Beautiful White Wife Goes Black

by Smjle

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Erotica Sex Story: Beautiful White Wife was a virgin on her wedding night and was still a virgin when the night was over. Frustrated from having to seduce her husband for hopefully once a week sex, she learned to love young big black cock, especially underage black boys. The "N" word is frequently used in the story so if that offends you, find another story to read.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Gang Bang   Interracial   .

When I met Jason, my future husband, at age 20, I was a virgin and one of less than 20% of American girls my age that was still a virgin. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), slightly over 60% of high school girls have had sexual intercourse by January of the 11th grade when the surveys are taken. And, over 80% of females in the USA have had sexual intercourse by age 20.

I was still a virgin a few months later when I married Jason. According to the Institute of Family Studies, by the 2010s, only five percent of new brides were virgins. Therefore, I was certainly one of a small minority.

Jason was highly intelligent, but like many engineering students, he seemed to be a little socially awkward or at least he wasn’t very outgoing. However, that was minor because he would socialize when he needed to so it didn’t bother me. Also, I felt I had enough social skills for the two of us. Jason was good looking so, when he asked me for a date, I accepted. After a few dates he became my boyfriend and I thought we did match up well and made a good looking couple.

Jason was a senior majoring in aerospace engineering and would graduate in three months. Jason never pressured me for sex and perhaps I should have wondered why. In April, a few weeks before he graduated, Jason got a job offer in Atlanta, Georgia for $76,000 per year so when he proposed and said I could continue my education and he would pay for it, I accepted. Atlanta has a half dozen colleges and I could probably transfer to Emory College. I have good grades, with an ACT of 28, and since typically Emory accepts students with an ACT of 26 or higher, I should be admitted.

I applied for Emory College for the summer term as a provisional student. I would take four summer courses. Then in the fall, when I enrolled in Emory College, I would be able to graduate in another two years.

Jason and I got married in May less than a week after his graduation and we flew to Hawaii for our honeymoon. I was a virgin on our wedding night and I was still a virgin when the night was over. I kind of expected to have sex the following morning but we didn’t. However, with the drinking and so many things going on I felt perhaps Jason was tired so I didn’t give it any thought.

With me initiating it and practically seducing him, Jason did fuck me twice during our ten-day honeymoon in Hawaii and he attempted to fuck me a couple more times but failed due to a limp dick. I wasn’t experienced, but I had a feeling that something wasn’t right. However, I ignored it because I believed Jason may have been under pressure, stress, and the strain of a new marriage.

The sex wasn’t mind-boggling and I didn’t have an orgasm, but I didn’t know enough to have any expectations. In any event, I thought it was nice if only because I could tell that Jason wanted to please me. And, aside from less sex than normal for a young married couple, we had fun, swimming and seeing and doing things in Hawaii.

Three days after we returned from our honeymoon, I fixed a nice dinner and after dinner, I dressed in a sexy, almost transparent negligee. I made my intentions clear that I wanted sex. Jason did fuck me and I did have an orgasm for the first time with Jason. It was not a big one but at least I had one. It was during intercourse after Jason spent 30 minutes kissing, caressing me, and licking my pussy. It didn’t seem to me like sex with Jason was great, but I was happy because I could tell that Jason really was trying to please me.

Jason really is good to me. He has a high income. He gave me control of the checkbook and bank account and I get to spend as much of his money as I wish. And, he is letting me buy a new car, on credit of course. I picked out the duplex we live in and I’ve been selecting the furniture and things that we need for the duplex.

Jason really is a good husband. If I have any complaint, it is the frequency of sex. After getting married, I discovered that I love being fucked, especially when initiated by Jason, which is almost never. I must have a high libido because it would be perfect if Jason fucked me once or twice every day and even more on the weekends.

When we first moved to Atlanta, it was usually twice a week that Jason fucked me and that quickly dropped to once a week. And, it seems I am always the one to initiate sex. I really wish Jason would initiate sex and I wish it was twice every day or at least 3 or 4 times a week instead of the once and sometimes twice a week that we have sex. Sometimes I really need it more than twice a week and when I insist, Jason will comply. However, shouldn’t a guy be the one to initiate having sex? Sometimes when we have sex, Jason has a hard dick but half the time, his dick is only half hard and he has to grab it and force it in a little at a time.

I do have a few orgasms, but mostly that is when I encourage Jason to lick my pussy until I have an orgasm and rarely while Jason is fucking me. Every night Jason is staying up late on the computer so I often finger myself to an orgasm. However, Jason told me his being on the computer is work-related and that pays the bills and, since that gives me all my spending money, I don’t complain.

I met Amy. She is 25, divorced and very attractive. “Amy, shouldn’t Jason initiate sex and fuck me more than once or twice a week?” I asked.

“I would expect a guy Jason’s age to want to fuck you three to five or more times a week whether you are willing or not. A guy might not force you, but he’s not going to be happy if you are not willing. How big is he?”

“About this size. Is that normal?” I held my two index fingers about five or six inches apart to indicate my best estimate.

“Jason is about average, for a white guy. Most blacks are a little bigger and a few quite a bit bigger. Do you think you might like fucking a black with a bigger cock?”

“Probably not ... well maybe. Bigger might be nice.”

About a week later, I was restless and needed a good hard fucking so I got up and cracked open the door into the room where Jason was on the computer. Jason was looking at a video of a black guy with a huge cock fucking a blonde girl. Jason was stroking his dick and instead of a limp dick like he so often has with me, his dick was hard. I didn’t know what to do so I left, but it kind of upset me that I need to be fucked and, instead of fucking my pussy, Jason is wasting a good fuck by jacking off.

“Amy, last night I saw Jason jacking off to some porn video. Do you think that’s odd?” I asked

“Most married men masturbate on occasion and if it’s only two or three times a month, it’s nothing to worry about,” Amy replied. Nevertheless, during one afternoon that I didn’t have classes, I looked at the browser history on Jason’s computer.

Most every night for the past two weeks, which is as far back as I checked, Jason has been on porn sites; some paid sites and a couple of free sites. Jason has been reading stories and watching videos and the main theme is black guys with big cocks cuckolding little dick, wimpy white husbands. And, often the husband wants to watch while a black guy with a big cock fucks his wife.

Perhaps Jason would like for a nigger to fuck me. If so, perhaps I should make it happen. I believe I would enjoy a bigger cock and most certainly, I can enjoy a good fucking.

We have been married for two months and, if anything, Jason fucks me even less and his limp dick seems to occur more often. I know his problem is mental and not physical because twice now I saw him jacking off and his dick was plenty hard. However, just because it is mental doesn’t make it okay because I need more sex then he gives me.

As you can see from the following picture, even though he is naked and stripping me naked his dick is not hard. That is not normal. I mean most guys would get a hard-on just thinking about stripping me, let alone actually taking my clothes off.

Even after we are both naked and I’m playing with his dick with my feet, Jason’s dick is only half hard and it is still too limp to fuck me without forcing it in. Photo:

For the next month, it didn’t get any better. Jason would fuck me once and occasionally twice a week. Sometimes his dick was hard but half the time, he would have to grab it and force it in. So it was on a hot August day, when I was feeling really horny, that I invited the teenage black guy that was mowing our lawn in for iced tea. He was substituting for the Mexican that usually mows our lawn.

I handed him the iced tea and sat on the sofa next to him. We were talking and flirting and I didn’t object when he lightly placed his hand on my knee and slowly worked his hand up my thigh. Nor did I object when a couple of minutes later he leaned over and kissed me. In fact, I helped by turning my head so he could kiss me. Then he kissed me again and I willingly went or more accurately led him to the bedroom and pulled back the bedspread leaving no doubt that I wanted him to fuck me. After he stripped me naked, we climbed on the bed and he gave me a good and proper fucking.

That was great; his big black cock was rock hard and it was two inches longer and much thicker than Jason’s. The black teen really stretched and hammered my pussy. His cock was so big, it hurt just a little at first, but then it felt really good. He fucked me hard and furiously through multiple orgasms which hubby has never done. We cuddled for a while then he fucked me again. Before he left, I was fucked dazed and I loved every minute of it.

I knew then that what I had been needing was good fuckings by a big hard cock. I told Amy how much I enjoyed being fucked by the teenage black guy. I said I may not see him again since he was just a substitute for the Mexican that usually mows our lawn. Amy offered to take me to a club in nigger-town, a very small incorporated city with a two-man police force. Except for white males, the club is very liberal about whom they allow in. They seldom check IDs for hot teenage girls or for teenage black guys that appear to be 16 or older. And due to professional courtesy, the state police stay out of the area.

I told Jason that sex with him is less than I need and that I wanted him to fuck me at least two times a week and not with a limp dick. That was over a week ago. By telling Jason that, I may have scared him and made it worse because since then when we are in bed he hasn’t been able to get it up. So last night when he had a limp dick, I pouted and left no doubt that I was very upset.

I decided that if my hubby doesn’t fuck me then I have the right to find someone who will. Since Amy said blacks have bigger cocks, I decided to check that out. I found this photo on Jason’s computer:

That photo really turned me on. I wished that it was me with my hand on his cock. I visualized him laying me down on the bed and his big cock stretching and filling my pussy more and deeper than ever before. I wondered if it would be painful, but I would love to find out. He is certainly much larger than Jason and, unlike most of the time with Jason, the black cock in the photo is not limp.

I fantasized that his big black cock was pounding my pussy and spewing his sperm deep into my fertile pussy. In my fantasy, I wanted to have his beautiful nigger baby. I realize that fantasy is one thing and reality is another, but it was an erotic fantasy that made me sexually aroused and very wet.

The photo and my fantasy were enough to convince me that, since my hubby is NOT doing his inside duties, I should accept Amy’s offer to take me to that club in nigger-town.

Jason already knew that I was upset with him for leaving me high and dry after I did everything I could to get him to fuck me. I fixed a splendid dinner, was lovey-dovey, put on my sexiest and most provocative chemise set and then Jason couldn’t even get his dick up. I told Jason if he wasn’t going to fuck me, I would find a guy that would. Jason didn’t say a word; he just held his head down like some chastised child.

Nevertheless, Jason is my husband and he really tries to please me and I am over ‘my mad.’ However, married or not, I need sex and if Jason doesn’t perform, it is my right to let other men stuff my pussy with their hard cocks. But I’m not going to be a bitch about it. I’ll tell Jason in the nicest way I can.

“Honey,” I said to Jason after dinner, “come sit next to me on our bed and give me a hug. I need to explain something. First, I apologize for getting angry and being a bitch last night.”

“That’s okay,” Jason replied as he sat next to me and gave me a hug.

“Amy and I are going to that club in nigger-town. We will talk, have a couple of drinks, flirt, dance, and if I meet a young, sexy, a very good looking black guy with a really big cock, I intend to be naughty.”

“Okay! I don’t mind. I want you to fuck a guy with a big black cock.”

“Really!!! You are saying you wouldn’t mind if I go out and get me a big black cock!?” Photo:

“Honey, I would love for you to get fucked by a young sexy guy with a big black cock.”

“Well, okay then! Maybe I’ll do it tonight. If I meet a young good looking sexy nigger with a big hard cock, perhaps I’ll let him fuck me silly.”

I didn’t expect that; I don’t know who was more excited, me or Jason. I called Amy and confirmed that I would go with her to the club in nigger-town. Amy said she would come by at 8:30 and we would go to the club. I showered and put on a pair of light blue and pink bikini panties, a miniskirt, a small braless top that showed my nipples, and high heels. My midsection was bare from just below my breasts to two inches below my navel. I dressed to look sexy, not sleazy. After Amy arrived and as I was leaving, I kissed Jason and said I may not be back before morning.

On the way, Amy told me more about the club. She told me again that nigger town is a small incorporated city with only a two-man police force. Ladies and hot teenage girls can get in free. They seldom checked the IDs of good looking, black teens. There is a $20 cover charge for white males, and they checked their IDs. Most nights there are only one to three white guys, if any. Most white guys know enough to stay out of nigger-town after dark.

After arriving, Amy and I were seated at a small table near the dance floor and a young black waitress took our orders. I ordered white wine and Amy ordered a margarita. Obviously, I attracted the attention of the black males, but I didn’t dance until after sipping half of my glass of wine. Then I accepted a dance from a well dressed black man about 30 years old. He was polite and attractive, but he was too old to be sexually attractive to me.

After that, for the next 30 minutes, both Amy and I were on the dance floor. Most of the black guys were nice, but this fat 30ish white guy was a pest and wouldn’t go away. He sat at our table, so I danced with a young black guy and the fat guy tried to cut in. I sat down and he joined our table again even after Amy, as politely as possible, attempted to tell him he wasn’t welcome. Amy got up and spoke to someone that I assumed was one of the owners or managers and pointed toward our table. What happened next was a sight to behold.

Two big black guys grabbed his arms and lifted him up and another black guy put a ball gag in his mouth. As soon as Amy returned, she said, “They’re going to castrate him, want to watch?”

I said, “Sure but won’t they get in trouble with the law?”

“Probably not. It has happened before and nothing happened. The district attorney got over ninety percent of the black votes in this area and he is not going to jeopardize that so he doesn’t take the case unless the police chief requests it and if the guy goes to the police the report is just filed away.

“A vet or someone that works for a vet does it. He’ll tie off the veins, sew him up, and give the guy antibiotics and pain pills. Does it bother you to know that they are going to castrate him?”

“That ill-bred dolt! Not at all; as far as I’m concerned, he deserves it. Therefore, I think it’s funny too,” I replied.

I watched as the black guys placed the fat man on a pool table that they first covered with a padded plastic sheet. He was shaking his head ‘No’ and trying to scream through the ball gag. It took less than fifteen minutes and they placed his testicles in a bottle of alcohol and auctioned them off. Amy bid $200 and was the high bidder.

I told Amy, “I don’t know why, but watching that really made me especially horny and I was already horny and hoping to meet a young sexy black guy and maybe get fucked.” Amy asked if there was anyone I was interested in meeting that I would like to fuck, and I pointed out the booth that was full of what appeared to be high school age black teens.

Amy told me to remove my panties so I went to the restroom and removed my panties and put them in my purse. When I returned, one of the nigger boys, a sexy young black guy, asked me to dance. I danced with him. He was 17 and played linebacker for his high school. He lifted my mini-dress and his hands were squeezing my bare ass and, through his clothes, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my tummy.

After the dance, Amy and I joined him at his booth. It was too crowded with all of us so I sat on his lap. Soon I felt his black cock between my thighs. It was huge. It was at least seven inches long and almost as thick as my wrist. I wondered if it was too big, but my pussy was wet so it popped right in. Then he was fucking me.

I said, “Amy, he’s fucking me.”

“I know; enjoy it.”

The other nigger boys were making suggestive lewd comments and encouragement such as, “Fuck the ho.”

“Give that pussy a good fucking.”

“Nigger, fuck the white slut.”

“The bitch loves black cock.”

I started moaning and almost screamed when he gave me an orgasm. I knew then that I was hooked on black cock. The other guys at the table wanted me to sit on their laps too, but I wasn’t ready for a gangbang.

Amy and I left, and when I got home, hubby was excited and inquisitive so I told him all about it and emphasized that his big black cock was huge and guessing that was what Jason wanted to hear I exaggerated and said, “It was nine inches long and two inches thick. He really stretched my pussy and he shot such a big load that his cum is still dripping out of my pussy.”

My hubby was sooooo excited, his dick was as hard as I had ever seen it and then he lifted and spread my legs, and then he fucked me. Photo:

His dick was hard and he really hammered my pussy. And, even though his dick wasn’t as big as either of the two teenage black guys, it felt good and I climaxed, my second climax of the night. Hubby had never fucked me like that before.

Even though I like larger cocks, if hubby would fuck me like that at least two to four times a week I would forget about the black guys. However, that was not to be. For the next two weeks, hubby usually had a limp dick. After two weeks, I was getting horny and bitchy so that Friday night, I dressed in a mini-dress, no panties, and told my hubby that I was going to get me some black cock.

Jason wanted to go with me. However, I said, “The niggers will fuck me but they might castrate you so you stay home. And besides, you are not dressed to go and I’m leaving now.” Jason seemed to pout a bit, but he didn’t insist.

This time I went alone to the club. After the first time, I felt safe going there alone. Half of the club’s business relies on white teens and women, married and single, looking for some black cock so any mistreatment would not be tolerated. I had a drink and danced for over an hour. I rejected all offers to fuck until I met Anton, a sexy young guy about 6’-2” and a point guard at the local Jr. College.

As we danced, I was grinding my ass and belly into his cock, making it big and hard. And, with my mini-dress extending just 3 or 4 inches below my bottom, it didn’t take Anton long to discover I was not wearing panties. With us face to face, he unzipped, grabbed my ass with his hand and lifted me off my feet. His big cock went under my mini-skirt and I felt it against my thighs and pussy. Then with my arms around his neck, I assisted by pulling myself higher, spread my legs, and lifted my knees as high as they would go.

We adjusted positions until his arms were under my knees and thighs. His big hard cock slipped into my pussy and with me kissing him, he fucked me right there on the dance floor with several guys cheering us. Having an audience was so naughty, and I liked being naughty. After he squirted deep in my pussy, I went to the ladies room and cleaned up some by wiping off his cum that was dripping out of my pussy.

When I returned, I joined the point guard at his booth. We danced through a couple of songs and he said, “Let’s go to my place.”

I followed him out to his car, and Trey and Jaylen, two of his teammates, came with us. The three shared an apartment close to their campus. Since I suspected they might want to fuck me too, I might have objected except they were young good looking black athletes and I knew the college would closely monitor their health. Also, even though I knew I wouldn’t be doing this on a regular basis, I was sex-starved and probably ovulating making me especially horny; therefore, I needed more than just a quick fuck. I have a copper IUD so I wasn’t concerned about pregnancy.

When we arrived at their apartment, Anton, with Trey and Jaylen following, waltzed me straight to his bedroom, which was just what I wanted. I kicked off my heels and turned around so he could unzip my mini-dress letting it fall to the floor. Then I stepped out of it, and naked, except for my nylon anklets and wedding ring, I climbed into his bed and waited.

That only took seconds before Anton was naked and on top of me, his big black cock pressing against my pussy, and a couple of seconds later his cock was deep into my pussy and he was fucking me just like I wanted him to. I started moaning and saying, “Oooohhhh ahhhhhh eeeeee yes yesss ohhhh yessssss,” and other such sounds as I quickly had a mini orgasm. Anton really hammered my pussy for another minute or maybe longer and he was giving me a really big orgasm that lasted and lasted. No doubt my orgasm was sucking on cock as he squirted his cum through all 7 inches of his cock deep into my pussy.

As Anton was finishing, I noticed that Trey and Jaylen had taken their clothes off and their cocks were hard so I expected them to fuck me. In fact, I wanted them to, so when Trey directed me to get on my hands and knees so he could fuck me doggy style, I quickly complied. At about 6’-6” to 6’-8” they were both taller and heavier than Anton.

And Trey, weighing over 220 lbs, had a really big cock. It couldn’t be less than 8” and it was as big around as my wrist. I knew his cock would stretch my pussy more than it had ever been and to the point of being painful. Nevertheless, I wanted him to fuck me. I said, “My God Trey, your cock is huge. You are really going to stretch me so take it slow and easy until my pussy gets used to accommodating it.” He nodded okay.

I felt Trey pressing harder and harder at the entrance to my pussy, but I was well lubricated so after a few seconds the head of his cock popped in and he was slowly pushing in deeper. Trey said, “Damn your pussy’s tight.

“God Trey! You are stretching my pussy so give me time to adjust. Then I want you to give me the fucking of my life.”

Anton who along with Trey had been watching and listening chimed in, “Trey you are going to ruin her pussy and make it too loose for her husband.”

“Shit! Hubby seldom uses my pussy unless I beg and even then he usually has a limp dick. Why do you think I go to the club for some black cock? If hubby would fuck me more, I wouldn’t be so sex-starved.”

“Pretty married lady, if you were my wife, I’d fuck you morning and night and come home for lunch,” Anton said.

“Anton, that would be heaven, I may need to adopt you, but first I want Trey to pound my pussy and make me scream and holler.”

When Trey started hammering my pussy and making me moan, Jaylen put his cock in front of my face and indicated he wanted me to suck him. At first, I shook my head, but then I thought, ‘Why not?’ and said, “You’re my first but okay. Also, I’ve never been gangbanged before so tonight will be another first and I’m loving it.”

Trey’s huge cock stretching and pounding my pussy was giving me orgasms, but with my mouth stuffed full of black cock all I could say was, “Mmmmmmmm.” However, when I felt Trey shooting his cum deep in my pussy, it triggered a big orgasm so I opened my mouth wide and screamed, “Yes, oh God Yess Aaaaaahhh Oooooohhh eeeeeeeiiiii.” Then I resumed sucking Jaylen’s cock and seconds later he shot streams of cum toward the back of my mouth.

I thought, ‘Cum doesn’t taste bad, I can handle it, I may even begin to like it.’

We all lay down in the bed. With me and three tall guys, it was crowded; but, with a guy on both sides of me, I liked it. About 30 minutes later, Anton got hard, climbed on top and fucked me. I moaned as he fucked me for ten minutes giving me another three orgasms and I was moaning the whole time. I asked, “How many times can you fuck in a night?”

“A couple of times, I fucked a girl eight or nine times and you are sexier than she was,” Anton replied.

“Oh my God! I’m going to be fucked through so many climaxes that I’ll pass out from exhaustion. But, until I do, I’m going to love every minute of it.”

When Anton was finished fucking me, Trey pulled me on top, had me sit up and bounce up and down on his big black cock. I was getting used to his huge cock; just the same, it was stretching my pussy past the threshold of pain. But God, it felt good and I couldn’t help screaming and hollering as he gave me a very long-lasting orgasm. I don’t know how much of his sperm my orgasm sucked toward my womb, but cum was oozing out of my pussy.

My hollering and screaming must have made Jaylen’s cock hard because he fucked me next. For the next two or three hours, the guys fucked me six to eight more times, and I had a least a dozen more orgasms. With cum oozing from my pussy, I was more than fucked dazed. I was glassy-eyed and babbling like an idiot. I’m sure the black athletes would have fucked me more, but my pussy was beginning to become raw so, a little past 3 a.m., I called it a night.

My hubby may have an average size dick for a white guy. Not having fucked any other white guys, I can’t say. However, compared to the five black guys I fucked, hubby has a little dick so I think ‘little dick’ is what I will call hubby’s dick from now own.

As I put on my heels and mini-dress, Anton put on his shoes and jeans and drove me to me my car at the club. Before getting out of Anton’s car, I kissed him and said, “Anton, you and the guys were wonderful. You cannot imagine how much better than my hubby’s white little dick your big black cocks feel and how much better you fuck than hubby ever has. Thank you for the best night of fucking I ever had or ever hope to have.” Then I kissed him again, got in my car and drove home.

I don’t know if hubby was awake or if I woke him when, at 3:30 a.m., I entered our duplex and our bedroom. I was headed toward the shower when hubby grabbed my hand. I said, “Honey, I need to shower, three black guys fucked me a dozen times so I have a pussy full of cum and it’s running down my thighs.”

“I’ll lick it off your thighs and lick and suck your pussy clean.”

I rolled my eyes; will guys do that? But then I realized I swallowed some cum and the guys’ cum was still fresh enough that it won’t harm him so I said, “Okay! Your tongue might make my sore pussy feel better.”

After I got over my squeamishness, it wasn’t bad. In fact, I kind of liked it. Jason’s licking my inner thighs and pussy was turning me on and gave me an orgasm. As Jason was licking and cleaning cum on my thighs and at the entrance of my pussy and as deep as his tongue would go inside me, I was describing to him all about the fuckings I received from the three black athletes.

Jason was between my legs as he was licking so I could feel his dick get hard against my lower leg from his excitement over the description of the black guys fucking me. Jason’s dick twitched when I told him how, with no panties, I was grinding my ass into Anton’s cock and making it grow and get hard. His dick really jumped when I told how Anton grabbed my bare ass, lifted my feet off the floor and fucked me right there on the dance floor with the crowd cheering us on.

Hubby’s little dick jumped and twitched again when I described Trey’s huge black cock and told how it stretched my pussy and made me scream and holler. That made hubby so excited. With my legs spread wide, he fucked me really good from behind. Photo:

Hubby’s little dick was rock hard so he fucked good enough to give me another good orgasm. I read that some women can have a hundred orgasms in a day. I may never have that many, but tonight I’ve had so many orgasms that I am practically exhausted so I will sleep like a baby for hours. And, the exhaustion I have from so many orgasms is the kind of exhausting I would love to experience again and again.

Hubby didn’t fuck me again that week. If I need hubby to fuck, the only certain way is to bring home my pussy full of nigger cum. So Saturday night I said to my hubby, “Would you like it if I bring a sexy young black guy home and fuck him in our bed and you can watch?”

I could tell Jason was all excited as I was almost certain he would be. “Do I get to go with you?” he asked.

“No honey! It is easier to ask a black guy if you are not with me. However, if I find someone acceptable quickly, I may bring him back to fuck me within an hour or two; otherwise, especially if I meet someone and he is not willing to come to our house, I may not be back until morning.”

I wore casual shoes and a sleeveless mid-thigh length dress held on by 2 thin shoulder straps. It was buttoned together with 7 buttons all the way down the front. I was not wearing panties or a bra. The dress was low cut showing the top of my breasts. And, I could unbutton the top one or two buttons to show more cleavage and my titties, at least if someone is up close looking down or if I’m dancing or otherwise moving around.

However, if I also unbutton the third top button, the thin straps will slip off my shoulders and the dress will fall to the floor leaving me totally naked other than my shoes. I unbuttoned the top button and after I got to the nigger club, I would unbutton the second button if the guy is young, black, and sexy.

When I got to the nigger club, at first there were not any black guys that I would fuck so I sat at the bar and just fast danced with a couple of niggers. A few minutes later a group of about twenty lawyers from out of town came in. Right away, the club collected $400 in cover charges. That’s as much as they normally collect in a week since ladies and most blacks don’t pay.

The club management pulled several tables together to accommodate all of them. I could tell at a glance they had money. And, no wonder, because as I found out a few minutes later, they are from powerful law firms in Washington D.C. Apparently the black teenage girls and older black ladies knew they had money too because within fifteen minutes several had joined their table. The lawyers didn’t hesitate to spend money because they were buying the most expensive wines and champagne the club had. And, since it was not yet 10 p.m., no doubt the management sent someone to go to the liquor store to buy more.

I’m certain the high price lawyers knew the teenage black girls were not of legal age to get into the club, but they were just after some pussy and, since the age of consent in Arkansas is 16, they didn’t care. The bartender gave me a glass of champagne and said that the gentleman paid for it. We made eye contact and after I nodded to the lawyer, he came to the bar, asked me to dance, and I accepted. It was during the dance that I learned they were lawyers from Washington D.C. And, I knew that, since they had money, it would be easy for them to get some strange pussy.

Normally I only fast dance with older guys. However, I knew he was no ordinary older guy and he seemed nice so I slow danced with him. Certainly, the lawyer noticed my wedding ring and, since I was in a nigger club without my hubby, he assumed that I was on the prowl for some black cock or at least I was here to get fucked. Therefore, maybe his white cock could fuck my pussy tonight.

I knew I wasn’t going to give my pussy away to some 30 to 35-year-old white guy, but I would enjoy flirting and dancing. I knew he could see that I wasn’t wearing a bra and maybe he guessed that I wasn’t wearing panties either. After the dance, he directed me in the direction of his group and I accepted. On the way to their tables, I thought it would be fun to be a bit of a tease so I unbuttoned the second button so the lawyers could catch glimpses of my titties. If I unbuttoned another button, my dress would fall off and although I fucked on the dance floor a week earlier, I wasn’t planning on being naked.

Another lawyer asked me to dance. As we danced, he wanted a better look at my titties so he moved my straps a little. I said, “Those straps are the only thing that keeps my dress from falling to the floor and leaving me bare ass naked and I don’t want to embarrass you.

He laughed and said, “Go ahead; embarrass me.”

“Maybe later.”

“Are you married?” He asked.

I hesitated for a while and then said, “I’m thinking.”

“Thinking about what?”

“Whether I should tell you the truth or be nice and lie!”

“You should tell the truth, of course.”

“Well okay! Since you are from out-of-town, it shouldn’t destroy my reputation. My hubby is anxiously waiting for me to pick up a young sexy black guy, take him home, and fuck him in our bed while he watches.”

“And you do that?

“Not yet; but, until last week, I had never sucked a cock so I guess there is a first for everything.”

“Have you ever fucked a lawyer?”

“No! The only white guy and in fact the only college graduate I ever fucked is my hubby.”

“Since I can’t be first, may I be next?”

“I don’t believe my little dick hubby would be as excited to fuck me if I brought home my pussy full of a lawyer’s cum instead of a nigger’s cum.”

“Your husband only fucks you after you fuck a nigger?”

“Well sometimes he fucks me if I beg, but in the last four weeks he has only fucked me twice and that was after I came home with my pussy full of niggers’ cum.”

“Damn girl! You have to beg your husband to fuck you?”

“Sometimes it seems that way, but mostly he just has a limp dick and can only dab at it. But his tongue is okay. Anyway, the dance is over so let’s return to your table.”

I noticed word must have quickly gotten around that there was a group of rich white guys because there were more black teens and women entering the club. They would sit at a table or the bar and if they were pretty and in their teens or very early twenties they were invited to join the group. The lawyers and the girls were dancing, the lawyers copping feels, and I noticed a couple of lawyers and two pretty high school girls left. No doubt to be fucked for a little money.

During the next thirty to forty minutes, I danced with half a dozen or more lawyers. I would allow them to feel my titties, lift my dress, and squeeze my bare ass, but my pussy was off-limits. One offered $1,000 to fuck me and I replied, “Considering I have to beg my hubby to fuck me with his little limp dick, I didn’t know this married pussy was worth a $1,000. It is tempting, but ‘no’. Instead, I will give you this; no charge.” I hugged him tight and gave him a big French kiss.

The management announced an amateur striptease contest, $500 first place, $200 for second place and $100 each for five third-place finishers. The lawyers had approached the club management and put up the prize money. I guess they wanted more excitement. Of course, that was chicken feed for the $1,000 an hour lawyers. The club has a small stage and the management set out chairs and gave the lawyers and their group the best front row seats. The contest was limited to girls the management approved of; that is, young (ages 16 to 24) and pretty.

The girls would dance and take off their clothes to the music of their or of the management’s choice. Then, after they were naked the lawyers would hold up money from $5 to $100 depending on how pretty they were. If they reached for the money, they wouldn’t get it, but they could stand and a lawyer would roll up the bill and stick it in the girl’s pussy. That was making the contest wild and rowdy.

Several of the lawyers asked me to enter the contest. I replied, “It might be exciting and I don’t mind being seen naked, but in this crowd, I might not even place and that would be a downer.”

“You will place, I guarantee it.”

“Well okay, you talked me into it.”

I was the last to enter so I would be last to dance and being first or last are the preferred places. For my song, I chose ‘Lambada’ from 1989. Before starting, I buttoned the top two of the seven buttons and then as I danced to ‘Lambada’ I unbuttoned the buttons; first the top then the second top. If I unbuttoned the third top button, my dress would fall to the floor so I started unbuttoning from the bottom. After unbuttoning the third from the bottom, leaving just two more buttons, as I danced and shook my hips my pussy would flash. And my pussy flashed much more often when I unbuttoned the next leaving only one button

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