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Spied Through the Vent

by Pettybox

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Erotica Sex Story: A young boy discovers a peephole through a vent when he rearranges his room and spies on an sexually active sibling sister.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   .

We lived in a single family home on a concrete slab for the longest time when I was a kid. It was me, my Mom and Dad, and my 2 sisters in two bedrooms. Sis (Leslie, she hated her name) and Erin shared one and I was in a room with my parents. Some nights I was allowed to “camp” in the living room in a blanket fort we would make. I realize now that, it was to give my Mom and Dad some alone time, but I was happy to play that way.

When I turned 6 they had a big surprise birthday party for me, the surprise being, the party was held in our hew house! They drove me to this strange neighborhood and brought me in where my sisters had decorated with balloons and streamers. They all announced that THIS was where we would live now. I remember being confused as they brought out a cake with candles lit, and I blew them out. After we all tasted the cake my Dad took me by the hand and said he had a special present for me. He took me up the stairs and showed me a door, all wrapped as a gift with a bow on the knob.

He said “Happy Birthday Jacob, you now have your own room!”

I couldn’t have wished for a better present, a place to call my own, to keep my things in, play and bring my friends.

That day I found that they had bought all new furniture and appliances to go in the new house, leaving all of our hand me down beds, chairs, sofa’s, etc behind to start a new chapter of our lives. My Dad had gotten a big promotion to go along with inheritance when my Grampy died.

Compared to our old house, this was a mansion. It had a large living room, dining room, laundry, and kitchen downstairs, and 4 bedrooms and bath upstairs. It featured TWO staircases, one from the living room and one from just inside the back door. Another change was, with each of us having our OWN bedrooms came a new rule. Always knock before entering any closed door. I think us kids walking in on my parents in the old house precipitated this, but we all agreed to abide by the new rule.

That July was about the hottest I remember and it didn’t take long before we knew the Air Conditioning was terribly inadequate to sufficiently cool the whole house, especially the upstairs. The builder apparently saved money by cheaping out on the HVAC system. It wasn’t long before we had a group of 4 men installing a larger, more efficient system to make us all happy.

As soon as the heating season arrived, a problem arose, my sister Erin would scream that she was trapped in her room. It seems the heat blew so hard and efficiently, it created a vacuum to where she couldn’t open the door. My Dad would rescue her and finally one Saturday morning after one of her “scares” he told her, “your little brother and I will fix your problem” and he took me by the hand, telling me I was to be his helper. We went out to the local big box home store and bought vent panels.

I felt like a big shot as we cut holes in the walls of each room to allow air to easily escape when the heat was on and defeating the vacuum effect. A vent in each bedroom and vents from the end bedrooms to the staircases. No more vacuums, no more hissy fits of being “trapped”.

Life was great in the new home and our family flourished as we grew older, my Mom and Dad providing a great life with great vacations each year and it seemed we always had the best of everything.

When I turned 14 they bought me a full size bed and bedroom set and was allowed to set it up any way I chose. I moved everything from how it had been to a new configuration to suit my needs. I had a desk for homework, and a rack for my music, my stereo, and my tapes and CD’s. My first night sleeping in that new set up had me switching off the light and seeing a new light from the opposite wall. The vent Dad and I installed along the floor between my bedroom and Sis’s room was always under my bed and I never saw it. Now it was on a bare wall. I got down on my hands and knees to peek through and scare my sister when I saw her getting undressed.

Now, at 14 I was in wonderment of the female form and heard stories of what joys it might bring, and I had done a little self discovering of my own sexuality. Here was my 18 year old sister, who was no slouch in the looks department, getting undressed. I had no idea how well she was shaped. I mean, it was my sister; you never really gave a second look. She stripped down to nothing and I expected the show to be over when she put her pajamas on. However, after she took them from under her pillow, she set them aside and sat on the bed facing me.

She took a magazine from a shelf and opened it to a certain page and set it open on her pillow. As she looked at it she put her hands between her legs. Over the next 10 or so minutes I watched as she began rubbing her tits and then between her legs. Soon, the magazine had slid away and she was lying back with her open legs splayed open as if just for me to see. She diddled herself hard and came hard a few times, stifling her voice as to not make too much noise. Needless to say I jerked a load to the floor as I watched. That night began a near nightly ritual of me watching her. On weekends when she had a date I would hear her come in, slipping up the back stairs. I laid on the floor and watched her undress and play with herself, probably thinking of her date. Eventually she had toys to get herself off, not knowing that she was my toy to jerk off with.

This was just before the big internet boom and at that point what I knew of the female anatomy was what I saw in Playboy, Hustler, and Penthouse magazines. My friends told lies about their female conquests, probably reenacting a Penthouse letter they had read, but I don’t think any of them had actually seen and heard as much as me. BUT, I never told a soul about what I saw and learned. I was probably on my 1000th jerk off before I turned 16. Just seeing my sister at the dinner table clothed would make me pudgy in my pants. It was then I began to wonder about my other sister Erin. She was 16, and was getting to be as pretty as Sis, but had a more pronounced hip, meaning she had a great ass in jeans. I began to plot how I could get an eyeful of her. Her room was next to the small upstairs bathroom and the vent was underneath the sink. I did go in once or twice and moved some of Moms cleaning supplies to crane my neck to get a peek, but never saw her totally naked, but did get some nice looks at her titties when she practiced dancing in front of a mirror for herself, topless. I wondered if she was practicing for a boyfriend. As well developed Erin was, Sis was still my go-to beat off show.

From age 14 to 15 I suppose I was in line with most healthy young boys to men and masturbated 8 to 10 times a week, if not more. Sexual curiosity is such a driving force and need. All of the satisfaction I gained was helping build the machismo to actually ask a girl on a date, or walk her home from school, anything. There had to be a jumping off point, and that jump off from the cliff of virginity and the fall to manhood started with your hand firmly around your penis.

There were girls in school I was attracted to, and even ones in the neighborhood I knew as sisters of friends, or just neighbors who we played with as children, who suddenly appeared as possible sexual conquests. The one thing you don’t know, or realize, as a plebe is the climb to manhood game is, girls are just as curious, just as horny. I began to find this out when I listened to my older sister Sis, answer questions and give advice to my sister Erin.

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