Wives and Dogs. Some Facts, Stats and Myths

by Luke Dogwalker

Copyright© 2019 by Luke Dogwalker

Fantasy Sex Story: Some explanations of how and perhaps why I have fairly easily persuaded my various partners to allow our pet dogs to share our sex life.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Zoophilia   Wife Watching   Bestiality   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

Before I relate the journey of my various partners and ex-wives into K9 debauchery I first need to offer my views on the subject. I should confess that seeing women enjoying sex play with dogs has been my primary turn on for many years, since my teens in fact. I once saw a neighbour allowing her dog to lick her intimately as I spied between curtains into her flat. I was hooked from that day on as this erotic scene was imprinted onto my mind for life, as initial teenage sexual experiences often are.

The neighbour was a divorcee, aged about forty, she was nice enough to talk to but I certainly didn’t fancy her at eighteen, before I saw her pussy licked by a dog that is! She had a basement bed-sit in the house next to ours and both our rear flats shared a mutual entrance gate leading down through a narrow covered passageway. While coming down this dark passage late one evening I’d casually glanced cross at her lit window as I passed, catching a brief glimpse of her bare tits through an open chink in the curtains. I was a teenage boy, so naturally I crept quietly back again for a second look but didn’t see much as the light went off. I did catch her naked again however, on several occasions.

At that age I didn’t care she was twenty odd years my senior, I now regularly tossed myself off while watching her undress from my dark vantage point, her bedtime routine soon became my personal daily strip show. I learned she invariably undressed for bed around ten thirty. Even when her thick curtains were pulled tightly shut all I had to do was quietly fetch an old milk crate into the passage and stand on it. There was no pelmet fitted over her curtains, this meant if I craned my neck forward slightly I had a clear view over the top of them down into the whole of her one room bed-sit flat.

After I’d spied on her a few times I knew her routines well. The highlight of my weekly viewing was weekends, when she would regularly go take a shower before going to bed, then come back in from the bathroom to dry herself, giving me a close up of her large tits and hairy pussy as she did. At least that had been my original highlight prior to her looking after someone’s dog! One night I’d come home from a pub gig early hoping to catch her naked but I almost bumped into her coming out of our passage gate as I approached to unlock it. She had a medium sized Collie type dog on a lead with her, he barked like hell when he saw me, I nearly shit myself. Quickly apologising she warned me not to say anything to the landlord, as dogs weren’t allowed in these flats. She’d told me that he was her ex’s dog, he was only staying with her a day or two. Evidently she was taking him across to the grass for a pee before she went to bed. I took that as a cue I might get a look at her tits in five minutes so I carefully listened for her coming back home again. When she did finally come in ten minutes later I gave her time to settle then very quietly got my milk crate and stood up on it outside her window.

I was just in time to see her getting her jeans off however this time when she stepped out of them she just lay back on the her bed leaving her skimpy knickers still on. With her feet touching the floor she reached round for her pillow, pushing it up behind the small of her back so she could sit up on the bed a bit to see the Collie dog who kept prancing about excitedly between her knees. I nearly fell off my milk crate perch at what she did next. Adjusting the pillow behind her so she could sit up a bit more to see the dog better she parted her knees wide and pulled her knickers front over to one side, giving both the dog and myself a good view of her hairy slit. She was quite clearly coaxing him to her vagina because she kept patting her inner thigh to try to encourage her dog to come closer. He kept hesitantly smelling at her pussy then backing away again until she rubbed her fingers into her slit and held them out for him to lick. He did, just about the time I shot in my pants the dog suddenly got the idea of what she wanted and started to give my kinky neighbour an enthusiastic pussy licking.

His long tongue definitely got her going, as still holding her knickers over to one side for the dog to get at her she also slipped the other hand down into the front of them and started stroking at her clitoris. After a minute or so the fingers inside her knickers started to rub away faster at her mound until she was masturbating furiously as the dog licked at her. Her body went suddenly went rigid, she threw her head back and arched up off the bed about a foot, shuddering just as if she was having an epileptic fit when she climaxed hard on the dogs tongue. It was the first time I’d ever seen a female come, it was a big shock. That would be about the same time I came myself too, for the second time in five minutes, standing on a milk crate with my cock out in my hand and almost pulling the end of it off. No wonder, it had been a very erotic sight. It got even more erotic when she slipped her knickers down off her legs and dreamily laid back with them spread wide apart, stroking at her labia gently as she let the dog clean her up. While I’d seen teenage girl’s slits before, this gave me my first real look at a gaping mature gash when she finally pushed the dog away from her and sat up, looking flushed.

This was the erotic sight that etched its lasting impression on my young mind, even writing it down now the memory of how much she shuddered and shook as that Collie made her come turns me on. Seeing women with dogs enjoying it to that extent blows me away. It has done ever since that night.

That scene clearly influenced my future life a lot, as my own personal experience of this practise now spans decades and has involved my voyeuristic participation with over half a dozen different women who have enjoyed various sexual games with male dogs. Obviously I’ve never spoken about this k9 sex with anyone else outside the partners who have willing participated in it with me. I may have casually joked with the lads in the band or else down at the pub about something kinky I’d seen on the internet or Hamburg gigs about dogs. Even then their interest in dogs licking women is usually just limited to macho comments, similar to those made when discussing Lesbian oral sex, such as;

“Hey, I wouldn’t mind seeing a dog do that, but I’d show her the real thing.” Despite their interest I’d be surprised if they’d really want to see their own wives getting laid by their pet dog, as I often have.

When I’ve casually steered this topic into a conversation, quoting something I’ve heard in gossip or read about on the internet, then people, or more especially women, seem to instantly condemn it as animal abuse and disgusting. The universal opinion seems to be that it’s a male porn obsession and a taboo practise that’s rarely, if ever undertaken by females of their own free choice. It seems a widely held belief that all those images now freely available on the internet are made by whores in the Porn industry or else sluts for cash. I agree that a high percent possibly are, but most certainly not all.

I concede wholeheartedly that Bestiality in the form of males penetrating any poor animal is abuse. It obviously can’t give consent or want to mate, its rape so it’s both disgusting and animal cruelty. I also find the majority of commercially produced Dog Porn films ridiculous and cruel too. Male dogs, (usually clearly drugged Great Danes) who are showing little or no interest in sex with their naked human bitch are squat over by these highly paid whores and their Viagra engorged cocks are used as dildo’s for the camera while they make theatrical moans and grunts ... They are quite ridiculous films with blatantly obvious fake enjoyment therefore not in the least stimulating, well not to me anyway.

On the other hand I find internet mobile phone clips of someone’s wife, shot in their own darkened bedroom far more erotic. It doesn’t matter to me at all that its amateur and her face is kept well out of shot, it’s usually obvious from her panting and sexy replies to her husbands excited prompts that she is unquestionably enjoying the sensation of her poodle’s attentions between her chubby thighs. This must be because my “turn on” in any type of sex is the female’s sexual excitement. Any woman being ‘forced’ to do something against her will, (for instance rape) is alien to me, it just turns me off.

Anyone who still thinks it’s a rarity for any woman to engage in sex with a dog outside actresses in the Porn industry should think again. I know for certain that it isn’t, not least from my own sexual experiences. Just look at the internet now, it’s full of chat rooms discussing and showing clips of ‘real’ amateurs at it. One I saw recently was of a slim red-head about thirty on her knees being well shagged by the Doberman on her back. Her excitement was not in question at all, she kept moaning, “Oh my God, Ben’s coming in me now, it’s hot.” This clip was clearly shot in this couples family living room as the corner was full of toddler toys and washing baskets etc. Her face had been blurred over.

This wasn’t Amsterdam! It was probably shot on a Luton council estate by a married couple spicing up their sex life with the help of their family pet. They liked it, and their dog obviously did so why not? Who are they hurting exactly? Certainly not their Doberman, lucky Ben had a smile on his face!

It’s widely thought that this ‘kink’ is a recent phenomena, kick started by the internet, I know its not. Even the Kindsey study into the ‘Sexuality of Women’ way back in the late sixties reported that 3% of women in their anonymous questionnaire admitted, “Some sort of sexual contact with an animal” (usually a dog.) It reports that this usually took the form of her masturbating the dog, or allowing its mouth contact with her genitals. At first that sounds a small number, but in effect it states that if you look around a tube train carriage crowded with women, then this 3% statistic basically means about half a dozen women you are looking at have either let a dog lick their pussy or tossed it off!

If I count up the sexual relationships which lasted over a year in my own life then this 3% Kindsey data soars up to 89%. This is because when I teased women to try it, ‘for a laugh’ only ONE from my NINE partners ever refused point blank to part her knees just to ‘see’ what a dog’s tongue felt like! I’m not saying the other eight all loved it, as they didn’t, two others declared it had done nothing for them and felt ‘weird’ or ‘funny ‘. I never asked them to try again. One of them, an Irish Nurse, had at first seemed to enjoy it a lot on the night, but was guilty as hell next day. I hope she didn’t ever go to confession over it or the poor Catholic priest in the next cubicle would have pulled his cock off!

One partner, Lisa, hadn’t enjoyed it at all, she told me so. Yet later, on my birthday she surprised me and Bruno, my Labrador by bringing him into the lounge, taking down her shorts and putting on a private sex show for me. I quickly realised the dog wasn’t doing that much for her, it was all a show for me, I think Bruno knew it too, he kept backing away until she went to put butter on her pussy! It was clear this was all for my benefit, Lisa admitted as much to me only a few days afterwards. This butter stunt does nothing for me, sexually excited dogs licking yes, but not a hungry dog. We actually parted not long after that over something unrelated. That means three from nine didn’t like it much ok, but that still leaves two thirds who did like it did and went on, to enjoy K9 Cunnylingus regularly. Four of those six eventually experimented further later, volunteering to let our dog fuck them too!

Both my ex-wives ‘did it’ regularly, as did Angie, who I lived with a while and my current partner Jen. I’ve excitedly watched all these four women ‘come’ while thrusting back hard on a swollen dog cock stuck up inside them. Their ages when they first experimented in an initial sex play with our different dogs has varied. It ranged from their early twenties into late forties, although I once met up with my first wife again much later in life while attending a family funeral. We had divorced in our twenties, over my infidelity on tour. After the service we got into chatting in a quiet corner at the Pub ‘do’. Meg got giggly after a few free drinks so I teased her about her younger doggy spiced past. She just whispered to me shyly her older husband had no idea, or would believe it even if told but she’d also ‘Been Naughty’ with both the dogs they’d had during her twenty year second marriage too. She told me that her last dog, a Lurcher, had ‘seen to’ her on Mike’s ‘darts night out’ well into her late fifties. Meg joked that thanks to HRT it had been her old Lurcher who got ‘past it’ first, not her. As I vividly remembered her aged twenty two, squealing on the end of our Alsatian’s cock. I didn’t doubt it a bit.

The nine females I’ve mentioned here were educated women too, mostly professionals. Meg was an accountant, one a small part actress, lawyers, a teacher, and the guilty Irish Nurse I quoted, Daphne. Some are Mothers too, all decent women respected by their offspring and their friends alike. Most emphatically none of them were whores or sluts ‘putting it about’ unless of course you are counting our private sex games at home with our curtains closed. Then they often became outrageous sluts.

I’ll admit these were all highly sexed women but it can’t just be coincidence that this seems to be the only type of female I seemed to meet. The human imagination is a woman’s most sensitive sex organ and all women possess one, so why not tweak that rather than her nipple, or perhaps tweak both at the same time? I firmly believe that any woman who hasn’t suffered serious sexual trauma or abuse in her life should only need the right buttons pressing to turn into an uninhibited nymphomaniac! Whatever, that has always been my experience of the women who ever climbed into my own bed.

Many women find the fantasy of a ‘Menage a trois’ and sexual variations exciting talk, just as many men would shake with voyeuristic excitement actually watching another man making his wife come. In reality a couple experimenting in group sex or wife swapping in a small community can be fraught with danger for a professional couple, practically impossible to keep secret in a small town. It’s even worse if you’re well known. ‘Kiss and Tell partners, sex photos taken on phones, people getting too attached, or not wanting to let go, your older kids or parents hearing sordid gossip etc. It’s not only reputations and family life put at risk by swinging, but decent jobs and salaries put in jeopardy too.

On the other hand, allowing a loved member of your family, “Rover” to be the second randy male in your sexy ‘ménage a trois’ is socially safer! It’s also even more excitingly ‘taboo’ sex if your goal is just escaping sexual boredom. Provided you play all your sex games behind closed doors and you never mention it to anyone else, then even if you both part company in the future your ‘kinky secret’ will stay safe with Rover. Your dog certainly won’t ever tell anyone, neither will he want to run away with your wife, or see her behind your back. Rover lives happily with you already and does what he’s told, when he’s told and stops if told. She already loves him to bits and can take him anywhere with her and show him lots of affection and a, “Thank you for making me come last night” kiss and cuddle in public, without a twitch of a net curtain or a raised eyebrow. Yet he’s still your best friend too!

Unlike inviting your human best friend to perform hesitant Cunnylingus on your wife, your dog’s long supple tongue will almost reach her cervix and lick bits she didn’t know she had if she opens her legs wide enough. I’ve known many females who almost shrieked as they shuddered into an orgasm on the end of a dog’s long tongue, usually rubbing frantically at their clit with their fingers as they did it.

I found it surprisingly easy to get respectable women to dip their toes in this muddy water in the first place. I can honestly say I have never coerced or badgered any woman to do it, nor have I ever really needed to. I’ve never found it at all hard to recruit any female I’ve first had sex with regularly to be my willing partner in doggy games, ‘just for a for a giggle,’ or ‘ to see what our dumb dog will do!’

From my own experiences the initial steps into any female sex play with dogs has usually started off in bed, erotic recollections and fantasies being whispered without a dog being anywhere in sight. I’d simply pick the right moment to initially broach this taboo subject in any way at all. Usually I did it fairly innocently, during our mutually enjoyed sex foreplay. When I was sure they were turned on I’d say something kinky, just to note their reaction to it, for instance if they were getting turned on with my tongue licking at their pussy, and she whispered to me it felt nice I’d throw in a stray remark like, “Good, my kinky ex-wife preferred our dog doing it to me, she said his long tongue made her come.”

As your tongue is licking an aroused woman’s vagina then it’s hardly rocket science to now gauge her reaction to your comment is it? If it fell onto stony ground or shocked her there will now be a short silence followed by her moving about a little, even wanting to cut short this sex foreplay now. So just halt the sex talk and make a mental note that it’s unlikely Rover will be getting his dog tongue on this girl’s wet pussy, so shelve the idea. Should she bring up your remark later on just dismiss it as a bad joke. Best not to bring dog sex up in your bed a second time or you may well be branded a pervert.

If, on the other hand, your ‘kinky’ ex wife remark prompts a giggled response or interested questions from her then keep it light this time, don’t go overboard. Just make a note the scene you described has interested, rather than shocked her! Careful and gradual encouragement should pay off later.

All the women I ever persuaded to play sexy games with a dog while I watched did so willingly, even their first time. None were ever too drunk to know what was happening, nor were any of them ever coerced to do it in any way at all. Strange, but quite often quite the opposite thing occurred in fact.

Once they had, ‘dipped their toe in the waters’ to curiously allow the dog to lick at their pussy for a minute or two the woman’s first reaction would usually be an embarrassed giggle, saying it tickled or felt ‘weird’ or ‘funny’ but as the dog carried on she’d gradually start to feel less tense about what the dog was doing then just relax and enjoy it, especially as she could see it was clearly turning me on a lot just watching her do it. Most women adore this aspect and feel ‘in charge’ of this game. I think the exhibitionist in them must take over. She is the one now getting enthusiastic Cunnylingus, you are now just the one just sat watching HER enjoying sex, holding your own cock and in her power.

By now she will invariably be getting sexually excited, so once it’s obvious from her panting that your K9 virgin is enjoying her first dog experience it’s time to stop play briefly just so you can pick up your, “Get out of Jail free” card! This is played next day if they feel perverted and blame you it happened. I used to pretend to panic if they moaned, as most did. I’d pull the dog back by his collar, asking if he was hurting them and did they want me to stop him? I honestly can’t remember very many, if any ever saying ‘Yes please’. Their croaky whispered replies invariably ran something along the lines of; “No, it’s alright, I’m fine.” Or, “Just let him, he’s not hurting.” or, “God no, please don’t stop him.”

My own interpretation of being told to let go of a dog’s collar and allow him BACK between her legs again is clear request from any woman that she actually wants to let the dog lick her! Surely as she is now the one telling me to let go of him so he can get his tongue back on her cunt again then she can hardly say she didn’t want to do it or was coerced to doing it in the guilty light of morning can she? Once given this green light I’d ask if she was sure, let Rover get back into her slit again. I’d assist her to come on the dogs tongue by gently pushing her own hand down against her vulva, gently moving my fingers over hers to make them rub up against her clitoris. As soon she’d been persuaded into masturbating her own clit seriously I would start squeezing her nipples hard and whispering in her ear what a ‘filthy dirty girl’ she was being by letting our randy dog lick her cunt out. When her breath started to quicken I’d tell her that her gaping wide cunt was turning our dog on so much now that he was getting a hard on. That his red cock was poking out from his sheath and he was thrusting away his hips in the hope of him now fucking her cunt too. With this taboo fantasy scene now planted in their head and the dog’s tongue it usually wasn’t long before the woman had a shuddering orgasm!

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