The Porch Light - Cover

The Porch Light

by GalTab

Copyright© 2020 by GalTab

BDSM Sex Story: This is the story of a woman subjected to mind control. Losing her home and self to a family that's completely taken over her life. Now she's totally committed to serving them, not realizing she's been brainwashed.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Coercion   Mind Control   Slavery   BiSexual   BDSM   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   .

I switched the alarm off and looked at the clock. It’s 5:30 AM and still dark out. I immediately got up and looked out the bedroom window, focusing on the house across the street. The house is dark, so they’re still asleep. I walked into the bathroom guided by the soft glow of a single nightlight. After relieving myself, I put on a robe to warm myself. I brushed my teeth while standing in the dark bedroom looking out the window. The moon gives off just enough light that I can make out the shape of the house. When finished brushing my teeth I wash my face and run a brush through my hair.

Again I glance out the window, then at the clock. It’s now 5:40 and I make my way through the house toward the kitchen. There’s a slight chill in the air and I fear the weather is cooling sooner than expected this year. While the single cup coffee maker brews my coffee, I stand where I can see out the living room window. It’s still dark and I’m the only one awake this early. I hear the sputtering of the coffeemaker as it finishes and take the cup with me to sofa. This is where I sit and enjoy my first cup of coffee on days like this. I can look out the window and see the first rays of the sun. It’s still dark out as I sip my coffee and relax while keeping a watchful eye out the window into the darkness.

Ten minutes pass and it’s now 5:50. I rise and go back into the kitchen, rinse out my cup and walk back through the dark house to the bathroom. A quick look out the window before turning on the light. I put on some light makeup and lip gloss, pull my hair into a ponytail and check myself over one last time.

While making the bed I notice the sun is beginning to lighten the day. I take another look at the clock just in time to see it change from 5:59 to 6:00. I look out the window and see a light come on in the master bedroom across the street. I fluff and straighten the pillow before going back into the kitchen. One more glacé across the street before making another cup of coffee.

I sit on the sofa looking out the window and watch various lights turn on and off across the street. Mr Brinkley gets up promptly at 6 during the week but sometimes wakes up earlier. Mrs Brinkley usually sleeps till 7 and the last one out of the house each day. It’s funny how you can set your clock by watching other people’s lives. It’s 6:18 and in exactly 2 minutes I’ll see Valerie Brinkley’s light come on. She’ll be showered and out the door at precisely 7:35 heading to school that starts at 8 AM. This is her senior year of high school and she’s already been accepted at Princeton next year. There son Martin is in his second year at Yale and seldom comes home except for holidays.

3 2 1 ... Valerie’s bedroom light just came on. 30 seconds later the bathroom light comes on. They are so predictable, especially on weekdays.

After another sip of coffee I get up and walk to the window. Now that it’s light enough I can make out the small round thermometer attached to the outer glass. It shows 44 degrees which is much cooler than yesterday morning. It will probably warm up into the high 60s by noon. I touch the glass to feel it’s coolness.

Another look across the street before walking into the kitchen to make some toast. I put a slice of wheat toast in the toaster then peek out the window. No change so I wait for the toast. The tile floor feels cold on my bare feet and it reminds me to buy a small area rug to put in front of the counter. This kitchen really needs heated floors and I wonder why the contractor didn’t mention it. I got myself a small glass of orange juice just as the toast pops up. Toast and juice in hand I walk to the small table I had placed close to the front window to eat. From here I can see everything and enjoy the morning view.

I slowly eat my toast while thinking about the last 6 months and all the changes that have taken place. Life is always changing and you never know what tomorrow will bring. For instance, who would have guessed that I would be living in the guest house across the street from my own home. The 200 secluded acres in the country was perfect for complete privacy. My dream home and this guest house was all I needed. That is until I walked into Mrs Dawn Brinkley’s design studio looking for window treatment ideas. She is amazing! When she came to measure and see the furnishings, she had a vision of what the home could be. She spent hours with me going over fabric samples and designs. When the job was completed she invited me to her home for dinner and meet her family. How lucky I am to have stumbled across such a lovely and talented woman. The night I went to their home she had prepared a lovely dinner, and to impress me, she had used a recipe from my book, “Creative Dinner Parties”. Impressed I was, and to top it off we had a delicious bottle of Mr Brinkley’s home made wine. I had his special Merlot while they had a Cabernet. He’s such a wonderful man and a talented wine maker. I over indulged and ended up having to stay at their home that night, and amazingly awoke without the slightest hangover.

I’m snapped out of my daydream by a sound coming from outside. I look out to see Mr Brinkley’s car coming down the driveway. I looked at the clock to see it’s only 7:25, and 20 minutes earlier than usual for him. I watch him pull out of the driveway, then stop in the street directly in front of the guest house. I see him wave for me to come out through the car window. I jumped up and head for the front door. At the door I took my robe off and hung it on the coat rack, then pulled my panties off and hung them next to my robe. I look down at my breasts and reached up to pinch each nipple to help them stiffen, I looked in the mirror next to the door to check my naked body, my face and hair before pulling the front door open. I quickly walk down the path to the street, feeling the chill in the air. When I got to the driver’s door, his window is still up and I see he’s on his cell phone. I got on my knees and spread my legs more than shoulder width, then place my hands behind my back. I opened my mouth wide, tip my head back slightly and waited. His small sports car is short and even kneeling I can see directly into the car, but I look anywhere else without looking directly at him. I can hear him speaking to someone about a meeting this morning at 8 AM. I start getting goosebumps from the cold while I’m waiting, then finally I hear the window rolling down. He’s still on the phone and I can see my breath in the cold air until he finally hangs up a few minutes later.

“Good morning cunt, remember the coffee cup you bought me for my birthday?”

“Yes Master.” Wondering where this is going...

“I accidentally knocked it off the kitchen counter, so coffee and broken cup went everywhere, you’ll need to clean it up right away. And when you call to replace it, get one with the print on the opposite side since I’m left-handed, ok?”

“I’m sorry it broke, I’ll get another one right away Master.”

“Good, also...”

I was concentrating on not shivering while he thumbed through his phone. I could hear another car and realized it was Valerie pulling out of the driveway on her way to school. She stopped just on the other side of Mr Brinkley’s car and lowered her window. Mr Brinkley lowered his passenger window and I heard Valerie say...

“Good morning daddy, you’re leaving early.”

“Good morning sweetie, yeah I’ve got an early meeting this morning.”

Looking through Mr Brinkley’s car, Valerie and I briefly made eye contact before I quickly looked away, fighting the urge to close my open mouth. She’s your typical cheerleader type, always bubbly and way to sure of herself. Basically, she’s every boys dream, and every girls competition for the cutest boy. I find her completely intimidating.

“What happened in the kitchen? What a mess!”

“I broke a cup full of coffee”

“Ah ok, well, I’ve got to go, have a good day daddy.”

“You too sweetheart.”

Valerie pulled away and Mr Brinkley raised his passenger window. I watched her drive slightly faster than she should. She’s been driving her mom’s Mustang and Mrs Brinkley’s been driving my Mercedes since moving into my home 5 months ago. I looked back toward Mr Brinkley and caught him staring at my boobs.

“It must be cold, your nipples are as big and hard as little marbles!”

I looked down at my boobs, my nipples were hard and sticking out. Even stinging from the cold and beginning to turn purple along with my lips. It’s hard enough hiding my excitement anytime I’m near Mr Brinkley, but this along with my quickened heartbeat and breathing it becomes so obvious how much I love him. He knows it even without the evidence. It’s not only deserved but required. My heart flutters every time he looks my way.

“Yes Master, they are.”

“Well get back inside and warm up. Dawn was just getting up when I walked out, so I’m sure she’ll be needing you soon.”

“Thank you, Master.”

And before I got that out, he was rolling the window up and driving off.

I watched him drive down the private street and closed my mouth brfore heading back into the house. It’s amazing how cold 44 degrees is when you’re naked. As soon as I got inside I put my robe on and walked into the kitchen. I stood in front of the stove with the burners on to warm up. Every minute or so I would peek out the window, looking across the street.

When I finally warm up, I walk back to the table where I had left my coffee and mostly eaten, but now cold toast. I looked at the clock, 7:50 and I know Mrs Brinkley will be out of the shower by now. She doesn’t have a set schedule and I never know what to expect from her. A little moody at times but usually easy to get along with.

This time, when I look out the window I saw it. The porch light is on, so I jump out of my chair and ran to the door. On the way across the room I pull off my robe and hung it on the rack, then bolted out the door. I walk and occasionally skip across the street and up the driveway to the rear entrance. The rear patio and entrance is covered which is nice especially when the weather is bad. As soon as I reach the closed door, I slip to my knees, spreading my knees apart. I clasp my hands behind my back then tilt my head back with my tongue pushed out between my lips with a slight upward curl and wait. I never know exactly how long before the door is opened. Sometimes it’s open when I get here but usually not, and now that it’s getting cooler I’m sure it will always be closed. Not that it matters since open or closed I still wait to be allowed to enter. I no longer have keys to anything, not my home, guest house or car. The guest house has had the locks removed. The main house locks were changed and I wasn’t given a key. Now I wait for Mrs Brinkley to open the door. I had noticed the porch light on within seconds, so it couldn’t have been more than 2 minutes to be in position. It’s cold outside and I’m glad the wind isn’t blowing or I would be chilled to the bone.

My heart began to pound while I waited, thinking of how much I love Mrs Brinkley. She is my world and I’ve found myself close to tears of joy when with her. I’ve never wanted to please anyone as much as her, and Mr Brinkley. At 43, she’s stunningly beautiful and takes good care of herself. She has the body most men want and women envy. Even at 32 I can only wish to be as fit and have her body. I used to work out daily in my exercise room, now it’s nice to see Mrs Brinkley making good use of it. I hear a noise and straighten my posture. She knows I’m here because the motion and video doorbell would have told her. Mr Brinkley has installed cameras around the property including inside the guesthouse. I’m never without some type of camera on me and I’ve gotten used to it.

The noise stopped and I listen carefully. Maybe she walked past without opening the door, or maybe she didn’t hear the chime from the motion sensor. One day a few months ago it was over an hour waiting because she had gotten a phone call and forgotten I was here. I hope that doesn’t happen now that the weather is turning colder. I’m already beginning to shiver and it’s not officially winter yet.

I hear her voice through the door now. She’s already making calls which means she’s got a busy schedule today. Her voice gets louder as she gets to the door and opens it. My heart pounding, I kneel as proper as she taught me to. She stands at the door looking down at me while finishing her call. I looked up at her, and hoped she didn’t notice. She wore a robe and has her hair wrapped in a towel with it cascading down her back. I can hear that she’s finishing the call but the other end must be dragging it out. Finally, she says bye and ends the call.

“Good morning Lezzy, how’s my little muff diver doing this morning?”

I’ve gotten used to her nicknames, and she changes them throughout the day. This one is the primary since my name is Elizabeth. It’s embarrassing only because I’m not a lesbian. Other than a few innocent kisses in college I’ve always considered myself heterosexual. Hers was the first pussy I’d ever licked and if I wasn’t so madly in love with her it would never have happened.

“I’m good, thank you, Mistress.”

She sidestepped saying...

“Well get up and come on in, the cold is getting in.”

I stood and walked into the house, keeping my head down. When I was far enough in, she closed the door. She turned and walked past me, then into the kitchen. I followed her as always, and as she sat down at the kitchen table her phone rang again. She sat sipping a cup of coffee and talking with someone about carpet and wall colors. I stood in the middle of the room staring at her feet, and glancing around the room to see the morning mess. The broken coffee mug and coffee had splattered all the way across the floor. An half-eaten bowl of cereal and partial glass of orange juice was on the table, along with the box of marshmallow oats. I kept returning to the site of Mrs Brinkley’s crossed legs and her foot hanging in the air slightly swinging. She does it unconsciously when she sits. Her foot dangling and swinging like she’s conducting an orchestra with her foot. It’s hypnotizing to me when I see it and I can’t keep myself from staring. I’ve been this way for months now, memorized by it. Finally, I hear a snap and look up to see Mrs Brinkley pause and hold her hand over the phone. Looking at me she whispered...

“Fine, but only till I finish this call.”

Then she went back to the call. I hadn’t noticed I had parted my lips and openly licking them. I slowly lowered to the floor, memorized by her dangling foot. I crawled the short distance till my lips were inches from her dangling foot. She had the most petite feet and wore a size 6. Her feet had become so precious to me. As it swung past my lips I leaned in and kissed it just above her toes. She halted and left it in front of me. I began kissing each toe and licking up her foot to her ankle. I heard myself moan softly as I took in the scent of the strawberry shower gel she used this morning. I knelt with both hands planted on the floor caressing her foot lovingly. It’s funny how I’ve suddenly found myself craving things that I would have never thought of, or considered. I love Mrs Brinkley with all my heart but not until the last few months did I feel such a deep desire to worship her and especially her feet.

I was completely lost in sucking her beautiful big toe when she pulled it from my mouth with a plop. My lips following and continued kissing as she placed it on the floor. I realized she was ending the call when she stood and I heard her saying bye to whomever it was.

“Lezzy! Lezzy!”

I stopped, resting my lips on the top of her foot.

“Yes Mistress?”

“Enough, I’ve got to finish getting ready for work and you’ve got to get busy in this kitchen, it’s a disaster this morning.”

She immediately stepped away and walked out of the room. I remained kneeling while gaining my composure and catching my breath. I felt such lose as she walked away yet such joy simultaneously. Lately my emotions have been all over the place.

I raised up to my feet and looked out across the kitchen floor. There was broken ceramic cup everywhere. I would have to be careful cleaning it up. I took Valerie’s bowl and glass, along with Mrs Brinkley’s coffee cup to the sink, rinsed them, and put them in the dishwasher along with a few items around the sink. Then I took a damp dish rag to clean the table and put Valerie’s cereal back in the pantry. By the time I had finished sweeping and mopping the floor 30 minutes had passed.

I was wiping the counter when Mrs Brinkley walked back into the kitchen and put her purse and a tube of house plans on the table. I continued working as she walked through the kitchen looking through the cupboards and digging around in the refrigerator. I’ve seen this before and know what’s coming next. When she finally finishes she walked to the white board above the wall phone and wrote.

7pm for 5, baked pepper chicken, potatoes Au-gratin, cooked carrots, salad, crème brulee.

I watched her while wipping out the sink.

“Lezzy, any questions?”

“No Mistress.”


Then she walked toward the back door.

“Bring my things.”

I dropped the cleaning rag, picked up her things, then followed her out past the pool to the garage. She got in the car as I stood holding her things, then I handed them to her when she was ready. I stepped back as she backed out, turned and drove down the driveway in my car. I gave them both sets of keys and haven’t driven it for 5 months.

When I got back in the house, I went to the front door to turn off the porch light, then to Mr and Mrs Brinkley’s bedroom. The master bedroom has never been more appropriately named. They are relatively neat so it’s not hard to clean the room. Change the sheets and clean the bathroom only takes an hour. Their clothes only need to be washed every 3 days unless told.

When I walk in Valerie’s room, I’m always shocked how she can make such a mess in only a day. Her bed has the bedding piled in the middle with assorted clothes scattered on it and the floor. It takes me 15 minutes just to sort and hang up clothes that she tried on, then changed her mind and left them laying on the bed. There’s usually 2 pairs of panties on the floor near the chest of drawers. By the time I make her bed I’ve had to refold half her drawers and arrange her closet. The bathroom has open makeup tubes and jars on the counter and her toothpaste and toothbrush I often have to sanitize and put away. After almost 2 hours in Valerie’s room I finally get to start the laundry.

After starting the laundry, I took a break and made myself lunch. I called the company that made Mr Brinkley’s coffee cup and order another, explaining the changes he’d requested. The first order came with free delivery and took 3 weeks to get here, this time to expedite the order and get it overnight was an additional $125 but worth it to make up for it breaking.

I worked faster after lunch to get the the house cleaned up. I want it extra fresh and clean today with dinner guests coming. I made sure the guest room was ready in case they stay the night, and have the public bathroom sparkling. No sooner than I’m finished I see it’s 2:45 and hurry to finish up. I check everything over one last time and left through the rear going back to the guest house till it’s time to start dinner. It’s warmed up to 56 degrees but still chilly For my walk back across the street.

I put my robe on and make some tea, then relax on the sofa, proud of myself for getting everything finished. I look at the clock and begin to tense up knowing Valerie will be home from school in 10 minutes. She can be the sweetest girl at times and other times a total nightmare, so I try to be out of the main house when she gets home. Being Monday and her staying at her grandparents from Saturday morning till Sunday night I hope she had a great time and in a good mood.

I hear the car coming long before I see it. It has a low pitch motor sound like a race car. She pulled into the driveway and disappears into the big garage There’s enough room to park 4 cars but with Martin away there’s extra room. I begin to watch the house porch light now that she’s home. I hope her homework keeps her busy till it’s time for me to start dinner in a few hours.

I begin to relax again after 20 minutes. Valerie must have things to do, so I got up and put my cup in the sink. I wipe the counter off from where I had spilled hot water and don’t want it staining the granite. I made a quick trip to the restroom before walking back into the front room. Just as I started to sit down, I glance out the window and saw the porch light on. Oh no, I have no idea how long it’s been on. I hurry to to the door while pulling my robe off, tossing it. As soon as I get out the door, I take off at a jog and within a few steps notice the door didn’t close all the way behind me, I don’t have time to go back and pull it closed right now, so I continue on toward the main house’s back door.

While jogging past the pool, I looked ahead at the back door. My heart sinks when I see what’s laying there on the doormat. I stop and look down at it before slowly slipping to my knees. After getting into position I pick up the dreaded collar and buckle it around my neck, then take the attached leash and hook the looped end around the doorknob. I open my mouth, sticking my tongue out enough to roll it up, touching my upper lip and wait patiently. Only occasionally does Valerie put the collar and leash on the door mat. Mr and Mrs Brinkley even less and each time it’s because they’re not happy about something.

I lose track of time while waiting. At 56 degrees, although much warmer than this morning, the chill is getting to me. I already had goosebumps from the cool air but now my nose, ears, nipples and pussy begin to sting. I knew I was in trouble because if Valerie summoned me she was usually punctual. From the time the light comes on I’m given 5 minutes maximum to be at the rear entrance. I wasn’t sure how long it had been, but it could have easily been more than 5 minutes.

I finally hear the doorknob turn and the door opens. I feel the warmth of the house drift out to where I’m kneeling. I don’t look up, but I know she’s staring at me silently. After a few seconds more, she says.

“I came to let you in earlier but you weren’t here.”

I thought briefly. Then pulled my tongue in to answer.

“I’m sorry Mistress, I was in the restroom.”

There was a pause while she was thinking. Valerie had a mean streak and I’d often considered bringing it up with Mr and Mrs Brinkley. Only fear of retaliation has stopped me. I thought if they monitored the camera’s they would see for themselves. Either they weren’t, or they were and didn’t see anything that concerned them.

“No, today you made me wait, so you can address me exactly how I taught you when you’re wearing that collar.” She said.

Shit shit shit ... She’s mad and making me humiliate myself. If I didn’t love Valerie so much, I wouldn’t do it, but I just can’t help myself but do anything and everything it takes to keep her happy. Finally, I swallow all pride and give in...

“Sorry Mistress, this bitch shouldn’t have paid better attention to when it’s needed.”

“Who? I more upset than that, you’re worthless! Try again with respect.”

I was suddenly trembling, not only from the cold but from her wrath.

“Sorry your Highness, this worthless bitch will not keep you waiting again.”

I felt a tear trickle down my cheek as I slipped my tongue back out and curved up into my most humble and submissive position.

“That’s much better. You’ll eventually learn I don’t want to be fucked with, or kept waiting. I’m not easy like my mom and dad.”

“This worthless bitch understands your Highness.”

At first Valerie didn’t say anything. She reached for the looped end of the leash and held it. I felt tension as she took up the slack. Then with a slight tug...

“Follow me bitch.”

I didn’t speak but followed her by crawling into the house. As I crawled inside, she pushed the door closed behind me, then continued through the house. I was glad when we got past the kitchen and into the carpeted main dining room. She continued on with me crawling as fast as I could to keep up. I could hear music coming from the family room and she walked to the couch and stood.

“Sit, stay!”

I immediately knelt into position again. And just before holding my tongue out said...

“Yes your Highness.”

“Shut up bitch.”

I trembled and stayed perfectly still as I knelt. Valerie dropped the leash and walked down the hallway. The music videos on the TV were current pop that Valerie often listens to. There was a piece of clothing on the coffee table next to her phone. When you’re waiting you seem to notice everything.

I heard Valerie return, and watched as she sat on the sofa directly in front of me. I almost gasped as she stood that dreaded dildo on the table. Its base is large enough to balance itself. She must have gotten it from Mrs Brinkley’s play room, because Valerie’s dildo doesn’t have the large base. My heart sank knowing Valerie had plans I wasn’t prepared for. Especially when I saw her holding a tube of KY Jelly that’s usually in the drawer with the dildo assortment. I remained quiet but my heart was pounding faster and faster.

“Bitch, I signaled to ask you to sew a button on my top. But you never showed up, so we’ll get back to the button later.”

“This bitch...”

“Shut up!”

I remained quiet and listened intently.

Valerie handed me the tube of KY Jelly...

“Lube up, use plenty.”

I took the tube from her and squeezed some on my fingers, then worked it into my mussy. I knew what was coming with that large dildo standing on the table and wanted of KY. When finished I put the cap on and handed it back to her. Then waited.

“Ok, here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to call this game, fetch a fuck! I’ll throw the dildo and you’ll chase it down. Using your mouth only, return it, then you’ll stand the dildo up like it is now. Then figure out how to squat on it and fuck it till I say fetch again. Then carry it back in your mouth to me. Nod if you understand.”

I knelt in shock. Is she serious about this. I knew she could be cruel but this tops it all.

I nodded that I understood.

I felt like crying when I saw her pick up the dildo and begin waving it in front of me. My eyes followed it as it waved, then she pulled her arm back. I watched and got ready to scurry after it. She tossed and I started to crawl the direction her arm moved, but she didn’t throw it. I couldn’t believe she had done that to me. Then again she began waving it around. When she saw my eyes following it, she pulled back again, then tossed it across the room. This time I saw it fly across the room and bounce across the floor over near the corner of the room.


I crawled as quickly as I could till I was there. Then I figured out how to bite down on it to pick it up. Then I brought it back to where I had been kneeling. Getting it to stand up wasn’t as easy as you’d think. Turning my head sideways and close to the floor took several tries but I finally got it to stand up. Then I hovered over it and lowered down until I was lined up and the head was at my pussy. I lowered more until it was inside me, then began humping up and down on it, fucking it. I continued while she either watched me or watched the music video’s playing. After about 5 minutes...


I pulled off then realized it was easier to carry it by the head when handing it to Valerie. I again knelt, holding the dildo with the head in my mouth and the base toward her.

She continued throwing the dildo and having me fetch at least a dozen times while she watched videos and chatted on the phone with her friend Samantha.

I was becoming exhausted when I got a reprieve. Mrs Brinkley called Valerie and the one sided conversation let me know she must have seen what was happening on the live video feed. I heard Valerie say. “She’s just fetching.” Pause... “I’ll put it back, clean.” Then after a moment, “Fine, what time is dinner anyway?” A minute later she hung up...


Again I held it in my mouth.

“Go clean it and put it away. You know where it goes.”

I started to stand...

“Uh, no!”

I crawled to Mrs Brinkley’s play room, cleaned it in the bathroom and put it back in the drawer with the others.

Crawling back into the family room I knelt in front of Valerie. Tongue curled and out, giving her no reason to get upset.

She took the top and put it over my shoulder saying.

“Sew the button back on because I’m wearing it tomorrow.”

I was afraid to speak and nodded my head. She was looking at my face but I wouldn’t make eye contact with her.

“Mom said you need to start dinner so go do it.”

I turned, thankful for Mrs Brinkley’s intervention. After I had crawled out of the family room, I heard Valerie say...


I finally got up, knees aching from crawling the last hour and a half. I took a few steps.


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