Always Daddy's Girl - Cover

Always Daddy's Girl

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2020 by George Foxx

Incest Sex Story: Deserted by her mom at age seven, young Stephanie is raised by her single parent father. He does a great job, and teenage Stephanie falls in love with her daddy. Not content with a normal father/daughter relationship, Stephanie lets her daddy know what she needs.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Incest   Sister   Father   Daughter   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Lactation   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Size   .

I’ve always been different from other girls. I like math and science. I like riding and jumping BMX bikes, roller blading, skate boarding, climbing trees, and all the stuff guys usually like to do. However, I wasn’t a typical tomboy. I liked wearing pretty dresses, and I wasn’t even opposed to frilly pink outfits. My name is Stephanie, but my dad as well as all of my real friends call me Stevie.

I also had a different attitude about my dad. At least I treated him differently than other girls treated their fathers. Up until the girls I knew were seven or eight, their dads were fine for a bedtime story and a cuddle, but to me, my dad was everything. At nine, most other girls were thinking their dads were dumb and only good for being manipulated to get extra money to spend at the mall. I meant every hug and every kiss on the cheek with all my heart. I suppose part of that was because my mom ran off with her boss when I was seven. Because of that, my dad did everything for me. That meant holding my ponytail out of the way when I was sick to my stomach and cleaning up my bottom when I had such a bad virus I was helpless as a baby for a week. He helped me buy my first bra and made sure I always had clothes that fit and that my bras and underwear were the right size, with no holes in them.

Most girls get embarrassed if their dad talks to them about underwear, or periods, or anything remotely related to sex. My dad was my only parent, and so he had to teach me about the birds and the bees. I knew it had to be difficult for him, so I tried to make it as easy for him as possible by listening, paying attention, and not acting prissy. He prepared me so I knew what to expect when I got my first period. Since I knew what was happening, I didn’t freak out. Daddy took care of me and cuddled me when I was suffering from the cramps and pains that sometimes come with a first period. As a result, I didn’t get a bad attitude about my period or being a physiological female. As I matured, my periods got easier so that they became just a minor inconvenience.

I sought out daddy cuddles, just like most girls want mom hugs when they don’t feel well. I felt safe and warm next to dad, so I calmed down, and that helped me feel better. Because dad treated my growing up in a matter of fact way, I eased from girlhood into being a potentially fertile, breeding age female. I felt confident even at a very young age, that the man of my dreams was going to want me with all of his heart, I’d need him desperately, and our sex life would be even better than Bella and Edward’s; without the broken furniture.

I noticed that other girls stopped sitting on their dad’s lap, stopped snuggling their dad on the couch while watching TV, or sneaking under the covers on Saturday morning for tickles and cuddles before breakfast. I kept right on doing all those things, the same as when I was a little girl. However, unlike my girlfriends, I started falling in love with my dad romantically. At first, I thought it was just a typical schoolgirl crush on my father. I kept waiting for my feelings for my daddy to become less intense and fade out. I expected to wake up one morning crushing on some band member or movie star.

I got addicted to internet porn, but I only really liked the ones with penis in pussy sex. I always imagined it was my daddy porking me as I watched the sweaty couples bonking and I rubbed my clit until I got myself off. As a result, I can talk filthy. I plan on talking like a porn star if it gets daddy going. I’m not some little hypocrite, so I’m not going to act all pure, then suddenly start talking dirty. I’ll start slow and then go all out if dad shows he is willing to give me what I need, but just needs a little push to get so worked up he is out of control and doesn’t care about the incest taboo.

I remember celebrating a birthday riding horses with dad. He booked a trail ride for us. I wasn’t used to riding all day. The steep mountain trails made my kitty rub against the saddle. When I dismounted for lunch, I had a pleasant, warm feeling between my legs. I leaned against my father while we ate lunch, and the warm feeling seemed to spread up from between my legs and into my tummy, making me feel like hundreds of butterflies were fluttering around inside me. My tiny pink nipples got hard and stuck out

After lunch, we got back on our horses and continued up the mountain. All through the afternoon, the feelings in the lips of my kitty got hotter and hotter. I also started to feel damp between the lips of my vagina and my outer labia got all puffy. My clitoris felt like it was hard and that the hood was fully retracted. By the time we reached our campsite, the crotch of my white cotton panties felt soaked.

The Outfitter’s crew fixed us a nice dinner. We sat around the campfire after diner. Some of the cowboys had guitars and sang old western songs. The head wrangler was older and kind of crusty. He had a long grey beard. His guitar was a professional model and he sang some songs he wrote. He was a better guitar player and singer than the other cowboys, and although I don’t like Nashville Commercial Country Music, I found myself listening to the words of his songs. One was about a cowboy who fell in love with the boss’ daughter. In the song, the girl was too young, but she loved the cowboy, so they ran away to Mexico and lived happily for ten years. Her dad tracked them down, snuck up on them, and shot and killed her cowboy. The father tried to drag the girl home. She was out of her head with grief, so she shot her father and left him to bleed to death, watering the roots of a giant saguaro cactus. She rode off into the sunset to live out her lonely life in the Mexican desert.

For some reason, romantic feelings swelled up in my heart like never before. Of course, I knew the biological “facts of life,” but I didn’t understand why the romantic feelings in my heart made me get drenched between the lips of my kitty, or why those lips felt all hot and puffy. I was certain that all my romantic feelings were reserved for my father.

The cowboys kept supplies in a big army wall tent. It was also where they slept. Their tent was on one side of the clearing and the tent they set up for dad and me was on the other side. After the singing, dad and I walked over to our tent. The floor of the tent had a big, high density foam pad in the middle with two rectangular sleeping bags unrolled next to each other. A small LED lantern spread a pool of dim blue-white light across the interior of the tent.

Dad had never been cheap with my clothes, but my tastes were pretty simple, so I was happy with things from Target and a few online stores because their quality was better than things from Walmart. I never liked having some designer’s name scrawled across my clothes, so I only got something from a high-end shop as a gift, usually from daddy or one of my grandmas.

I was wearing Pro Rodeo Wranglers, a snap-up western shirt, and black, bull hide Justin boots with a riding heel. I had never done anything remotely like teasing before, but I knew that tonight I intended to show off my body to my father, the minute I started pulling off my boots. I unsnapped the pearl snaps of my shirt, left it loose, and wiggled out of my jeans. I was wearing a pale yellow cotton camisole top instead of a bra and white cotton hip-hugger panties. I didn’t wear tight jeans because they chafe when you ride, but I did give a very nice series of wiggles as I pulled my jeans down. My back was turned to dad, and I hoped my tight ass and skinny body looked sexy to my daddy as I turned undressing into performance art.

I turned to face my father and whispered, “Do you think I’m pretty dad?”

My father gave me a big smile and said, “You get more beautiful every day, Stevie.”

I only had a little bulge under my tiny, pink nipples. My camisole was made of a thin, ribbed cotton knit. The yellow color was enough to mask the pale pink of my nipples, but knowing dad was looking at me made the little bumps get hard and my kitty got even wetter. I hadn’t planned on it, but I took off my top and my panties and stood naked in front of my father. I wondered if he could smell my pussy drool.

I opened up my saddle bag and took out a tee shirt and a loose pair of athletic shorts to wear to bed. I stepped into the shorts and pulled the waist band up over my hips. I turned my back to dad and for some silly reason, bent over to touch the floor. That displayed the under-cheeks of my butt to my dad. I turned to face my father, straightened up and pulled the shirt over my head. It was loose and covered my shorts so it looked like I could be naked underneath the tee. I slipped into one of the sleeping bags, and smiled up at my daddy.

My dad undressed really casually, but he was standing over me, mirroring me, by stripping naked, then putting on his own athletic shorts and tee shirt to sleep in. From my vantage point on the ground, dad looked very tall and muscular. His tummy was flat. I hadn’t ever seen his cock clearly until now. It looked big. Scary big.

Dad slipped into his sleeping bag. Neither of us had zipped up our bag yet, and when we rolled toward each other so dad could give me a good night kiss on the cheek, daddy’s hard chest pressed against my embryonic breasts. My nipples popped up, harder than ever. My areola swelled up and made the tissue rough, like goose flesh. All the blood in my breast erectile tissue made my nipples throb with my pulse. Just before my father’s lips pressed against my cheek, I turned quickly, so that his lips met mine. I smiled to myself as my dad didn’t fight me and kissed me like a girlfriend, not a daughter. I tried to copy the kind of kiss dad was giving me. I didn’t try to use my tongue, but my father was relaxed and his lips were not pressed together, so I tried to let my lips part slightly. Dad didn’t French me, but he ran the tip of his tongue along my lips so that it was the most exciting kiss of my life. I couldn’t wait to explore every form or style of kissing with my handsome father.

I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned all night. Just before dawn, I finally fell into a fitful slumber. I didn’t wake up until the cook rang the chuck-wagon bell. I was in the middle of a vivid dream where daddy and I had slipped into our sleeping bags naked. In the dream, our bags got zipped together, and dad’s big penis was pressed tightly against my skinny bottom when I awoke. In my dream, daddy had an erection, and that excited me a lot. I remembered a line from a Mae West movie daddy showed me, and purred, “Oh daddy, a hard man is so GOOD to find!”

My dream father chuckled and whispered, “Stephanie dear, I think you are too young to make whole life kinds of decisions. I want to give you everything you want right now, but I think that would be taking advantage of you. I’d like us to wait a while until I feel like you have the ability to think things through logically and the maturity to know exactly what you’d be getting yourself into. We can talk about realities and probabilities of different scenarios when I’m convinced you will think about things critically and not try to make a girlhood dream happen. It just won’t work unless we are both equally committed to a dream.”

I grinned at my dad and said, “Can you keep teaching me how to kiss?”

My father broke up laughing. When his coughing fit subsided, he said, “I think I can kiss you, the way you want to be kissed, without contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

The chuck wagon bell was ringing and I was having trouble waking up. My dream was so vivid, I felt confused as I tried to acclimate myself to the real world and leave my lovely fantasy behind.

I realized my real-life father might not be as understanding as my dream daddy. Still, I was committed to having my dad see me as a woman with sexual needs rather than as a little girl; so, I continued to be bolder than I felt in terms of showing off my nubile body to my dad.

I had a look at the sleeping bags and determined that they were the rectangular type with compatible zippers, so they could be zipped together. I promised myself that I would somehow get to the tent before dad, zip the bags together, and when daddy got in his bag, he’d find his naked daughter waiting for him.

I got out of my sleeping bag and took off my tee shirt and sports shorts to show off my naked body to daddy, if he happened to be looking; pulled on sweats and tossed a pair of my dirty socks in my dad’s face. He acted like I woke him up, but he didn’t seem as groggy as usual. I hoped he watched me standing naked in front of him. I wished my dad got a boner from seeing my naked body and felt as excited as I did when he thought about all the sexy ways we could rub our naked bodies together. I was wishing daddy would just put me on my back and take me right now.

We ate breakfast, then got dressed for the day. Dad and I used fly rods to fish for cutthroat trout in the fast-flowing river that came down from a glacier on the top of the mountain. We only caught small fish, so we released them immediately.

When the crew was ready to move out, we mounted up and continued up the increasingly steep mountain trail. It was a hot day, without even a hint of a breeze. The horses were in no hurry, and constantly encouraging them to walk faster was too much of a pain, so the whole outfit ambled up the switchbacks.

We stopped for lunch at a clearing littered with boulders. Some made perfect picnic tables. The horse wranglers loosened the saddle girths and led the horses, knee deep, into the icy river to soothe their joints from the effects of walking on rocky trails. After lunch, the horse wranglers cinched up the saddles and adjusted the tack. We mounted up and continued up the trail toward out camp site.

We arrived at a large meadow just before the altitude transformed tall trees to scrub. The cowboys took care of the horses, hobbled them, and turned them out in the meadow. The outfitter owned five Great Danes. They were all trained not to spook horses on the trail. When the horses were hobbled and grazing, the big dogs patrolled the tree line to be an alarm if bears or mountain lions were around, and to serve as a first line of defense until humans could intervene. The dogs also kept the horses from wandering out of the meadow, cutting down on roundup time.

The river leveled out and the current slowed here. There was a wide, shoulders deep pool behind a natural dam of solid rock that arced into the river.

I was feeling ripe and uncomfortable from being sweaty and wearing two-day old clothes. My unruly pussy that insisted on being perpetually juicy made me feel like I was advertising my status as a virgin slut to the world, when I only wanted my daddy to know that information about me. Dad and I stripped and waded out into the freezing cold water. We played in the stream like little kids, chasing and dunking each other. I made sure to rub my swollen nipples against my daddy every chance I got. I also became conveniently clumsy, tripping over the slippery river rocks and brushing a hand against dad’s tight butt or his cock; now soft and shriveled from the cold water.

Dad said I was turning blue, so we washed our clothes and then our bodies with lots of peppermint soap, which supposedly removes dirt, skin oils, sweat, and stink, but doesn’t pollute the river. Dad surprised me by standing close to me while we were washing. I pretended to stumble, and daddy caught me before my head went under water. He kissed me hard on my lips. I moaned against his warm mouth. He pretended to wash me, but mostly he was arousing me with his big, strong hands on my breasts and my tight little butt. He caressed the smooth skin of my budding tits and pinched my nipples until I was about to go crazy with need.

My father didn’t make me beg that day. He slipped his hand between my skinny legs and caressed my sparsely haired mound until I was squirming with pleasure. Daddy used a finger to stroke my clitoris, and I had a shuddering orgasm. Dad slipped a big finger inside my virgin pussy and fingered me, just inside my opening, until I came again. He moved his finger around and used the tip to press on a bumpy patch about two and a half inches inside me, on the front wall of my kitty. I buried my face in daddy’s chest to muffle the scream that rose up from my core when he made me cum again.

I tried to stroke dad’s dick and get it big and hard again, but the water was too cold, and his impressive penis remained in shriveled, soft, protective mode. Daddy showed me that my body was putty in his big, strong hands. I came again and again. Sometimes it was almost like having the top of my skull blown off. The pleasure was so intense and so new to me that I just clung to dad’s strong, lean body and let him do whatever he wanted to me.

My father whispered in my ear, “Do you want me to make love to you tonight, Stevie?”

I moaned back, “Yes please, daddy.”

Dad said, “Do you want me to pick your cherry now, with my fingers? In the cold water, it probably wouldn’t hurt at all.”

I whispered, “No daddy, I want your big, hard prick to pop my cherry when you slide your thick shaft inside my tight little kitty cat for the first time.”

“OK baby girl. Remember, your first time is all about you and making it as good for you as I possibly can, so don’t be shy, ask if you want something,” my dad said.

My father gave me five more orgasms. Each was harder than the last. When he finished with me, my knees were rubbery and I could barely stand. Daddy scooped me up and carried me to the big rock where we left our towels and clean clothes. He dried my body and then I wrapped the towel around my long blonde hair. Dad spread our wet clothes on sunny rocks to dry.

As I was steading myself by holding onto daddy’s shoulder as I stepped into my clean, pale pink cotton panties; I saw the youngest cowboy watching from behind a little Juniper by the edge of the river. I could see he had his cock out and was furiously jacking off. His eyes locked onto mine, and he shot thick ropes of pearly cum toward me. His fat prick was almost as big as daddy’s cannon. Well, it looked just as long, but it looked even thicker. Still, he was at least a hundred yards away, so I realized it was impossible to compare. What really surprised me was that I wanted that cowboy’s dick deep inside me just as much as I wanted my daddy pounding me with his beefy salami. Apparently, I really was as much of a slut as I thought I needed to be to interest my father, but I decided on the spot that I would never make a cuck of my dad. As long as he wanted me to be his girl, I wouldn’t let another man touch me in any way.

We finished getting dressed and dad and I went walking in the shady forest on the edge of the meadow. The dogs came by to say hello. They obligingly chased the sticks we threw and brought them back to us to throw again. The big dog of the pack had half his red, pointy prick sticking out of its sheath. I felt a quiver in my pussy, and I got really worried about just how big a slut I really was. I had never dreamed of being a dog’s bitch, but I certainly seemed hungry for hard cock, and my body didn’t seem too particular about what mammal a phallus was hanging from.

The big, black male came up to me and stuck his broad muzzle between my legs, snuffling at the crotch of my jean shorts. The other half of his dick got hard and came out of his sheath. The whole angry looking prick was bobbing around under his belly. I pushed the big dog’s head away from my mound and scolded him, saying, “No Major, my pussy belongs to my daddy and nobody else.”

My father chuckled and said, “You’ve grown up into the sexiest female on the planet. You are going to have lots of men throwing themselves at you. I hope all of them are as easy for you to manage. Did having a dog smell that you’re in heat gross you out or turn you on?”

I giggled, “Seeing him get a boner for me got my kitty all wet, but I think only lonely old spinsters give in and fuck their dogs. Seeing he was all hard for me made me excited, but it just made me want you inside me even more. I only want you dad. Make me yours tonight, keep me stuffed full of your big dick as often as you get hard, and no other male of any species will ever touch me.”

My father laughed and said, “So the virgin expects to like sex and want a lot of it after her first time?”

I smiled at him and said, “I’ve been wanting you for years daddy. I know I have deep female needs, and I also know masturbation just doesn’t do the job any more. I have a feeling I’m going to turn into a real slut, but if you want me and make me yours, I’ll be YOUR slut, and yours alone.”

Dad frowned and said, “What if I’m a big perv and want to see you fuck dogs and Shetland ponies and other men and hot teenage girls?”

I tried to look thoughtful while I said, “Everything I’ve read makes me believe unfettered hedonism ends badly. Having a fantasy, and seeing your little girl skewered on another man’s dick and coming so hard she screams her head off, are two different things. I think both of us need to just fuck each other and play out our fantasies together. I feel aroused knowing a man is hard for me, but you are the only man I want to actually fuck me. Of course, I may not be a great lay, but assuming I do knock you socks off, I think we should only actually screw each other.”

Daddy grinned at me and said, “It’s good for a young teen virgin not to over-promise. If you acted like you didn’t think I could keep you satisfied, I might get worried and be possessive and jealous.”

I giggled and answered, “Get back to me when I’m thirty-five and you’ve screwed me over twenty-four thousand times. If you still want to see me do a dog, I’ll suck him off while you fuck my pussy doggy style. I don’t plan on ever lusting after anyone but you daddy. Even if we need to do something wild to jolt us out of a rut, I never want any dick but yours in my cunt. I know I should never say, ‘never,’ but that’s the feeling I’ve had since I started wanting sex. I’ve thought about all kinds of sex, but I’ve only truly wanted it to be with you, daddy.”

Dad frowned and said, “Did you see the young cowboy watching us and wanking? Did his big prick and six-pack get your motor running?”

I laughed and said, “I only got me hornier for you, hotter to have you banging me, and more excited, hoping we both get off even better when you finally take me to bed and screw my brains out.”

We strolled back to the river, got our mostly dry clothes, and hung them over long needle pine boughs to get the rest of the moisture evaporated and so the cloth would pick up the scent of the pine resin. We walked back to the camp site. It seemed like everyone had been busy the whole time we were gone, but apparently the youngest cowboy wasn’t the only one who slipped away to watch us.

The top kick walked up to dad and asked, “Are you exclusive with your little firecracker?”

I cut off dad’s start of an angry reply with a wave of my hand. I said, “I am the exclusive property of my father. I am like a prize heifer, under contract to be delivered to my husband to be, medically verifiable, as virgo intacta. My father is instructing me in how to be a dutiful wife and how to please my young and very eager fiancé as soon as he becomes my husband. Anything you may think you have seen or anything you have been told someone saw was strictly limited to preparing me for my upcoming marriage. No one has my permission to touch my body in any way except my father and my husband to be, after the ceremony. If anyone should try to mate me without my father’s consent, he will lose both his cock and his balls as fast as my Buck knife can slice them off.”

My dad calmly added, “Anyone who made my daughter have to defend herself must have done so with the knowledge and approval of his supervisor, in which case, the boss would be equally liable for punitive actions; or, if the individual acted without his boss’ approval, I would feel duty bound to inform that supervisor of my disapproval of his leadership failure. Are we clear?”

The trail boss coughed and said, “Well sir, these boys live out in the wild most of the time. What they see is that in the wild, the young buck knocks the king bull off his throne and takes the harem for himself. They just might need more persuading than words alone.

“Personally I wonder what little missy’s cunt would look like, all stretched out by Major’s doggy dick. I’ll bet the little whore would make some very appreciative noises while Major was trying to shove his dick head through her little cervix.”

My father grinned at the head wrangler and said, “I’m sorry you see things that way.”

Before he knew what was happening, dad put the top kick in a sleeper hold and put his lights out. Daddy didn’t kill him, just put him to sleep. He got out his sat phone and called for helicopter evac. An hour later, a Eurocopter AS350 B3 landed in the meadow. Dad and I climbed aboard. On the way down the mountain, dad called the outfitter on his sat phone to express his dissatisfaction with the trail boss’ lack of leadership and failure to defuse the hostile environment that had developed.

Now my first time was not going to be as romantic as in a tent on a mountain, but on the plus side, we both would have a hot shower before we did the deed. Being squeaky clean would reduce the chances of my getting a urinary or vaginal infection, which was definitely a good thing.

Dad got us a suite at a private lodge. I smiled when I saw the snowy white sheets, pristine duvet, and sparkling clean bathroom. We showered together, then relaxed in the Jacuzzi tub, letting the jets soothe our sore muscles.

I said, “Daddy, let’s get out before my skin looks like a prune.”

My father is always a gentleman. He helped me out of the tub so I wouldn’t fall. We toweled each other dry. He led me to the king size bed and I sat on the edge, naked as the day I was born. Daddy sank to his knees, and I instantly knew what a sensual treat he had planned for me. I let my legs drift wide apart, and my father moved between my spread thighs. Dad kissed my mound, and I gasped for breath. Daddy encouraged me to lie down, but I wanted to watch his face buried in my gash as his tongue drove me out of my mind with pleasure.

Dad kissed and nibbled on the satin smooth skin of my inner thighs, drawing moans and whimpers from my mouth as I panted, trying to get enough air into my oxygen starved lungs. He kissed the outside of my labia. I’m a natural blonde, so I have a little fine down dusting my pudenda, but I wondered if daddy would like me better with a bald coochie.

As daddy let his tongue lightly lick me from asshole to clit, I gasped out, “Would you like my puss bald daddy?”

He laughed and said, “Yes, but not shaved. When we get home, I’ll take you to a place to get all your body hair removed permanently.”

I grinned because I hated shaving my legs and pits. I said, “Thank you daddy.”

My father licked my clit for the first time, and I came almost as soon as his tongue touched me. Daddy ate my pussy for at least an hour, and I lost track of how many orgasms he gave me. While he was licking me, he started slipping the tip of a finger inside my soggy pussy. He sawed his big finger in and out of my opening, then curled his finger to press on my g spot. I thought I was going to come apart physically when I came from his tongue on my clit and his finger on my g-spot, at the same time. The pleasure was so intense, it was almost painful.

I whined, “I’m all ready for you daddy. Please get on top of me and fuck me forever.”

Dad got up and lifted me to the middle of the big bed. He knelt between my splayed thighs and looked into my eyes. He said, “It’s usually easier the first time if the girl is on top.”

I replied, “I know, but I want you on top of me. I want to know I’m yours and I want you to feel how completely you own me. Don’t worry about squishing me daddy. I want to feel your weight on me and I need to feel you fucking me into the bed.”

Dad smiled at me. He said, “Are you sure? This might be a, ‘be careful what you ask for’ moment. I can’t promise I’ll be able to dial things back once we get started. Of course, if you tell me to stop, I will, no matter what. If I can tell something is hurting you, I’ll stop right away too.”

“I’m positive! Give your daughter what she needs daddy!” I demanded.

I felt the head of dad’s circumcised penis rubbing over my hard, throbbing clit. His precum added to the slippery girl juice drenching my cooze. He teased me with his cockhead rubbing my clit until I came. While I was screaming out my pleasure, dad centered his knob in my hole. I grabbed my father’s cute buns and pulled hard, so that the head of his prick penetrated my cunny and came to rest pressed tight against my cervix. I knew that I was where I was meant to be; on my back, with eight inches of hard daddy cock stretching my velvet vise. I squeezed daddy’s fat prick with my internal muscles and I smiled when he gave a gasp of pleasure.

I don’t remember feeling even a pinch worth of pain. It was all just lovely pleasure on two levels. First, my dad’s penis giving my vagina and clit indescribable pleasure, and then the feeling in my heart when I knew I was giving my daddy the sexual pleasure he deserved for being the best man in the world.

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