Out of Season

by Johann von Staubig

Copyright© 2019 by Johann von Staubig

Erotica Sex Story: There are reasons why it's good to take a holday out of season. I found half a dozen perfect reasons and was rewarded by my secretary on my return.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

This story was inspired by reading the true book ‘Coffee, Tea or Me?’ while I was holidaying near Mijas, Valencia and while women sunbathed topless near my balcony.

It was a cold damp day in October. I was tired and when a personnel manager called me into her office and reminded me that I had only taken five days of my thirty days of leave allowance, and I would lose it if not taken before December. I decided that a holiday in the sun would be a great idea.

With school kids at school and students back in college, now would be the perfect time to soak up some sunshine. Back to my desk, and browsed the interweb for some good deals. There were some great deals if I flew out to Andalucía the following Friday.

Checking my calendar, I saw that I had no commitments until November - It’s great being my own boss with nobody requiring me to report to them as long as Catherine, my secretary could contact me via email on my smart phone. Telling the lovely Catherine that I would be on holiday from the time I went home on Thursday for the following week, I confirmed the booking in Spain.

On Wednesday evening, the weather in England had improved to the extent that Catherine was wearing a floppy T-shirt hanging round her luscious body with no bra underneath. We passed each other on the stairs. – My office is on the top floor, my studio on the ground floor and admin such as Catherine and personnel on the middle floor. I was going down and could see down her T-shirt to a pair of splendid breasts. Not only her boobs but the top of an areola as well as the two nipples tenting her thin shirt.

Kate and I are close friends and although I’ve never had the opportunity to bed her, I don’t think either of us would turn the opportunity down if we found ourselves in the situation. Kate is free with her charms. I was invited to her wedding where she was dancing with the boyfriend of her chief bridesmaid. He enticed her for a fifteen minute shag during the reception. Needless to say the marriage only lasted a few weeks. She has publicly commented on the girth of my dong after we both attended a party were most party goers ended naked. If only she had been the lady who I ended up in bed with.

“Have a wonderful holiday, Hans” Catherine told me.

“If the weather is as good as this, I’ll love it on the beach.”

At home I packed the essentials. Phone, charger, Kindle (fully loaded with a couple of hundred novels that I’d been looking forward to reading, shorts, trunks, silk shirts, sandals, money in Euro notes and a supply of condoms in the unexpected event that I got lucky as well as some casual but formal clothes.

I asked my house-mate, Roger to drive me to Stanstead airport which is only twenty minutes drive away, in spite of me needing to be there at half past five. I really hate the extended time for security checks. I remember how before 911, I could get to the airport fifteen minutes before the departure time giving me enough time to check in, walk to the gate, find my seat and be chatting up the prettiest hostess before we departed.

It was past noon when the taxi reached my resort near Mijas. After checking in, the porters took me to suite 761. It was a luxury first floor suite. Sunlit, warm with a very large double bed and an open terrace looking down on a lawn with four sunbeds. On a sunbed, there was a flash of purple.

I went inside, unpacked and changed into a pair of brief shorts and sandals. Back outside, I investigated the flash of purple.

It was a purple thong on another guest. She was lying on her back oblivious to me leaning over the balcony of my terrace gawking down at her perfect breasts as she lay there with her eyes closed soaking up the sun fifteen feet below me.

Something must have disturbed her because she suddenly opened her eyes and saw me looking at her. I was embarrassed to be caught out but the half naked brunette called up to me. “Hello, lovely weather isn’t it. I’m Bridgett by the way.”

“Hans. Just got here.”

“Hello, Hans. My flatmates have gone to the beach otherwise there would be three topless hotties down here.”

“Just my luck.”

“Will you rub some sun screen on me? Suite 751. I’ll go and open the door.”

“ermmm ... OK. See you in a tick.”

I quickly breathed into my hands to check that my breath didn’t smell then dabbed some Aramis deodorant on my armpits, out of the apartment and downstairs to where 751’s door was open.

“Cooee, it’s Hans”

“Through here in the garden ... I’ve put two cold beers on the table when you pass.”

I picked up the beers and followed the voice through the lounge area to the terrace outside. Bridgett was lying again with a bottle of lotion in her hand. I gave her one of the beers while sipping the other. While I followed her invitation and rubbed sun cream onto her tummy, she asked “Tell me about yourself, Hans.”

“I’m twenty seven. Single. Live in my own cottage near Hatfield and work as the senior audio engineer for a multinational company in West London. You?”

“Like the other two girls, I’m an airline stewardess. Live near Luton airport in a large house shared with half a dozen stews. I’m the youngest at twenty five and absolutely single. We take several holidays every year. Free flights and discounted accommodation. Would you rub some lotion on me please?”

“If you don’t mind my hands on your bare bits.”

Bridgett passed me the bottle. As I took it from her, she peeled the thong off and threw it to one side. Her écu was completely missing. It was obvious that she had either waxed or shaved it off recently. Perfectly smooth. No hairs to be seen between her navel and the folds of skin that marked were her thighs started. A vaginal area that I had dreamed about in my most erotic dreams. Her lower lips pressed together promisingly. What would it be like to press my cock between them? Preferably without a condom to detract from the feeling of pleasure.

“Back or front first?”

“Start with my bum.” She rolled over so she was face down. I poured a puddle of the amber liquid onto her buttocks. “Eek, that’s cold!” I spread it over with my hands aware that I was fast getting an unintended boner within the shorts which I was wearing commando style. Quickly, but not too quickly, I had covered both her legs, back and buttocks again. A trickle of lotion had made its way from her bum cheeks and down her perineum. A single finger wiped it down. Bridgett sighed with arousal when the finger brushed against the folds of her labia. “Now the front.” She rolled over. Her fantastic boobs with now hardened nipples pointing up.

“Great tits.” I remarked.

“Yes, they’re 34C and I’m very proud of them. Firm and completely natural. Carry on and put the lotion on my legs, abs and tits.” What could I do but carry out her wishes? When I oiled her breasts, her nipples enlarged. “Ooh, yes. Now the rest of me please.” I poured a pool of the lotion into one palm and spread it onto her tummy. “Lower, Hans, lower.” The lotion went onto the place where her écu would have been and my fingers spread it between her lower lips.

The sight of her boobs and the feel of her cunnie folds were having undesired effects on my erection which was creating an embarrassing tent in my shorts.

“Is that for me?” asked the stew. Her hand went up my leg and into my shorts.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

“It’s only natural. In the two days since we arrived, none of us has received any action. The other two have gone to the beach to find any interested guys. The ground crew sat the three of us together away from any hot guys.”

Bridgett’s hand held my balls then clasped my dick tweaking it.

“Well it’s a decent size and I can barely get my fingers round it.”

“Both the length and the girth are eight inches when hard.”

“Interesting. Would you like to see if it fits in me?”

“I’m certain that it would. There hasn’t been a woman yet who’s too small and several have asked for repeats”

“Then remove your shorts, lie back on that other sun bed where the other balconies can’t see us and I’ll try you.”

I stripped off and with my erect prick in the air lay on the sun lounger. Bridgett lowered her cunt onto it. The lotion and natural juices had made her wet and slippery. She started by taking my dong into her mouth, licking the head and along my dong until it was filling her mouth. She had a comfortable pussy that squeezed me from the outside. She was soft, juicy, accommodating, slick and extremely cumfortable. Without a condom she was as pleasurable as I had expected. On each thrust, I slipped in but was held there by her tightness as she withdrew for the following thrust. Each thrust was answered by a groan, squeeze of her pussy, a kiss or a tickle of my balls. If I hadn’t been concentrating on holding back, I’d have already spurted into her. She jiggled up and down, her 34Cs jiggling as she moved. Bridgett was soft inside, and so ready that I could feel it. She was agile, warm wet and wanting me. This was a memorable bang. Each spasm held me in tighter. It took only a few minutes before I could tell by the spasms in her pussy muscles that she was coming. With one hand behind my cock feeding me into her tight orifice, She felt wonderful. This was a cunt that I couldn’t get enough of. Within minutes she was shuddering, shaking and sobbing She collapsed face down across me. “I died, I was born again, then died and was born again.”. She rolled me over so I could pound into her instead. She told me as I continued to fill her. “That’s the way to do it. Don’t ever stop halfway.”

Suddenly, a strange voice called out “Briddy, who’s that who’s fucking you?”

Bridgett moved so that I slipped out of her. “This is Hans from the apartment upstairs. I was just thanking him for covering me with sun screen.” Two girls walked up beside us. “Hans, these are my flatmates. Barbie with the auburn hair and massive norks and Trudy, the slim blonde. How was the beach, girls?”

Trudy replied “Like all Spanish beaches, there were an abundance of topless women. Mostly young mums with their friends, kids or dogs. We didn’t feel out of place but no young men. It looks as though you’ve found one by staying here.”

Barbie told us “We’ve both got sand in our swimsuits. We need to take them off and shake it out.” They went back to their shared room. A minute later, they were both back. This time without the bikini tops or bottoms. They went onto the coarse grass lawn and after checking that nobody could see them from the few balconies that were in sight, violently shook the bikini bottoms free of any sand that had stuck to the insides. This caused their tits to jiggle. Barbie’s voluptuous boobs were a sight that I couldn’t take my eys off. Trudi’s were not as impressive but the entire effect of her slim body was nearly as impressive when a breeze stiffened her nipples. My hard on was growing bigger.

They came back to where Bridgett and I were sitting. “How was he, Briddi?”

“Fabulous, Barb. With a knob that thick, I came twice before you returned and was well on the way to another.”

“Do you fancy a fuck now, Hans?” asked Trudi looking interested. “It looks as though you’re ready again.”

“Absolutely. I didn’t cum with Bridgett before you interrupted us.”

“I’d better warn you” Bridgett remarked. “Trude and Barb are on the game. They’ll give any bloke a quicky for thirty euros. I only do it for free he I’m particularly horny and fancy the bloke, which, I admit, is often.”

“We don’t charge if you genuinely give us great orgasms.” commented Trudi. “Want to gamble your performance on thirty Euros?”

“Wait while I go to my apartment to fetch some condoms and my wallet. Come up if you’re serious.”

From my balcony I could see down to where three naked ladies were sitting around waiting for me to return, clustered together discussing me. “I’ll leave my door open for when you’re ready.” I called down and went and settled in the bed.

From my bed, I could hear steps along the marble floor. “Great” I thought. “Who will it be?” I had already enjoyed Briddi’s body although she said that she didn’t fuck for money. Barbie’s magnificent boobs would please any man but Trudi’s slim blonde pretty features were my overall choice. It was Barb’s body that climbed in with me. Her hand found my todger and wanked it between her cleavage. “That feels wonderful” I told her “but don’t make me cum first. I want to be screwing you when that happens.” Barb kissed me. She drew my tongue into a tube shape with her lips and sucked it in and out of her mouth as if she was giving it a blow-job. My hand reached down to her cunnie. She was hot and wet. First my middle finger slid into her, then my forefinger as well. My ring finger joined them putting slight pressure on her G-spot. My head lowered until my tongue licked over her slit and up to the nub of her clit. I was licking her clit at the same time as I stroked her G-spot, both the internal and external parts of her clitoris at the same time.

“May I groan?” Barbie asked but was reasonably quiet while I rode her like a demented jockey. She started panting and writhing with the pleasure coursing its way through her body. “Enough, enough, Hans. I can’t cum any more. I’ve lost count of the number of climaxes you’ve given me.” Barb panted. I took her wrist and held it in the air “The winner. When’s the rematch?”

“When you’re ready. It’s a regular freebie until next Wednesday when we have to fly home. You haven’t cum with me and we interrupted you with Briddi. I’m too exhausted to continue fucking. I’ll call Trudi.”

Barbi went through the sliding windows onto the balcony. “Trudi. Your turn.” She called to downstairs.

This was more than my imagination hoped for when I left London. So far, two great shags with another to hopefully come. Maybe more tonight and each day until Wednesday.

When Trudi came up to my flat, Barb explained to her “He’s worn me out and hasn’t even fucked me yet. Just used his mouth and fingers. I lost count of the times I came.”

“Favourite position?” asked Trudi.


“Mine too.” She pushed me back on the bed, unwrapped a condom from the bedside table and rolled it onto me. “I’m clean and on the pill, but just in case.” I was feeling ashamed that I was taking advantage of all three of my neighbours. A feeling that was replaced with lust when Trudi lowered her cunnie onto my erection. I could see the entire action. My todger slipping between Trudi’s folds; her trimmed bush in the shape of a heart; proved that she is a natural blonde. She bottomed out with her cervix pressed against my glans; wriggled it further in and edged out ready for another thrust. She was so tight that her internal skin was being pulled out enveloping my dong. “Aaagh” she moaned “You’re so large”.

The prominent nipples on her medium sized boobs had increased as I would have expected. I put my hands up and tweaked them. The feeling of he hard nubs of her nipples against my palms was exciting both of us. Her moans changed to mewling then gasping as she rode me. The tension inside me increased. Suddenly, I couldn’t hold on any longer and spurted into the condom. She smiled, still humping away. “That’ll be thirty Euros, please.”

“What? You haven’t cum.”

“Well, I was nearly there, but you beat me to it. Come-on. Three hot ladies in one afternoon. That’s only ten Euros each. A bargain.”

“Yes, Hans.” Replied Barb. I’d forgotten that she was still in the room. “I’ve got my breath back. As soon as you’ve recovered and erect, you can have me again. A freebie.”

“I would join you.” added Trudy while Barb peeled the condom off “Maybe Briddy as well.”

“I don’t go in for threesomes” I noted “It’s too much work keeping two girls on the boil, let alone three.”

“Spoilsport! Barb and I only take holidays for the constant sex. Most flights, we get businessmen wanting a quick bonk. We all have cards saying that our name is Gloria, with an unlisted phone number. In the flat, we decided that the best way to deal with them is by saying that we charge. We have an unlisted phone at the flat where a non-existent Gloria deals with callers. If a punter calls asking for ‘Gloria’ we’ll ask who it is, put the call on hold and ask the others. The caller is then told “she’s on a flight” or if they’re attractive and one of us wants him, he’s told a price from twenty quid for a quicky up to two hundred for the full works. Bridgett and her room mates Pheobe and Rosemary do not participate because they say they’re not prostitutes although they’re happy to sleep with good looking, well mannered passengers. Whereas all the girls in the flat are great looking horny girls. Us three are aware of the fact. We’ve got it, we sell it, we’ve still got it to sell the following day. Were is the harm in that? It pays for the extras like this holiday. It’s a sustainable business and we usually enjoy the sex. On a dry day we can enjoy each other’s bodies. A bit of lessy action can be fun. At least we instinctively know the right places to touch. Not like showing blokes with their external plumbing. I love it when I cum. How much would you be willing to pay for a night with me? Is a hundred quid too much? If I tell Barb that you’re great in the sack, she’d fuck you for free. Wouldn’t you, Barb? Biddy already knows.” Barbie nodded in agreement.

While Trudy was giving her little speech, Bridgett had come upstairs and into my bedroom. “I saw him first, girls. Let me finish what you interrupted.” She was already topless and with a nifty movement, she was completely naked and in the bed with me. She felt down to find that not only had I recovered, I was rampant at the suggestion of filling her twat with my dong again.

“OK Missy Goodshoes, Trudy and me will wait for you in the lounge.” Biddy’s tanned body was rope smooth and entwined round me. Her long hair making a secret tent for us both. “I heard Trudy admitting that she was a lesbian. I’m not so just fill my socket with your oversized plug. Fuck me Hans.”

The heat of her flesh made me wonder if I could be scorched by her intensity. I heard myself making sounds I didn’t recognise and couldn’t stop, then she was crying out grasping me between her thighs as she clenched my cock as it went in and out of her. A great tight fuck.

Her pussy felt as good as it had an hour earlier. The movements and vocalisations were as pleasing as they had been before. Twenty minutes of fucking had made Biddy cum several times and me finally inside her.

We coupled like animals eager to test our strength. When finally we separated we looked at each other wildly. It had been a curious union. We didn’t know each other. It had merely been a dynamite roll in the hay with a stranger we had just met. We kissed intensely and rubbed our hands over each other. Sexual pleasure was all that mattered and both were intense on giving it. Within twenty minutes it became apparent that I was ready for a second round. With Bridget below me, I pummelled my cock into her pussy. She was still as tight as before. My palms caressed her bare back and bottom. Biddy grunted, gasped, screamed with pleasure and wroth as ecstasy overwhelmed her body time and time again. I was starting to tire and slowed down.

“Remember what I said about not stopping half way.” Biddy told me as she rolled me over and continued to ride me for a considerable time further, with orgasms rippling through her body and cunt muscles until she too was exhausted.

“That was a great fuck!” Biddy was telling me as she passionately kissed me. “Again?”

I was summoning up the courage to tell her that after cumming twice that afternoon I probably couldn’t manage again when my phone rang beside the bed. I looked at the display. “Sorry, it’s work.” Indeed it was, Catherine was calling me to say that my holiday was over. One of my clients, Didier in Paris urgently insisted on my services and she had booked me on a flight from Malaga Airport to Paris with a taxi picking me up from reception at 12.20pm tomorrow. What a bummer.

In the morning, after Biddy after Biddy had woken me with a ‘good morning’ screw, all four of us went to the beach. The women down there were mostly sunbathing topless, a sight worth seeing. My companions splashed in the Mediterranean. All too soon, it was time for me to leave. The taxi took me to Malaga and the plane to Paris. None of the crew on my plane were as lovely as the ladies I’d left behind, though their sexual appetites may have been as great.

At Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, Didier was waiting for me with his young colleague, Monique. Monique explained her problem. At the office at Crécy la Chapelle was a system that I had designed and installed for automatically shooting 35mm slides from designs that had been created during the day. Except ... every night it would shoot a couple of dozen then fail. Didier’s business required for it all to work seamlessly, so I had been called in to find the problem. Monique ran the studio in the small town, whereas Didier was based in Paris.

I inspected the equipment, but could find no faults. The server logs showed no errors, though they did show that the system had been powered off about 9pm every night. This could only happen by human intervention. I worked throughout the evening watching the system as it processed the day’s work.

At a quarter to nine, the cleaner arrived. She was a fifty year old woman. The first thing she did was to unplug the server from the mains supply and plug her vacuum cleaner in instead. I knew absolutely what was causing the problem.

While I had watched the equipment, I had been chatting to Monique and we’d got on closely. Although she was not pretty in a classic way, she was as attractive as nineteen year old French girls could expect to be, slim with smallish firm breasts. I explained how pulling the mains plug out of the wall was causing the failure and that Didier’s company would be charged for my emergency visit. There was no hotel in the small town and I was expected to sleep in Monique’s spare bed.

We had dinner together in monique’s local apartment and drank a couple of bottles of the local red wine between us. “Voulez tois couchez avec moi?”


She pulled her t-shirt over her head prompting me to remove mine and remark “Quels beaux seins”

“Merci. Avez-vous des préservatifs”

I opened my wallet and fished out my emergency condom.”

“Seulement un?”

Clearly she was after more than a quick bonk. By now, we had moved to her bedroom. Monique opened her bedside draw and found an opened pack of six. We kissed intensely. Her hard nipples were pressing into my chest as my hands squeezed her bum cheeks.

It was not the first time that I had been on the verge of having sex with her. When I first installed the system and instructed her on its use, I spent three nights in her bed and knew her to be eager in her desires, lush, moist and randy

I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She moved to help, pulling my belt off, throwing it across the room in the approved fashion.

Both our jeans tumbled to the floor before I laid her on the bed, parted her long brunette hair and the mating started. Monqiue used a thumb and two fingers to guide my dick into the place where she wanted it. She took control, facing me from above and riding me. She was slick, lush, moist and eagerly willing, tight enough for me to enjoy her folds wrapped round me and very cumfortable (a word that I’ve invented derived from comfortable when I cum in a lady). She was wanton, accomplished almost frighteningly hungry in her needs and demands. But the two of us were instantly and decisively physically compatible. Each one seemed to sense what the other wanted with no need for communication in either language. Time melted and blurred.

I remembered a couple of months previously how good it had been when last we coupled. As before, I revelled in Monique’s curves and soft contours and I felt the firm muscles underlining that flawless flesh. Monique was an athletic girl.

As she rode me, I could watch her perfect breasts jiggling on her chest. Each nipple peeking through her long hair as she rode me to our mutual climaxes. Her breathing, panting and mewling were enough to bring me almost to an orgasm. When she succumbed to her climax, the spasms inside her were enough to make me lose control and I ejected my load inside the condom.

Monique hugged me and I kissed her back.

“Merci beacoup, Hans. C’était merveilleux. Encore?”

As much as I wanted her again, I wasn’t hard enough to comply with her request so I replied “Plus tard, ma amore”

“Bon, quand vous avez récupéré.”

Within minutes, I was asleep. Waking again when the sun had risen with a female hand round my erection. She stroked me until I was fully engorged and ready to plug myself into the French teenager and bring us both to the bliss that I knew we both wanted before I returned to my holiday in Andalucia. Before breakfast we screwed. While we were making whoopy, Monique told me “Nous devons tester le système pendant 24 heures pour être certain alors vous pouvez aller. I was certain that the problem had only been the cleaner unplugging the server, so I went about booking a first class ticket back to Majlaga paid for by Didier leaving the following morning. Monique’s studio was on the first floor of a photo studio that Didier owned. The studio downstairs could be seen through the management office’s glass walls. From above we could seethe entire studio and through the glass roofs of the changing rooms.

Then main business of the studio was erotic photos illustrating dirty stories. The girls would arrive in the studio, be dressed by stylists in the open topped dressing rooms. Would invariably have a couple of ice cubes touched into their nipples with a little rouge makeup to emphasise their readiness for sex. There were a dozen regular girls and four regular studs fucking them. I offered my services while I was waiting, but was turned down.

Another night servicing Monique while the cameras worked continuously. Now back to Spain on the same plane I had arrived on.

I went direct to my apartment overlooking the air dollies downstairs. They had come to the end of their holiday and gone, leaving me a sexy note under my door. I went onto my balcony to see who had replaced them. It was a family of British people. A couple about early thirties and two young children, both girls. one about 5 and one 7 years old. In the heat, neither child was wearing clothes. Dad only a pair of speedos and mum as small a bikini as she could buy. On top of a toned fit body.

Suddenly, a small child’s voice called out “Dad! Mum’s taking us to the beach with Uncle Brian.”

The guy on the lawn called back “OK. Have fun, Rupert.”

The two little girls had already gone inside. Obviously, there were two families sharing a single apartment. I could hear the door slam downstairs as Brian and ‘mum’ left with the three kids.

I hadn’t had much sleep last night with the randy Monique so I lay down on my bed to get some sleep.

About eight thirty, I was awoken by the unmistakable sounds of coitus coming from the lawn down below. I peeked over my balcony to where a woman who I had never seen before was humping the ‘dad’. Both were naked. She had long blonde hair cascading over her pair of smallish firm breasts. In my experience, they were about 34Bs, possibly 32Cs. In her pounding she raised her bum a little too far. ‘dad’ slipped out. His aroused todger was seven or eight inches long and a decent girth. I could hear their voices over the slap of bum against belly.

“A taxi takes twenty minutes to Mijas, Brian. An hour for a meal and twenty minutes back, so I’ve got at least an hour to get you to cum, Brian. Don’t worry about me. I’ve already cum twice.”

“Don’t let Claire know, Barbie, but we mustn’t disturb the kids.”

“My Rupert will sleep through anything.”

From the conversation, I could tell that Brian, Barbie and their son, Rupert were on holiday with Paul, Claire and their two girls. Brian and Claire had gone to Mijas, the town on the side of the Sierra Nevada mountains for a meal leaving Paul and Barbie to babysit.

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