Thea and Sam

by Vfalcon29

Copyright© 2019 by Vfalcon29

Erotica Sex Story: Best friends are the best.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

“Well, hell,” Thea said as she wiped the beads of perspiration from her face. “I guess ‘spring’ is here, huh?”

“Yeah. It’s supposed to be cooler at higher elevation,” I replied.

We took a few minutes in the shade by the rocks before rejoining our boyfriends. The four of us had driven up into the pass to hike. According to the weather report, the last coolness of a fading winter was supposed to continue through mid-week, but they were wrong. Actually, from our view from Eagle Point, where we’d parked that morning, showed us that the report had apparently been valid for the coast below and several miles inland from our vantage. While we sat in the shade higher up, hiding from the heat of full sunshine, the lowlands were enjoying the protection of scattered fluffy cloud cover.

“Yeah. I’m glad we started early. Cam got me up at ‘too early thirty’, but I don’t think I’d have made it all the way down before dark otherwise.”

Thea laughed at my lame joke. “Sam, you have the funniest turn of phrase sometimes,” she told me. She scrubbed a little under her right arm. Putting her hand to her nose, she inhaled. “Not too bad,” she decided. “Still more deodorant than girl sweat – so far.”

I lifted my arm and assessed my own aroma. “Me too,” I pronounced. “But if we spend too much more time out here it is gonna get worse.”

“I don’t really mind it, I’m just itchy. Grant asked me last weekend to stop shaving under my arms.” She raised her arm and showed the dark stubble there, like a three day beard on a guy. “Now I’m just self-conscious that I’ll start smelling like a guy,” Thea said.

“Why would he make you do that? Now that men have almost every woman, including us, shaving her pubes?”

“Oh ... I don’t know, and he’s not ‘making me’ do it. It was just a request.” Thea kicked a small pebble. I studied her a second before calling her out.

“Thea ... come on. We’ve known each other long enough I can tell when you’re holding back.” She peered up at me and sighed.

“He likes to lick me there sometimes – under my arms – when we have sex. It makes his orgasm stronger, he says. If he does it during our foreplay, it does seem to make him hard almost instantly. I thought it was disgusting, but he gets off on it. Now I’ve gotten to like it too. Plus, he says, he wants to see how it feels when there’s hair there instead of just stubble sometimes.” She raised her head to judge my reaction. I shrugged.

“Huh. Well, to each his own, I guess,” I said, making light of it. “I’d think getting licked under your arm would tickle and end the sex right there.”

Thea didn’t answer right away. We had started back down the path to where the guys waited by the car. We’d gone off the trail a little bit to pee. Finally, she stopped and turned to me. “Sam, I have to tell you, if he does it right, it turns me on too. Well, it is a kind of intimate place to put your tongue. I don’t know, maybe it’s the novelty, or because he is, in a way, accepting me as a human woman, you know? Somebody who sweats like he does, maybe he wants me to let it grow so it’s even more the same.”

“Do you lick him too?”

“ ... Yeah.” She grinned and went on. “I was riding him and had hold of his hands above his head. I whispered for him to hold still and slid my tongue through his sweaty hairs. Of course the taste was ... sweat, but salty, tangy, kind of musky, but still sexy as hell. He squirmed like a kid at first, but when he got hold of himself, he groaned and came in buckets inside me.” Then she laughed at what must have been a silly expression on my face.

“Wow,” was all I could say right then. We were getting close to the wide turnout area where the car was (and our boyfriends were). She quickly told me not to say anything about that stuff to either of our guys, and I nodded.

We stopped at a café about halfway home for lunch and a beer (Yeah, we’d gotten up that early. It was still lunch time.). Grant had one beer, which he nursed as the three of us each had two. He didn’t mind. He’d volunteered to drive so it was his turn. “Hot as hell out there,” Cam observed obviously. “Hey, I know. Do you guys have any plans for the rest of the day?” He looked from Thea to Grant and back.

Thea looked at Grant and shrugged. He returned it. “Just a nice cool nap in our bed,” Thea said. “That climb was our plan for the day. We thought it would take longer.”

“When we get to the junction, take a right instead of a left,” Cam suggested.

“You want to go to the gorge for a swim?” Grant asked him.

“Yeah. We can cool off there!”

Thea groaned. “Grant, we didn’t bring suits,” she started to say.

“Hell, Grant and I grew up together,” Cam said. “We had P.E. together and I don’t know how many times we went skinny dipping, usually down at the gorge.”

Cam looked at me. I felt my cheeks heat up. He had taken me down there twice. The road ends near a wide spot in the river where the county or state has built concrete picnic tables and put in a rest area. As far as I knew, nobody went naked there. Cam showed me a trail to a different spot, just a short way upstream, where the river widened also, just not as wide.

With much reluctance, I stripped like he had, and we spent a wonderful afternoon in our own private swimming hole, free and naked like the primates we are. We did it again another time, taking a few snacks and a bottle of wine along. It will always be one of my favorite memories, I know. But now he was suggesting we all four get naked together and swim.

Cam grinned at me. “That sounds like fun!” he said. “I know you two have seen each other naked before,” meaning Thea and me. That was true. But it wasn’t Thea seeing me unclothed I was thinking about.

“Sure,” Thea said back. “But I’m not sure I’m ready to go public with my nudity.”

“First time for everything, honey,” Grant told her hugging her to his side there in the booth. “Look, you and Sam can leave your undies on. I ain’t scared to let Sam see me naked. How about you, Cam? You afraid Thea will laugh at your skinny body?” I saw him get a sharp elbow in the ribs.

“No,” Cam said. “If I had to bet, if either of them will laugh at us it will be Sam laughing at your scrawny bod. Remember, I’ve seen it,” I laughed.

“Hey!” Grant began, but Thea chimed in, defending her boyfriend.

“There’s nothing wrong with Grant’s body. I’ve seen every bit of it and I’m here to tell you, he is S-E-X-Y!”

I laughed. “Okay you guys. No brawls in the café. Let’s get out of here before the whole place wants to see us naked – or have us arrested.”

We left and got back into the car. In my own mind, the idea was interesting. Cam was my third serious boyfriend. Take that as saying he was the third guy I’d been to bed with. Up until I gave up my virginity my freshman year in college, the most I’d ever done was a couple of hand jobs for my date in high school.

So, in my eyes, I was still pretty inexperienced. Thea had told me she started early, when she was fourteen with the boy next door. I asked her how many there had been, but she said she couldn’t remember. ‘Over a dozen,’ had been her best answer. So I wanted to see – and, in my imagination at least, fuck more guys in my future.

I should explain more about us all. When this happened, I was 23. Thea was 24. Grant and Cam were both a few years older, with Cam being a year older than Grant. I had a degree in Economics. Thea had two years of college and an associate degree in nutrition. Grant worked as a restaurant manager and Cam was going to his third year of university after spending four years in the Air force. As far as looks and stuff, use your imagination. None of us was ugly and none of us was model attractive. Tits? Normal, with Thea’s larger than mine. Most days I didn’t need a bra. Dicks? Well, Cam’s was about the same as the other two guys I’d experienced. Ask Thea about Grant – unless we went through with this.

As we approached the turn, Cam looked back at Thea and me. “Well?” he asked. “Wanta go skinny dipping ladies?” Thea looked at me and I grinned back. She had a nervous expression and she chewed a lip.

“I’m in,” I said simply. Thea groaned and grabbed my hand.

“Okay,” she said. It didn’t sound so okay to me.

“Thea, don’t do it if you don’t want to. I have a cool shower at home, so do you.” I didn’t want her to feel obligated, just because I had agreed.

She looked at me. “Really,” I said, squeezing her hand. “Even if we get there and you change your mind, we’ll just let the guys get naked and we’ll watch them!”

“Hey,” Cam said. “I don’t know about that.” But Grant had already made the turn toward upriver instead of back to town.

“I don’t give a shit,” Cam said. “I need to cool off soon or I’m gonna melt.” So, off we went.

There was little drama when we got to the tree-shaded ‘little gorge’, as Cam called it. Grant ran toward the sandy beach area, tossing clothes as he went. Cam followed more slowly, stripping his shirt off, then his shorts and boxers. His skinny white butt followed Grant’s into the green water. Thea and I walked down to watch a while.

We took off our shoes, rolled up our jeans, and waded the shallows. For as early as it was in the season, the water was surprisingly cool instead of the icy cold I had expected from the snow farther up in the mountains. I felt the hot sun on my back while the guys splashed in the deep water. Thea had her eyes glued to the guys – well, most likely on Cam, since she could see Grant naked any time she wanted. I pulled my top off. Grant gave a whoop when he saw I hadn’t worn a bra, as usual. His yelp caused Thea to look at me and her mouth dropped open.

Grant’s applause was echoed by Cam’s and Thea blushed. She looked at me and tossed her tee shirt to the rocks next to mine. She turned her back to me and said, “Unhook me.” I did. Her beautiful round globes blossomed into the sunshine. See, the thing is, I rarely need a bra, but Thea sure does! Her tits are beauties, I have to say. I’ve never been attracted to other girls – well, except for my roommate in college a few times – but Thea’s boobs were definitely suckable. They deserved – and got – another round of applause from both the guys, plus a whistle that sounded like Cam’s whistle.

“Come on you guys!” Grant’s shout echoed in the rock walled river gorge. “Come on in!” We looked at each other and grinned.

“Are you gonna?” I asked her.

“Are you?” I dropped my hands to my waist and the button holding my pants up. Thea grinned again. “Okay!” she said. Now that ‘okay’ was a definite okay from her. I think she liked Cam’s reaction to her boobs. We scrambled somewhat self-consciously out of our clothes and dove into the pool. The memories came flooding back, my pussy flooding with the memories of the sex Cam and I had the second time we were there. The fresh air, the breezes, the sunshine and whispering trees above, all combined to create a fantasy dream for me.

We played around a while, first with our own partner, but when the splashing began in earnest, all four of us got into it. Several times I felt hands grabbing me and I started grabbing back. In the commotion, none of us knew whose hand was on our butts, tits or genitals. I knew the difference when my groping hand grabbed a dick that didn’t belong to Cam, as I’m sure Thea did too. A time or two, my tit was cupped, and it could only have been Grant doing it. The thing is, I didn’t mind. More than that, I liked it, just as I found I liked the idea of Cam’s hands groping Thea’s giant water wings next to us.

Legs, too, intertwined. Hands slid across my crotch. Once, I knew it must have been Thea, but she was facing Grant at the time. It could have been accidental, so I couldn’t be sure. I turned to Cam and kissed him. “I love doing this,” I told him. I looked into his eyes. “Do you like the way Thea looks naked?” He snorted.

“Hell, yeah! What guy wouldn’t?” I kissed him again and grinned.

“Do you like the way her boobies feel too?” He tried to get a ‘no way’ look, but I didn’t let him get away with it. “Come on, I could tell, just like I could tell when it was Grant groping my tit or butt ... or pussy.” He reared back to look at me. “Relax. No harm done, besides, you probably copped a handful of Thea’s too. How many times did she grab your dick?” That stopped any reluctance and phony innocence role he tried to put on. He laughed, but still blushed.

“Oh, only a dozen or so, I guess. None of that bothers you?”

I smiled and just shook my head. “Did you and Grant play grab ass too? Thea felt me up at least once. Both top and bottom.”

Cam shook his head. Then he shrugged. “Oh, we actually grabbed at each other’s butt a time or two when we first jumped in, but didn’t linger. How ... uh, how long did he linger with you?”

“Oh, stop. Nobody ‘lingered’. It’s all just fun and games. Pretty soon we’ll all get dressed and drive off. No harm, no foul.” He kissed me and, while we kissed, he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist there in the water. I felt his strong erection pushing around my folds. But, while I’d been having that hollow feeling that I’ve come to know means my vagina needs filling; and even though I’d been awash inside with my boiling juices for some time by then, as soon as they escaped my depths the river washed them away. From our previous experiences, I knew there was no way he’d get that cock into me in the water.

He broke the kiss and I saw his head turn toward that small grassy level place on the rocks where we’d made love the last time. “Huh-uh,” I said. “We aren’t going up there and put on a sex show for them.”

“Sex show?” Grant’s voice came from closer behind me than I knew. “There’s a sex show?” he asked. “Where and what time?”

“Mind your own business,” Cam told him. “Stop eavesdropping. She said ‘sweet rolls’. You only heard ‘sex show’ because that’s where your head is all the time.”

“No shit!” Thea laughed. “He’s a maniac.”

“That’s why he had a hard time getting a date in high school,” Cam said.

We were all still neck deep, mostly, in the water. Grant and Cam went on a while, bantering. Thea caught my eye and nodded toward the middle of the river. When she turned and swam away. Cam’s eyes watched, and he called, “Was it something we said?” As I followed Thea, I turned back and threw him a kiss.

“Just girl talk,” I laughed. We went all the way to the opposite side of the river. It wasn’t far, and there were flat warm rocks to sit on. “What?” I asked Thea once we were sitting out of the water. She glanced back at them and then at me.

“This is fun, Sam,” she began. Then, belying her words, she started to cry. I put my arms around her and she tucked her face into my neck. I made quiet shushing sounds and rubbed her shoulder and back. Finally she got control and used some river water to wash the snot and tears away some. Then she sat up and looked up into the sky a second before she started to talk.

“I think you caught me feeling your pussy.” The statement was abrupt. I couldn’t lie.

“I wasn’t sure. But it’s okay. We’re friends. We can talk about anything or do anything we want to as friends. At least that’s how I feel.” She looked at me another second. “I mean, I really didn’t mind you touching me. It ... it felt good, actually.” I felt the heat in my face.

“I ... well, I should tell you something. When I was ten, an older girl ... I guess you could say she raped me. I mean, she only put a finger inside me, but she caught me alone, made me strip and made me lick her. Then she licked and fingered me, but she was rough. I don’t think she wanted to hurt me – she could have – but I think she just wanted the gratification and my humiliation.”

“Fuck! That’s shitty!” I couldn’t express the outrage I felt for ten year old Thea.

“Yeah, but it also ... might have been the reason I started fucking so early. I wanted to prove to myself that I liked guys, not girls.”

“I guess I can understand that,” I said.

“Sam, I don’t think you do understand. But I didn’t finish. I ... didn’t mind ... no: I ended up liking it with her.” Her last words were whispered. She buried her head against my neck and sobbed again. My emotions were in a whirl. Nothing she’d said made me feel any less affection for her. I hugged her tighter. I felt her breasts pressing against mine and the smooth skin of her back. My college girl on girl activities stirring in the back of my mind.

“Why are you crying?” I asked her. She lifted her shiny cheeks and swiped at her eyes.

“Because now you’ll hate me too, just like...”

“Just like who?”

“Just like my sister and Mary,” she blurted.

“Who? Who’s Mary?” She had always sounded disdainful when she mentioned her sister.

As things turned out, the girl had blabbed to other girls like her – the nasty, less intelligent, who laughed – about what she’d done to Thea. Thea’s sister and her friend Mary heard it and gave Thea no end of grief about it all. Never mind that the girl had forced Thea. The sister held it over Thea’s head for the next three years, until she (sister) turned up pregnant and was forced to leave school and marry the father.

“Carrie has her brat now and her husband is in jail for about a million years,” Thea said. “No, my nephew isn’t a brat. He’s a sweet little boy now. Carrie is lost in her druggie world most of the time. Artie lives with my mom and dad.”

As long as I’d known her, this was the most Thea had talked about her family and her past. “At least you turned out okay,” I told her and hugged her again.

“Huh! ‘Okay’ is a lot of different things. Like the way I touched you in the water, Sam. I meant to do it. But I didn’t mean...”

“Hey, forget it! I told you I didn’t mind. We’re all naked. We were all grabbing here and there. I have to admit that I got a grope of your boyfriend’s cock, too.” She laughed and the cloud seemed to move away.

“I grabbed Cam, too. I’m an equal opportunity groper, I guess,” she said. I playfully let my hand slide down Thea’s side to take hold of her tit. She giggled and leaned into me. Then I remembered what she’d told me about not shaving. I let go of her tit and moved back up to feel her fuzz. “Ulp!” she said. And she gave a shiver.

“Do you want to feel my pussy, Sam?” she asked in a quiet voice. I glanced across the water. Cam was waving us back over.

“Maybe, but, well even if I do, Cam wants us back over there,” I said. Now I was feeling a little uncomfortable.

“Oh. Okay,” Thea said in a small voice. She stood up and glanced back once before diving in and stroking forward. I felt like a shit friend then. I hadn’t really answered her.

Did I want to feel Thea’s cunt? Maybe. Okay, I was curious about what it might be like to love her the way I had my roommate. As puberty overwhelmed me and on beyond, I could have taken the opportunity to see what it was like to be with another girl. I was always too chicken. Too afraid of – actually, of something, maybe like what had happened to Thea, socially damned even though she had no choice. I never had the courage to open the subject and nobody ever came on to me. With my roommate, it just happened. We never discussed it, but it happened twice.

I thought about it as I swam in Thea’s wake. The guys had cast all modesty aside and were sitting on the rocks, still naked, legs spread and lounging. We just matched that by wading ashore. Their eyes roamed (as did ours) as we dressed, struggling our wet bodies into dry clothes. The guys did the same.

Once dressed, I said, “I like naked better.” That received a round of approvals. We drove home.

Alone at home, Cam and I showered and made dinner, eating while still in the nude. Then we made love. I think the day had charged us both up and we went around again after I sucked him to fullness again. There was a familiar itch inside me that his dick, nice as it was, just didn’t reach.

We went back to work on Monday. Still, in the back of my mind, I felt that itch. Our office where I worked was open – no cubicles, just work stations. I spent a little time guardedly checking out the other women. I didn’t want to be obvious. A couple of the younger ones were attractive in my opinion, but they didn’t hit that spot Thea had scratched open.

I felt bad for the way I had left things the way I had with Thea. I’d never told her about my experimentation in college. And it was as if I had rejected her by the river. She worked at the school district office but she sometimes went out to one of the schools to help the cafeteria employees. About three o’clock I gave her a call. I got her voice mail and left a message asking her to call me before the end of the day.

Just before four she called me. “Hi,” she said. She didn’t sound happy.

“Hi. Hey, I was thinking about stopping for a drink today, wanta join me? Just the two of us?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m not feeling great,” she said.

“Thea, we didn’t get to finish our talk Saturday. Please?”

“Oh. I guess. But just one drink, okay?”

“Cool!” We arranged where to meet and hung up. I hoped what I had to tell her about would make her feel better about herself, instead of like some freak.

The day had turned out to be warmer than the weather lady had predicted. So the air conditioner in the bar felt good. I peered into the dim lounge and spotted Thea at a table near the back wall. I joined her and the barmaid took my order. I ordered another glass of wine for Thea, too.

I didn’t wait for the drinks. “Thea, the last thing you asked was if I wanted to feel your pussy too. I would like that,” I told her. She sat up straight and glanced nervously around the room. “In fact, I want to share something with you about my own past. You opened up to me out there but I didn’t get to tell you this,” I took a deep breath and watched her face as I told her about Annie, my roommate. Her eyes got wider and wider.

I took hold of her hand as I finished my story. “So we decided we’d just be naked in our room. If anybody knocked, we slipped into shorts and a top.”

Thea closed her mouth, which had opened in surprise. Her grip on my hand had tightened until it was almost uncomfortable. “Wow!” She stopped and glanced around us again.

“Sam, you’re always so feminine and sexy. I didn’t know you had lesbian tendencies like me.”

“You know what, Thea? I think that, yes, there are lesbians who don’t like men. There are gay guys who wouldn’t get hard even if a woman sucked his dick. But I think most of us are born with some genetic interest in having sex with either gender. Society has just conditioned us to stick to one or the other. You enjoy Grant making love to you, don’t you?”

“Of course.”

“And you’d like to have sex with women, too?” She hesitated, then she just nodded.

“That’s what I mean. Cam gives me great orgasms, but so did Annie back then. She liked what I did to her too.”

“So you think we’re all bisexual?”

“I think so. It’s something like that. It’s just society that pushes us to find someone of the opposite sex to settle down with. ‘Go forth and multiply’, the saying goes.”

“That’s interesting. I’d never looked at it that way.” She was quiet, her eyes drifting around for a minute as she digested my words.

“Does Cam know about Annie?” I shook my head.

“I haven’t told anybody but you. Cam has never asked, but I’d tell him the truth about Annie, anyway. Boys experiment too. I’ve been wondering if Grant and Cam have ever...”

She looked shocked but then she giggled. “They did say they went skinny dipping together a lot when they were younger.”

We finished our drinks and gave each other a peck on the lips before we went our separate ways (socially acceptable behavior for two females). Thea’s mood seemed much improved and there were some thoughts stirring in my mind again.

The future appeared to me at that point to be a series of promotions at work (hopefully) and maybe marriage for Cam and me. Maybe not. Maybe kids. Maybe not. But what about our personal life? I’d been with him long enough to know what turns him on, but what wasn’t he telling me? After all, I hadn’t told him about Annie, or the nostalgic feelings for tender woman touches. He must have some secrets from me. Everybody has secrets.

I am not normally sneaky, but I asked some leading questions that next week.

“Honey? Did you have a good time at the river?”

“You know I did. It was so cool, especially with the four of us!”

“I was thinking Thea and I could go down there Thursday.”

“What? Just the two of you? I think you need some protection.”

“Oh, and are you volunteering?”

“Well,” he tried to hide his eagerness to see -- and be – naked with Thea again, “I guess I can take a day off.”

“Nah!” I said. “I have pepper spray and Thea has a taser. We’ll be fine.

“I don’t know. What if Grant and I could go along?”

“Both of you? How ‘dangerous’ is the place?”

“Well, as far as I know, nothing has ever happened there, but these days...”

“Okay. Cut the shit. You and I both know we all spent some time mainly playing ‘grab ass’ out there. You’re curious how far you guys can take it.”

“Honey...” he began, but I cut him off.

“Cam, I’m not an idiot. I liked what we did as much as – and maybe more than – you did. Thea did too. In fact, we like feeling closer to each other because of it.

“I wondered about the fooling around she and I did in the river. In short, it made me open to feeling the way I feel about you, I was pretty sure you and Grant did some grabbing or goosing each other then, too.” I finished.

Ignoring the obvious erection he’d sprouted, Cam replied. “So, you’re saying you and Thea want to get together and ... What? What about Grant and me?”

“Well, honey, you’re welcome to participate,” I told him. I watched his face go through several expressions as he tried to decide what I’d said.

“So Grant and I are supposed to just watch you two?”

“Well, you can watch, if it goes that far, or you can give Grant the same thing I’m giving Thea.” So I said it. I hoped Cam took it the way I’d meant it: no judgment. After all, I’d admitted my desire to make love with Thea.

“You mean Grant and I be gay together?”

“Well, of course. There’s no difference between Thea and me doing each other and you and Grant doing the same thing.”

He thought a long time and then seemed to reach a decision. “Okay. One time –one time, I swear – he and I jerked each other off. And it was down there, at the river!”

“Is that all you did?” I asked.

“Yeah! That was it!”

I let it go. “Well, anyway, we’re going and we don’t need protection. You guys have work, and Thea and I don’t that day. We’ll be fine.”

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