by GinaB33

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Erotica Sex Story: A large family moves into a private cul_de_sac, and the offspring, once they hit puberty, learn about sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Analingus   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Nudism   .

If there is one thing I’ve learned from reading stories online, it’s that our extended family, while not the norm, isn’t as weird or unusual as I would have otherwise thought.


We made the move in 1986. Our grandfather had started a small building supply company twenty years earlier. The business thrived and grew. When he was ready to retire, he turned the business over to his four sons. My dad was one of them.

A few years later, the brothers bought a large piece of land to develop. When the development was finished, there were four very nice homes in a large cul-de-sac type neighborhood. Each brother’s family inhabited one of the homes. There were no other neighbors.

The entire population of the development consisted of my aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings ... seventeen of us in all.

I was the oldest of the kids. My cousin Trey was two months younger than me, and all of the other kids, seven in all, were all two years younger, give or take a month or two.

In our East Texas town of four thousand, we were known simply as “the Brody clan”. It was well known and accepted that you didn’t mess with any member of the clan. Pick on one, and you had all nine to deal with. The four boys, Trey, Rickey, James and Neil were very protective of each other, and of the five girls, myself (Gina), Gail, Debra, Monica, and the youngest, Britney.

Growing up in our private and secluded development was like our own little piece of heaven. We had miles of woods to explore, streams, hills, caves and wildlife galore.

The stream behind our development snaked down a harsh path of volcanic rock, finally opening into a beautiful deep pond with a high cliff and waterfall. As young kids, we loved skinny dipping in the clear pool. Of course, the boys loved showing off by diving and doing back flips off the high cliff into the pool. It was our own private paradise.


There was only one thing that could interfere with our fun ... puberty. And of course, it reared its ugly head before any of us were ready for it. Tits started budding, pubic hair began sprouting, dicks began getting hard, and pussies began getting wet. Damnit! Adam took a bite of the forbidden apple, and BINGO, both he and Eve discovered that they were naked, and they became ashamed of it.

After the onset of puberty, our trips to the natural pool evolved into separate trips, the boy’s trips, and the girl’s trips. We weren’t naïve though, at least speaking for the girls. We would sneak down the path, hide in the trees, and watch the boys skinny dipping. When they beat off, we would secretly be doing the same while watching them, and trying not to be too loud about it.

We were vigilant when skinny dipping ourselves, but if the boys were watching, we never caught them.

I’m really not certain what the definition of “sexual” is. Me and the other girls weren’t “sexual” with each other by our definition. Sure, we practiced kissing boys by kissing each other. And sometimes that made us horny, so we played with ourselves, but we never played with each other. That would have been too weird.


Things didn’t come into partial focus for me until my first year of college. Trey and I attended the same college, while the rest of our cousins and siblings were still finishing their last year of high school.

Trey was feeling down. His girlfriend had just dumped him, so I invited him out for the evening. By late afternoon, we were parked on the cliff overlooking a beautiful lake. After dark, the cliff would be crowded with lovers making out, but in the daytime, it was just a beautiful view.

We spread a blanket over the hood of my convertible Mustang, ice chest loaded with beer, and took in the sun; him in his swimsuit, and me in my bikini.

“I need to pee.” I announced after finishing my second beer, which put me two beers behind him. “Don’t look.” I scolded him as I squatted near the car.

Trey laughed out loud, “Why? I’ve only seen you pee like a hundred times.”

I was shocked, “When?”

“At the pool. We always watched you girls when you were down there.”

“You did?” I asked him, incredulous at his confession.

“Sure, the same way you watched us. We just weren’t as obvious about it.”

“No you didn’t! You knew? Really?”

Trey laughed again, “Hell, you weren’t exactly difficult to spot, and we could hear you coming long before we saw you. You all stayed on the path, and it would have been impossible to sneak up on anyone while walking on all those loose volcanic rocks.”

I was totally flabbergasted. “We never knew you were watching us or that you knew we were watching you.”

“I know. That’s what made it so much fun for me and the guys. We were always laughing about it and joking with each other the whole time. The five of you thought you were being so slick.”

When I was finished peeing, I crawled back up on the blanket and pulled another beer from the ice chest. “I guess we’re going to have to do some major reevaluating this summer.”

“Why?” He shot back at me, “If you don’t tell the girls and I don’t tell the guys that I spilled the beans, nothing has to change. It’s a win-win all the way around.”

I slapped him playfully on the arm, “Right! In your dreams.” And that’s when I noticed the tent in his swimming trunks. “Trey!” I half shouted as I punched him in the arm for real this time.

“What?” He asked as he rubbed his arm where I hit him.

I rolled my eyes, “Oh nothing” I deadpanned, “Just that you’ve got a boner, probably from remembering all the times you watched us skinny dipping at the pool.”

He chuckled, “Do you really expect me to hide it? After all, you’ve only seen it a few hundred times. At least I’m not totally naked this time.” And with that, he hooked his thumb under the elastic of his trunks and pulled it out away from his abdomen.

I couldn’t help but stare at his hard dick pointing up at me. I couldn’t pull my eyes from it, even while half-heartedly scolding him, “Trey! What the fuck?”

He shrugged and let his trunks pop back into place, “I just thought I’d save you the trouble of trying to sneak up on us to get a look. In fact...” And he raised his hips and pulled off his trunks in one motion. “There, now you can look all you want with no sneaking around.” Then he lay back and closed his eyes. He had a huge grin on his face.

“You’re drunk!” I chided him, still staring at his dick as it twitched and bobbed.

I’m not sure what came over me, but after taking another long chug from my beer, I leaned close and purred in his ear, “Well don’t just leave it like that. Don’t you need to beat it off?”

Trey opened an eye and his grin grew even wider. “I will if you want me to ... or better yet, you can do it. I’m sure you could use some practice.”

I showed him a wily grin, “Matt didn’t have any complaints.”

“Matt? That skinny little geek you’re dating? I can’t believe you’re screwing that nerd.”

“In the first place, he’s not a geek or a nerd, and in the second place, I’m not screwing him. I just gave him a couple of hand jobs. And besides, I’m not seeing him any more.”

“That’s good.” He said with a grin, “You had no business dating him in the first place. You’re way out of his league. You can do a hell of a lot better.”

When he closed his eyes again, I reached down and grabbed his dick, squeezing it as hard as I could. “Just because we’re going to the same school doesn’t mean you can tell me who to date.”

He chuckled, “I’m not going to disagree with anything you say while you’ve got my cock in your hand. I’m not a fucking idiot.”

“Oh, so I’m the boss now, huh?” I laughed, but then I released his dick and rolled off the hood.

“Hey!” He almost yelled as he pulled himself up onto his elbows. “Where ya going?”

I popped open the trunk, “I’m trying to find something you can use to clean yourself up with when I’m finished. I’ve seen how much you cum, remember?”

Trey laughed, “Only like a hundred times or so. I’ll bet Matt didn’t cum that much.”

“Keep talking.” I warned him as I crawled back up onto the blanket. I threw a dirty old towel over his face. “You might just talk yourself smooth out of getting a hand job.

I wasn’t going to give Trey any more ammunition to chide me about having dated Matt, so I didn’t tell him his dick was a lot longer and thicker than Matt’s. It was so thick; my hand would barely go around it. I also resisted the urge to tell him how wonderful his dick looked and felt. I’d seen it many, many times, but never up close like this. When I tightened my grip, I could feel every beat of his heart.

When I began stroking him up and down, my closest cousin moaned his approval. “It’s not going to take much of that.”

“Good.” I told him, “It’s getting late and parkers will be showing up before long. I don’t want to get caught beating off my cousin’s dick.”

“They wouldn’t know we’re cousins.”

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before his body tensed up and I felt his dick get even harder and thicker in my hand. It was just then when he put his hand on mine and controlled the pace of my ministrations and the tightness of my grip. He forced me to grip his dick much tighter than I would have thought would feel good for him.

Seconds later, he let out a low guttural moan, and a large glob of cum flew out and landed just below his chin. And then, each time our hands moved up his shaft, another glob flew out, and then another. It was an awesome sight. Both times I’d given Matt a hand job, it was dark, so I couldn’t see the results of my efforts. Now though, I was mesmerized by the spectacle. I didn’t want it to end, and for almost half a minute, I didn’t think it would.

By the time he was finished, his chest, belly, and our hands were totally covered with the white goo.

When he finally released my hand, I cleaned it with the towel, and then immediately reached into the ice chest for a fresh beer. I was quite proud of myself.

While he was cleaning himself, he grinned at me, “Thanks, you did great. And because I helped you toward the end, next time you’ll know how to do it and you won’t need any help.”

I spat beer all over my legs. “Next time? What makes you think there’s going to be a ‘next time’?”

Without looking at me, he said flatly, “You need the practice, and I know I’m going to need a lot of practice getting a girl off. You’ll have to teach me how to do it right.”

I was stunned, “I ... what makes you think ... you’re taking a lot for granted, aren’t you?”

“Don’t worry. It will be strictly for educational purposes. I’ve seen you all do it many times, but that was from a distance. Watching isn’t the same as doing. We can start right now, if you want to.”

“What’s the matter, no girlfriend to learn that from?”

And then my cousin blew my mind, “Nah, I haven’t gotten that far with a girl yet, but when I do, I want to know how to do it right.”

“You haven’t ... nothing?” I asked in an honestly incredulous tone.

He shook his head, “Nope, just some kissing, and I felt one girl up. I even got my hand under her bra, but that’s about it.”

“Wow!” I couldn’t believe it. Trey was a great looking guy. He was muscular and athletic, intelligent, and he had a great personality. I had assumed he’d had sex with several girls by now.

“Yep, we’re both virgins, so I guess we’ll just have to learn from each other.”

Just then, we heard a car coming up the hill. Trey yanked on his swim trunks, and I gathered the blanket and tossed it into the backseat. He got in the car, putting the ice chest in the back floorboard. We were pulling out of the parking lot just as the other car was pulling in.

On the drive back to Trey’s dorm, I admonished him, “If you utter a word of this to the clan, you’re fucking toast. Do you understand?”

“Hey” He defended, “I’m not an idiot. Why would I fuck up such a sweet deal?”

I shot him a sideways glance, “Oh, and just what kind of ‘sweet deal’ do you think you have?”

“We’re going to teach each other the intricacies of getting our future sex partners off so we’ll be pros at it when the time comes. And who knows, we may even have some fun in the process. I know I had fun letting you practice on me.”

I knew I shouldn’t, but I confessed to him anyway, “I had fun too. It wasn’t like with Matt—not all serious and shit.”

“Then let’s just make sure it stays that way. We can learn and have a lot of fun in the process.”

I’m not sure why, but that idea really appealed to me.

That night, I fell asleep thinking about what I’d done with Trey. Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up horny and wet, still thinking about it. Even while lying in my dorm room bed and getting myself off, it never crossed my mind that it was wrong because he was my cousin.

Two days later, I called my cousin, Neil, to wish him a happy birthday. He acted really weird about it. He just kept saying it was a “really great” birthday, but he wouldn’t tell me why.

That conversation bugged me the rest of the day, so much so in fact, I called my sister, Gail, the next evening to see if she knew why Neil was being so weird.

After laughing out loud, Gail said, “He got a really special birthday present.”

“What did he get?”

“A blowjob.” She told me in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Oh my God! I didn’t know he was dating anyone. Who was it?”

She giggled, “Me.”

It took a few seconds for that to soak in on me. When it did, I screeched into the phone, “No way! You didn’t!”

“I did.” She fired back, “We all asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He said a blowjob, so we drew straws and I lost—or won, depending on how you look at it.”

“Oh my fucking God! You did it, really?”

“Yep. Deb and Monica let him feel up their tits while I did it. Brit just watched with her eyes bugging out.”

My brain was whirling, “Well, how was it? Did you swallow?”

My sister laughed again, “I tried, but there was too much. Other than that, it was awesome. I loved it.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, so I finally said goodbye and hung up.

“Aren’t you way overdressed?” Trey asked me when I hoisted myself up into the passenger seat of his Chevy pick up.

I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and a bra. “Do you expect your future dates to all show up in a bikini?”

“No, but...”

I cut him off, “But nothing. We should keep it at least a little real.”

“But not serious.” He shot me a grin.

“Exactly. So, where are we going?”

“I found a nice place, very private, and we can see anyone coming a long time before they get near us.”

“Sounds perfect.” I told him. The anticipation of what we were going to do had me already soaking my panties. And then I brought up another subject, “I guess you heard about Neil’s birthday present.”

Trey nodded and grinned from ear to ear, “As a matter of fact, I did. Lucky bastard.”

“You didn’t say anything about us, did you?”

“Nope. I told you I wouldn’t do anything to fuck this up.”

I released my seat belt, raised the console and slid over next to my cousin. I began running my fingers up and down his inner thigh while I purred in his ear, “Just see that you don’t.” And with that, I trailed my fingers higher and brushed them over his crotch. I was somewhat surprised that he was already hard. I didn’t want to get carried away, so I slid back over to my seat and re-buckled my seat belt.

Trey pulled off the FM (farm to market road) onto a small path that wound through the trees. After a few hundred yards, we came to a small stream. He backed the truck up into the shade of several large trees.

There was a beautiful grassy area near the stream, so we spread our blanket out there. After popping the top on two cold beers and getting the picnic basket out of the truck, Trey asked me, “Eat first or play first?”

I had to laugh at that. “Don’t you think you should feed a girl before you try to get into her pants?”

He chuckled and grinned, “I’m not going to try to get into your pants. I’m going to get you out of your pants. That’s what we’re here for, right?”

“Still, a girl needs to feel like she’s not giving it up too easily.”

“Hey” He defended, “It took me two days to find this place, and I paid for the beer.”

“Touché!” I laughed, clinking beer cans with him. And then I pulled two sandwiches from the basket and tossed him one. “You do know how to wine and dine a girl.” I said with a chuckle.

“Only the best for my dates.” He responded with another chuckle.

While we were eating, I asked him, “Are you sure no one is going to sneak up on us?”

He shrugged, “As sure as I can be. When I drove in here the first time, there were no fresh tracks, and there aren’t any “No Trespassing” signs, so I think it’s safe enough.”

“Great!” I said as I pulled my t-shirt over my head and unhooked my bra. Within seconds, I was totally naked. “I might as well get some sun. I hate these tan lines.”

When I saw his wide-eyed expression, I chided him, “Don’t act like you haven’t seen me naked before.”

“Not up this close. You’re smoking hot—I mean, I already knew that, but it’s different up close.”

I let out a silly giggle, “That’s what I thought when I saw your dick up close the other day.”

It was only another few minutes before we’d finished our sandwiches and opened ourselves another beer. “So,” Trey asked me, “Where should we start?”

“You can start by getting your shorts off. And then I think I should check out your kissing skills.”

He laughed as he was pulling off his shorts, “I’m sure you’ve had more experience kissing girls than I have.”

I felt my face flush. I hadn’t thought about the guys seeing us do that, but they obviously had. When I could, I managed to say only, “Probably.”

“Well, do I pass?” He asked after French kissing me for over two minutes. His kiss was tender—not needy. His lips were warm and his tongue sensuous when dancing with mine.

There was no way I could downplay or deadpan my response, “Whew!” I said, fanning my face with my hand. “You definitely pass. Now, if you can play with my tits and kiss them and lick them with that same expertise, you’re ready to graduate on to other things.”

He started out way too rough, “Ouch! Go easy there, buckaroo. You’re not milking a cow.”

“Sorry.” He said, apologizing to me with his expression as well as his words.

“It’s okay. You can get a little rougher later, but I’ll—I mean, your girlfriend, will let you know when.”

“Gotcha” he said as he went back to licking and sucking my nipples.

The feeling of his mouth and tongue on my nipples was incredible. It felt every bit as good as I thought it would—had dreamed it would.

I was on the verge of begging my cousin to fuck me, so I stopped him. I pushed his head away, “I need another beer.”

He looked shocked, “Are you kidding? I was just...”

“I know. Me too. That’s why I want to stop—not too serious, remember?”

“Gotcha!” He said as he rolled over and got us each a fresh beer out of the ice chest.

We lay there, each of us propped up on an elbow facing each other and sipping our beers when he said, “This is nice.”

“What is?” I asked him.

“This ‘time out’, being able to lay here and look at you without any pressure to do something.”

I reached over and flicked his hard dick with my fingers, “Evidently, your dick didn’t get the memo about us taking a time out.”

“He has a mind of his own ... and he loves your tits.” Trey said with a chuckle.

“He likes what you like, and I know you like them. You always have, just more now that you get to touch them. Of course, it’s no secret that all of you guys like Monica’s big ole hooters more. I don’t blame you. They’re huge.”

“I like yours more. Monica’s are too big, and they sag too much. Yours jut right out there and say hello, and they jiggle when you walk.”

“Oh, you like that, do you?”

“Hell yeah. I love it. All the guys do. And when you’re not wearing a bra ... holy shit!”

It made me feel good that the guys all liked my 36 Cs better than Monica’s huge knockers. I drained the last of my beer, “Well, I’m not wearing one now, so why don’t you get me another beer and then come over here and give them some more attention?”

Trey wasted no time popping the top on a fresh beer and handing it to me. “Sit down and spread your legs.” I instructed him. When he had, I knelt between his legs and shook my tits in front of his face. When he dove right in, I purred into his ear, “Slow down. Take your time and enjoy yourself. We have plenty of time.”

Kneeling there in front of him, his hands and mouth working on my tits as I played with his hair and sipped my beer was incredibly fun and erotic. I loved the way his tongue felt on my nipples, which were taut and sensitive.

I came after only about five minutes. It wasn’t an earth-shattering orgasm, but it still felt wonderful. I couldn’t wait any longer. I desperately needed my pussy played with. “Lay down on your side.”

When he had, I lay on my back beside him and drew my knees up and apart. And then, I took his hand and placed it between my legs. “Just relax and let me show you what to do.” I told him.

When I moved his fingers lightly up and down my lips, I shuddered all over. Feeling his fingers on my pussy was much different than when I used my own fingers. His hand was a little rougher and a lot stronger. “Can you feel how wet I am?”

“Yes,” he answered in a strained voice.

“Good. Now ease one finger between my lips and keep doing what you’re doing. After a minute, use two fingers between my lips. Don’t touch my clit directly yet. You do know where my clit is, don’t you?”

“Yes. It’s hard. I can feel it.”

“Good, but try not to touch it too much yet. I’ll let you know when to do that.”

“Okay” Was his only response.

After a couple more minutes, I told him, “Okay, now crook one finger and very gently ease it inside me. Good. Now just wiggle it around a little.” I almost came again when he did. It was just a finger, but it was a foreign finger—not mine, and it felt incredible inside me. I was beginning to breathe erratically, but I don’t think my cousin noticed. I think he was too caught up in feeling a pussy for the first time.

A minute later, I instructed him, “Okay, it’s time for a second finger. Just wiggle it inside me with the other one.” God! His fingers were a lot bigger than mine. Just two of them stretched me wider than I’d ever been stretched.

“Wow! It got slicker and wetter!” He gasped when I came for a second time. That was a much more intense orgasm.

I giggled, “I came, dummy. My cum is slicker than regular pussy juice. Didn’t you feel me cumming?”

“I felt something—like it was quivering or something. So that’s what it feels like when a girl cums, huh?”

“Yeah, the first two or three times. After that, my orgasms get stronger and a lot more intense. Trust me, when that happens, you’ll know it. Stop now and let’s have some beer. You should lick your fingers clean. Girl cum tastes great—at least I think mine does. I love how it tastes.”

After licking my cum from his fingers, he grinned at me, “I like it too. It’s really slick and sweet.”

I chuckled, “Believe me, there’s plenty more where that came from. You haven’t seen anything yet. When I really get going, I cum a lot. You’ll see.”

“So why did you want to stop?” He asked me, bewildered.

He was laying on his side, so I took up my beer and sat cross-legged next to him. “I wanted to do this.” I said as I reached out with my free hand and began playing with his hard dick. “I don’t want you to cum yet though, so warn me if I get you too close.”

“I beat off before picking you up so I wouldn’t cum so quick this time.” He confessed.

“Does that work?” I asked him, genuinely interested.

He chuckled, “I hope so, but I’ve never been in a situation like this, so I can’t be sure. Are you going to let me go down on you? If you do, I’ll probably blow my load without you even touching me.”

I was a little shocked at his boldness. “Do you really want to do that—eat my pussy, I mean?”

“I need to learn that too.” He said without hesitation.

I thought about it briefly and then told him, “I think we should save that for our next lesson. I’ve still got a lot to show you before we get to that.” In truth, I was a little apprehensive about letting him do that. I felt that it would require me to give him a blowjob in return. I wanted to do that at some point, but I wasn’t there just yet.

He shrugged, “Whatever you say. You’re the boss, but I do have one request.”

“Okay, what?”

“I really, really need to pee, and there’s no way I can do it with a boner. So would you mind finishing me off now so I can pee? It’s starting to hurt. If I’m standing up, there won’t be as much mess to clean up. You can aim it out into the grass.”

I giggled, “I guess we can do that, but not standing up. I want you lying down like before. I like seeing you all covered in your cum.”

“I’ll get a towel, but just so you know, one of these days, it’s going to be you covered in it.”

I laughed out loud, “Yeah, yeah, promises, promises.”

“Oh, you think you’d like that, huh?”

“Hell yeah. Not today but soon.”

“Let me know in advance so I can save up a big load for you.”

“Will do.” I said with a giggle.

When Trey returned from the truck with a towel and lay down on his back, I lay on my side and propped myself up on my elbow. I slid my fingers around his twitching dick and said, “Don’t help me this time. You can tell me what to do, but don’t help me.”

“Your wish is my command.” He said as he raised his arms and interlaced his fingers behind his head. Just as I started stroking him, he reached over and pulled our combined clothes under his head.

“Oh, so now you want to watch, huh?”

“Absolutely!” He said with a chuckle.

Once again, I was totally mesmerized by how his hard dick felt in my hand, and by how it looked. This time, I wasn’t a bit shy about taking a close up look at it. After all, it was only a foot or so in front of my eyes. It looked and felt powerful and strong. I loved the way the muscles and veins just under the skin seemed to strain to get out.

And once again, I was hypnotized when he started cumming. I could feel it in my hand and then see it spurt out. There was a lot less of it this time, but I attributed that to the fact that he’d already beat off and cum once.

Even before he had cleaned himself up totally, he stepped out into the grass and began to pee. I had to giggle when I watched him lean his head back, close his eyes, and sigh, “Ahhhhhhh”.

Finally, he walked down to the stream and washed himself off. When he wasn’t looking, I licked a small bit of his cum from my fingers before joining him at the stream. His cum didn’t taste bad at all. In fact, it didn’t have much taste. What it did have was a thick, gooey texture. I liked it, and that made me feel better about giving him a blowjob sometime in the near future.

I already needed to pee, but watching Trey made my urgency grow. “My turn to pee.” I told him.

He surprised me by saying, “I want to watch this time.”

I scoffed at him, “Hell, you’ve probably seen me pee a hundred times or more.”

“Yeah, but that was from a distance and we couldn’t really see anything.”

I was a little buzzed from the beer, but probably more from the situation, else I’d have never done what I did. “Okay, come over here.” I said as I drug the ice chest a few feet out into the grass. “You sit there.” I said, pointing to a spot a few feet in front of me. Then I put one foot up on the ice chest and spread my pussy open. “If you want to watch a girl pee, you might as well have a good view.”

I giggled when I saw him scoot back a few more inches. “It won’t go that far, and even if it does, you can wash up in the stream like I’m going to have to do.” It took me a minute to get started, but I finally managed. Trey’s eyes got wide when he saw my pee begin to gush out.

“Well?” I asked him when I was finished.

“Wow! That was awesome. Thanks.”

I laughed and then went to the stream to wash my pussy and legs.

By the time we loaded our things into the truck and got dressed, he’d given me two more orgasms with his fingers. Those last ones were very powerful. He had gotten me so hot, I was tempted to take him up on his offer to go down on me, just as I was tempted to let him fuck me, but fortunately, I was able to resist both urges. I did, however, make up my mind that I would fuck him before the end of the semester. The fact that he was my cousin never entered into the equation.

The following Saturday, I was surprised when Trey asked me out to see a movie instead of us going back out to that place in the trees near the stream. However, not ten minutes into the movie, he put his hand under my T-shirt and pushed my bra up over my tits.

The fact that he was doing it in a semi public place seemed to enhance the erotic feelings. After he’d been playing with my tits for several minutes, I reached over and unsnapped his shorts. He immediately scooted out further on his seat to make it easier for me to work my hand inside.

He was already hard, so I began stroking his beautiful dick. No more than ten minutes later, he shot off inside his underwear. When he was finished, I took my hand out of his underwear and cleaned it on the inside of his shorts. Then I reluctantly pulled his hand out from under my shirt, adjusted my bra, and watched the rest of the movie as if nothing had happened.

While walking to his truck after the movie, he pulled me close and groped my ass. I loved it.

The next day was Sunday, and we went back out to our ‘special’ place. After a couple of beers and a repeat of the fooling around we’d done during our first visit, I set about to give him a blowjob.

God! I loved the way his hard dick felt in my mouth; so silky and smooth and warm, yet so hard and powerful. I was really into it and loving every second of it when we were shocked by the sound of a car door closing.

There wasn’t time to get dressed, so we scrambled to cover ourselves with the blanket. The man who approached us had on a uniform shirt bearing a small badge, blue jeans, western boots and a cowboy hat. He introduced himself as “Officer Kilroy of the Texas Wildlife Department.” He was a Game Warden.

He pointed to Trey, “Son, I guess it’s up to you to get your IDs. No need for the young lady to have to get out from under the blanket.”

“Yes, Sir.” Trey said as he got up and headed to his truck. He returned a minute later with both of our IDs.

“Hum” The officer mused, “You have the same last names and your addresses are only a house or two apart on the same street. How do you explain that?”

“Uh” Trey fumbled to come up with a believable story, “We’re actually fourth cousins. Almost the whole clan lives in that neighborhood.”

“I see. Interesting.” The officer said, appearing to believe Trey’s lie. “Now, I see the beer cans. Nineteen isn’t exactly twenty-one, now is it?”

“No, Sir.” I said in what I hoped was a contrite tone.

To our amazement, the officer chuckled and said, “Hell, I couldn’t wait to turn eighteen, which was the legal drinking age when I was a kid, and then two months later, they changed it to twenty-one. That didn’t stop us though. Which one of you is driving?”

“I am, Sir.” Trey offered.

“Well, you make damn sure you don’t have too many of those before you drive home. Do you understand me, son?”

“Yes, Sir, absolutely, Sir.”

And then the officer said, “Now, I know the man who owns this property, and I’m sure he wouldn’t approve of you being out here doing ... what you’re obviously doing, but you’re not fishing or hunting, so I guess it’s none of my business. You just keep in mind what I said about drinking too much and then trying to drive home. I don’t want to hear about a couple of teenagers getting killed in an accident. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir.” Trey and I said in unison.

“Okay then, I’ll let the two of you get back to ... you know.” And he turned and walked back to his car and drove away.

“Holy Shit!” I exclaimed, that was close. “We could be in jail right now.”

“You’re telling me? He was way cool about everything. Now, where were we?”

I threw back the blanket and proceeded where I left off, except that I had to get Trey hard again. That encounter with the officer had scared him soft.

I’d already tasted Trey’s cum ... a little, but when he filled my mouth and then a lot more, I was in heaven. I loved it. I loved the way I made him moan and buck his hips, and I loved the satisfied look on his face afterward. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he heaped praise on me for how good I was at giving a blowjob ... even though he was hardly an expert, having just received the first blowjob of his life. Still ... it made me proud.

After the encounter with the officer, I wasn’t really in the mood to let Trey go down on me, and I wanted to be in the right mood and really horny when I experienced that for the first time. “Next time.” I promised him.

The following Friday evening, Trey talked me into going with him to a party at a very nice private home in the suburbs. The other guests at the party were mostly Trey’s friends, acquaintances, and their girlfriends.

Apparently, none of the other guests knew I was Trey’s cousin, or if they did, he didn’t seem concerned about it. He treated me just like he would a girlfriend, holding hands with me, hugging me close to him while we chatted with other guests, and even kissing me from time to time. I loved it—all of it.

It was well into the evening when things started getting wild. Shots of Tequila were passed around freely, and everyone was pretty much smashed. Trey and I walked out into the backyard to see what all the commotion was about, and I was shocked to see several of the girls jumping totally naked into the pool.

Trey was as drunk as the others—much more so than me, so when several of the guys stripped and joined their girlfriends in the pool, he began taking off his clothes, “C’mon. Let’s join them.”

I thought he was nuts and told him so, but after some prodding, and not wanting to be a party-pooper, I hesitantly stripped and jumped into the water. Trey was on me in a flash, blatantly grabbing my tits and kissing me. But when he lifted me up and pulled my legs around his waist, poking and prodding at my crotch with his dick, I protested, whispering in his ear, “No, not here, not like this—tomorrow. We’ll do it at our special place tomorrow.”

“Really?” He questioned me.

“Yes, really. We’ll fuck tomorrow, but not here. I’ll give you a hand job though, if you really need to get off that badly.”

His only response was “Okay”, so I led him over to the steps and had him sit down. I sat beside him and slid my hand under the water and around his hard dick. We just sat there, me jerking him off, and both of us watching the other couples make out in the pool. Two couples even fucked. The girls were side by side, their arms around their respective boyfriend’s necks, the guys hanging onto the side of the pool and pumping away, causing large waves in the water.

Watching that helped Trey cum fairly quickly. I had to giggle when I saw his cum float to the surface of the pool. I used that as an excuse to get out of the water, telling Trey I wanted to leave “But I’ll drive”, I insisted.

The next day, Trey and I were both hung-over, him much more than me. “Can I have a rain check until tomorrow? I feel like shit.” He asked me.

I wasn’t feeling all that spry myself, so I eagerly agreed. I wanted the first time having real sex to be special.

I had two small orgasms from my cousin fingering my pussy, but when he finally crawled between my legs and began licking me, I couldn’t believe the incredible sensation. His tongue was warm and slilky as it glided up and down my slit. I immediately arched my back and came hard.

“Wow! That’s awesome!” He said after sticking his tongue inside me. “Much better than licking it from my fingers.”

I giggled, “Then get busy and you’ll get a lot more of it.”

After he’d made me cum hard again, I told him through my strained breathing, “Fuck me. Do it now before I chicken out.”

Trey didn’t have to be told twice. When he crawled up and kissed me, I put my legs around his body and reached between us, guiding the head of his dick to my opening. I was already so wet; it didn’t take much for him to slip inside me.

God! I was nervous. I feared that it would hurt, but there was no pain at all. It felt incredible when his dick slid deeper and deeper into my eager pussy.

“Are you okay?” he asked me when he was fully inside me.

“Hell yes! Fuck me now!”

My cousin began slowly pulling his dick almost all the way out of me and sliding it back in. After five minutes or so, he began speeding up. I couldn’t help letting out a low moan each time he entered me.

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