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Erotica Sex Story: Young boy makes life-long friends with the tomboy next door.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Group Sex   Analingus   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

I’d just finished the seventh grade when a new family moved in next door. They had a daughter my age, and we became fast friends.

Julie was different than any girl I’d ever met. She liked doing boy things. She could climb trees, wrestle, dig for worms and fish as well as any boy. She helped me clean the fish we caught without batting an eye. I loved hanging out with her. She was always happy and bubbly, and we loved pulling elaborate pranks on each other.

When school started, we were in almost all the same classes, and we hung out between classes as well. We rode our bikes to school together every morning and home every afternoon. When the weather was right, we’d grab fishing poles and a small tackle box and head out to our favorite fishing hole.

By the time school let out for the summer, Julie’s boobs were sprouting and served to remind me she was a girl. I actually got to see them once when we were fishing. She pulled her arms out of her t-shirt, pulled her bra straps down and then spun the garment around until the clasp was in the front. Without hesitation, she unhooked it and tossed it aside.

“I hate wearing that stupid thing.” She told me. And then she looked over at me and saw me staring. She rolled her eyes and shook her head, “Gezzz, Tommy, you’re such a boy. Here.” And she pulled her t-shirt back up and gave me a long look at her small boobs.

When she finally lowered her t-shirt again, she said, “Now, put your eyes back in your head and let’s catch some fish.”

Thirty minutes or so later, I needed to pee, so I got up and hurried over to the only large tree in the area. It was probably a hundred yards from the water. When I was finished and returned, she was giggling. “What?” I asked her.

She shook her head, “You’re too funny. You could have just turned your back and told me not to look.”

There was something familiar about the mischievous grin on her face. I’d seen it many times. “Yeah right! And you’d sneak up on me and start tickling me when I had my dick in my hand and couldn’t fight back.”

She laughed until her sides ached. When she could, she said, “I hadn’t thought about that, but now that you mention it, that would be hilarious.”

Before we headed home for the day, Julie whipped off her t-shirt and put her bra back on. When she caught me staring again, she walked over to me and put a hand on each of my shoulders. “I have a proposal for you.”


She was looking me right in the eyes when she said, “Why do we have to be a boy and a girl? We’re friends. Can’t we just meet in the middle somewhere and be friends without letting the whole boy/girl thing get in the way?”

I thought about it for a few seconds before saying, “I don’t know what you mean exactly. What do you want me to do different?”

“Well, first you can stop going all bug-eyed when I feel like taking my bra off.”

“I ... I’ve never seen that—boobs, I mean.”

To her credit, Julie didn’t laugh or tease me. Instead, while still looking me in the eyes, she said, “Maybe next time we come out here, we should go up stream a little bit and go skinny dipping. Hopefully after that, it won’t be a big deal anymore.”


I was really nervous the next day while we were riding out to the fishing hole. We’d each taken a towel along with our usual fishing equipment, but we rode right past our usual spot and a short ways upstream.

When we arrived, Julie unceremoniously stripped to nothing and jumped into the water. “What are you waiting for?”

I was relieved to see her begin swimming. She wasn’t even looking my way. I was naked and in the water in no time flat. She immediately swam over to me and began trying to dunk me. Julie was very strong for a girl, but my upper body had developed nicely. It wasn’t that difficult for me to pin her arms behind her back and dunk her.

When she finally yelled “Uncle”, I pushed her away.

She giggled, “Do you have a gun in your pocket?”

I felt my face and ears grow hot with a blush. Without realizing it, I must have brushed up against her bare flesh with my boner. “No pockets, sorry.”

“Well what are you waiting for? Get over here and give me a look. That is why we’re here after all.”

When I started toward her, she was making her way to the bank. She sat on it facing me and crooked her finger. “Stand right here in front of me.”

I was still standing in the shallow water, so my boner was at eye level to her. She immediately reached out and slid her fingers around it. And then she examined it, tilting it up and down, and from side to side. Her fingers felt so good, I was afraid I might cum.

Next, she held my dick out of her way and cupped my balls. They were drawn up tight to my body. “They’re cold, huh?”

“Yeah ... the water.”

She nodded her head and examined them for another minute or two before saying, “Okay, you can sit down.”

When I was seated, Julie stepped up between my legs. “Okay, you’re turn. Take your time and satisfy your curiosity. Just be gentle.”

My hands were shaking when I reached out and put them on her boobs. They felt amazing. They were firm and soft at the same time. When I rubbed her elongated nipples, she giggled, “You’re not the only one the cold water affects.”

After about ten minutes, she grew impatient, “Okay, that’s enough. Let’s trade places again. Get on your knees.” She said when she was seated with her legs spread out wide.”

My face was no more than a foot from her cute pussy when she began showing me her various parts. When she spread her lips open, she asked me, “Can you see how wet it is?”


“That’s because doing this is making me horny. My pussy gets wet like that when I’m turned on. So now, I’m going to show you something special.” And she began moving her fingers around in circles around her swollen clit. “Mmmmm” she moaned.

I was spellbound when she slid a finger from her other hand into her pussy. Soon after that, she added a second finger. And then she began sliding her fingers in and out. I could hear the sloshing sounds they were making.

After a minute or so, her fingers began rubbing her clit directly. She immediately began moaning over and over. At some point, she leaned her head back and began moving it from side to side.

“Oh wow! Oh wow! Tommy, I’m gonna ... I’m close ... so close.” And then she let out a loud grunt. I could see her thighs shaking and her tummy was constricting over and over. Finally, she collapsed backward, panting and gasping for air.

After a couple of minutes, I said, “Wow!”

Julie started giggling, “Oh, you liked watching that, huh?”

“Hell yeah. It was awesome.” I told her truthfully.

“Good, then it’s your turn. When you’re done, we’ll swim some more.”

I was astounded, “You want me to...”

She giggled again, “Of course. Don’t get all shy on me now.”

I was nervous, but I forced myself to stand up and begin jacking off. In short order, I had to warn her, “I’ll turn to one side so you don’t get it on you.”

She laughed, “Don’t you dare. I can wash off.”

So, thirty seconds later, I was cumming. Most of it landed on her legs. One shot landed on her tummy. “Whew! I needed that.” I told her when I was finished.

She giggled, “I could tell. When I was touching it, it was twitching in my hand. Now let’s wash up and go catch some fish.”

While we were getting dressed, Julie caught me looking at her boobs again. She just rolled her eyes and draped her t-shirt over her shoulder, “I guess it’s going to take longer than I thought to get you over your eyes bugging out.”

For the rest of the summer, every time we went fishing, Julie remained topless. Even though she never got herself off in front of me again, she told me to jack off anytime I felt the need. Actually, on the occasions I took her up on that, she barely glanced in my direction.

By the time school let out next for summer, Julie’s body had changed a lot, her boobs and hips especially. Even though she still dressed more like a boy than a girl, it was impossible for her to hide what she’d grown into.

Fortunately for me, I got to see them all the time. Anytime we were at one of our homes alone, she’d take her bra off and stay topless until it was time for our parents to get home. “I hate them.” She’d say over and over. “I wish I could have them cut off.”

I teased her, “If you do, please have them stuffed and give them to me so I can feel of them anytime I want.”

It was rare for me to get the last word with Julie. She put her hand on my shoulder and said in a matter of fact tone, “Hell, no need to go through all that. You can touch them anytime you want anyway.”

“Really?” I perked up.

That’s when she started laughing her ass off. “Yeah ... IN YOUR DREAMS!”

I jumped on her and wrestled her to the floor. In less than a minute, I had her pinned on the floor on her stomach with her hands behind her back. I was sitting on her butt.

“Oh GOD! That hurts so bad. The carpet is scratching the shit out of my nipples. It really, really hurts. Please let me up.”

Damn, I didn’t want to hurt her, especially her beautiful boobs, so I stood up and stepped away. The instant she was on her feet, she burst out in laughter while cupping her boobs and bouncing them up and down, “I guess they’re good for something after all.”

“Shit!” I said to myself. “She got me again.”

Midway through that summer, the door to my bedroom burst open and Julie pounced on me. I was totally covered by a sheet, so I couldn’t fight back. It took me a few minutes to fully wake up. “JD! (Which is what she preferred me to call her), What the hell?”

“It’s your birthday, silly boy. Get up and take a shower, then come over to my house. I’ve got your birthday present in my room.”

I couldn’t imagine what she was so giddy about, but I did what she wanted. When I got to her bedroom, she was sitting in the chair at her desk reading.

When she saw me come in, she showed me that teasing grin of hers, “Take off your clothes and lay down on the bed.”

Alarms were going off in my head. I was on high alert for an impending prank. I was still skeptical when she crawled on the bed, forcing my legs apart. A few seconds later though, she had her hand around my semi hard dick. My eyes shot open when she lowered her head and began licking all around the head.

Julie was looking up at me the whole time, even when she took the head of my dick into her mouth. Holy shit! That felt incredible. Soon, my dick was fully hard and she was bobbing her head up and down on it while stroking it with her hand.

“Mmmmm” I moaned. She showed me a wink and kept up what she was doing. It only took another minute. I warned her I was close, but she didn’t back off or stop. Seconds later, I started cumming in her mouth.

I came and came, but she never backed off. When I was fully drained, she let my dick plop out of her mouth. She seemed to be tasting and evaluating my cum in her mouth. Finally, she showed me a wide grin, “It’s not bad. Now, get out of here and let me finish reading my book.”

When I was dressed and ready to leave, Julie told me in a matter of fact tone, “From now on, when you get horny, just let me know.”

When I got back to my room, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Julie had just told me. I tried to get my mind onto something else, but it was no use. I held out for almost two hours before I had to call her. When she answered, I asked, “Can I come over?”



She laughed for at least a couple of minutes. “Okay, c’mon over, horny boy.”

She was in the kitchen when I entered through the back door. She giggled, “I’m going to get a glass of tea. You go on into the bedroom and get ready.”

Obediently, I went to her bedroom, undressed, and lay on her bed. She came in a minute later and giggled again when she saw my dick was already fully hard. “Wow! You weren’t kidding.” As she was crawling up between my legs, she said, “It’s your birthday, so I’ll make an exception, but after today, I’m going to limit this to once a day.”

This time, Julie approached her task totally differently. She spent a lot of time licking up and down my shaft and over the head. Also, she was cupping and massaging my balls. “They’re not cold today.” She said with a giggle, noting that my balls were hanging freely.

I was enjoying what she was doing, so I didn’t mind her taking her time. I just pulled a second pillow under my head so I could watch her.

It must have been over thirty minutes before she put her lips around the head of my dick. Still, she was in no hurry. She just held the head of my dick between her lips and swirled her tongue over and around it. Again, she kept looking up at me the whole time. Now and then, she would show me a grin and wink.

At one point, she let it slip from between her lips and grinned up at me, “I like the way it feels in my mouth.” And then she frowned, “Does that mean I’m turning into a fucking girl?”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just shook my head. And then a few seconds later, I said, “No, you’re just being a really good friend.”

That seemed to please her greatly. She took her mouth off of my dick long enough to blow me a kiss and say, “Thank you for that.”

Finally, Julie got more serious. She began sucking me harder and moving her mouth up and down on my dick faster. She gagged a little every time my dick hit the back of her mouth, but that didn’t dissuade her. She kept at it.

“Almost there.” I warned her after another ten minutes.

Julie redoubled her efforts, and I was soon cumming in her mouth again. She surprised me by saying, “I enjoyed it more that time.”

“Oh?” I asked as I was getting dressed.

“Yeah, you weren’t so ... needy. I got to take my time and have some fun with it.”

When I was dressed and ready to leave, she said in that same nonchalant tone, “Just remember, my birthday is in two weeks.”

I stopped in my tracks, “We don’t have to wait.”

She giggled, “Yes we do. Now shoo!”

“You’re kidding!” She exclaimed into the phone when I called her two hours later.


After a long pause, she sighed and said, “Okay, but only because it’s your birthday. This is the last one though. My parents will be home in a couple of hours.”

This time, Julie played with my hard dick even more than she had the last time. She did keep glancing at the clock though.

“Enjoying yourself?” I teased.

She showed me a naughty grin and then said, “Unfortunately, yes. I love it.”

“Why unfortunately?”

“I thought I’d hate it. I was only going to do it because it’s your birthday and I was willing to take one for the team. I didn’t want to enjoy it.” And with that, she put my dick back into her mouth and began sucking me again.

“I’m glad you enjoy it. I’m going to enjoy going down on you too.”

She stopped long enough to ask, “How the hell would you know that?”

“I just know.” I said flatly.

When we were sitting side by side at our fishing hole the following day, we hadn’t been talking at all until Julie said, “Just because I like giving you blowjobs doesn’t mean anything, you know. Gay and bisexual guys do it, so they must enjoy it too.”

I understood what she meant. To her, feeling like a girl was a fate worse than death. “JD, I don’t think of you as a girl—not even when you’re giving me a blowjob. I think of us as friends who just happen to have different body parts.”

She showed me a skeptical look, “What if I was a boy? Would you still want me to give you blowjobs?”

“I don’t know.” I answered honestly, “I’ve never thought about it. I guess so, if we were still as good friends as we are now. I’m glad you’re not a boy though.”

She giggled and shook her naked tits at me, “You just like my tits.”

I was glad to see her mood lighten, “Guilty as charged. I do wish you’d let me play with them sometimes. I’d like to kiss them too.”

“You can do that all you want on my birthday.”

I’m sure she saw the disappointment on my face. “What?” She asked.

“Just that one day?”

Julie looked right at me, “Tommy, it scares me a little.”

I didn’t understand, “What about it scares you?”

She sighed and looked up at the clouds, “Maybe I’ll like it too much.”

Her meaning started to soak in on me, “You’re afraid it will make you feel too much like a girl?”

“Something like that.” She said while still looking up at the sky. “I talked to my mom about hooking me up with birth control.”

“Did she freak out?”

She chuckled, “No, not at all. She admitted to being relieved. She thought I was gay. She did ask me if you were pressuring me into having sex.”

I was shocked, “I ... I would never.”

She sighed loudly, “I know that, but if we start doing ... things, I might not be able to stop.”

“So, you’re not afraid of me. You’re afraid of yourself?”

“Exactly. These feelings ... they’re all so new to me. I hate them. They make me feel...”

“Like a girl? If that’s the problem, it’s a good thing you’ll have a chaperone there to keep you from acting like one.”

She turned her head and looked me straight on, “I can trust you to do that?”

“Yes, JD, you can. I promise. Now, if I can only get one blowjob a day, I’d like it now please.”

Julie rolled her eyes and let out a sigh, “Okay, get your fucking pants off.”

We always want what we can’t have. Even though Julie was giving me a blowjob every day, I longed for the time when I could suck and play with her tits and go down on her. I knew I was going to love doing that.

Finally, the day came. It was her birthday, and I called her fifteen minutes after my parents left for work. “A little anxious, are you?” She teased me.

“Damn right I am. Can I come over or not?”

She giggled, “Give me an hour to take a shower and get ready.”

That was one of the longest hours of my life. When I got to her bedroom, Julie was naked. She’d always been in control of everything, but it was my turn. I sat on the side of her bed and pulled her in front of me.

I spent the next ten minutes playing with her now very nice tits. I licked her nipples, sucked on them, and pulled and pinched her nipples. I got my reward when she moaned and put her hands on the back of my head, pulling my mouth firmly to her tits.

Finally, I had her lay down, and I immediately crawled between her legs. She had shaved her pussy totally, and I could see moisture glistening between her lips. I immediately started licking her. I remembered when she was getting herself off in front of me; she didn’t rub her clit directly at first, so I avoided it.

I loved the way she tasted, but I always knew I would. I also loved the feel of her most tender flesh on my tongue.

I moved my arms under and around her thighs so I could use the fingers on both hands to spread her open. And then I began licking her again. She let out a low moan, “Yes, keep doing that, ummmm.”

When she started rolling her head from side to side, I knew she was getting close, so I started licking her clit. I was rewarded with her panting, “Oh God! Oh God! Yes! Right there!”

When I stuck two fingers inside her, she began bucking her hips up to meet my mouth. And then she lost it. “UUUUUGGGGGG”, and she pushed my head away.

Just like she’d done at the swimming hole, her body began twitching and convulsing. A minute later, she almost shouted, “More! I need more!” So I went back to licking her pussy and clit and moving my fingers in and out of her hole.

It only took about five minutes for her to cum again, but this time, instead of pushing my head away, she grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth harder to her pussy. Starting then, she began a non stop tirade of “Oh God!” and “Oh Fuck!” and “Yes”.

She had both of her hands on my head, smashing my face to her pussy. I had to struggle to breathe, but I never stopped licking her clit and fucking her with my fingers.

Finally, she pushed me away, “Stop”, so I moved back and just watched as she shook and convulsed and gasped for air. All I could think was “wow!”.

It was at least a couple of minutes before she raised her head and looked at me through squinted eyes, “Water. Will you get me some water?”

I immediately jumped off the bed and ran to the kitchen. I returned less than a minute later to find her sitting up, leaning against the headboard with two pillows behind her back. I handed her the bottle of water and grinned down at her.

“I guess you’re feeling all proud of yourself, huh?” She teased me. When I didn’t respond, she asked, “Well, did you enjoy it as much as you thought you would?”

I shook my head, “No, ten times more.”

Julie let out a short laugh, “I’m glad. I really enjoyed it too.”

“Does that mean you’ll let me do it again?”

She laughed again, “Not right now, but yes. I’ll let you know when.” And then she glanced down and saw the bulge in my jeans, “I guess you’re ready for your daily blowjob now, huh?”


She rolled her eyes, “Okay, get your jeans off.”

After that, Julie and I fell into a routine of sorts. Before going fishing, I’d go over to her house. I’d go down on her until she came a couple of times, and then she’d give me a blowjob. Afterward, we’d usually go fishing.

We both knew everything would change when school started, so we carried a blanket to our fishing hole. We also took a large black contractor’s bag which we used to put the blanket in and hide it under some brush. When we’d go to our fishing hole, we’d spread the blanket out, have our oral fun, and then fish as usual.

A week after school started, Julie announced right out of the blue that she wanted to take up tennis. Naturally, I bought a racket so I could play tennis with her.

One Saturday, I had to mow the lawn, so Julie went on to the park without me. When I finally got there, Julie was sitting on a park bench with Erin Johnson waiting on a court to open up. When I walked up, Erin split quickly. “What was that all about?” I asked Julie when I took a seat beside her.

“You don’t want to know.” She said with a giggle.

“No, I really do. What’s going on?”

“She just had some questions about us.” She said in a more serious tone.

“What kind of questions?” I pressed her.

“Okay, if you must know, she said everyone thinks you’re gay.”

“Wh ... why would they think that?”

Julie turned to look straight at me, “Because they think I am. And since you and I hang out together, they think you are. Why else would a boy who has never had a girlfriend hang out with a dyke?”

“You set her straight, I hope.”

“I tried. I assured her you’re not gay—that we’re neighbors and just really good friends.”

“Did she accept that explanation?”

“I think so because she started hitting on me.”

“Erin?” I asked in a tone that expressed my shock. “I thought she was going with Travis Range.”

Julie giggled, “They broke up.”

“What did you do?”

“She’s sexy, don’t you think?”

“JD! What the fuck! You’re not gay.”

She seemed to be dead serious when she asked, “How can you be so sure when I’m not? There’s only one way to find out. She invited me for a sleepover tonight.”

“And you’re going?”


I didn’t know what I was feeling, but I knew I didn’t like the idea of Julie spending the night with Erin Johnson. I was afraid I’d say something wrong, so I just said, “Have fun.” And I got up and walked away.

I didn’t see or hear from Julie until early afternoon on Sunday. She called me and asked, “So, are we going fishing or what?”

Her question caught me totally off guard, “I ... I guess, if you really want to.”

“I’ll meet you out front in ten minutes.” And she hung up.

We didn’t talk at all on the ride out to our fishing hole. When we got there, Julie surprised me by getting the blanket and spreading it out. “Why do you still have your pants on?” She asked me.

“I ... I wasn’t sure you--”

“You weren’t sure I’d still give you your daily blowjob?”

“Well yeah. I didn’t know ... I don’t know what I thought.” So I took off my jeans and boxers and lay back on the blanket. Julie got between my legs and proceeded to give me a blowjob, but she took her time, licking up and down my dick for a very long time.

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