

Bart pushed my back and we headed out. But no before I saw his face. He didn’t seem concerned. Once we left I could do nothing to stop thoughts from spinning.

What had happened in there? ~ ES ~ ES We arrived at the car and he opened my door. I knew car wasn’t the correct term; a millionaire’s limousine was more accurate. “Elizabeth, we must head back home. Go to sleep lover.” He sat next to me. Though, he did hold my hand, it was not enough. I wasn’t sure what Bar had said but I would have done anything to cheer him up.

“Bart, I don’t care if you are angry. It’s not going to stop me from getting what I want.”

He abruptly rolled over on top of my body. He kneed my legs to that I was straddling his waist, slightly lifted from the seat. I didn’t realize at first that my words could have been deciphered two ways.

“And what is you want, lover?” My libido was in overdrive now but I resisted.

“I am not about to do it in a car Bart Deal.” I pushed his chest, with no success. My own body was working against me.

Soon the punished pom-pom girl got a good smell of Bart’s penis as the director pulled his penis causing a rapid displacement of air and Elizabeth to her humiliation sounded a fart like a blaring trumpet.

Mr. Deal’s engorged penis came out of her ass it had evidence her asshole had been fucked as it was red brown and white. Her blood filled cheeks were now bright red and tinged brown and red penis throbbed and jumped wildly and to my horror spurted its hot white man juice. I remember seeing my well paddled bottom with the dark red lozenges as I watched in incredulous horror in the mirror.

Elizabeth’s punished blistered red ass had a coating of man cream spewed all over her boiling ass, right across my spanked, crimson red burning bottom cheeks.

Elizabeth felt the director’s boiling cum on her paddled shiny cherry red ass and with an audible swallow of acceptance. Elizabeth collapsed on the floor whimpering in deep pain and sorry she had disobeyed and used the rogue satellite to track Kenny.

The spanking and ass paddling over Elizabeth rubbed her bumpy, moonscape-like red bottom feeling the blood blisters of her redemption all over her well punished bottom. Her female professor hugged her and helped her dress.

“It’s Okay Elizabeth.” It’s All Okay Now”

“I am sorry Bart” sniffling, Elizabeth said in a little girl voice.

Elizabeth winced as her shiny purple panties slid against her blotchy red swollen red skin on each cheek. She wished she had worn silky, nylon panties today the late-aged teenager who was also an adult displayed real discomfort when she pulled them up over her swollen baby fat bottom.

The brown eyed girl with shiny brown long straight shoulder length hair thought the worse was over, but she had to deal with new pain when she pulled her skirt down and shimmied into place over her butt because it was even tighter now than when she first had put it on. Bart watched as his sister further adjusted her plaid skirt and returned to her room to nurse her butt and cry herself to sleep on her tummy. “I’ll make you sit on it, young lady, Bart angrily said. Elizabeth suddenly showed great concern in her chipmunk-face. “Bart, I don’t know how I’m going to sit down at all.” “That’s fine with me after all the trouble you have caused, Little Lady! “Ah Bart, rubs her butt,” Did you have to paddle me, so hard?” “I had to spank you hard enough to leave a lasting impression where it would settle in your memory banks in case of further foolishness.” “That you did big brother, that you did!” “Oh Mr. Bart, I’m bright red.” Elizabeth, now you sit on it!”

From now on whenever you hear the phrase “You can paint this one purple!” you will find the nearest female to to the sound of the voice and proceed to give her a proper panties down spanking. Do you understand?”


“Okay, that’s fine. Good, now repeat the phrase I gave your subconscious on this most magical of nights, Halloween.”

“You can paint this one purple.” Art said in a robotic speech pattern. Move this into the story.

Hey there, Elizabeth here. It’s that period of time known as Halloween around here. You know the drill y’all, but the thing is it hooey or are there magical powers.

So, here’s what went down a little after my nineteenth birthday at at my college. And, get this, it was a professor who has been doing her best to make an excuse for the heinous acts perpetrated on my person and in her words as a practicing psychic the ole fart was in some kind of hypnotic trance when he done the things to me.

And, get this, he claimed he didn’t remember any of it. My first thought was what a line of shit and she was just trying to cover her ass for putting him a trance while making sure it was all kept hush-hush. professor What the professor was trying her best to get me to swallow was. So, her goes is it possible, I mean feasible that through hypnotic suggestion and I’m not sure I buy this line of shit. Get this, now, according to the lady professor who asked me to consider the circumstances before taking action for the heinous doings. She said on no other day was magic more powerful than on Halloween! Umm, look, I don’t know if I buy into the explanation, but it was designed to get my not to resort to turn the usually a sweet old fart who had gone all Ted Bundy on me. Well, my patience was evaporating for the side of my band director that nobody on the flag and over all color guard had ever seen such Shit.

But according to, something had snapped today before the homecoming game and I was in a quandary what to do about it. His out of character actions had left me with hot pants heated by a yardstick spanked bottom. It had all been done against her wishes. However, under close examination there were unusual circumstances that if one believed the literature made him spanking me beyond his control.

Like I mentioned earlier, it had come to my attention that some of the band members who marched with me in the color guard squad thought it would be funny to put our band director under hypnosis. Then give him a suggestion to come to my dorm room and spank me. Why did they not just use one of their bottoms for their science experiment? Well, they didn’t and that boggled my mind and put my behind on the firing line right dab in the middle of their kooky science project! So, who’s really to blame here?

If I go to campus security or band director is going to be in a pickle. However, if I go to their science professor I can see what her professional opinion as an expert on hypnosis is on who is to blame for my purple butt.

I could just imagine the sight I made my little black dress up around my waist and my skin tight see through panty-clad pert butt cheeks sticking up made on our band director. I was sure my underwear on display especially the way my panties clung and divided my crack were making his blood boil.

He came over and to my shock yanked my panties down baring my ivory white bottom set off by what was left of my naturally tanned legs. Under hypnosis the site was too much for the college instructor. He flipped up her little black dress up her back and gave her three sets of six strokes with the cube yardstick across the seat of her thin see through panties. the cries, thigh moves and purple coloring left quality results any professor would be proud of with a grown student of nineteen.

I took one look in my dorm room door mirror at my purple butt when I was released from the window and I wanted to go straight to campus security. However, the color guard member who had let me loose begged me not to turn him in. As I felt the burn coming from my bottom I was in no mood to be charitable. Then Ann who was also my room mate told me the most incredible story of how our band director had wound up in my room spanking me.

“Elizabeth, we are to blame. We hired a hypnotist to give him a hypnotic suggestion when he heard the word, “Pirates” They told me it had all just happened downstairs in our dorm lobby area. They pleaded with me to understand our band director was not responsible for spanking my butt.

“My butt is all purple!”

I called Professor Newman and explained what happened and she has agreed to see us.” “She says she has some soothing crème with arnica in it for your butt.

I found it odd the professor would have a cream used to soothe spanked bottoms. However, in my current condition I was in need of such a product and all the drug store had closed for the night. So, reluctantly I agreed to go alone with our band director to Professor Newman’s home where she lived alone. I made him no promises and let him no I was mad and wanted him punished.

“How did you get stuck in the window in such an unladylike position in the first place? Perhaps you were setting him up so he’d spank you and then you would turn him in.”

She asked me had I done something in my past that bothered me and was that why I had not tried to extricate myself from the window. “I was stuck, damn it. My butt is purple!” “Perhaps you thought a long over due spanking would clear your conscious!”

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