Mind-control Panties 14: Slut Takes Charge

by mypenname3000

Copyright© 2019 by mypenname3000

Mind Control Sex Story: Daisy goes from a submissive girl to the top bitch at her school thanks to a pair of mind-controlling panties.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Mind Control   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Cuckold   Incest   Brother   Sister   DomSub   FemaleDom   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

The figure stepped out of the mist and opened the front door of the house. For once, it wasn’t entering a public place. Even the house party it had visited a few panties ago had been open to all. So many youths had flooded in and out of that house, anyone could have entered unnoticed. But at this residence, anyone who didn’t belong would stand out.

Even the figure. The unremarkable, boring, plain figure would be obvious. However, this was the perfect place to plant its newest pair of panties.

The figure entered the house, moving with stealth. Every step quiet. It clutched the panties in its bony fingers, stroking them. They were black, cut narrow in the front and back, the waistband barely more than strings. There was a pattern of lace adorning the front of the panties, adding excitement to anyone who saw them. On the back were printed two words in gold, bold letters.


The figure reached the stairs, the three people in the house were up there. It could hear their passion. Two of them were having sex. Daisy Jameson was the guest, the girlfriend of Isaac Collins, the boy pumping away at her seventeen-year-old pussy. He slammed into her hard, building and building towards his orgasm.

The figure could feel the lust. It crept up the stairs, stroking the panties. It climbed higher and higher, every step placed with care. It couldn’t make a sound. It couldn’t alert anyone that it was here. On the second floor, it stared down the hallway. The nearest door was closed tight, a sign hanging on it that read “Kelly’s Room” centered in a red heart. This room belonged to Isaac’s younger sister, fourteen, virgin, even now struggling not to hear her brother’s amorous adventures with his girlfriend.

Lust trickled from her room, too.

The figure passed Kelly’s door and approached where all the sounds were coming from.

“Yes, yes, I’m almost there!” Daisy moaned on the edge of her orgasm.

The figure grabbed the doorknob. This was it. The most dangerous moment. It had planned out its every movement, searching the future and tailoring the mind-control panties to function properly at this exact moment.

The door creaked open.

The layout of Isaac’s bedroom gave it a short hallway before it opened up onto his room proper. It was to accommodate both his closet and the linen closet. The figure crept into the room, moving slow not to be noticed. The two teenagers were on the bed, the boy on top, driving his dick deep into his girlfriend’s pussy. Their clothes were scattered throughout the floor.

A pair of panties, almost entirely identical to the one clutched in the figure’s hand, lay fallen just feet away. The figure reached and reached.

“Yes!” Daisy moaned as her climax rippled through her. The figure could feel her lust bleeding out of her flesh, her emotional release vibrating through the air. “It’s safe! You can cum in me!”

Isaac growled, his muscular body flexing. He had short, brown hair, his attention wholly fixed on his girlfriend writhing on his dick. Her blonde hair spilled around her face, half-obscuring her vision so she didn’t notice the figure as it reached out and snagged her panties. It replaced them with the new pair, making sure the gold letters weren’t in view.

That would give the replacement away.

And then the figure slipped out of the room. It closed the door ever so carefully, listening to Isaac as he had his release. He spilled his jizz into his girlfriend’s pussy. Spurt after spurt of salty seed.

The figure quivered. Mortal lust, especially youthful passion, was addicting. But shaping it was even more delicious.

The door safely closed, it padded down the hall. It paused at the next door, Kelly’s door, needing to do one last thing. With delicate care, it sent mist into the small pinhole and unlocked the door. Then it cracked it open. Not enough to swing it open, but enough for it not to latch shut again. For the right disturbance to cause it to open.

Then the figure padded down the stairs, its trespass almost completed. It was dangerous for one of its kind to be caught on private property.

It could be trapped forever. At the will of the house’s owner.

The figure reached the front door, stepped out into its mist, and was gone.

Upstairs, Daisy came down from her orgasm, trembling in delight.

Daisy Jameson

“God, you want to get something to eat?” Isaac said as he rolled off of me.

“Mmm, yeah,” I groaned, his cum leaking out of me. “Damn, that was good.”

“Yeah,” he said grinning. “Glad my parents aren’t going to be home for a while.” He’d called me to let me know. I didn’t mind skipping out my homework to come over and make him happy.

“You’re not worried about your little sister?” I asked as I rolled out of bed. I glanced at the thin wall separating this room from Kelly’s.

“It’s fine,” he said.

I didn’t argue. If he said it was fine...

I found it a little kinky that she heard us. It made it a little more exciting. Not that I really had any choice, I usually did whatever Isaac suggested. I liked obeying him. It was nice. Maybe I was submissive. Sometimes, I thought of being tied up...

“Why don’t we go to Outback,” he said. “Get some steak.”

“Sure,” I said, not really caring. Outback was fine. There were restaurants I liked more, but that was where he wanted to go.

“Maybe don’t wear your bra, either,” he said as I padded to my clothes. “You look good in that top without one on.”

My round breasts jiggled as I bent over to pick up my panties while I felt his eyes on my ass. “Sure,” I said, my face burning. “If that’s what you like.”

“God, you’re the best girlfriend,” he groaned. “I bet you’d let me do anal.”

I shivered as I said, “Probably. Would you like that?”

“Damn,” he groaned as I stepped into the panties. They tingled. I shuddered as I pulled them up, the strange, defiant rush rippling over me. “You’re just the best. After we got some food, we’ll come back here, make out, get you in the mood, and I’ll warm up that ass.”

“I guess,” I said, frowning. Why would I want to give him my ass? The rebellious thought flitted through my mind as I straightened up, dragging the panties up the last few inches. I pulled it over my ass, snapping the string waistband around my hips, the pair of panties settled just right.

Isaac bought them for me. He wanted me to wear them as much as possible. He liked seeing me in them.

“Top bitch?” he said. “When did that got written on the back of your panties?”

“How the fuck should I know?” I snapped at him, tired of his damn questions.

“Daisy?” he said, sounding shocked. “You okay?”

“I’m fucking fine,” I said, whirling around. “God, I don’t want to go to fucking Outback. Place blows. I want to find something else to do. Something else to enjoy.”

He frowned at me.

“God, your poor little sister is next door, probably masturbating her fucking pussy because she had to listen to us fuck. Then you want to go and get something to eat and leave her high and dry? God, you can be a dick.”

He spluttered, “My sister? What?”

I marched out of his bedroom, throwing open his door, my naked tits bouncing before me. This idea just filled me. Why did Kelly have to suffer because her brother wanted to get off? God, why was I even here? I was supposed to be working on my school assignment. But no, Isaac had the house all to himself and he wanted to fuck.

And because I was just some sort of spineless cunt and did what he said, I dropped everything to please him.

No fucking longer!

“Daisy, what’s wrong?” my whiny boyfriend called.

“Just tired of your shit,” I said. “I always have to do what you want, but what about what I want? Fucking time I took charge.”

I stopped before Kelly’s door, the cute sign hanging on it. I went to touch the doorknob, but the door slipped open on its own when I brushed it. Just an inch, not even opening enough to see inside. I pushed it open slowly and without making a sound. I was eager to see what I’d find in there. I grinned when I saw Kelly lying on her bed, her hand shoved down the front of her jeans. Her face was flushed.

“Well, well, well,” I purred, sauntering in, my panties soaking up the jizz leaking out of me. “You poor thing. Look what your asshole brother made you do.”

She squeaked as I spoke, her hand ripping out of her fly, her entire face going scarlet.

“Daisy!” she asked. Her eyes fell on my round breasts. “What are you... ? I mean, don’t you knock!”

“Don’t stop flicking your bean,” I said. “It looked like you are having some fun. You were getting off in here while your brother nailed me, huh? Just picturing him fucking me. Imagining him putting his big dick into my cunt. That’s what you were doing, right?”

The fourteen-year-old girl stared at me, her eyes wide as saucers. They were green, so vibrant. Her brown hair fell in pigtails around her slender face. She had a petite body, her t-shirt tight around her small breasts, her nipples poking hard at the fabric. It didn’t look like she had on a bra.

“Yeah, you were jilling your cunt hard to him fucking me,” I said and smiled. “Go on, shove that hand back in there, you dirty, little slut. Finger yourself to me getting fucked.”

“Daisy!” she gasped, her shock rippling across her face.

I darted down and pinched her nipple through her top. “I said masturbate,” I hissed, twisting her nub. “I’m tired of everyone thinking they can ignore me. You’re going to do what I say, aren’t you, little slut?”

“Daisy?” Isaac asked.

I shot a look over my shoulder. My boyfriend stood in the doorway in his boxers. “You, back to your room. I don’t fucking need you in here. I’m having a conversation with your little sister. Maybe it’s your turn to have to listen. Have to suffer while your sibling gets off with me.”

His jaw dropped.

“I told you to get into the other fucking room. Do I have to make you?” I asked, twisting his little sister’s nipple.

She squeaked when she thrust her hand back into her jeans. She started masturbating herself just like I told her to. Such a good girl. My pussy clenched, this wicked heat rippling through me. I stared at her lips. They were plump. Lush. Perfect lips for eating pussy.

A naughty tingle raced across my skin.

I glanced back at my boyfriend, his cock tenting the front of his boxers. There was a wet spot caused by my pussy juices soaking through the fabric.

“If you ever want to touch my cunt again, you get your fucking ass back into your bedroom, sit on your bed, and listen while I use your little sister. She’s just aching for it. She’s a little dyke whore just begging to eat my cunt. Right?”

“I ... I...” the girl gasped. “I don’t know. It’s all so confusing, Daisy.”

“Miss Daisy,” I said, shuddering. “That’s what you call me. Right, little slut? God, I want to peel off my panties, sit on your face, and make you lick your brother’s jizz right out of my cunt. Is that what you want me to do?”

The panties I wore tingled, the ripple caressing my skin. It shot down my arm to my finger pinching her nub.

The little girl gasped and fingered her twat faster. “I want to do whatever you want, Miss Daisy. Promise.”

I glanced back at the door. Issac still stood there.

Anger swelled in me. “I swear to god, if you make me march over there and force you out of here, you will never touch my cunt again. I can find other guys to fuck me when I want. They’ll be lining up to enjoy my pussy, and your little sister will be more than happy to lick their cum out of my twat. Won’t you, my good, little dyke?”

“Yes, Miss Daisy,” panted the girl.

“You hear that? How sweet she is? I want the joy of riding her mouth. So get gone, Isaac, before I get pissed off.”

Isaac swallowed and slouched away. Like a good boy, he headed to his bedroom and closed the door. I heard the bed springs creak, knowing he’d sat down. He would pull out his cock, soaked with my pussy cream, and jerk it. He would be thinking about me riding his little sister’s face, grinding my cunt on her mouth and making her lick out every last drop of his jizz.

“Let me see you naked, little dyke,” I said. “I’ve enjoyed your brother, now I want to see what you have. I bet you’re just a sexy little bitch underneath your clothes.”

“Yes!” she gasped. “I’m sexy. I got boobs. See!”

She ripped her hands out of her jeans, her fingers coated in her sticky juices. A wonderful, spicy musk filled my nose, different from my sweet aroma. She grasped the hem of her baby-doll t-shirt and ripped it up.

Just as I thought, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Her small breasts had a nice bit of plumpness to them, A-cups, but on the verge of something bigger. Her nipples were hard, thrusting from small areolas. They were barely more than rings of pink around those hard nubs. Then she wiggled her hips, her fingers shoving into the waistband of her jeans. She lifted her ass to push them down, her legs thrusting up in the air. She kicked off her jeans, exposing her lithe legs. She had a pink pair of panties with bands of white lace down the crotch.

Those came off next.

I groaned at the sight of the soft down of light-brown hair adorning her pubic mound. Juices coated them, little beads of liquid diamond. Panties off, she shoved her hands back between her thighs, rubbing at her twat. She must be a virgin. I bet she still had her hymen.

I groaned, looking at her mouth.

“Have you eaten pussy before?” I asked, pinching her nipple again. This time, there was no t-shirt and the way.

“No,” she panted. “I’ll do it for you, Miss Daisy.”

I shuddered, loving how the tingles rippled from my pussy. From my panties. The sensation seemed to travel through me into Kelly, making her just perfect. Just what I needed. Doing things my way was so much better than being that pathetic, submissive creature I used to be. I had no idea why I ever had fantasies of being tied up. Why did I just do whatever Isaac wanted?

God, I was about to let him fuck me up the ass without getting anything out of it.

Where was the fun in that?

I straddled Kelly’s head, staring into her green eyes. My round breasts swayed before me. “Pull my panties to the side, and then I’ll plant my cunt right on that hot, little mouth of yours, dyke. I want you to lick all your brother’s jizz out of me. Then I want you to make me cum. And don’t you dare stop rubbing that hot twat of yours.”

“I won’t, Miss Daisy!”

“You won’t eat my cunt?” I hissed. “Is that what you said?”

She squeaked in fright.

I laughed. “I know what you meant. I’m just fucking with you. I can be a bit of a bitch, can’t I?”

She hesitated. She had no idea how to answer that.

“Just pull my panties aside because I need to get my twat eaten. I want to feel you licking out every bit of your brother’s cum. He’s in the other room jacking it right now, just picturing you doing this. He wishes he could see it. Don’t you, Issac?”

“Yeah,” I heard through the walls.

“Yeah, what?” I demanded.

“Yeah, Miss Daisy!”

I smiled as Kelly pulled my panties to the side. This was perfect. I planted my furred muff right on that sweet girl’s mouth. It was time to get what I wanted.

My new little dyke slut licked me just like I wanted. It was wonderful to feel her tongue sliding through my folds and gathering up her brother’s jizz. My hands darted down, grabbing her nipples while she fingered her virgin twat. She rubbed her digits up and down her slit while groaning into my cunt.

I twisted both her nubs, tweaking them, loving how she gasped and squealed into my cunt.

It was amazing. I groaned, not hiding my pleasure, my breasts swaying before me as her tongue darted through my folds. She reached into me, scooping out all that wonderful jizz inside my snatch. It was so amazing.

I shuddered, clenching down on my cunt to squeeze out more and more of her brother’s cum. It poured into her mouth. It was so hot knowing that this little dyke was eating her brother’s incestuous seed out of me.

It was worth letting him fire his cum into me to have this delight.

“That’s it, you naughty little dyke slut,” I purred. “Do you like it when I twist your nipples? Do you like it when I do this?”

She gasped as I pulled on her right nipple, stretching her little breasts taut. When I released it, her nipples snapped back, her firm breasts jiggling. She moaned into my cunt pressed firmly down on her mouth. Her fingers rubbed harder at her pussy, sliding up and down her slit. The brown curls of her bush spilled about her digits.

“Yeah, you like that,” I said, stretching out her left nipple. I loved how she squealed into my cunt, her tongue lapping faster and faster at my pussy lips. She devoured me with such hunger. Such desire to do what I wanted and please me. I shuddered, savoring it.

“Mmm, yeah, you’re going to lick my cunt clean of your brother’s spunk whenever I want. Right?”

“Yes, Miss Daisy!” she moaned into my snatch.

“Good,” I panted, my pleasure rippling through me. “Now get that tongue deep inside of me. Lick out every drop of your brother’s cum. He fired so much jizz into me. You have to lick it all out. Ooh, aren’t you a lucky, little dyke?”

“Yes, I am, Miss Daisy!”

I savored her submission. My blonde hair danced around my shoulders. I groaned, grinding my pussy onto her face. I loved the feel of her tongue caressing my labia. Her lips brushed my clit. I felt her little nose rubbing into my taint.

I trembled, all this pleasure surging through me. She was building and building me towards an amazing climax. Something far, far better than just experiencing a little dick in my cunt.

I was taking charge of my pleasure.

I grabbed both her nipples, stretching out her tits. I loved how she squealed into my cunt. Her moans vibrated against my labia, my clit throbbing and aching. My pussy clenched, squeezing more and more of her brother’s cum into her hungry mouth. Her lush lips latched onto my pussy and sucked.

I gasped at her ingenuity. It felt incredible, my back arching. My breasts swayed before me, jiggling with their plumpness.

“That’s it,” I groaned, trembling. I stared at her fingers sliding through her brown bush and rubbing at her hot cunt. “Ooh, I’m going to cum so goddamn hard on your mouth. You are going to drown in my fucking cream. Yeah, you want my sweet delight, you little muff-diving slut. Just buff my hardwood floors! Yes!”

Her tongue fluttered more and more. She brushed my clit again and again. Wonderful sparks of pleasure surged through me. It was intense. Amazing. I tugged hard on her nipples, loving her squeals.

This was it. I was rising towards that amazing climax. Little stars danced before my eyes. Her tongue thrust deep into my cunt and wiggled around. I heard her groaning like she was aching for more cum to lick out of me. Her enthusiasm set me off.

I came.

My cunt spasmed around her probing tongue. I felt my juices gushing out, bathing her. The sweet scent of my cream filled my nose. She gasped, her body trembling on the bed. Her legs spasmed. I realized she was joining me in climactic delight.

Drinking my pussy cream had set her off.

I loved it. This fourteen-year-old muff-diver feasted on me. She licked and lapped up the juices flooding out of me. The waves of pleasure felt so intense as they swept through my body. They sloshed over my mind, stars bursting across my vision. I groaned, my eyes fluttering. I savored every moment of it.

It was amazing. I wiggled my hips from side to side, grinding my cunt on her mouth. She kept licking me. Her tongue sparked new pleasure in me, keeping my bliss alive.

“Oh, god, your fucking little sister’s making me cum again, Isaac!” I moaned. “Fuck, my orgasms are coming one after the other. Your little sister was born to eat pussy. God, she’s good!”

The girl feasted on me. Wave after wave of pleasure swept through my body. They crashed into my mind. I was dizzy with euphoria. I twisted and pinched her nipples, playing with them as I swayed atop her. My pussy lips and clit grew more and more sensitive with every wonderful spasm of pleasure that rippled through me. My tits heaved.

I loved it.

I ground my twat on her until I couldn’t take any more of her hunger. She kept rubbing her naughty cunt while she devoured me. She flicked her tongue across my pussy lips then thrust deep into my twat and swirled around. She teased me. Loved me.

“You were born to devour cunt,” I panted. “You did a fucking amazing job, little dyke.”

“Thank you ... Miss ... Daisy... , “ she panted.

I rose off her, leaving her lying in a daze and soaked by my pussy cream. My juices had run down her cheeks to her brown hair. She looked so happy at the same time. I shuddered, savoring it. I adjusted my naughty panties back in place and marched out of Kelly’s room.

I burst into Isaac’s bedroom a second later to get the rest of my clothes. He was panting on the bed, several wads of balled up tissue around him. He was still stroking his dick, staring at me in awe.

“Good thing for you I like making your sister eat your cum out of my cunt,” I purred. “You’re going to get a taste of my pussy again. What do you say?”

“Thank you, Miss Daisy,” he panted.

I grinned at him.

I sauntered out of his house, feeling amazing.

The next morning, I strutted to school, leaving my mother shuddering on the kitchen floor with a vibrator shoved up her cunt. She was another woman that turned out to be an amazing pussy licker. It was hot feeling her lap my older brother’s cum out of me. I left him tied up in his room with instructions for Mom to free him if and when she felt like it.

I hinted that maybe she should go for a ride on his dick or mouth, enjoy him and make him pay before she let him go.

I felt like a million bucks as I sauntered down the street, my jean skirt swaying about my ass, my breasts bouncing in the tied-off shirt I wore. I had something naughty on beneath my skirt. A big delight. My breasts jiggled and bounced in my blouse, ripe and firm. I strutted, my pussy tingling, just aching to get to school and have some fun.

There were so many girls with boyfriends I wanted to play with. So many pathetic guys I wanted to hear beg and plead with me. I wanted them on their knees, groaning for me to let them cum. Let them enjoy their girlfriends again. It would be so exciting. Everyone needed to learn I was top bitch of our high school.

I strutted into the school like I owned it, my eyes flicking around. I smiled when my boyfriend darted up, pulling Kelly along behind him. They both stared up at me with worship. Kelly licked her pink lips while her brother had a huge hardon. It was clear my pathetic boyfriend wanted to fuck me again so I could make his little sister lick me clean. Maybe I should find another guy to fuck me instead. Kelly wouldn’t care whose cum she ate out of me, but it was hotter when it was her brother’s.

Incest made it so naughty.

And then I spotted Rachel wearing those tight-ass jeans. I had a surprise I wanted to show her.

“There you are, cutie,” I said, striding past my boyfriend and his little sister. “Damn, you are rocking that ass, Rachel.”

Rachel turned around, blinking at me. She was a Black girl with light-brown skin. She had slender hips and large breasts filling out a belly shirt that left her flat stomach bare. Her boyfriend, Steve, stood beside her. He was a tall Black guy on our school’s basketball team, his hair braided into long cornrows.

“Yeah, those tits are nice, too,” I said, grinning. “If you strip naked, I’ll let you suck on what I have beneath my skirt.”

Rachel glanced down and blinked. Other people were noticing the bulge I had tenting my skirt, a naughty item I had my mom buy for me last night. It was so hot sauntering to school with it on. My pussy clenched down on the end inside of me, savoring its girth.

“Oh, Daisy?” Rachel said, flicking her eyes up to my face. “Is that a dildo you have stuffed in your skirt?”

“And if you want to suck on it, you better show me those big tits and that cute fucking ass of yours,” I said, my hand lashing out. I shoved it right underneath her belly shirt to squeeze her tits through her bra. “I mean it, I want to be obeyed. Right the fuck now!”

“Jesus,” Steve groaned, his hand reaching for my wrist.

I glanced at him. “You touch a single bit of me, and you’ll never get your dick suck by another girl again, let alone by Rachel. She’ll be too busy keeping her mouth glued to my cunt to ever suck your little pecker!”

Steve froze, sensing the power of my eyes. God, everyone in the school needed to understand. I owned them. Their cocks, their pussies, their asses. All mine. I wanted to have fun with them, so they needed to submit. I was tired of being everyone’s doormat. No more submission, just taking what I wanted.

Right now, I wanted to fuck a black girl with my new dildo.

I squeezed and massaged Rachel’s breast, staring into her eyes. “Ain’t that right? If your boyfriend touches me, you won’t ever suck his dick again? Let alone give him any more of that sweet cunt of yours.” I licked my lips. “But it’s not as sweet as mine.”

“Miss Daisy has the sweetest cunt,” Kelly moaned, darting up beside me. “You should be getting naked. You don’t want to make her mad. She will punish you. You don’t want that. If you’re good, she’ll give you pleasure. I licked all of my brother’s cum out of her pussy last night.”

I grinned at the fourteen-year-old dyke. “Yes, she did. Tell you what, Rachel, if you strip naked right this second and don’t give me any fucking lip, I’ll let her suck on your cunt while you suck on my dildo. How does that sound?”

Tingles rippled out of me like I was still wearing those panties from yesterday. Rachel shuddered, her eyes widening. Then she asked me, “She’s that good, huh?”

“Little dyke was born to eat muff,” I purred. “One. Two.”

Rachel stared at me, realizing she didn’t want me to reach three. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and ripped it up, exposing my hand gripping what turned out to be a lilac-hued bra, a nice bit of white lace around the edges, a little bow in the two cups. Her large breasts jiggled, her eyes wild. I smiled, grinning.

“Steve, you better hold all your girlfriend’s clothes. Just stand there and watch as I use her. If you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll let you have some scraps. You know, let her suck on your dick again. But if you say one word, well, I’ll find something to shove into your mouth. Something you won’t like at all.”

He swallowed.

Boys were so easy to control. You just promised them a chance of getting their dicks sucked, and they would do whatever you wanted. Tell them they wouldn’t get any at all, and they would be terrified. I loved it.

“And you, Isaac, you keep being a good boy, and I’ll let you fuck my pussy today. After all, your little sister needs to lick someone’s cum out of my pussy. Maybe it should be my favorite boy. In fact, while Rachel’s sucking on my dildo, you’ll rim my asshole. How does that sound?”

“Perfect, Miss Daisy,” my boyfriend groaned, rubbing at his hardon through his jeans.

I smiled. So easy to control.

Students were gathering, watching as Rachel unfastened her jeans and wiggled them off her slender hips. She had matching panties, cut high and with a narrow triangle plunging down to cup her pussy. She was obviously shaved, maybe just a landing strip hidden under the dainty garment.

I was eager to find out as she stepped out of this jeans.

Kelly didn’t even need to be told to strip. She was already getting naked, staring at Rachel with as much lust as me. It was clear the little girl was eager to suck on another cunt. She wanted to drink all of Rachel’s teenage passion.

My pussy clenched on my dildo.

I groaned as Rachel reached behind her to unfasten her bra. Those lush, light-brown titties came into view. They were so big and soft, swaying with her every movement. Her nipples were short but fat, thrusting from wide, dark-brown areolas. She handed her bra to her boyfriend who held it with the rest of her clothing, staring at her in hope. He, too, had a hardon.

All the boys did.

Rachel slid down her panties and stepped out of them. She handed them to her boyfriend. I caught a glimpse of the crotch dark with a wet spot. Then I glanced at her cunt. As I thought, she was shaved. She had thick pussy lips thrusting out of her vulva, pink in the middle and dark on the outside. She groaned as she fell to her knees, staring up at me. Her hands grabbed my skirt, pushing it up and up.

“Kelly, suck on her cunt,” I commanded.

“Yes, Miss Daisy,” my boyfriend’s little sister moaned. The naked and nubile girl fell to her knees and slid her head between Rachel’s thighs. The Black girl settled her twat down on Kelly’s face. The fourteen-year-old dyke moaned in delight. I could hear licking and lapping as she feasting on Rachel’s snatch.

“Oh, yes, Miss Daisy, she is an amazing muff-diver!” panted Rachel. She licked her lips. “I’ll suck so hard on your dildo.”

“Good. Get it nice and wet because I’m fucking your ass with it next.”

She shuddered and nodded.

She shoved the jean skirt up and over my waist. The pink shaft spilled out. It was rubbery, one end shoved deep into my cunt. As it moved, it had these wonderful ridges that massaged my labia and clit. Sparks flared through me. My nipples rubbed hard against my tight blouse. I decided to pop that off, showing everyone my round and beautiful tits. I wiggled my hips, knowing that my heart-shaped ass beckoned to my boyfriend.

Like the good boy he was, I felt his hands prying my butt-cheeks apart. A moment later, his face nuzzled between them. His tongue licked hot across my asshole. I groaned in delight, staring down at Rachel as she seized the end of my dildo. She brought it to her lips which caused it to shift around inside of me.

Two different pleasures rippled through me.

The Black girl swallowed the end of the pink dildo, her thick lips sliding down it. Her boyfriend and the rest of the school watched her, her big tits swaying as she worked her mouth up and down that shaft. I shifted the dildo around in my pussy, the ridges massaging my labia and clit while the shaft inside of me teased my cunt’s silky walls. I groaned, my butt-cheeks squeezing around my boyfriend’s face. His tongue swirled around my asshole.

What a treat.

Isaac devoured my asshole with relish, his tongue running up and down and around in circles about my sphincter. He did such naughty things to me, sending delight melting down to my pussy clenching around one half of the dildo. Even though I couldn’t feel Rachel’s lips sliding up and down the pink shaft, her movement shifted the toy around inside me. It massaged my inner walls, my labia, and my clit.

I purred in delight, my fingers running through her dark curls, gripping her hair as she bobbed her mouth up and down that dildo, soaking it in her spit. She was getting it ready for me to fuck her up the ass while Kelly devoured her cunt. The fourteen-year-old slut was feasting on the Black girl.

It was such a delicious sight to witness.

“Yeah, that’s it, get the dildo soaking wet for your asshole,” I panted. “You’ll be such a good slut, won’t you? You’re going to let me fuck you up the ass, aren’t you?”

Rachel moaned, nodding her head.

I gasped, her movement pressing the end deeper into my pussy while rubbing the shaft into my clit. Delight built and built inside of me, my body shaking. I realized I was going to get an orgasm just from this.


My asshole tingled as Isaac’s hands squeezed my rump. He massaged my butt while his tongue danced and fluttered around my asshole. He rimmed me. Then he sealed his lips around my sphincter and sucked. I gasped, my pussy clenching so hard on the end of the dildo buried inside of me.

“Dirty fucker,” I panted. “Damn, Isaac, you’re just worshiping my fucking asshole, aren’t you?”

“You taste so good, Miss Daisy,” he panted, his voice muffled by my butt-crack.”

“Yeah, you’re going to be my little anal bitch, aren’t you?” I groaned. “My little boy toy who’ll always eat my ass out whenever I want. I mean, you did want to do anal. Mmm, and we’re doing it. You’re going to be such a good boyfriend and do that, aren’t you?”

“Whenever you need me to,” he panted. “I just want to love you, Miss Daisy. Worship you. You’re my girl, after all.”

“I’m your bitch,” I growled. “I’m the cunt you worship. Right?”

“See how much I worship you,” he groaned and then pressed his tongue against my asshole.

My anal ring parted. I shuddered as his tongue swirled around inside of me. He wanted to enjoy my asshole, and now he was. His tongue was reaching deep into me. I groaned, savoring the wicked sensation. It was so naughty. It was making my pussy clenched on that dildo. I gripped Rachel’s hair as I shuddered.

My round breasts jiggled while the entire school watched. Steve stood there, holding Rachel’s clothes like a good, sissy bitch. Beside him was his friend Jim and his girlfriend Anna. The blonde had wide eyes as she stared at me, her hips wiggling back and forth. Did she want to have Kelly eating her pussy? Did she want to suck on my dildo and get it ready to fuck her ass?

“Anna, get naked,” I panted. “You look like you need to masturbate, so fucking do it. Right here, right now.”

“Yes, Miss Daisy,” Anna moaned. The blonde ripped up her V-neck blouse, exposing a blue bra. I shuddered, Rachel sucking harder on the dildo, shifting and stirring it around inside of my pussy. My clit burst with sparks as Anna’s round tits came into sight.

They had such a perkiness to them. They were firm. A delicious pair of melons. She shoved her clothes into her boyfriend’s hands. He took them without complaint, staring at her as she then attacked her skinny jeans. Zipper rasped. She was wiggling them off, exposing the red thong she wore. She had to be shaved to wear something like that. I loved it. I licked my lips, my asshole tingling from my boyfriend rimming me. He fucked his tongue in and out of me as Anna stepped out of her jeans.

The blonde did something absolutely delightful. She spun around, bent over, and pointed her ass at me. God, she had a cute tush. She then shoved her fingers into the waistband of her thong and peeled it off. I groaned at the glimpse of her brown asshole and then her juicy pussy came into sight. She had a tight slit with just a hint of her pink inner lips peeking out. She was juicy. She wiggled at me, peeling her panties farther and farther down her legs. Then she was rubbing herself. Fingering herself.

“Oh, God, I’ve become so wet from watching you, Miss Daisy,” Anna moaned, her fingers pumping in and out of her.

“Damn, that’s a hot pussy,” I panted. “Jim, do you like to fuck her?”

“She’s amazing,” he panted, his hands clutching her clothes. All save her thong, which was there bunched around her ankles. The panties’ material was stretched by her legs spread wide. I shuddered, loving the sight of the girl plunging her fingers in and out of her cunt. My asshole clenched down on Isaac’s probing tongue while the heat built and built in my pussy. My clit throbbed against the dildo.

“How much money you got on you, Jim?” I asked after a wild idea popped into my head.

“I got sixty-five dollars,” he said, staring at me. “Why?”

“I want you to choose a guy here, any guy but Steve and Isaac, and pay them sixty-five dollars to fuck Anna. You’ll press the money into his hand, staring him in the eye, and say, ‘Will you please, please, fuck my girlfriend with your dick because I’m too much of a pussy to do it myself.’”

“What?” he groaned.

“Oh, do it,” Anna moaned, fingering her twat. “If you don’t obey Miss Daisy, then she won’t ever let you fuck me. You have to let another guy fuck me if you ever want to enjoy my cunt again.”

“She’s right,” I said. I grinned, loving being a bitch. “She’ll never fuck you again.”

“Damn,” Jim said. He pulled out the money and looked around. Then he spotted Hank. He was a tall guy dating Vanessa. Jim went over to Hank, pulled out the money, and said, “Will you please, please, fuck my girlfriend with your dick because I’m too much of a pussy to do it myself.”

Hank took the money and grinned. “Be glad to fuck your girlfriend for you, pussy.”

I shuddered, loving my power as Hank unfastened his jeans. Anna quivered, turning to aim her cunt at him. She pumped her fingers faster and faster in and out of her twat, her juices spilling over her wrist. I shuddered, my own orgasm building and building. Rachel sucked so hard and loud on the dildo. She was so eager to please me. She whimpered and moaned, grinding on Kelly’s hungry mouth.

Isaac sucked on my asshole again. I gasped, shuddering. Then I smiled as Hank pulled out his cock. It was a big one. Thick and large, perfect for stretching out Anna’s tight cunt.

She ripped her fingers out of her pussy and moaned over her shoulder, “Fuck me with that big dick. God, I want you to fuck me so many times, Hank. Ooh, Jim, watch as he fucks me. You’re too much of a pussy to do this.”

Jim just swallowed and watched. He rubbed Anna’s clothes into his crotch, masturbating his cock through his jeans as Hank pressed his cock against Anna’s pussy. Jim groaned as the other guy plunged his hardon into Anna’s cunt.

I shuddered as Anna squealed.

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