Carstairs of Arabia

by Ron Dudderie

Copyright© 2019 by Ron Dudderie

Thriller Story: Continues where 'This Is Your Carstairs Speaking', available right here for Premium Members, left off. Martin King was involved in a terrorist attack on the London Underground, which cost him a dear friend. He seizes an opportunity to get revenge and travels to Saudi Arabia at the request of MI6. As butler to a Saudi Prince, he enters the heart of the dark kingdom as he attempts to find out who ordered and paid for the attack on his loved ones. Often funny, always engrossing and never dull!

Tags: Ma/Fa   Fiction  

Hello. Here are some things you should know before you dive in.

This is part six of a series. Each part is a book unto itself, averaging 200,000 words. So you might be a bit late to this particular party and I’m sorry to say books 1 through 4 are not available on this site. Book 5, This Is Your Carstairs Speaking, is available here for premium members only. (What?! PAY!? FOR THIS?! With MONEY?!) Please consider getting a premium membership here.

There are people who refuse to read stories that are marked as incomplete. Well, I can assure you this book is complete. In fact, you can buy it right now if you want. But it will seem incomplete until I publish chapter 28, after which you only have about a month to read it. Then it will disappear, except for premium members.

This is also the middle book of a three book story arch. I’m writing the last part right now, but it will be a while before that’s released as a book, and even longer before it ends up here for free.

Oh, and finally: there’s hardly any sex in this one. I’ve outgrown it.

This book airs many concerns over and criticisms of Islamic mores and culture. I’m sure this won’t help, but may it be noted the book does not actually condemn or insult the religion or its prophet, but merely the people who claim to follow its teachings and yet do not unequivocally condemn all the violence and inequities perpetrated in its name.

The story takes place in 2015. The narrative starts in This Is Your Carstairs Speaking, out now.

And finally: this website has some text formatting peculiarities, which make it hard to distinguish when a new paragraph begins. I appreciate this is annoying, but short of reformatting a 315,000 word book there is not much I can do about it.

Well, that should have gotten rid of just about anybody who was going to read this. For whoever is left: enjoy the ride!

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