New Arcadia: Trevor's Report

by Jehoram

Copyright© 2019 by Jehoram

Erotica Sex Story: Something strange is going on at New Arcadia, and a Guide from another Gregorio resort is called in to investigate. This is his report. (On the New Arcadia timeline, it falls just after "Herb's Story" and Chapter 7 of the main story.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Interracial   Fisting   Masturbation   Tit-Fucking   Small Breasts   Nudism   .

At the request of the Gregorio Association, I submit this report on my investigation of the queries raised by other members concerning New Arcadia. I feel that this can best be done in the form of this spoken-word recording, because it allows me to recall the incidents more clearly. Later, I shall prepare a proper written report for the files.

Submitted 22 August 2014

I am Trevor H., a Senior Guide at New Paradise, the Gregorio resort of New Zealand. A member of our resort, who was visiting the Gregorio resort in Hawaii, came back with reports of two members from New Arcadia, in southern California, who were also visiting there. These visitors, she said, were not progressing in line with the standards of the Association, but rather were being promoted beyond their skills and capabilities. As you know, this is a serious charge, because we stress conformity with those standards, so that members can go to any resort worldwide and have their statuses recognized.

These complaints concerned two green-band members whom we shall refer to as Louise and George, both apparently around thirty years of age. They were not raised in the Gregorio system, but were introduced to it only three years ago. Nevertheless, both not only had their green bands but were seen wearing rings that signified Apprentice status. It was suggested that these two people were far too inexperienced to qualify for such a status, and we were asked to investigate.

Then one of our members visited New Arcadia last month, and was shocked to find another green-band on a girl who claimed to be seventeen, but who apparently looked to be fourteen at most. This girl, who was introduced as Mandy, had been indeed raised in the Gregorio system, but we were concerned that, even if she was indeed as old as she claimed to be, she would not have attained the skill level that other members of New Arcadia had attributed to her.

Therefore, the Association directed me to investigate. I was to be joined by Cicely, a Senior Guide with the Gregorio resort in South Africa. We met at the Los Angeles Airport and shared a room at the hotel there. It’s always valuable experience to fuck a Guide from another resort, since it allows us to not only exchange new techniques but to assure ourselves that other resorts are adhering to standards of expertise. I can testify that Cicely is a superbly trained lover, easily the equal of any Guide I’ve had the pleasure to fuck. Therefore, I had no qualms about her ability to analyse the situation.

When two experienced Guides fuck, I’ve always found that there’s a lot less pressure to perform. We just relax and take the experience where it wants to go. I liken it to two trained singers meeting for the first time and striking up a duet. There’s no need to display all their skill or compete with each other. Instead, they just see how well they harmonise, usually with simple tunes that give them freedom to explore. Cicely and I matched very well indeed!

The next day, we visited New Arcadia and were welcomed by Herb and Marcia, the senior Guides there. We explained the purpose of our visit, but neither of them seemed particularly disturbed by the charges we were investigating. Instead, they recommended that we interview the three individuals in question, and make the determination ourselves as to their qualifications.

Then we were introduced to Louise and Herb. A two-bedroom cabin was reserved for us, and Cicely and Herb went to one of them while Louise took the other.

I found Louise to be open, friendly, and utterly uninhibited. There’s no other word for it: she exuded sexuality. I have met many green-bands who came late to the game, so to speak, and while they came to embrace our life-style, they always retained some reserve when encountering strangers. Not her, though. As we exchanged “gropes,” she drew me to her, pressed her body against mine, and kissed me so deeply that my penis responded at once. Everything in that embrace screamed “Fuck me now!” although there was nothing in it that told me that she was making any special effort. It was simply her nature. And there was no escaping the aroma of female arousal that followed her like a cloud. I thought I was fairly immune to that, after fifteen years as a Guide, but now it struck me like an arrow. I simply had to have my cock in this woman.

I also noticed, as nearly everybody did when first meeting her, that one breast was almost two cup sizes larger than the other, both had a bit of sag, and both were capped by extraordinarily long nipples. Odd as these traits might seem on any other woman, they only added to her sexual allure, and one accepted them immediately as perfect for her. Both her hairdo and her bush were thick, blond, and curly. When I groped her cunt, I found it slick. “I’ve just come from fucking somebody,” she explained. “That’s his cum in my pussy. Do you want to shower first?”

Well, what I wanted to do was to fuck her, as soon and as hard as possible. “No need to shower,” I said. “Let’s get down to business.” She smiled, hugged me again, and led me to the cabin reserved for us. Cicely and George followed. Once there, I took the bedroom on the left, while they took the one on the right.

“How would you like to proceed?” she asked. “You’re the guest.”

“What’s your favourite position?” I replied.

“I have no favourites, really, although most of my lovers ask for missionary, unless they want to see my boobs bounce. But speaking of tits, let’s get you hard first. Lie on the bed, and I’ll tit-fuck you. You’ve been staring at my tits for a while now, so I’m assuming that you’re wondering what they’d feel like wrapped around your cock. Let’s find out!”

Well, I needed no persuading! She produced a bottle of oil from a nightstand next to the bed and oiled her breasts until they gleamed. Then I felt her long, rubbery nipples grazing my chest, painting them with two streaks of oil. She let her body slide down until her breasts dangled above my hardening cock and then eased herself down, pushing them together to form a valley. It was a perfectly acceptable tit-job, made sweeter by the fact that she knew exactly how much pressure to put on my cock. As she worked, she kept eye contact with me, a smile playing on her lips. She also knew when to give my cock a rest, sliding her oiled body up mine, so that her bush grazed my cock, and giving me a kiss before sliding back down. There was no hint that she was merely following a set pattern, as so many green-bands do. Instead, she saw it as a game, and missed no opportunity to match my responses with her own. She even giggled, not from nervousness, but from delight in pleasing me. I was enchanted by her sense of playfulness, and the feel of her belly sliding across my cock as if it, too, was mine for the fucking, along with her tits and cunt. For the first time, I began to sense what an extraordinary lover she would be.

If it had been other circumstances, I would have immediately succumbed to her, but I had a job to do. I couldn’t really measure her skill at sex without her demonstrating her vaginal control, which really is the hallmark of true Guide potential. So I asked her if we could fuck missionary-style. She responded by pushing me gently to the edge of the bed, laying on her back, and splaying her legs to expose a very wet quim, begging to be licked and fucked.

As most Guides do when fucking somebody for the first time, I wanted to give her oral to ensure that she was lubricating and ready for coitus, and to get a taste of her pussy to determine what her vaginal health was. To my surprise, when I touched my tongue to her slit, I found her clitoris already swollen and ready. When I remarked on this, she said that it had never really gone soft from her last tryst, and that she’d been in a state of arousal ever since. I could taste no off flavors, but only the very sweet taste of her juices and the sperm that was still seeping from her cunt, from her last encounter. Together, they formed a most delicious cocktail.

It was obvious that no amount of oral would get her any hornier or wetter, so I proceeded to slide my cock into her and feel her legs wrap around mine. Her body began writhing, sliding against my body as if she were dancing, taking full advantage of the slipperiness of her oiled body. Her hands slid along my back, searching for all those trigger points that Guides know about but few other women do. I made a mental note to commend Herb on the thoroughness of his training.

But what was most extraordinary -- and I realize that I’m using this word often -- was that when my cock was fully inside, I felt her vaginal muscles not only tighten but ripple, stroking my cock from tip to base. Now any experienced lover can do this to some extent, but her sure control and perfect synchronisation were things I’d only experienced in other Guides before. I congratulated her on this talent, and her response was a half-smile, as if it were something that she could do by second nature, as it were. Intrigued by this, I willed my cock to soften, and was amazed to find that she not only adapted to each change but tailored the pattern of her clenching to it, using different portions of her vagina to grip the various areas of my shaft.

Again, I congratulated her, and learned that this technique was one that she constantly used with Herb, her mentor, and George, her husband. With them, she had practised until her performance was flawless. But lest you get the idea that the performance was only technically perfect, I would add that she was riding an orgasm the entire time, keeping it on the ragged edge of control. And she had been orgasming almost from the moment I had penetrated her.

Finally, I heard her breathe into my ear, “Would you like to cum now?” I would have loved to try a few other things, but I realized that I, too, needed to cum in the worst way. I think she could well have endured, and enjoyed, a few more minutes, but I could not, and she had sensed that even before I could. So I thrust myself into her as deep as I could go, and I felt those incredible vaginal muscles lock on to my cock. As I released my load, I felt them rippling again, harder this time, as if milking every drop of cum. We shivered simultaneously with the force of our climaxes.

And she was “just a green-band!”

During our refractory period, I asked her about herself and her sexual history. I found that she and George met on their first visit to New Arcadia and had been in a relationship ever afterward, which they now shared with another couple. As Herb’s Apprentice, she fucked him at least weekly. And she made a point of fucking every man at the resort at least twice a year. It seemed to me that Herb had indeed found a jewel of a trainee, but even this promiscuity could not explain her talent. I would find another piece of the puzzle that night, but not before an even more extraordinary thing -- that word again! -- took place.

After our exertions, I felt I needed to use the shower facilities, so we walked there as soon as I had recovered some measure of tumescence, as is the tradition here. As we washed up, a young girl, who looked to be fourteen, came up to us and groped me in greeting. I noticed that she had a green wrist-band. Hanging on a chain on her neck was a ring that looked like an Apprentice ring. Was this Mandy, the other woman we had been sent to investigate?

It was indeed, and I asked her if I could have the honour of fucking her at her convenience. She said that now was as good a time as any, so we left the shower block together. Along the way, Louise noticed George and Cicely in the snack area. George waved her over, and I saw the two women following us to our cabin while George, presumably, had duties elsewhere. They took the bedroom on the right, and Mandy and I took the other bed, whose sheets had been changed in the meantime.

Truth to tell, I was a little perturbed at fucking such a young lady, regardless of her proclaimed age. In my home resort, there are simply no under-developed girls with green bands. And yet, she still had the narrow hips, nearly hairless cunt, and flat chest of a girl just into her teens. The only difference was that her nipples, like Louise’s, were quite long, perhaps two centimeters; she evidently liked to have them sucked on.

When we got into bed, she said, “Before we fuck, I’d like to show you something.” As I lay on my back, she gripped my hardening penis about halfway down the shaft with a thumb and forefinger no bigger than a child’s. That’s why she was wearing the ring on a chain, I realized. Her fingers were too small.

“Are you going to give me a hand job?”

“Well, it’s actually more of a ‘finger job.’ I’ll be using only a small part of your dick, about halfway down the shaft. Tell me if you like it.” And so she proceeded, rolling the skin back and forth, squeezing it, licking it, and lightly tracing her finger on it. All this sensation was limited to only a very small portion of my penis. I was enchanted at the novelty of it. I felt my penis harden fully and start to throb and produce pre-cum, which she did not touch. She knew what she was doing, all right, and my world shrank to the three square inches or so that she was caressing. We went on like that for a half an hour, which seemed to go by like a flash. I could endure no longer, I needed release. As I felt that I was about to cum, she let go of my penis, positioned her cunt over it, and impaled herself on it.

The effect was electric. Now the entire penis, not a small portion of it, was flooded with sensation. I could not help but gasp as I came with a force that was actually painful, a force augmented by a sudden hard squeeze from her vaginal walls. I gazed up in astonishment at her face, now beaming with satisfaction.

“Where on earth did you learn that technique?” I was finally able to croak. “Who taught you?”

“Nobody taught me. I invented it myself. At least, I’ve studied the literature, and didn’t find anybody else doing it.”

“Well done! Well done! I’ve never encountered anything like that before! How did you hit upon it?”

“Well, I was helping Louise with the young boys, and it occurred to me that a good way to teach them libido control was to concentrate on just a small part of their dicks instead of the whole thing. But instead of damping down their libido, it seemed to increase it. So I started doing it with other men ... all the men here, actually. The boys, too. And I eventually worked out what areas of the penis to tickle, and how much to tickle them, to get the best effect. George sort of assigned it to me as a research project. When I’m pretty sure I’ve got it down, I’m going to write it up, and start teaching it to the Guides and anybody else who wants to learn it.”

“Amazing! I’m so glad you did that to me! I thought my penis had experienced everything!”

“Thank you. Did you know that I’m working on a technique like this for vaginas? It’s a lot harder, though. We aren’t wired like men are, and it’s hard to tickle such a small area without hitting somewhere else, too. But I’m still trying. I think it will take a special kind of dildo to get the proper effect.”

“Incredible! When word of this gets out, you’ll be in great demand as a teacher!”

“Well, do you want to fuck now?”

“I thought we just did!”

“That wasn’t fucking. That was just mastrupation. I’m not letting you out of my vagina until we’ve fucked!” Because my dick, you see, was still planted firmly in her sex, although it was getting soft.

But already I could feel her vaginal muscles caressing it, gripping it, and coaxing it back to hardness. It was a repeat of Louise’s incredible performance just a few hours before. And, as Louise did, she knew exactly when my penis was hard enough to begin moving up down it to stroke her own vagina with my cap. I felt no need to do anything of my own; when I tried, she said, “Let me. You’re our guest.” She’d obviously learned her manners from the same source Louise did!

Of course, I willed my cock to harden and soften, as I did with Louise, and again Mandy made the adjustments effortlessly. My only concern was that she didn’t exhibit the level of arousal that Louise had. Rather than seeming on the perpetual edge of a raging climax, she seemed almost serene; her breathing was deep and regular, her pulse elevated but even. She was focused entirely on my pleasure, running through the gamut of trigger points everywhere on my body, leaving none explored.

“Darling,” I said, “what can I do to get you to cum?”

“I’m cumming now! I’ve been cumming for ten minutes now, at least. And I can cum for another hour, if you want me to.”

“I don’t think I can last that long! But seriously, it doesn’t look like you’re cumming at all.”

“I’m on the ‘First Step of the Temple.’ Herb taught me about it. I can stay on this step for a long time, and then will myself to step up and do a full-blown orgasm.”

“Tantric? You do that?”

“Oh, yeah. Herb and I do it all the time. I do it with George, too. Let me know when you want to finish it.”

“Do it now, please!”

She nodded, and her body tone suddenly changed. Her breathing deepened, sweat blossomed on her body, and her torso flushed pink. Her vaginal muscles tensed and went into “milking mode” as Louise’s did. And suddenly I was orgasming, too, as if the orgone was being pumped directly from her genitals into mine. My body arched, lifting my ass and her body completely off the bed. And then I slumped back, entirely spent, and felt her young body flopping onto mine.

I’ve fucked hundreds and hundreds of women, and dozens and dozens of Guides, from all over the world. But never did I see such a spectacle. She had gone from one state to another almost instantaneously! It couldn’t be faked.

And she wasn’t even eighteen yet!

Two fucks in a row, both exceptional, both from green-bands. What on earth was going on here at New Arcadia?

Well, I got part of my answer that night, when I was invited into Marcie’s bed. As I noted earlier, it’s part of our policy as Senior Guides to fuck as many of the other Senior Guides as we can. And Marcie has a reputation of being one of the best fucks and the best teachers in the whole system, so I was looking forward to our tryst.

And I wasn’t disappointed. She seemed to know every trick in the book for getting me hard, keeping me hard, letting me cum, and getting me hard again. After two orgasms on my part, and God only knows how many on hers, our lusts were spent long enough for us to have a chat about the three people Cicely and I were interviewing.

“It’s true that George hasn’t been with us long, but we saw from his very first visit that his libido was unusually high, and that he was willing to train it. All men want to be better lovers, I think, but not many are willing to work very hard at it. He was. He sought out every opportunity to expand his horizons. He even experimented with gay sex, under my supervision, on that first visit to New Arcadia. And after fucking him for the first time, I sensed that he had great potential.”

“How long was it after that fuck that he got his green band?” I asked.

“Six months. Now, I know that seems like too short a time. But he had two things going for him. First, as I said, was his willingness to learn and experiment. The second thing was that he had a live-in sexual relationship with Louise, who was also a first-timer. And every time he learned something new, he practised it on her, and vice versa. So instead of just having weekend practice, like most of us, they were working on it five days a week as well as on the weekends here.”

“So that accounts for her progress as well?”

“You bet! They were progressing so fast that by the end of six months, they were at the same level that most boys and girls were after at least two years after they came here as virgins. More, even. So the Senior Guides felt that not giving them their green bands wouldn’t be fair to them.”

“And then? When did you accept them as Apprentices?”

“Well, I extended the offer to George when they were initiated, and he accepted. Herb offered the Apprenticeship to Louise a couple of months later, but she turned it down. She felt she wasn’t ready for it, that she still had more to learn. I think that was due to her sex life prior to New Arcadia. She came here after a failed relationship, convinced that she couldn’t be a good lover -- can you believe that?”

“God, no! She’d seduced me from the moment I first saw her! And, believe me, I was not disappointed! She’s far beyond the level of any green-band I’ve ever fucked!”

“Thank Herb for that! But it happens that he fucked her on her first day here, and saw something in her that nobody else did, yet. ‘Keep an eye on her,’ he told me. ‘She’s going to be really big.’ And he was right! A few months ago, he made the offer again, and this time she accepted.”

“Of course, a big part of being a Guide is in training others. How are they doing there?”

“Very well indeed. One thing about them is that they’re both hebephiles, so we let them be a big part of training our virgin kids. Louise has taken over most of Beryl’s duties in male erection control, and George works with the girls, helping them sensitize their bodies for arousal. It’s amazing how he can bring out the slut in them and assure them that they’re in control, and that they’re desirable. Mandy may be his biggest success story, but there are a dozen young ladies who’ve blossomed under his tutelage. And we trust them both utterly not to abuse their privileges with the red-bands. In fact, both the children and the parents are pleading with us to keep using the pair as tutors.”

“And with adults?”

“Same thing. They’ve never turned down a tryst with anybody. And I’ve never met a member who hasn’t told me that he or she hasn’t learned something new, that the fuck has been anything less than delightful. Ask anybody. You’ll see.”

“All, right, then. You’ve explained how Louise and George progressed so fast. But what about Mandy?”

She laughed. “What about Mandy? Let’s just say that there’s nothing she could do that would surprise us anymore. She’s special.”

“What do you mean?”

“There are no rules that apply to her. We teach her some technique, and a week later, she’s mastered it and found some way to give it a new twist, and we end up learning from her. She’s a prodigy. She can not only orgasm on demand, but she can control every aspect of her arousal. And her body. I swear, when I’m finger-fucking her, I feel her cunt muscles do stuff I didn’t think was possible ... and I’ve finger-fucked a thousand women, probably.”

“I got a taste of that when we were fucking. Such control in a child not yet nineteen...”

“Not a child. A woman. Don’t let her looks deceive you!”

“You’re right. I correct myself. I do have to ask about how Louise and Mandy are with lesbian sex, although Cicely will be taking care of that part of the evaluation.”

“I can assure you that they are as proficient at that as they are at heterosex. We have a Guide here named Candy...”

“Yes, I know her. We fucked a few years ago, when she visited us. Wonderful woman!”

“Well, she’s also a specialist in lesbian sex. And she’s trained her daughter Beryl in it, as well. So when Louise was interested it it, we sent her to them. And when I personally fucked her not long ago, I verified that she’s learned all the basics of how to stimulate feminine arousal, and more besides. I am quite confident in her abilities there.”

“And what about Mandy?” I asked.

She laughed again. “Do you really have to ask? Even as a red-band, she was already fucking every girl in the dorm. She made it a point of honour to bring each and every one of them to an orgasm, and she had a perfect record. And that doesn’t include all the green-band women who wanted to fuck her. You know, I sent Mandy to Beryl and Candy, like I did with Louise. Candy told me later, ‘Why are you wasting our time, Marcie? Because we have absolutely nothing to teach her. She knows it all already.’”

“There’s one more thing I have to ask you, while I’m thinking of it. You recently reported having an eight-person Shakalara here ... two of them, in fact. Who were the participants? I’m betting that George and Louise were two of them.”

“You’d be right. Herb and I had done it before with six people. It was us, George, Louise, and their two co-spouses, who also had green bands.”

“Only two Guides? That’s remarkable!”

“Well, Dick and Liz ... the other green-bands ... live with George and Louise, and fuck them all the time, so there was a strong sexual bond there, and it was easy to get them in sync with us.”

“And the eight-person ones?”

“Same people, and we also included Hector, a Guide from South America who had a three-year grant to study with us.”

“And the other one?”

She laughed again. “I think you know the answer now! It was Mandy, of course. She took to it like an otter pup takes to water.”

All this time, Marcie had been expertly playing with my cock, and when it had become sufficiently hard, I slipped it into her and we had a last go. My fifth orgasm of the day, it was. I felt like a young goat again around these remarkable women.

At breakfast, I caught up with Cicely and found out what she’d learned.

“As you know, I fucked George and Louise yesterday. And I fucked Herb last night. And to tell the truth, I couldn’t tell you which man was the better fuck.”

“Really? I’d have thought that Herb would have won hands down.”

“Herb’s technique is a little better, particularly in reading sensitive areas of my skin. There isn’t anything he doesn’t know when it comes to pleasing a woman. But George is close, and what’s more, he brings an energy, a playfulness, to the table, that’s very rare in a man.”

“How about things like penis and ejaculation control?”

“No difference that I could see. And when I tried to knock George out of the ‘Zone’ a few times, he just chuckled. And then I realized that he was fucking Marcie every week, and there probably isn’t any trick he hasn’t seen!”

“Did he do Tantric?”

“Some. Enough to know that he knew his way around it. Enough to teach it, even.”

“I agree. I fucked one of his students yesterday. She knew her stuff.”

“Was that Louise? When I fucked her yesterday, she showed that she’d had that training. Far beyond that of any green-band, in fact.”

“No, it was Mandy. But when I fucked Louise, I noticed her using quite a few esoteric tricks. You know that Louise and George live together and practise that stuff all the time.”

“Yes, Herb told me that. It explains a lot, doesn’t it? But tell me about Mandy.”

“I can’t tell you about Mandy, really. You’ll just have to experience her. All I can say is that she’s in a class by herself. You’ll be fucking her this morning, won’t you?”

“Herb told me to. He had this funny smile on his face, like it was some kind of practical joke.”

“I thought it was a joke at first, too, when I met her, but she’s the real deal. The joke turned out to be on me!”

At that point, Mandy herself came up to the table and kissed us. “Herb said that Cicely wanted to see me,” she announced.

“Yes,” Cicely said. “He suggested that we fuck. Would this be a good time?”

“I’d love that! I’m so eager to learn from people from around the world. It’s not that I’ve learned everything I could here, but there’s always more, right?”

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