Mom Comes to Visit

by Vfalcon29

Copyright© 2019 by Vfalcon29

Incest Sex Story: The mother of a single dad comes for a visit with him and her grandson.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Sharing   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Grand Parent   First   Oral Sex   Nudism   .

I opened the door and the cool air hit us in the face. “Whew! So, this is where you guys have decided to retire?” My mom’s question sounded like an introduction to one of her critical arguments. I’d just picked her up from Tucson International.

“Yeah, Mom, and I don’t want to hear anything about it except how nice and warm it is in Arizona in February,” I replied. S

he still lived in the Montana town where she and I both, in our respective turns, had grown up. “You know I’ve talked about moving to a warmer climate for a long time. Julie didn’t want to, so that was just another reason we divorced. That’s it.”

I had been fortunate in business and unfortunate in my personal life in my 37 years. I had managed to hit the peaks of both the ‘’ bubble and the real estate bubble before they both crashed.

So I was unofficially ‘retired’ at a young age. My comment about my personal life only meant that I married young, had a kid, and had a divorce in my past. My marriage left me with huge credit card bills and a son who was, at the time, three years old. She surrendered custody to me when we divorced.

The ‘you guys’ referred to my sixteen year old son, Cal and me. She always adopted the wise older woman role when she wanted to object to something with me. It was totally lost on her that she was only sixteen years older that I was.

My granddad got her pregnant when she was just fifteen and I’m the result. I never knew my grandfather was actually my father, too, until he had died and Mom told me. She didn’t think my grandmother knew.

Anyway, there were fewer years of age separating Mom and me than between my son Cal and me. More about Mom and me when I was growing up in a little bit.

“Well, would you rather be sliding around on your little butt on the ice in Montana or jumping into a nice warm pool in Arizona, like we have in the back yard?”

“You have a pool!?” she practically shrieked. I crossed the room to draw the vertical blinds away to show her. The pool sparkled in the sun as the breeze ruffled the surface. A hot tub sat to one side. I’d built a wooden canopy that shaded it from the sun if we chose to close the tinted sliding panels.

“Nice,” she said as she gazed at the pool. Swimming was one of Mom’s favorite things, I knew.

As I said, we had just picked her up from the airport that day. She lived in the old house where I grew up, in Montana, where, this time of year, it was running at about two degrees above zero that same day.

That was part of what caused our actions about the time I was thirteen. It was colder in February than I could remember that year. In Arizona this year it was still February, but in Arizona we had 75 degrees or better.

Cal brought his grandma’s bags in from the truck and carried them to the spare bedroom we’d cleaned out for her. All the sports stuff and camping gear had been stashed in the garage. I already told you I was the product of incest. But I waited until now to tell you other important stuff.

Stuff like how I remember bathing with Mom until I was about nine or ten before she got an attack of conscience and kicked me out of the shower because my little dick kept getting hard when she had me wash her.

Is the tendency toward incest genetic? I have no idea. I do know that when she made me take showers alone I missed her hands on me and my hands on her naked body, though I guess by then I was able to understand it.

I still missed soaping up her curves and helping rinse them off. During the coldest weather that long ago February when I was thirteen, though, Mom had me sleep in her bed.

I wore underwear, but Mom was clad only in panties. Her breasts pressed against me frequently while she spooned my back.

“Gramma? Did you want me to start stashing your clothes away?” Cal’s voice came from down the hall.

“No, honey, I’ll take care of that,” Mom said. I had to laugh. Cal had just broken up with his girlfriend.

“He sounded hopeful,” I said.

“HOPEFUL?! Did he inherit your horniness?”

“What?! What do you mean?”

“Oh, honey, don’t you think I knew you spied on me after I told you to bathe by yourself? Did you think I didn’t know you used to use my soiled panties to masturbate?”

I felt my cheeks go red. I did know because she caught me one time sniffing her used panties before dropping them into the washer. Until now, I thought I’d covered my incestuous desires pretty well.

“Uh, I guess you probably did, now you mention it,” I admitted, feeling a shame I’d never felt before.

She hugged me tight. “Don’t feel bad, Tom,” she whispered to me. “It made me feel closer to you.” Suddenly, I blurted, “I wanted to be even closer.”

“Of course. Most boys’ first love and sexual trigger is his mother. Psychologists have studied it. Don’t be ashamed. Especially since it kind of turned me on too.”

“Mom! You mean...” She laughed.

“Yeah, from about the time you started high school, I kind of wanted my big strong son to take the next step, since I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I hadn’t had sex since shortly after your grampa stopped fucking me about a week before you were born, and I was missing it. Once you were born, he wanted to go back to it but I told him it wasn’t right.”

I collapsed on the couch. Every time I managed to get a girl into the back seat of my old beater of a car in high school, I was making love to my beautiful mother in my mind.

I looked at her back as she gazed out on the pool. She was still only barely into her fifties, and looked as good to me as she had when I was fourteen and horny as I peeped on her.

Apparently, she knew I had watched but never said anything about it to me. It wasn’t just one night that I peeped at her, either.

Since she was being so open about this, I did what I wanted to do and got up to move to her, standing behind her and hugging her tightly, my arms around her just below her breasts. In her ear, I whispered, “Why didn’t you give me a hint?”

She nearly collapsed in laughter. Finally, she looked at me and asked, “So an open door so you could watch me frig myself wasn’t enough of an invitation?”

“Nope,” I said, “I didn’t want to lose what I had: live images of a woman’s sexual activities and response.”

I kissed her ear and the side of her neck. “Well, you’re here now. Would you like to remedy the situation?” I dared to ask.

She pressed herself tighter to me and gave a kind of purr. “Honey, I’m over 50. You’re almost forty. You can’t still want this old used up body.”

“You just turned 53! And yes, I can – I’d love it.” I said, and I moved my arms up so I was cupping her breasts in both of my hands. I kissed her neck again. She turned in my arms and kissed me full on the lips, tongue included.

Just then Cal gasped. We hadn’t heard him come in the room. Guiltily, we turned to face him. His mouth was still open. “Is that the way our family kisses now?” he asked with a smile.

I was stiff in my shorts and Mom had made a sobbing sound as we kissed. “Son...” I began, but Mom interrupted me.

“Sometimes it is, when we haven’t seen one another for a long time. Would you like me to kiss you like that?”

“Wow! Yeah, Gramma! I kissed a girl once who taught me that.” He hurried across the room and Mom wrapped him in a hip-hugging clench. She raised her face (he’s just under six feet tall) and laid a lip lock on him that made MY toes curl. She had a handful of his tight teenaged butt, too.

His eyes, when the kiss stopped, were big and round. I glanced down to see his bulging crotch. “Wow!” he finally said. “That girl didn’t kiss me that good! Welcome to Arizona, Gramma!” he said with a huge grin. He drifted off (probably to go jerk off).

Once he was gone, for some reason she suddenly confessed another thing to me. “Tom, I’ve been diagnosed with lymphoma. That’s the second reason I came here.

“Of course I wanted to see you and Cal, but I wanted to tell you in person. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, but I’d been saving up to come see you anyway. My doctor was good enough to refer me to a guy here that he says is a top notch oncologist, so the insurance pays for most of my plane fare.”

“What?! When did you find out? Why did you wait to tell me?”

“I guess I felt like getting all the old secrets out first. And I wanted to tell you in person.” She smiled sadly then and looked at me.

“There’s one more secret. When you were a baby, I was in a doctor’s waiting room, I read that Korean mothers usually can get cranky boy babies to sleep by sucking their ... little penis.

“I decided to try it with you. It worked! But beyond that, I loved it. Sometimes I did it just because I loved it. You never objected either. (Of course, you couldn’t talk yet, so you could hardly tell me if you did.) You would just giggle when I did it. I was ashamed then, but I’m not now. Back then I forced myself to stop when you were about two. I’m not ashamed to confess it to you now.

I have loved you from before you were born and I’ve always wanted you to find your own way. Still, that physical closeness and contact were missed as you grew up. After you left for college was the worst of all. I didn’t have anybody at all then. I wanted you to know now, since I’m going to die.”

“MOM! Nobody said you’re going to die, have they?”

“Well, yeah, kind of, the doctor says there’s no cure, and I doubt I’ll last until they do find one, if ever. The treatment the doctor will give me will hopefully extend my time, if it doesn’t make things worse.

I hugged her and couldn’t hold my tears back.

A splash outside brought us out of the funk we’d fallen into. Cal was practicing. He’s on the swim team and had a meet coming up. But he swam daily, nevertheless. As usual, he wore his tiny blue Speedo team trunks.

Those times he swam for fun at home, he usually went nude, the way I always do. Mom’s breathing had changed when she watched him doing laps. I still stood behind her and she let her right hand drop to grasp my thigh through my shorts.

I looked up to see Cal climbing from the pool. His body glistened in the sunlight. His slim yet strong form stood on the pool surround as he toweled himself off briefly. “He has the same body you had at his age, Tom, but your chest was growing hair. Cal doesn’t have any.”

“Do you know that serious swimmers shave their entire bodies, supposedly for better speed?” Mom took in another quick breath.

“No. Does Cal do that?”

“He does,” I said. “He asked me if it looked too ‘girly’, since he’d be showering with the team. They don’t all shave, I guess.” My hands were massaging her stomach muscles by then.

“Ooh. I’d love to see that,” Mom breathed. She obviously liked my hands rubbing her. She had relaxed her body back against mine. My cock was uncomfortable, since it was hard in its downward position.

I leaned my hips away to adjust it. I couldn’t suppress a laugh. “Is it just a thing for young guys you have, Mom?”

She pulled free from my embrace and turned on me. “Listen! I love you! I love Cal! I’d do anything to make you both happy! But I’m also a woman, supposedly in my sexual prime. It sure feels like it, if being horny is any way to tell!

“I don’t believe the incest that produced you was wrong. I enjoyed it. Your ‘Grampa’ enjoyed it ... EVERY TIME!”

“Okay. I guess I just never got the whole story before,” I said sheepishly.

Mom went to sit on the couch. “Do you have anything to drink around here?” she asked. “Sure, you want water, juice, beer, booze?”

“What kind of booze?”

“I have Vodka, Bourbon and Tequila.” “Lime and salt?”

“Sure. Want Tequila?”

“Yeah, bring the bottle and a lime, a saucer and salt. And a knife!”

I did as she asked. My mind was in a spin. I hadn’t known everything, but it seemed, if there was more, that I was going to hear it.

Once I poured her first shot and she licked the salt, chugged the shot, and sucked the slice of lime, with a sour face and a shake of her head she sat back and closed her eyes.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Cal starting to open the sliding door. I motioned for him to use the door from his bedroom instead, the one he’d come out of, and I made a shushing gesture. I didn’t know what was coming, but I wanted to hear it alone.

He gave me a ‘thumbs up’ and disappeared. “Mom?” I was checking to see if she was asleep.

“I’m awake. I was just meditating to calm myself. Tom, this is hard for me. I have a lot of memories and secrets that I really think it is better for you to know than not, before I die.

And, for me, too. You know, like confession.” She poured another shot for herself.

“Mom! Once again, you aren’t going to die soon. We all die someday, but your time isn’t soon.

You said your doctor had referred you to the best guy here. See what he has to say. Cancer patients, even if they aren’t ‘cured’, can live a long time ... years.”

Then she said something that shocked me to my toes.

“Did you know that I was a whore for two years?” The breath left my body and I had to gasp.

“N-No. When?”

“Oh, years ago, when you were just a baby. Your Grampa wanted to keep fucking me and give himself another grandchild. I wanted him to stop. So one night I left, taking you and my ma’s money from the cookie jar.

She told me later she wished I’d told her: she had some more money squirreled away she would have given me.

“So, anyway, after I hitched my way to the city, I started looking for jobs. Shit, I was sixteen, a high school drop-out, with a baby. What idiot would hire me? That’s the way I felt until I went to the Dairy Barn.

The skinny guy talked with the cigarette in his mouth. He asked about me and almost balked at my age. But he had other sixteen year old girls working there, so he hired me.

After about a week, he came and talked to me during a break. It was just us two out in back, and I was afraid he’d either fire me or come on to me, but he told me he could hook me up to make a lot more money for a lot less work. ‘You might even enjoy it,’ he said with a nasty smile.

He told me flat out it was prostitution. A girl in my circumstances had to take what she could get, he told me. I realized he was right. So I went for it.”

“Mom, you don’t have to tell me all this. It’s the past; dead. This is now.” I swallowed a shot of tequila as this new information sank in.

“But I want to hear it, Dad,” Cal said from the hallway. We didn’t know he’d been listening and I didn’t know how much of our conversation he’d heard. “So, you got pregnant with Dad after your dad fucked ... I mean had sex with you?”

“No, you were right the first time. Daddy never ‘made love’, or ‘had sex’. He fucked me, hard, each time he came to my bed. And, yes, that’s where your daddy came from. I’m sorry, Cal honey. I hadn’t planned on telling you all this, just your dad.”

“Wow.” Cal didn’t have any words at the time. But my damn mom did! I hoped the news wouldn’t screw him up. “So, I hear you’re on the swim team, Cal.”

“Yeah, I never liked football or too much baseball.”

“So do you shave all your body hair off, the way the pros do?” Cal’s mouth dropped open but he recovered fast.

“Uh, well, mostly. Not my head, of course, but I got better scores after shaving my legs and arms.”

“But, your chest and everywhere else?” I could tell Mom was trying to work Cal. I just didn’t know why.

“Um. Well, of course my chest. I was as hairy as Dad there, almost. But once I was in the shower with a razor, it was too much t

emptation not to just ‘do it’, as the Nike ads say. Yeah, the hair you can see is all there is.” Cal admitted this with a blush and a sheepish smile.

“Ooh, I’d love to see the rest. Would you show me Cal?” This was more bizarre by the minute.

At that point, I asked Cal to go clean the grill out back and I told Mom I had to start dinner.

“Hey, I can cook. Did you forget”?”

“Of course not, but this is my house and my kitchen. If I need your help, I’ll ask for it. Okay?”

“I’ll try to shut up. That’s all I can do.”

I laughed. “Good enough. Try hard.”

“Meanwhile, do you ... in ‘your house’ have a dress code?” she asked.

I looked back at her. I was amazed in the change in her. I was pretty sure where she was going, but it took a few minutes to prove me right.

“No, wear what you want. You’re probably roasting in that sweater.”

“Yeah. I am. But, as I recall, you used to go naked when I wasn’t home.”

She was referring to one time, when I was fifteen, that she caught me naked out in our fenced back yard. I used to love it in the summer to lay out in the sun, when we got the high fence. But she came home from work before I knew it that day. I hurried past her to go put some shorts on.

She didn’t get mad or mention it again. Until now. “So, are you asking if we go naked ... or if you can?”

“Yes and yes. It’s just the way I am these days. Since I have a disease that is going to kill me, I want to do everything I’ve always wanted to do.”

I stopped and looked at my mother. She was pulling off her sweater. She got it off, leaving her short, reddish hair in a clown-like mess. I went to her to help smooth it down. My eyes went naturally to her white bra, containing her fairly large breasts. I remembered them from when we bathed and showered together.

“Well, Mom, feel free to go naked here if you want. Cal will be bug-eyed for a while, but he’ll get used to it soon. Is that what you’re saying?”

She looked into the distance (the distance in her head and in time) with a serious concentration, then she leaned forward and asked me, “Would you unhook me, please, Tommy?”

She hadn’t called me Tommy for a long time. I gladly helped her out of the bra, the way she used to have me do when I was little.

She leaned back and turned sideways, leaning against me. She allowed my hands to slide down to knead her breasts. She groaned quietly. Then she moaned as I began to caress them, rolling and pinching their hard nipples.

And Cal came out of his room. He stopped, mouth open, when he saw me feeling his Gramma’s nice boobs.

I winked at him and motioned with my head for him to come on in. He crossed the room and edged over to the chair, set at an angle to the couch. where Mom and I had moved to sit down.

Mom opened her eyes to see Cal, practically drooling as he watched me massage his grandmother’s tits.

“Oh, hi, honey,” she said with a smile. “Come sit by me, Cal. I haven’t seen you in so long.”

Cal stood, trying to conceal his erection unsuccessfully, Mom laughed, “Oh, hell, Cal. Don’t hide your dick! I’m gettin’ out of these damn pants in a minute. I go naked at home and your dad has given me permission to go bare here, as well. So why don’t you peel off those Speedos and let me see how well you shave.” All this was said as Cal came to sit next to Mom.

He had trouble paying attention or tearing his eyes away from his grandmother’s beautiful tits. Yet he heard and stood up again to get rid of his tight trunks that had restricted his erection.

“Oh, you’re so pretty. Oh! No, not pretty like a girl, but you have such a perfect body.”

Suddenly, Mom reached out and dragged Cal closer by grabbing his dick, He looked up at me, but all I could do is shrug and grin.

Cal smiled at me as he pushed my left hand away from Mom’s tit and replaced it with his own.

Mom was nearly ready to suck him off, I thought. I let go of the other tit and leaned back.

I didn’t know what the fuck was going on, but I liked it so far. Mom hugged his belly to her cheek and smiled as she slowly stroked Cal’s boner. Then she went ahead and ‘just did it’.

Starting with kisses all along his shaft, she returned to the tip and slowly engulfed the whole thing.

His eyes were closed and his hands flexed on Mom’s tits. I poured a shot of Tequila for myself as I watched the display of loving incest.

I barely had time to drink the shot before Cal was grunting and filling his grandmother’s mouth with his young seed. He collapsed next to her breathing hard. Mom sat up with a smile and turned to look at me. Then she swallowed. She grinned and left for her room.

Cal gazed at me with a kind of glazed expression. A few minutes later we saw Mom, in her naked glory, dive into the pool. “Dad ... what ... I mean, why? Has she ever done that to you?”

I withheld the ‘baby calming technique’ since it was really her secret, not mine. I just shook my head as I admired Mom’s still sexy body.

In my opinion, she hadn’t changed a lot, physically, over the past years. Her breasts sagged a bit and there was a little more roundness and padding around her hips and butt. To me, she was still a beautiful and desirable woman.

Cal stood beside me. His cock was hard again but he seemed not to mind. No doubt he was hoping for Act 2 of the drama.

Mom turned and saw us watching her. She beckoned for us to come outside.

“Can we?” Cal asked.

“You go ahead, son. Be careful. By the way, was that your first blow job?”

He grinned. “Yeah,” was all he said before sliding the door open and stepping outside. I slid the door closed and went to start the salad. As I worked, I considered what we would do now.

I had expected Mom to stay a week or two. But this was turning out to be a lengthier stay, especially if she had chemotherapy.

But then what? My grandparents were dead, and I didn’t have any aunts or uncles that I knew of.

So ... what? She goes through chemo and goes back to being alone up north? I couldn’t let her do that.

She’d get depressed and, that by itself would drop her chances of success against the cancer to nearly nothing, I thought. I had read that depression alone could kill a person, even without cancer – or them killing themselves.

We’ll ask her to live here. I wonder how that would go. She could get wound up sometimes, but she had always been fair with me.

In the back of my head, too, was the pornographic image of her grandson’s dick spurting in her mouth. I want to feel that, too, after all the years of wishing for it and her acceptance when I told her. I decided to wait to bring any future plans up. She might even broach the subject after she began treatment.

I heard them calling me. I opened the door and they asked me to bring some towels out – they had forgotten. I got some from the linen closet and started to go out the other door in my bedroom. I suddenly decided I’d strip down as they had done. I didn’t want to feel out of place, being the only one dressed.

So I dropped my shorts and tee shirt on the bed and stepped out to silence as they saw me. My erection led me across the tile to the pool. They applauded my decision. “Tommy! God, you are a handsome man!” Mom said.

“Thanks, Mom, you always say that” I replied. My erection made me self-conscious for a few minutes. But Cal’s prick had relaxed some, so I hoped mine would, too. There would come a time when I wanted it stiff for Mom, but that afternoon wasn’t it. As I watched them dry off,

Cal asked me, “Are you going in, Dad?”

“No. Not right now. I’ll start the grill in a few minutes and make dinner. Right now, I’m gonna have a beer and relax.”

They followed me back into the house through the same door I’d left standing open. I got to the kitchen with Cal right behind me, babbling about how great it was having his Gramma there. I chuckled at that. Just before I turned into the kitchen, I glanced back. Mom had disappeared.

I asked Cal to open me a beer and I returned to the bedroom. My mother was spread out on my bed with my used undies on her face. Her hand was petting her hairy mound. My erection throbbed.

She opened an eye. Pulling the shorts off her face she smiled. Seeing my dick bob up and down, she laughed. “Yeah, that’s pretty much the same reaction I got when you used my panties. Of course it was the internal female version.”

I laughed. Crossing to the bed I knelt to inhale her scent, now combined with the chlorine smell from the pool. But I could smell her, too. She was a horny woman, that was for sure. I kissed her hard on her pussy mound before I stood up to leave.

“Maybe you should shave your pussy, Mom,” I said, hearing the surreal words as if said by someone else.

“I’ve been thinking about it after seeing Cal. Maybe you should, too.”

I grinned at her. “I’m sure if you asked Cal, he’d be more than willing to do the job for you.” “Oh! That would be fun!”

“I don’t doubt that – for both of you,” I laughed. As I went back to the kitchen, Mom went back to my undies. Cal had put my beer in one of the foam cozies -- or coozies -- I had. I took a long drink.

“Want me to finish making the salad, Dad?” he asked.

“Well, sure! That will help me out.”

He got the knife and started chopping and tearing at the ingredients I’d left out. “Um ... how long is Gramma staying, Dad?” He kept working as he spoke.

“We haven’t discussed it. She has a doctor’s appointment this week here in town.” He turned and looked at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ask her, bud. Patient privacy, and all that, you know?”

He set the knife down and went down the hall. I finished the salad and put it into the refrigerator with the burger patties I’d mixed up earlier. Then I got more towels for us to sit our naked asses on around the house and used one on my desk chair before sitting back down.

My laptop was sitting on the desk so I booted it up. I logged into my browser and started to research lymphoma. I read about the different varieties and what the symptoms were of each one There was a huge bunch of stuff to read, so I bookmarked the page and went searching other sites.

My email was negligible, so I moved on. About then Cal returned, Mom’s arm over his shoulder. His eyes were red and so were Mom’s. They’d had a good cry together, I guessed. I looked at the clock. It was only 3:00. “How hungry are you guys?” I asked.

Cal said he wasn’t hungry yet. Mom was operating on the Mountain Standard as we were. “It’s too early for me yet, too, Tommy,” she said.

“Did you bring enough warm weather clothes, Mom?”

“I have two pairs of shorts and several light tops. But if we’re nudists, who cares?”

I laughed and hugged her. My softened cock against her thigh. “Well, we’ll have to dress to go anywhere.”

“I think I have enough, honey,” she said.

“That depends on how long you’re staying. How long ARE you planning on staying?”

“My return ticket is for two weeks.”

“Uh, what do you think you’re going to do after you see the doctor? Will you have treatment?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve heard the stories. It’s a tough way to go. But the alternative is to just sit back and let the cancer kill me eventually. It would get worse and worse.

But treatment makes things worse right away. Sometimes it helps fight the cancer but you still get sick from the treatment.” She shook her head. “I decided I’d wait to hear what the doc says.”

“The first thing I’d like you to do is cash in that return ticket. Tell them you have medical reasons. If you decide to have chemo it takes several weeks or months. Even if you don’t treat it, you’d be going back alone – and be alone again. I want you to stay here, please. Whether you have treatment or not.”

“Yeah, Gramma!” Cal chimed in. “We love you and you need us to be with you, especially if you get sick.”

She smiled at him, then at me. “May I have one of those beers, Tommy?” it looks good.” Cal jumped up before I could answer and retrieved one for her and another for me. He passed them out and looked at me pleadingly.

“Go ahead. But just one, buddy,” I said. He grinned and got himself a beer and another holder. I must have a dozen of those things. We drank our beers and talked.

“Well, we aren’t going to eat for a few hours yet,” I said. “We have time to go pick up some more shorts and tops for you. My treat!” I didn’t know her financial situation. But she’d said she had to save up for a round trip ticket from Missoula to Tucson, and that can’t be all that expensive.

“Well, sure,” she said. “I don’t think I need more clothes, but I want to see more of this place.”

So we got dressed and piled into the car. I drove to the nearest of the several malls in town and we shopped. Or, rather, Mom shopped and we became porters, carrying the bags.

Mom asked if we’d be swimming somewhere else. “We can, or we might invite friends to swim. Let me guess: you didn’t bring a suit?” She hadn’t. Mom modeled a bikini. It was deep (but not dark) green and it didn’t leave a lot to the imagination. She blushed when I pointed out that every one of the men, waiting for their wives, went totally still to stare as she turned to show off the thong bottom.

When Cal quietly applauded, the rest of us – even the strangers -- joined in. She giggled and gave us a bow, letting her tits hang in their ‘nipple covers’, since that was all the top really covered.

“Should I get it? I love the shade of green.”

“Hell, yes!” I said.

“Get another one if you want. But the color is great with your hair.” She had reddish brown hair, short, and attractive.

“Oh, no. We don’t use them at your house. I doubt we’ll go to other pools too much, anyway. But I want this because it makes me feel naughty to be showing the world my bare ass!”

The men whose attention she’d captured heard what she said about not using suits at home. No doubt they were imagining the three of us skinny-dipping. I know I was hard, so I supposed they were too. I had to laugh. I glanced at the time.

“We should go eat. I’m getting hungry,” I said.

“We can always come back or go to some different stores.” So we bought the skimpy suit with the hefty price tag. I figured they were getting, maybe, three hundred dollars a yard for the material.

On the way home, Mom laughed. “Did you see those guys staring at my ass? I’ll bet their wives get a good fucking tonight. I love teasing men.” Cal grinned at her comment, but he didn’t seem surprised. He was getting used to this sexy side of his Gramma.

I wasn’t sure she’d planned that out, but she had. She has had a lot of practice controlling men. Horny enough to fuck her dad, as well as her days and nights as a hooker, she probably honed her skills pretty well.

Back home, after we shed our clothes, I fired up the gas grill. There was a wood or charcoal smoker/grill too but I didn’t want to wait for the fire to burn down for just a few burgers.

I took orders and asked Mom if she wanted potatoes, rice, pasta or chips. “Woo! ‘pasta’!” she said. “I always called them ‘noodles’. You’ve gone gourmet!”

“No, but there are a lot of kinds of pasta. They aren’t all noodles. So, is that what you want?”

“No, Tommy. Chips are fine.”

I mixed a pitcher of Margaritas for the evening drink. After one, Cal switched to soda. I had mixed up the whole package of hamburger with seasoning, onions, and a little Worcestershire.

I cooked all eight of the burgers I made. So there were a few left after we each ate. I had one, Mom ate one and Cal ate two. I let the others cool some, then wrapped them for the future.

We played cards after we ate and the sense of family really got to me. There was a lot of touching and hugging. It was all loving, and not predominately sexual, at least for me.

Mom said she was tired, so we kissed her goodnight.

After kissing Cal, Mom said, “Are you sure you’ve only kissed one girl, Cal? You’re pretty good at it. Cal’s dick must have hurt, it had been so hard all night.

He blushed and shook his head. “You’re the only girl – I mean woman – I’ve kissed except for Sharon.”

She gave his cock a friendly squeeze and went down the hall. I looked at Cal and said he should probably go and take care of his hard on before he busted.

He blushed again. Other than my instructions about masturbation (and my admission that I do it too), we’d never really talked about it. We both knew the other must do it, since I hadn’t been on too many dates since he had grown up enough to take notice. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me good night.

I cleaned everything up and took the last of the green mix in the blender out to the patio to think and watch the stars. We were far enough out of the city proper that we could see a lot of them.

I adjusted to the new circumstances in our life. If nothing else, we would have Mom here for some time. At her relatively young age, I couldn’t imagine that she would forego treatment. I drained the pitcher and my glass, then went in and rebooted the computer. I read some more about the effects of chemo and radiation.

It seemed that, if she did treat it, she would lose her hair. I tried to imagine her hairless. My dick stirred. I knew women thought of their hair as their ‘crowning glory’, but I’d seen photos of women with bare scalps. In most cases, I found it attractive.

I rinsed the glassware out and locked doors, turned out most of the lights, leaving the lower setting on the range hood’s light. I padded down the hall and went to my bathroom to pee and brush my teeth. Turning the light off in the bathroom, I went in the near darkness to the bed. I realized I wasn’t alone.

I turned to Mom and slid my hand over her shoulder and breast. “Took you long enough, kid,” Mom whispered.

“I would have hurried if I’d known you were here.”

“Is it too soon to make love to me?”

“What? Thirty seven years isn’t long enough to wait?” She chuckled and snuggled up to me. I felt her warmth and her flesh along my body. Her fingers encircled my cock and we kissed. I let my hand stroke her fleshy ass, and down the slightly moist crack lightly. She sighed.

We didn’t speak as we finally made love. We took turns torturing each other orally first. Her nipples, too, loved to be sucked and nibbled. She came twice as I loved her pussy with my mouth and fingers. All the years of imagining didn’t hold a candle to the real thing.

I had to stop her when she went down to suck me, however. I wanted to give her what Cal had earlier, but I wanted to be inside her slippery cunt for that – this first time.

We made love a long time. We fucked and we made love – several times. Neither of us was reluctant to use our mouths on the other between fucks.

I’ve always loved sucking my cum from a pussy. It’s always been appreciated (even my ex-wife loved it), and Mom was no different. I suspected that Cal heard us. We both had moaned and groaned as we loved each other.

When we finally stopped, I saw it was almost 2:00. Mom didn’t let go of me. Not my dick, but just me in a hug. “If you always wanted to do this, why didn’t you? I mean, you said you wanted the decision to be mine, but after I was divorced, we’ve been together several times?” I asked her.

“It was Cal, Tommy. He wasn’t old enough then to understand it if he found out. But we’re here now.” I kissed her lightly.

“I love you, Mom. I always have. Please think about selling the house and moving in with us. I always want to feel this way. What else do you have up there? Do you have lovers? Do you have friends?”

She sighed and was silent for a few seconds. “No. The last guy I dated moved away. I have never liked women as friends. As acquaintances, sure, but they’re all too false. And they gossip. They never really liked me, either.

“I’m on friendly terms with the neighbors, but they live so far away, it isn’t like we get together for morning coffee. My job? Ha! It’s a shit job for a shit company. Almost anything I could find here would be better.

“But moving would be such a huge task! It would take so much work.”

“That’s true. But just think, think about how much of your stuff you really want to keep.

Unless there are things – furniture, I mean – that you want to keep. If you move in here you won’t need any furniture. That narrows it to your clothes and the personal stuff, like photos and souvenirs.”

“Well, don’t get ahead of things. Let’s just enjoy each other for now.” It was my turn to sigh.

“Okay. You’re right. This doctor might want to send you somewhere else for treatment, though I’ve read they have most of the cutting edge techniques here.”

“That’s what Doctor Roberts told me back home. I’m just the lucky girl who happens to have two men I love living here. And they love me right back.” She hugged me tightly and then she cried.

They were happy tears, tinged with the worry about her health. I knew she had probably felt some of the stress leaving her. The sex helped with that too, I was sure.

“Mom, you need us. And we need you, too. I guess I never told you how much I appreciate you. But I do. I always have. You raised me by yourself and provided for me, loved me, and I should have told you more often a long time ago how much you’ve always meant to me.”

I kissed her feeling her tears (and snot) as our tongues did a slow dance together. “God, I love you, Tom. And I love Cal.”

“I guess you know how much Cal loves you too. More, now that you sucked him off,” I laughed. “But he was excited for you to come visit even before that.”

“I’m so tired now. Can I sleep here?” she asked.

“Of course. Cal knows you’re a sexual being. He didn’t object to your blow job – what man would? He’ll know soon enough that you and I are making love. He probably already knows from the noises we made.” Then something occurred to me.

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