Jenna's Hotel Massage

by Canemont

Copyright© 2019 by Canemont

Erotica Sex Story: Jenna ordered a hotel massage and got more than she expected.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Anal Sex   .

You would normally never stay at a high dollar hotel like this, but the charity you volunteer for awarded you with a weekend stay at this nice place. A complementary massage was also part of the weekend package. You could not believe you called the concierge to have a masseur sent to your room. You felt very naughty and daring as you answered the door wearing only the hotel’s robe. It was long and plush and wrapped around you completely. You were naked underneath it. The masseur introduced himself and he promised you that you were in experienced hands. He had a slight grin on his face as he unfolded the massage table and spread out a towel.

He told you to lie on your chest. You timidly slid on to the table and let the plush robe fall down your back. He pulled it away and suddenly you realized you were totally naked in front of a complete stranger. Your nipples burned with anticipation and you had butterflies in your stomach. You swung your legs up on to the table and buried your face in the towel he had put at your head. You hoped he was not disappointed with your body, even though you knew he had seen hundreds of naked bodies and yours was better than most.

You tried to relax. The glass of wine you had before his arrived was finally hitting you. You crossed your arms under the face towel as if it were a pillow, and waited. The masseuse started some soft music and popped open a bottle of lotion. You could see his reflection in the picture window of the hotel room and he was rubbing his hands together to warm the lotion. He was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt. His body was long and lean. You could tell that he was confident that he would please you.

He spoke quietly, wanting to relax you. He told you how beautiful your body was and how well you took care of yourself. He started at the base of your back and worked his strong fingers up and down your spine. It felt heavenly. The wine and his hands were putting you at ease and you fell under the spell of his touch. He told you to imagine your most pleasant memory as he worked your muscles. He moved up to your shoulders and neck. You never knew how great it felt to have your neck massaged with skilled hands. He walked his hands down each of your arms, pulling the stress right out of your body. You were becoming powerless to his touch.

He started on your hips next. You parted your thighs slightly to give him better access. He worked his large hands around your thighs and calves. He took your feet and worked all the tension out of each toe. You imagined him sucking your toes and you realized your pussy was getting damp at the thought. He spread your legs and began working his way back up. When he got to your hips, his hands slightly deeply caressed your cheeks, brushing your asshole. You relaxed further and even raised your hips slightly in order to get a better feel from him. He knew you wanted more, so his hands explored your inner thighs. His fingers found your pussy lips. You gasped, almost silently, when he touched you there. Now your pussy was flooding with juice as you knew he was going to make you cum.

He slowly eased a finger in to your wet pussy. Then two. Then he pulled out, as if it was a mistake to have been there. Then he continued with one hand exploring your pussy and asshole, while the other was caressing your swollen clit. You raised your ass up off of the table, wanting him to plunge more fingers in to your holes. It felt like he had one in your ass and two in your pussy. You were squirming all over the table as he pounded in to you with his fingers.

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