It Won't Hurt Nuthin

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A middle age wife & mother decides to add to her limited sex history. Husband is a point. But then it opens up a whole new world for them.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Cuckold   Sharing   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Sally hit thirty-five kinda hard. Her face and skin were nice enough and she was still pretty, but her belly sported stretch marks from two children and bulged a bit. Her tits, nicely filled out from nursing, sagged more than she liked. She had rather routine sex with her husband of sixteen years, once or twice a week. On special occasions she tried to spice it up a bit but he never made that effort.

Working part-time while the kids were in school gave her time to read. Finding an erotic story site on the web got some new thoughts swirling in her head and put new tingles in her twat. She got dissatisfied with the status quo and thinking about roads not followed. A shift in hormones helped make lusty lanes appealing.

After an uninspired Saturday night fuck, Sally made her move. “Dear husband, something has been on my mind for a while.” He opened his eyes and gave her his attention. She continued, “Do you think I’m still sexy?” He reassured her, just as she expected. “Would other men?”

That woke him up. “I think so. Why do you ask?”

“I’ve been thinking a lot about when we were dating. I held out until just before the wedding but I knew you had some intimate girlfriends before you met me. I didn’t tell you but I knew Brenda that you were banging until we got engaged.”

Propping his head up, her husband Josh said, “OK, but why are you bringing it up now?”

She was sitting up cross-legged on the bed with tissue in her crotch to catch the fresh semen. “While I’m still attractive enough to play the game I’d like to try sex with some other men to see what I missed when I was single. I’m not going to have any more kids so sex is now just for fun anyway.”

Not surprisingly, Josh wasn’t thrilled with her pronouncement. “Don’t you get good enough sex with me?”

“That’s not the issue,” she quickly replied. “I do or you’d have heard about it. But you are the same person each time. Kind of like eating steak at every meal. I would like to see how chicken and fish taste.”

He persisted in his concerns. “But what if someone steals you away?”

She leaned over and kissed him, “If you don’t know I’m committed to you by now then I’ve failed at that. I’ve cooked, cleaned, had babies for you, and many, many other things too numerous to mention. I’m not walking away from that investment, let alone how much I love you.”

“OK,” he said thoughtfully, “But it won’t be the same when I have sex with you after that.”

That made Sally smile, “Is that a bad thing? I’ve read that it will make me sexier to you and vice versa. I didn’t find you any less appealing because you’d stuck your nice cock in a few other pussies before mine. Might have even made you better at doing me. By the way, I’m glad to hear you say that you would still want to. From what I can tell, it won’t hurt nuthin.”

Josh was quiet and thoughtful for a bit. When he stirred, he pushed Sally down on the bed and his hard cock slid easily into her still slick pussy. Wordlessly he pounded another blast of sperm deep inside her. When she felt it paint her cervix she tightened her legs around him and shivered in her own climax.

“That’s a hell of a nice response,” Sally whispered, “Were you thinking about me doing it?” Her husband, still firm and embedded, nodded. They slept and nothing was said about the subject for a few days.

They were now copulating every day, sometimes at night and sometimes daytime quickies in available places. Josh finally said, after knocking off a piece with Sally bent over the washing machine, “Are you still thinking about slutting around?”

She squeezed his softening shaft with her cunt and it popped out. “Yes, but I didn’t get a clear acceptance from you the other night. It seems to have gotten both of our libidos stirred up but that isn’t explicit enough for me.”

Josh used a towel to clean her up a bit. She said, “I have another question for you. Would you want to know before or after I find a playmate? That is assuming I’ve got your acceptance.”

She got back on her feet and they hugged naked bodies because their bathrobes were open. With his head next to hers Josh whispered, “I’m going to go with your statement that ‘it won’t hurt nuthin’. For now, only tell me afterwards because that may be less anxiety producing. I reserve the right to change my mind.”

Sally kissed him as she held him tighter. “If I ever think that rule doesn’t apply, I will stop immediately, just to reassure you.”

Three days later when Josh arrived home from work Sally was in her bathrobe. She handed him his favorite whiskey and led him to their bedroom. The only thing she said as she dropped her robe was, “The kids are at a friend’s.”

He gawked at his wife’s flushed body with love bites on her neck and breasts. Her upper chest and crotch were flushed. As she laid down and spread her thighs in invitation he saw whitish wetness between her pussy lips. His clothes came off in a flash except for getting his pants tangled up in his haste.

He buried himself on the first thrust. She was SO slippery! Sally groaned and shivered in orgasm. “She’d never had one on the first insertion,” Josh thought. But, it struck him, she’d had some very hot ‘foreplay’. He came after a few thrusts and shot so hard his balls hurt. They lay together quietly for few minutes and then rolled on to their sides still joined, a procedure they’d done many times. They could then relax and talk. Josh was still quite erect in spite of the vigorous ejaculation.

Sally broke the silence, “Wow, that was intense! I could really feel you shoot. That’s how it was when we first started fucking. You used to stay hard like this too. Mmmmmm!” She shut up, terribly curious about her husband’s feelings.

Josh got the clue, “That was SO hot, knowing what my cock was feeling inside you. Yes, I liked it. What I never told you is that when I was fucking Brenda she was fucking other guys too. Every now and then I got ‘seconds’ and she loved to tell me in case I couldn’t feel that man juice in her. It’s even more intense with you since I love you so much more. Will you tell me about it?”

Rolling further, Sally was now on top. She felt that familiar shaft firming up again and moved gently to expedite it. Her husband stared up into her eyes as she told of her wicked carnal adventure. “I’m not going to tell you who it was but it is someone you have met. I figured he’d be ‘clean’ and discrete, both of which are very important to me. I wanted him ‘au naturale’ so it was real sex like we have. He isn’t dating anyone else currently and I told him that if he does we are done.”

Josh was making small hip thrusts as he asked, “So this was not a one-off experience?”

Sally smiled, “I don’t know yet how it will play out. Anyway, we went to his place and I suggested a shower together to get better acquainted. He loved it just like you do. His cock, and I know you are curious, is a bit shorter and a bit wider than yours. When we got on his bed we touched and kissed as we got even more acquainted. That proceeded to oral sex and then to intercourse. We did it twice and I got off the second time. It was less than an hour before you got home. I was still hot, as you noticed. Actually, I wished you were immediately available because even though he was worn out, I was ready for more. I guess women are blessed that way if we can make it happen.”

Pushing up more vigorously, Josh muttered, “Yeah, damn it! Did he feel different in your pussy?”

Sally smiled, “Of course. It wasn’t so much the shape but how he moved. And what my mind was putting into this made it hotter. It wasn’t you touching me and filling my married pussy!”

She was riding in synch with his thrusts now and he hands cupped and tweaked her bouncing mommy tits. She began moaning softly but it steadily increased in volume until she shook with a strong climax. That set off her husband to unload the fourth semen shots of the afternoon.

They couldn’t savor the experience very long because they’d been at it quite a while and the kids were due back. A quick shower got them dressed before the family set about dinner.

This couple who were entering a new phase in their relationship were eager to reconnect after the kids were asleep. Josh was relentless in asking more and more detailed questions about his wife’s illicit encounter and both got aroused to a vigorous copulation again before sleep.

That was the pattern for the next few days and then things slowed down a bit. A week after the first extramarital encounter, Sally gave her husband a hot tongue kiss when he arrived home and discreetly groped his crotch. He knew immediately that the kids needed to be distracted. Thinking fast, he put them on tasks that they would be rewarded for in the back yard.

Sally leaned over the kitchen counter facing the yard so she could watch the kids and Josh pulled up her loose skirt to discover, not unexpectedly, that she was commando. His pecker had already risen to the occasion and he slipped in easily as he expected. That familiar wet lube hotly engulfed his fleshy shaft.

Sally squeaked as he hit bottom and pushed back to get the action going. Her pleasure noises ramped up as usual and she quickly shook with her orgasm and then she encouraged her husband to finish, “Feel how sexy I am. Shoot your sperm in there with the millions of wigglers already coating my insides. I love all of them making me feel so female!”

Josh happily complied and barely had time to wipe their parts off with a paper towel and cover up before the kids trooped into the kitchen. Josh doled out the prizes and Sally put them to work finishing supper preparations.

Wouldn’t you know it, the kids were difficult to get to bed but the tired parents finally made it to the desired “naked together” condition. This time they chose a scissors position where they could screw in a relaxed mode. It was pretty tender and loving without the “heat” dissipated earlier in the kitchen. It was time to get past the horny stuff and get into the emotional aspects. What was this marital change doing to their primary relationship? That was big in both of their minds.

The sex act detail questions had been previously answered and Sally acknowledged she got two romps this time too. It was a little better because she was more relaxed and familiar with her lover’s style. She’d gotten her jollies both times. Her new lover was clearly appreciative of her mommy tits and that boosted her ego and self-image.

Sally started the discussion, “Other than my pussy being a bit slipperier for a while, just like when we have a double-header, can you tell any difference in your physical sensations when we make love?” Josh admitted he couldn’t, and Sally concurred. She continued, “But the ‘head sex’ sure is different. At least I think so. How about you?”

Josh laughed, “Your crotch knows the answer to that! We are both so eager to get at each other these days. It bugs me a little that you are getting more fucking than I am. But, as you stated at the beginning, I had a head start.”

Sally interrupted, “When I catch up maybe we need to renegotiate where things go from there.”

“I’ll remember that when the time comes,” Josh quickly replied.

Sally reached for his package and gave it a squeeze with a wicked grin, “You won’t have anything left to offer another woman if I have my way.”

“So much for male superiority.” groused her husband, “You women can sure outfuck us.”

Sally grinned even wider, “And it’s very satisfying to be a helping person who makes people feel better. I’m realizing how the look on a man’s face when I’ve wrapped my pussy around him and the sounds he makes as he unloads his male essence deep inside me are what make fucking so much better than diddling myself. I wonder what limits I might have in providing such blessings.”

Josh squeezed her ass, “Prostitutes do a lot of johns in a day. At a frat party I attended there was a girl pulling a train who did more than a dozen I was told. I was chicken but did watch for a bit. It wasn’t very interesting after a while.”

Sally stroked his resurrected rod as she spoke, “That gives me an idea. Would you like to watch me? My pussy tingles thinking about that.” His rod stiffened in her grip.

In a sheepish voice, Josh said, “I have imagined it when you have been ‘out’. Actually, some other times in the past when you’ve been particularly aroused. I’ll have to chew on it for a while.”

“While we are on this subject, my mystery man ate me after our first fuck. You haven’t done that in quite a while. I asked him to clean me after out after the second too and he said he’d love to. He asks me how long it’s been since you and I fucked but I haven’t told him exactly except we do it at least once a day.”

Josh mounted her without interruption. With her long legs wrapped around him and some subtle hip thrusts she continued, “My parents are taking the kids all weekend. If he is available, I want to fuck you then go right over there and come back as soon as he is totally drained. I’m sure you will be raring for more when I return. Does that sound hot to you?”

Without a word, Josh slammed her hard and she yipped and squealed as he pounded. She chanted with each thrust, “FUCK ... ME ... FUCK ... ME...”. They slept soundly.

Saturday took forever to arrive. Friday night was limited to a single copulation. The kids were sent away in the morning and Josh eagerly followed his wife to their bedroom, boner wagging as he walked. The fuck was no-frills with ejaculation the primary goal just before she left.

Sally went braless but with panties holding a bit of toilet paper to catch Josh’s drainage. He got busy to distract himself for the unspecified interval until his hot wife returned. Once again time dragged and his boner soon reappeared with his unavoidable thoughts about what she was doing “right now”.

He got engrossed enough in an action-adventure book that the time speeded up and his willy wilted until he heard the garage door open. The door flew open and Sally left a trail of clothes to the bedroom. Josh was still in his bathrobe so that was he was quickly nude as he followed her jiggling ass.

She flopped on the bed, legs spread and growled in a husky voice, “Eat me if you want to fuck me!”

He dove for the Y and two clit-licks later she squeaked in a mini-orgasm. She pushed him on his back and poised her crotch over his. A single drop of pearly cream dripped onto the hardon before her outer lips enveloped it near his balls. She slid back and forth on that fleshy “rail”, making it slick with her cuntal lube. Raising up, her hand pointed that male spear heavenward and her “gate to paradise” quickly swallowed it. More lusty squeaks as she hit bottom.

Josh had both hands full of recently mauled tits as she bent over and locked lips with him. They stayed locked as their hips moved in long-practiced synchrony until they both felt each other moan as pleasure radiated from their tightly joined crotches. The kiss finally broke and they lay together, panting.

It was a while as they lay tightly bonded before Sally murmured, “Damn this has been intense! I love you SOOO much for giving me such a wonderful gift!” They rolled apart, lying side by side and holding hands.

Josh couldn’t contain his curiosity any longer. “Tell me about it.”

She squeezed his hand as she told her story, “It’s a fifteen-minute drive and I struggled with the speed limit. My entrance there was a lot like my return here. We were naked in a minute and I said exactly the same thing to him when I got on my back. He dove in as eagerly as you did too. I got off twice because he had more patience, I guess. He wanted me on top so you know how that went. We fucked twice. By the way, I don’t kiss him. That’s just for you.”

Josh squeezed her hand as he semi-joked, “I’m glad SOMETHING is just mine.”

Sally gave his refilling rod a gentle spank, “You are the only one in my heart, don’t ever forget.”

“Oh, yeah. And vice-versa. Remember that if I am ever enjoying another woman.”

Sally groaned, “I’d love to watch THAT. I might even want to eat your stuff out of her. I’m not lez as you well know, but it could be fun.”

Josh rolled her on her side facing away from him and spooned up behind, easily slipping in her slick channel. His top hand reached over her and knew how to make her full breast feel so good. She said softly, “I haven’t fucked him this way yet. He likes my tits as much as you do I think.” It was a leisurely copulation and Josh moved his hand down to rub her clit as he stroked. Sally whispered as she felt Josh’s warm ejaculate surge inside, “That’s number five today. I’m ready for more but not complaining about stopping here!” They slept.

When they were both awake and had emptied bladders, they joined at the waist again but just lay together quietly. It was Josh’s turn to be reassuring, “Damn you are a hot woman! And I’m so blessed you love me. It’s great to have almost all your attention. At least I’m not competing with the kids for it right now. We can hardly ever have a morning screw.”

She kissed him briefly, “Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. Are you open to any other ideas how to use this special time?”

“What is my wicked wife thinking of now?”

“We mentioned watching in the heat of yesterday. If my ‘other man’ is available and agreeable, which I think he would be, would you like to watch me get laid?”

Josh’s cock twitched noticeably, and Sally chuckled, “Is that a yes?”

There was a pause before Josh confirmed he’d be brave enough to do it. Sally said that then they’d better save their lust for later. He hadn’t pulled out yet as she stretched for her phone and speed dialed. He heard only one side of the conversation but knew it was going the way Sally obviously wanted.

She drove, not just because she knew the way, but because she’d extracted a promise from both men that she would call the “shots” in this scenario. They pulled up to a house that seemed familiar. When the door opened he knew why. It was an older friend of her family’s that he’d met at some event or other. He was reintroduced to Sam and led inside.

Sam offered adult beverages and Josh selected some bourbon. Sam had some too while Sally sipped wine. There was some mild anxiety that all parties had to dissipate. Sam explained that his wife had died six months previously and Sally’s offer had pulled him out of a deep depression. She beamed.

With her wine gone, Sally asked Sam if he had a stereo that she could hook her phone to. He found a cable and set it up. While he was doing that she disappeared for a few minutes and returned in her belly-dancing costume, have taken some classes long ago. One thing Josh noticed right away was she was not wearing the usual top under the shoulder scarf. Her breasts moved freely, partially visible through the almost transparent fabric.

Starting the music, she began dancing provocatively between the two men. As she warmed up she kept dancing closer and teasingly closer. Her moves were being watched closely and when she pulled her scarf aside in front of Sam and pushed her nipple in his mouth, Josh nearly creamed his jeans. He got the other one a few moments later.

Dancing back to Sam she whispered something. He left the room, quickly returning with a stool. Placing it in front of him, Sally dropped her lower garment and danced up on the stool. She teased with her trimmed bush and asked him to stick his tongue out as far as he could. It only took tiny movements to rub her clit on the protruding muscle. The woman-in-heat fragrance was already strong. Josh eagerly awaited his turn. Sally got off with him and then headed towards the bed where her previous extramarital adventures had occurred.

Saying only “scissors” she laid on her side and Sam got behind her, rod ready. Making sure Josh was in the best viewing position, she raised her upper leg and reached down to aim that cuckolding shaft at her fur-flanked cunt. Her eyes were on her husband’s face as the uncut head separated her outer lips and popped inside. Each stroke went a bit deeper until his pubes were up against her ass. Josh’s gaze was totally focused on how her oh-so-familiar pussy was being stretched around a hard penis. It was “live porn” and sooo much better than video, let alone that it was a body he knew and loved.

Sally ordered, “Kiss me!” Josh moved closer and their lips locked and tongues dueled for a full minute. Sally pulled away and firmly said, “Kiss my pussy too.”

Josh was startled but knew he’d agreed to follow her orders. The closeup view of the joined organs as Sam slowly stroked, slick with her secretions, was almost enough to get him off. He’d been holding his own cock and moving his hand in time with Sam’s thrusts but let go to prevent an eruption NOT where he wanted it to happen. Moving carefully, he extended his tongue to her clit and licked it. Sally squealed softly but ordered, “Kiss it like you do at home!” He repositioned himself and pressed his lips just above where Sam was inserted. On one instroke, Sam’s shaft rubbed on his chin and he twitched a little but didn’t stop. Sally later told him she figured what happened and was very proud of him.

when Josh felt heard a male groan and felt Sam’s cock pulse he pulled back and could see those balls tensing as they put sperm into another man’s wife. Courteously Sam withdrew as soon as the ejaculation finished and Josh saw the fresh cum wetly coating the cock it had spurted from. Sally rolled on her back to watch and feel her husband bury his meat in her. They locked lips again as she matched his thrusts, almost unaware of their audience. They soon peaked together but had to pull their faces apart to release the powerful sounds of pleasure. Josh just collapsed on his hot wife as Sam clapped. That made them laugh.

Josh rolled off onto one side with his head on Sally’s shoulder. Sam snuggled up on the other and each cupped the tit on their side. Sally could reach over to hold a cock in each hand. Sam’s was hard again but she needed a rest. They lay quietly for a while. No words to break the spell.

Finally Sally said she had to pee and needed something to drink. when she returned, Sam had some champagne. After a toast to the amazing experience, Sally dribbled a little bubbly on each of her favorite male organs and tasted the how the champagne mixed with the carnal residues, pronouncing them a special treat that she would like to enjoy again.

Josh went to pee while his hose was still flexible but Sam’s needed further processing. When Josh returned he saw Sally riding a rod again. She motioned him to stand over Sam and let her suck him hard. That didn’t take long but Sam was going to hold out now that the urgency was gone.

After a while Sally got concerned about her husband having to wait so long for his turn. Her inventive mind offered a suggestion, “Josh, since my pussy was stretchable enough to let two big babies out, I think it might allow two cocks go in at the same time. Wanna try?”

“Why not? It won’t hurt nuthin’ to try.”

Sally laid down on Sam’s chest, putting her head next to his. With Sam’s legs separated Josh could knee walk up to Sally’s crotch. He pushed his fleshy spear downward a bit to line up parallel to Sam’s who had pulled out just a bit per Sally’s instruction. Sally relaxed as much as she could and it took a bit of wiggling for Josh to pop through the opening but then it went easily with all the sex fluid lubrication already there.

“What do you think of that guys?” asked the doubly penetrated recipient.

From underneath came the first voice, “I’ve seen it on video so now I know it’s real.”

Josh’s reply was more direct, “Damn, honey, you amaze the hell out of me. And what about you?”

She laughed so hard they had to push to prevent being expelled from Paradise, “What’s not to like? I’m SOOO glad you are both visiting. Can you cum in me at the same time too?”

No more talking ... just fucking and sure enough, when Sam signaled he was unloading more baby-makers, that set Josh off too and Sally just howled, as much emotional/mental as physical. They slept until the guys had to pee. Now irrepressible and still in charge, Sally accompanied them and ordered each man to aim the other’s piss hose. They both got to wipe her and there was a lot from her vagina too.

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