The Resort

by Mixerman

Copyright© 2019 by Mixerman

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Story about a couple that become polyamorous while at a resort.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   BiSexual   Shemale   Sharing   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

“God-damn cold rain!” said Sam to no one. He just continued his commute home. His phone chirped and his wife was on the other end. He looked at it. She was stuck at her school with a flat tire and could he come and change it for her. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Of course on a fucking cold rainy night. Could tell her to call the service, but they would say it will take an hour to get there. So Sam headed to where his wife’s school. Sure enough, flat tire. Sam got out and told his wife to get in his car to keep warm while I change the tire.

Sam too was a teacher. He taught high school chemistry and his wife taught 3rd grade. While they were not rich, it provided for a good living. Between them both they made over $100,000 a year. It gave them a good summer vacation each year.

By the time he was done he was soaked and chilled, and to put a cap on the day, he had torn his pants. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” “Sounds like an idea to do at home.” His wife said. He told his wife to order food and get it. He was heading home to get dry, warm and to toss his clothes in the garbage. As he made his way home, the chill distracted him and he drove thru a large puddle and soaked a woman. He stopped to apologize, she started to curse and yell at him until she saw how he looked. Dirty, wet, torn business clothes. He gave her $100 and his business card, to pay for her clothes. She looked at the card and asked him if Marge was his wife. He replied that she was. “Well I work with her, I teach 2nd grade at the same school. My name is Sally.” “Sally, I am sorry about what happened. Instead of waiting for the bus, let me give you a ride home. Sam texted his wife about what happened and that he was giving Sally a ride home. Marge replied, Sam, do not keep me waiting too long. She also sent him a topless selfie. Sam shook his head and put down his phone. Sally asked if everything was OK. Sam said yes. At Sally’s place, as she was getting out of the car, she told Sam, “Tell Marge that she has a nice rack.” And she ran to her house.

When Sam got home he was soaked and dirty. He took a shower and joined Marge to eat. He made a comment about what Sally said about Marge’s topless selfie. “Oh, what did she say about it?” “She said you had a nice rack.”

“Well, she has seen it before.” Marge replied.

“Huh? When was that?” Sam asked.

“Remember the swim/cookout we went to 2 years ago over at Mike and Lisa’s. I was getting changed into my suit and she needed to use the bathroom. I let her in and finished changing into my top.”

“Speaking of toplessness, where are we going on vacation this year?” Sam asked.

“I heard of a place in Europe that has a nude resort. We can camp in tents, get a bungalow or stay in one of their condos.” Marge replied. “Where might that be? Not that place in France.” Sam asked. “No, this one is in Croatia. Koversada is the name.” Marge replied. “All fucking natural. As in totally fucking naked. Nude every day and night?” Sam questioned. “Correct my dear man. Plus a few Kilometers away, there is a sex resort.” Marge replied. “Sex resort? Sam asked. “Yep, fuck and suck till you can’t fuck and suck anymore, straight sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, transgender sex, group sex, gang bang. Whatever you want to indulge in, you can.” “Why not in the same location?” Sam asked. Marge replied “ Something about the law over there. Nudity is allowed in the resorts, but not ‘sex’. For that you have to go to the state owned land, but the resort does provide some things for those that indulge.”

Later that night, as the cold wind and rain howled outside, Sam and Marge were looking at the online brochure of Koversada. They decided that tents were out of the question. Bungalows were a nice place. At least they had running water and toilets. The condos seemed to be too separate for them. So they decided on a bungalow. Sam asked Marge why she wanted to go to this exact location. Marge replied to him that she wanted to try living totally naked and also to try out the ‘Sex Resort’. Sam asked her to explain more to him. She said she would, but only if you lick my cunt. Sam started to slowly lick her.

“You see Sam; I have always wanted to try to fuck as many guys as I could all at once. I want them in my cunt, my ass and my mouth. Also I want to try to suck a cunt. At first it was just a cunt, but lately I have also wanted to suck one full of cum.” She told him. “Would I also be able to fuck other women as well?” Sam asked her. She said in reply,” I want you to do more than fuck other women; I want you to suck their cunts. And, I hope you don’t get mad at me, but I want to see you with a man. Whether you suck him, he sucks you or if you fuck him. Hell, I want to see you get fucked as well!” Sam sat upright from licking her cunt and looked at her with a puzzled face. “Why do you want me to be with other men?” Marge told him that it would make her fuck longer and harder with other guys, plus I have fantasied about it. Seeing you as a ‘cum queen’. Sam sucked on her cunt until she had a good cum.

Friday afternoon Sam was able to look at his phone, and saw a text from Marge. She told him that Sally was coming over after work, and she would explain everything then. OH, and get a pizza for dinner.

When Sam got home, Marge and Sally were in the living room chatting. Sam took the pizza into the kitchen where Marge joined him. “Sam, the other night when you dropped off Sally, her boyfriend saw her get out of your car and they had a fight and he threw her out. I told her she could stay here for a few days. To please Sam, she licked his ear and felt his cock. She knew how to play him.

Well that few days turned into weeks. It put a damper on some of their activities. Sex was quiet, walking around nude was out. But they got along; Sam knew what she was going thru. He did not fight Marge about her staying. But he wanted to know about what to do with her when they went on vacation. Marge had an idea and would inform him about it over the weekend.

The week-end came and Marge told him how about we bring her with us. She has not had sex in a LONG time and probably could use a lot of cock. Marge said she will talk to her when they went shopping.

In the car Marge brought up the subject of her staying there and what they were planning for their vacation. At first she just said they were going to Europe. Sally sat there and then it hit her. She was the third wheel between them. Sally said she would be out of their home as soon as school was out. Marge told her that was not it, although she and Sam did have to curtail their activities some. Sally asked “What activities have you curtailed? I hear you when you have sex!” Marge looked at her with wide eyes and said they do try to be quiet. Plus Sam likes to walk around naked and feel me as much as he can. We also like to watch porn on the TV and do a slow build up to a great fuck, where ever we are, living room, kitchen, shower, in warm weather outside. Sally sat there red faced. She did not know what to say. She just blurted out, “Where in Europe are you going?” Marge sat there unsure of what to say to Sally. She said she would talk to Sam later and give her the details about their trip.

That night as they were making love, Marge asked Sam if it would be wrong to bring Sally with them. She said that she feels like a third wheel around them and that she would be moving out once school was out. Sam laid there with a smile on his face. Marge asked him about it. “Oh, just picturing a threesome.” He said. Marge smiled at him and said it could happen if he was a good boy. Leave everything to me.

The next week-end came and again when Marge and Sally went shopping, they talked. Marge told Sally about where they were going and about the place. Sally sat there listening to her with a red face. Marge noticed a hard nipple poking thru her shirt. “Well, what do you think?” Marge asked “I know the idea has you excited! Your nipple is giving you away.” Sally sat there red faced. She looked at Marge and gave her a shy smile. “It all sounds so good. And maybe getting laid endlessly is what I need.” “So you are saying yes?” “YES!!! I say YES!!”

That night Marge talked to Sam about Sally joining them on their trip. Sam’s cock became harder and Marge felt it. “Was that from her?” Marge asked. Sam answered with “Errr ... yes. She is cute with a nice ass and her tits are good also.” “You know she has or rather had a landing strip above her pussy. But I know you like bald pussy best. Like mine! Tell you what, tomorrow start in front yard, take a break and come out back. I’ll make sure you see her tits and maybe her pussy.”

Sunday morning Sam started with the front yard. Mowing and trimming. Went inside to get a drink and called out for Marge. Marge yelled that they were outback. Sam went to backyard and saw his wife naked and Sally topless. He was hard very quickly. He noticed that Sally looked nervous. “Honey, could you put sunscreen on both of us. The sun has me SOooo relaxed, I don’t want to move.” Sam grabbed the sunscreen and poured some on Marge and rubbed it on her legs, her back, and her ass. She rolled over and told him to do her front. He poured more on her and rubbed it in. Paying special attention to her tits and her pussy lips. Once done Marge asked him to do Sally. Sally pulled her arms in close to hide her tits from him. Sam poured lotion on her back and her legs. As he rubbed it in, she started to relax a bit. Having him rub her felt so good, she could feel her pussy getting wet. Once he covered her back he asked if he could do her front for her. She shook a bit and rolled over, keeping her top covering her tits.

“Sally, if you’re going to Koversada with us you do not want white tits. Get some color on them!” Sally pulled her top away and Sam saw her tits and was soon hard. He poured lotion on them and rubbed it in. Sally was soon moaning. Marge noticed the front of her bottoms were getting a wet spot. “Sally, might as well lose the bottoms as well, they are getting soaked from you.” Sally turned red all over at that remark. She was horny enough now to do it. She pulled them down and off, revealing a landing strip above her pussy. Sam asked if he could put lotion on her pussy. Sally nodded as she turned even redder. But his hands did feel SOOoooo ... good!

“OH FUCK!! That feels so fucking good!!” Sally said. “Want to feel something even better Sally? Want to feel his hard cock in your cunt? Want to feel him shoot you full of his cum? Want me to suck the cum out of you after? Marge said to her friend.

“OH FUCK YES!!!” Sally said. “Sam you heard the lady. Fuck her! Fuck her hard!” Sam stood and removed his shorts and revealed his 7” cock to her. He lined it up and he went in all the way to his balls. “OH! MY! FUCKING! GOD!! Cock feels so good.” Marge moved over and started to suck on Sally’s tits. Sally shook and bellowed out “CUMMING!!” Sam kept fucking her and soon announced that he was going to cum. “Cum in her, so I can suck it out!” Sally blurted out, “I’m not protected.” Sam cum on her tits and let me clean her off, Marge said. Sam pulled out and shot his cum on Sally’s tits and Marge licked her clean.

After, they sat there and Marge asked Sally if she was feeling better. Sally just smiled at her. Marge then said it’s time they shopped for their trip. So all three got ready and went to the mall.

Sally asked what do they need to bring if they are going to a nude resort. Something sexy to wear there and back, Marge replied. As in a short skirt and nothing under it. So that is what the girls bought. Marge found Sam some cargo shorts.

Back at home they made their reservations for a bungalow for all three of them for 2 weeks. What a deal they got. 2 weeks for a bit more than one week. They were all excited and Sally kissed Sam. When she was done with the kiss, she stood and ran from the room. Sam and Marge looked at each other and Marge went to talk to her friend. Sally told Marge she knew what happened earlier was just sex. But the kiss was somehow more interment to her. She said she was sorry to Marge for kissing Sam. Marge walked over to Sally and hugged her and gave her a kiss. Soon her hands were moving over Sally’s body. Marge pulled down Sally’s top and sucked on a nipple. She whispered to Sally “You belong to us now!” Sally started to cry. Marge held her and kissed her and got her to relax. Marge said it was her idea to get the three of them together for sex. Now we have 6 weeks before our trip. “Are you on the pill or anything? Marge asked Sally. Sally said no, not since she left he boyfriend, besides her dildo could not knock her up. “Well then we will take you to a doctor and get an implant put in you. No pill to remember. Take about 4 weeks to start working. So that is what they did after school.

Finally the last week of school was around. Both women were exhausted from the kids who could feel summer vacation being so close and Sam from having to give finals and grade them. And finally it was over. The last night they celebrated with a dinner out together. When they got home, Sam and Marge went to their room and Sally to hers. Marge told Sam she would be right back. After 15 minutes Sam went looking for Marge and found her in Sally’s bed. They were locked in a 69. Sam stood there rubbing his cock at the site. Neither noticed him till Marge felt him shoot cum on her face and he also shot some on Sally’s face. Both women licked the other clean. Marge apologized to Sam for forgetting him. He smiled and left the room. Marge and Sally joined him and they slept together in bed. A trend that would continue for a long time.


Travel day arrived and so did the 4 AM alarm. They got dressed and headed to the airport. Each just having a carry-on bag. Thru security and the screening they relaxed as they waited for their flight. Marge saw some businessmen and flashed them her bare pussy. Sally did the same. Drinks and a note were delivered to them. The note said: Lucky guy. ‘2 beauties to charm you’. They thanked the men with another flash of pussy. Marge put a finger in her cunt and licked it. The men swooned and soon left for their flight.

The flight was announced and they departed for the plane. All 3 seats in the same row, with Sam in the middle. 7 hours later they were at the airport waiting for their ride to the resort.

Once at the resort, they checked in and were giving their ID’s which were on lanyard, pink for the girls and blue for Sam. These were their room keys. They were instructed that once they went inside the bungalow, ALL clothing was to be removed and not worn again till they left, or went on an excursion off the property. Off they went to their bungalow, following the bell boy. Once there they striped and went to look for a bar. Found one by the pool. Ordered drinks and sat down. They asked their waitress where they could get some food, as they just arrived. The waitress said they could eat her or the women could have some ‘sausage’. The waitress laughed and said she would return with some American food. Three burgers and chips arrived and they washed them down. It was close to midnight so they decided to return to their bungalow for sleep. Oh they slept, after some 3-way sex first. Both women got a load of cum from Sam. They happily cleaned each other.

They awoke the next morning and had a group shower and were getting very frisky till Sam’s stomach growled. They all thought of food then. They went to the restaurant and got breakfast and sat down. Another couple came and sat with them. Introductions were made. The other couple was from England and also teachers! The women asked who the wife was and who the girlfriend was. Sam replied that Marge was his wife and that he hoped to make Sally his other wife, if she would have him. Marge and Sally sat there shocked at what Sam said.

“Where did this idea come from?” Marge asked. “Oh just some idea I had, and I would expect you two to also be wed together.” Sam said.

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