New Arcadia -- Herb's Story

by Jehoram

Copyright© 2019 by Jehoram

Erotica Sex Story: Eight sexual pioneers achieve simultaneous orgasms. Twice. But it takes a lot of fucking to get there, a senior Guide explains. (This occurs shortly after Chapter 7 in the New Arcadia timeline.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Sharing   Group Sex   Nudism   .

“At this point, we simply do not know the limits of what we can experience sexually. Every year advances the art a little further. Just when we think we have reached the border of our experience, we find yet another mountain to climb. I can only hope that the next generations will be as far advanced from us as we are from previous generations.”

--- Alfonse Gregorio, from Return to Eden

Hi! I’m Herb. Glad to finally meet you! I’m sorry, but I don’t have a lot of time for you. It’s a busy place today. But my wife Marcie told me that you wanted to interview me. And I’m glad you did, because something happened last night, and I want to tell you about it. It’s pretty historic, at least for New Arcadia and the Gregorio movement.

Did you enjoy that fuck you just had with Cory? She’s pretty hot, isn’t she? She loves to fuck the visitors, and she treats them well. I saw you showering together a few minutes ago, with your cock limp and some jizz oozing out of her cunt. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what you’d been doing! Don’t be embarrassed, though; it’s a common sight around here. Leaking cunts, I mean. Limp dicks ... not so much! Well, let’s let your dick recharge while I tell you what’s been happening. Don’t feel ashamed to play with it as we talk, just as I’m doing, and let it get hard again. That’s what we do around here. And I love seeing cocks get hard, even though I’m mostly straight. When a guy gets to be a Guide like I am, gay and straight sort of lose their meanings. It’s all about the orgasm, and it’s all good.

As you know, Marcie and I are two of the senior Guides here. Our job is to train our members of New Arcadia to have the best sex that they can, and to give the best sex that they can. You really can’t have one without the other. That means that we’re in demand to fuck as many people as possible, to find out where their weaknesses and strengths are as lovers. Most of the people we fuck are either newcomers or what we call our “Apprentices.” Those are people who are in training to be Guides like ourselves. But we’ll fuck anybody who asks us to.

Last night, Marcie and I tried an experiment in simultaneous orgasm ... it’s called “Shakalara” ... with George and Louise, who are our Apprentice Guides, and their polyamorous spouses Liz and Dick. They’re not Guides, but they’re extraordinarily in tune with George and Louise sexually, and we needed that to pull off what we wanted to do. The six of us had achieved Shakalara before, so it was familiar territory for us.

I think George has told you about Shakalara. It’s a technique that gives you the ultimate orgasm, in the opinion of many people. It comes from east Africa, where it’s been practiced for centuries, although the western world doesn’t really know about it yet, except in the Gregorio resorts. Of course, the Africans had told the first missionaries about it, but nobody believed them, probably because the missionaries thought that anything having to do sexual pleasure was sinful.

So the tribe just kept it to themselves, figuring that those crazy westerners just weren’t interested. But eventually a Kenyan woman joined a Gregorio club in Spain and told them about it, about ten years ago. She figured that New Arcadia was the right place to talk about it, since we’re all sexual adventurers here, always looking for that ultimate orgasm.

Basically, if you can get a number of people to climax simultaneously, like within a second of each other, you get a form of orgasm that’s amplified way beyond what you’d normally experience. It’s been compared to what a pipe organ feels like when you’re standing right next to the pipes. You feel it from your head to your toes, a vibration that’s a powerful blast. Marcie and I had achieved it with George, Louise, Dick, and Liz when the two newcomers got their green bands. That was unusual. Usually it takes people of Guide status to do it, but there was such a strong bond of sexual affinity between us all that it happened. By that time, the two couples had been in a polyamorous relationship for a while, and had a great rapport with each other, man and woman alike.

That got Marcie and me to wondering how it would work with eight people. Now, we’d done that at a Guide seminar in Spain, with six other Guides, and it took us three tries to pull it off. But these were people we didn’t know all that well.

And that’s what we were trying for last night ... eight people fucking each other in turns, switching partners on a rotating basis. That’s what it takes to experience Shakalara. We’d agreed that six of us would be the people who had achieved it before. That would be me, Marcie, George, Louise, Liz, and Dick. One of the remaining two would be Hector, a Guide from South America who’s been staying with us for the past few years. Hector enjoys welcoming newcomers and giving them their first fucks at New Arcadia, and he’s patient with them and careful to nurture their libidos. And he’s got what we call a “scimitar dick” with a very pronounced curve that all the girls really get off on.

You already know George. Even though he was late coming to New Arcadia and didn’t have any experiences beyond garden-variety sex, we could see that he had real talent. Well, my wife Marcie did. He’s been her Apprentice now for a while, and he’s well on his way to being a Guide.

He created a bit of a stir when he first came to New Arcadia. For one thing, he’s got a high libido, which helps when you’re a Guide, because you’re expected to fuck four or five people a day, maybe more. And you really have to be in the moment with your partner; you can’t just phone it in. On his first day here, he’d had five orgasms, and That was without any training whatsoever! And on the next day, he did it again! That was when the female Guides really started to get interested in him.

And for another thing, he’s really got a way of getting female virgins to open up sexually, without being intimidating. That’s a rare skill. A full-grown man can’t help to be intimidating to a girl who’s sometimes half his size, but somehow he puts them at ease right away, and lets them take the initiative. They see his erection not as a threat but as a wonderful new toy for them to play with. He could take a young girl who had never seen a naked man before, and inside of an hour she’d be sucking his cock and loving every minute of it! And after having her pussy licked and stroked, and her nipples sucked, she’d have a whole new appreciation of her body and what pleasures it would give her. And she’d walk away, masturbating for maybe the first time in her life, and thinking she’s the queen of the world.

His wife Louise is one of my special people here. She’s my Apprentice, for one thing, so there’s a strong bond there. I gave her one of her first fucks at New Arcadia, and afterwards she made this joke about wanting to marry me. I told her that I was already married but that I’d be happy to screw her any time. And I meant it. It sort of worked out, because our bond as Guide and Apprentice is as strong as any marriage bond, in some ways. So she kind of got her wish!

She’s a beautiful woman, and I love how one of her tits is bigger and hangs lower than the other one. And even on that first day, I saw that Louise had an extraordinarily high libido, and sensed this enormous potential for sexual fulfillment in her, which was ironic since she told me afterward that she’d just been dumped by her lover because she couldn’t satisfy him. That jerk had this amazing fuck-buddy, but didn’t have the skill to unlock her libido, or even appreciate it. So New Arcadia saved her from all that. It might have saved him, too, if he’d known about us. But it’s too late for him, because she found George and Dick, who are her real soul mates, I think.

George and Louise are both voracious for all kinds of knowledge on sex, and as soon as Marcie or I teach one of them something, they practice it on each other until they’re both pros. Together, they’re progressing a lot faster than they would have done on their own, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were Guides themselves in another year or two. And that’s pretty remarkable for people who haven’t been raised in the Gregorio system, and haven’t been here all that long. It would be nice if we should pair off Apprentices like that as much as possible, but it probably won’t happen since most of our Apprentices aren’t living together.

Well, Louise and I are screwing just about every weekend now, as part of her training. I remember fucking her a couple of weeks ago, just after she’d had a training session with Hector. His cum was still oozing from her pussy as I gave her head, which added a delightful taste to her cunt. Then I added my own load to his as we did some more esoteric fucking, transferring sexual energy back and forth from penis to vagina and back again. It was one of those training sessions that left us both drained and happy, and afterwards we just snuggled and talked about Hector for a while. From the rapport they had with each other, it was obvious that he’d fit right in with my plans. Marcie agreed with Louise that he had what it took.

For the remaining female participant, we wanted another Guide, and we have five of them here in New Arcadia. Marcie was already in, Candy and Beryl were out of town, and Sandra was recovering from an operation, so it fell to Abby, who is Bruce’s mother and Cory’s aunt. But at the last minute, Abby came down with the flu. At first, we thought we’d just postpone it until Beryl and Candy returned, or Sandra and Abby got better, but George pointed out that Hector’s visa would expire in another week or so.

He also recommended a replacement for Abby that took me by surprise. It was Mandy, who was one of our most recent “adults.” She’d been admitted to full fucking privileges just after her fifteenth birthday. That was unusual, since most kids don’t get initiated until they’re sixteen or so. Ordinarily, I’d have wanted a more experienced lover, but George insisted that Mandy had talents I didn’t suspect. And boy, was he right!

I didn’t really know Mandy well. Her body type ... slim, nearly titless, with hardly any hair on her pussy ... wasn’t the sort of thing that turns me on. To look at her then, you’d think she was around thirteen. Even now, people have trouble believing she’s seventeen, let alone a green-band. At least, until she gets their cocks up her cunt!

When she was still a virgin, I had a couple of sessions with her. On the first one, a couple of months after she came here, I asked her to show me how she liked to masturbate, and she had no trouble reaching an orgasm, mostly through nipple and clit play. The nipple play was unusual, because most girls’ nips aren’t that sensitive at that age.

I have to say that watching a young girl masturbate doesn’t really excite me sexually. Not that we see anything wrong with it. I mean, you can go over to the Green any Saturday and see half a dozen young ladies wanking, particularly after one of Abby’s masturbation classes. And I love to see it, because that’s what New Arcadia is all about.

For example, look at that redhead over there, lying on her back with with her legs spread out and playing with her clit. I haven’t seen her before. She must be new. From her tan lines, you can see that she isn’t nude very much outdoors. I tell you ... seeing a young lady spread her cunt lips and let the sun touch her inner labia and her clitoris, maybe for the first time, and watching her as she makes that first sensual connection with her body ... that’s the most beautiful thing in the world to me. And the sexual component is the least part of it. Even though I don’t really get turned on by people that young, I’m so happy when I see them on this road to discovery.

When a girl is becoming sexually awakened at New Arcadia, there’s no body shaming or fear of rejection or any of that. She’s guided by loving, horny adults all the way, who want to make it the best experience possible. And she brings that attitude to playing with her peers. From day one, arousal is seen as a positive thing, a marvelous way to play with your body. Now boys seem to pick up on masturbation right away ... too fast, in fact ... but girls need to be guided gently into it. That’s a major goal here in New Arcadia, and Mandy was the epitome of how a girl here can blossom.

But let me go back to that first session. I showed her how to play with the glans on my dick, and then she gave me a very acceptable blowjob, with some nice tongue work on my frenum, which showed me that she’d already had some instruction in that art ... from George, I found out later. I remember that after I came, she spent a lot of time playing with my limp dick ... squeezing it, pulling on it, rolling it between her thumb and forefinger while it was still soft ... as if she wasn’t very familiar with a man’s penis. That struck me as odd, because after a couple of months here, most girls have had experience with maybe two dozen penises, in all states from soft to hard to jizzing. But maybe she had missed a few weekends and was behind in her training, I thought. I figured that she’d played with her father’s dick, and her brother’s, and George’s, and maybe a couple of others, and I assumed that she was investigating how much my penis was similar to theirs ... natural curiosity for a girl that age, you know. After I came, she asked me to suck on her nipples some more, and I did. She really did have sensitive nips, because she climaxed again, just from my sucking them ... I didn’t touch her pussy at all, and neither did she.

At the second session, about six months after the first one, I wanted to see how she responded to oral and finger-fucking. She did very well, coaching me on what she liked, and I noticed that her hymen was pretty much gone from the stretching and the toys we use around her.

I noticed something else when I stroked her labia and pressed my fingertip against her hole. Many girls that age are still a bit shy about that. They tend to close their legs, and their bodies tense up a little. Not her. She rocked her hips forward and spread her legs wider to give me better access to her pussy, and parted her inner lips to expose her entrance. And when I slid my finger in, there was no increased muscle tension in her abdomen, just her vaginal muscles gripping my finger. That told me that she had a familiarity with vaginal insertion that was unusual in a girl her age, with no coital experience. I made a mental note to commend George on his success at sensitizing her. George had also taught her how to use her Kegels, and she was happy to show me what she’d learned.

As with the previous session, she had no trouble reaching an orgasm from the finger play, and then another one when I gave her clit some tongue. When I gave her head, her pussy juice was copious ... and very tasty, I might add! I’d forgotten how fresh and sweet a young girl’s pussy could be ... it was something I hadn’t tasted since my daughter Heather was her age.

The session ended up with her giving me another blow job, during which time I willed my dick to be softer, and then harder again. That’s something that the male Guides can do. I wanted to see how she reacted. She was a little confused at first, wondering if she was turning me off somehow, but she caught on quick and started giggling as she teased me, expertly using pressure on my perineum to stifle the orgasm and let it build. She knew exactly when I was about to cum, and timed her maximum suction to the second. George had indeed taught her well!

We finished that session with my sucking her nips to a third orgasm, and I noted how much fatter and longer they were than they were before. She’d really been working them out. I think they’ll be well over an inch long by the time she’s eighteen, and always hard. In fact, she may be one of those rare women who can lactate just from nipple stimulation, with no need for drugs or child-bearing. We’ll have to see.

After that second session, I told the rest of the Guides that, in my estimation, she was ready for fucking, at least physically, but that we shouldn’t be in any hurry to speed her along. The thing was, she really didn’t turn me on that much. Looking back, I think that part of the trouble was that even though she was almost fifteen, she still had the body of a much younger girl, as I said before, and my tastes run to ... well, more developed women, as I said before. Women like Louise or my wife, with tits that sag and swing and jiggle when you fuck them. Which is kind of odd, since I’d been fucking my daughter Heather on a regular basis ever since she was initiated, and she wasn’t much more developed than Mandy. I think it’s different if it’s a family member, because Heather is so much like her mother in some ways, especially in how she responds when I fuck her. Anyway, I turned her training back over to George and sort of forgot about her.

We initiated her into womanhood just after she turned fifteen. That’s really early, as I said, and I had misgivings. But George insisted that she was ready, and the other Guides agreed with him. So I didn’t put up a fight about it. But then, a few months ago, George started to recommend that Mandy start Guide training. And, to my surprise, my wife agreed with him. That got me thinking about that first session I had with Mandy, and how she was playing with my penis. I went back and checked the attendance records, and found to my surprise that her attendance was perfect; she hadn’t missed a single weekend. So by that time, she’d already jerked off a couple of dozen guys at least ... maybe even three or four dozen ... and I realized then that she wasn’t seeing how similar my penis was to the other ones she’d played with, but in which ways it was different from the others, and how it had its own unique set of responses. Already she was learning as much as she could about how people’s sexual responses were different, and how to get on their wave-length, so to speak, instead of expecting them to get on hers.

Marcie also told me that Mandy had the highest libido of any female teenager she’d ever seen. Once she had her green band, she’d been fucking six to eight partners every day she was here, and satisfying every one of them, and learning about their idiosyncrasies. Maybe she really is Guide material, I thought. And that’s how Mandy became the fourth woman.

We did the experiment last night, right after our usual Saturday night dance. We oiled ourselves up, laid down some mats and candles on the gym floor. All the men had hard dicks, aching for release after hours of erotic dancing. I loved seeing the girls’ skins glistening with oil, and it was a particular pleasure watching Mandy rub the oil onto her labia and clit, which was already swollen. Something about the way she was playing with her pussy reminded me that she was as confident in her talents at fucking as any woman at New Arcadia, for all the baldness of her puffy pubes. It was a common sight to see her wanking herself at New Arcadia, fingering her pussy or pulling at those outrageously long nips of hers as she walked from one fuck to the next. But for her it wasn’t a need for exhibitionism, but a need to be sexually in the moment all the time, in what we call the Golden Zone of erotic arousal.

If you’re attempting Shakalara with people who aren’t Guides, it’s not enough to just have four pairs of people screwing next to each other. There’s got to be a lot of trading off, with people switching partners, so everybody can get on each other’s wave-length, so to speak. So Marcie set up a timer to chime each time that ten minutes had passed.

We four men lay on our backs, pointing our hard cocks straight up with pre-cum dribbling down the shaft, while the women straddled us, their own cunts well lubricated after three hours of watching bouncing dicks and tits. I started off with Louise and enjoyed the sight of her asymmetrical breasts bobbing as she rode me cowgirl. As her Mentor, I’d been fucking her every weekend for over a year, and it was easy for us to lock on to each other’s rhythm. We rose in unison, each one feeding on the other’s excitement. She’d just come off her period, which made her vagina even more sensitive. But I knew that she wouldn’t let that affect her control.

Then the chime rang. It was Marcie’s turn to ride me. We had been married for over twenty years, and were fucking long before that, and knew each other’s bodies like we knew our own. I almost never fuck her at New Arcadia, but we fuck every night when we’re at home, sometimes accompanied by Heather, who is in some ways her mother’s sexual twin. It was plain to see that my wife was already in that state where she could dial her arousal up or down at will, and we teased each other, trying to knock each other out of the Zone. The ten minutes flew by, and then it was Liz sliding down my cock.

Dear Liz! She’d been fucking Dick and George as much as Louise had, and it was amazing how many of her co-wife’s mannerisms she’d adopted. It was much like fucking Louise, except that Liz’s tits were smaller. God, was her cunt wet! I was slightly concerned that she’d pop too soon, but I knew that George and Hector wouldn’t let her do that.

And finally it was Mandy. I’d only fucked her once before, on the day after her initiation. My cock is on the thick side, but I remembered that she’d had no trouble slipping it in, although it was a snug fit. But last night, as she rode my cock, she did something that surprised me. She put a hand at my throat, feeling for my pulse. And then she did this little squeeze with her Kegels ... bink, bink, bink ... exactly in tune with my heartbeat. I’d recently taught the trick to Louise, and my wife knew how to do it; it’s just part of the training for female Guides. But it took Louise a while to get the hang of it, and yet this slip of a girl was doing it perfectly! I figured out that Louise, or maybe Marcie, had taught George the technique, and he in turn had taught her. That made sense, but it didn’t quite explain how good she was at it. It usually takes months of practice. It was then that I realized just how special Mandy was, and how expert she was going to be.

Let me explain. Most people become skilled lovers with training. The more training, the more proficient they are. Like playing music, you know. But like I said before, talent is talent, and every once in a while a person comes along who’s a natural. She just knows. Give her a taste of it, and she can take it from there. Like those kids who sit down at a piano and within a month, they’re playing Chopin. And when it came to fucking, Mandy was a natural that way.

So I pretty much let her do it her way, watching those darling little titties jiggling as her hips gyrated, pressing my cap against different parts of her vagina. Let me tell you, I was impressed! It was obvious that George had taken her far beyond “fucking for fun” and into more esoteric stuff. At one point, she asked me, “Am I doing it like you want? Do you want something else?”

“You’re doing just fine, honey! I’ll let you drive.”

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