The Photo Album

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A husband and wife both make big mistakes but it lights up their marriage after all.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   .

Bob was busted. A woman had showed up at his home while he was at work and given his wife Roxy dates, times, and video of him screwing her a half-dozen times. When Bob came home after work and grabbed his wife’s ass because he had a good day and wanted a piece of it, he wasn’t prepared for her reaction.

She sat him down and put the evidence on the kitchen table. He began stuttering and apologizing and she shut him off. “I’m not gonna get mad because she was really attractive and I know how men are, but I am going to get even.”

Over the next month, on no particular schedule, she texted to fix his own dinner. She’d arrive home late that night and insist that he fuck her. She wouldn’t kiss him, just humping him back as he slammed into her slippery snatch, then getting up to shower before coming back to bed and going to sleep. Those were the only times that she offered him her body.

At the end of that month it had happened six times. He’d kept count. When she told him she wanted a “date night”, something they had done earlier in their marriage when they wanted a time of special affection he was puzzled as hell.

She fixed a nice dinner and served lots of wine. Her hair was fixed and she had on a négligée he hadn’t seen in a long time. She seemed back to her sweet old self that he remembered from when they were first married. He was one confused guy.

She insisted they shower together and teased him with her touches and rubbing her body against him. After they toweled each other off she led him to the candlelit room with soft music playing. She didn’t lie down and spread her legs as he hoped she might but sat crosslegged on the bed and asked him to do the same. From under her pillow she produced a photo album which he never seen before.

“I’ve had this put away because I never thought I would add to it after you and I met. I’ve also never shared it with you because I didn’t know how you would take it, but things have changed.”

She turned it towards him and opened it to the first page. There were photographs of naked people parts. From the angle it appeared that she had taken it looking down towards her crotch. It was hers, he could tell from the shape of her bush. He recognized that body the way it was when much younger. That would have been nice except for the presence of an erection poised to penetrate her pussy in the first picture, that shaft buried between her pussy lips in the second, and a cum coated shaft, obviously just withdrawn, in the third photo. “That was my first lover and we went together almost a year.” She looked over and his willy was still wilted so she turned the page.

On the next set of three photos there were the same shots but the cock was clearly different. “This was my second lover. I started with him eight months after the first one.” He caught the overlap and she smiled sweetly.

There were twelve pages in all, each featuring a different male organ before, during, and after servicing her cunt, as he was now thinking of it. When she reached the last one, she asked, “Do you recognize this one?” He looked closely and it was his. He didn’t remember her taking those pictures.

“As I told you, this is been put away for a long time but I got it out this month.” He did have a hardon by now which she ignored. Each of the pages had been dated and when she turned to the next one he saw one less than a month ago. She slowly turned each page so he got a good look at six recent erections which had visited her vagina and left their stuff there. She made no comments because the dates and pictures spoke for themselves.

When she closed the book and laid back in the bed she said as she stared into his eyes, “We’re even and that’s done and let’s go on from here. I didn’t enjoy any of them as much is I do you and I hope that was true of your other pussy as well.” He buried himself in her and fucked like always. He did his best to put those images out of my mind and just concentrate on her but it did rile him up and he was after her more than usual for a while. Those images, especially the recent ones, kept popping up and he remembered fucking her in their stuff.

They seemed to be settling back in to their relationship when the next surprise occurred. He came home one evening from work and she was sobbing and pretty drunk. He got a tall glass of whiskey on the rocks and sat down across the kitchen table from her. He didn’t know what to do so just sat quietly.

Through her sobs she said, “I’m so sorry. I’m so glad that you don’t hate me and I’ll figure out some way to make it up to you.”

He reached out his hand and asked, “What in the hell is going on?”

“I just found out from a friend of mine that the woman you screwed gets her jollies by seducing men and then telling their wives. She’s become quite the expert I guess and so you were not as much at fault as I thought. I feel terrible for being so vindictive.”

He stood her up and made sure she was stable and then took her clothes off piece by piece, kissing each part as he uncovered it. As she stood there naked he removed his clothing and took her over to the big couch which they’d never christened. As he kissed her pussy, he told her, “No harm done. I didn’t detect any wear and tear and I’m enjoying it as much is I ever did. Maybe more because you are even sexier now.” As he buried his bone, she broke down in tears and hugged him as they coupled.

When she sobered up she asked again what she could do to make it up to him. She was VERY surprised when he said, “I’d like to watch you fuck those six guys again and video it for our viewing pleasure when we needed some extra stimulation”.

When she recovered her ability to speak she said, “I don’t know who they are. I picked them up at bars and they paid for the motel rooms.”

He thought for a minute and said, “Do you think you could track down any of those guys who preceded me?” She thought maybe she could because of school and work connections. He added, “Actually I’d rather see those because you had a connection with them and I’ll bet your reunions would be pretty inspired.”

She got a huge grin on her face and said she’d get busy but had one question herself, “I sure hope you will fuck me right after they do!” He nodded and demonstrated just what he would do.

It took a while but Roxy finally informed him that she’d tracked down a few of the men. Some had moved away, some were married, and some were just lost. “But,” she said brightly, “one of them who moved away is coming back to visit family just next week. He was page two in the album and he stayed with me after I broke up with number one until he was sent away to school so we parted on good terms. I’ll set up a time that we can all meet. Probably we should go out to dinner and ease into this.”

She got out the album at bedtime and had it open to his page as they fucked, both of them thinking about that meeting.

Tom was a nice guy, not that he’d expect her to get involved with any other kind. They talked about their lives, her happy marriage and his failed one. He wasn’t involved with anyone else right now either. Perfect. Her husband left them alone saying he needed to use the bathroom. That was her cue to make the invitation.

She texted him to return and he got a room at a motel within walking distance. They’d leave the cars here. Roxy held his hand and they took a walk as the surprised recipient got used to the idea of screwing this former lover with her husband present.

Her husband texted the room number after retrieving a bottle of chilled champagne and three plastic flutes from their car. The door was ajar and they entered to be presented with bubbly. “To reminiscing about good times in the past.” Tom also proposed a toast, “To an amazing surprise from a lovely and loving woman!” They finished the bottle quickly.

The lights were dimmed and Roxy spent a little time in the bathroom while two naked men waited expectantly. Bob wondered what Tom was thinking as he sat there silently, eyes fixed on that door. They both gasped as she made a grand entrance in a filmy garment that she must have hidden in her purse. Tom had last seen that body when she was eighteen, being was twenty years and two children younger. He spoke first, “You’ve ripened beautifully!” She blushed and her nipples poked out.

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