We Never Went to the Sex Club

by Vfalcon29

Copyright© 2019 by Vfalcon29

Erotica Sex Story: My wife and I discuss joining a sex club. We decide not to join.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Swinging   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Voyeurism   .

I slowly pulled my softening cock out of Gail’s ass. I noted it didn’t look like it had any brown on it, so I reclined on my back as she turned over, extending her legs with a breathy sigh. She leaned her torso across mine and kissed me, driving her tongue deep in my mouth.

When she broke the kiss, she took a deep breath and said, “I don’t know why, but that feels so good. I’m glad you don’t want my ass every time, though. It’s my turn next time Dave. I’m glad we both have a fascination with butts and butt fucking.”

“Oh, yeah. I know a lot of guys would think it was gay, but it’s not. It just feels good, whether it’s your tongue, your finger, or your rubber strap-on, I love it.” She smiled.

“Mmm, yeah, I can tell. Sometime, though, I’d like you to feel a live dick up there. It’s a LOT better.”

“So you keep telling me. I just ... well, that IS gay. Men don’t really attract me, anyway. And, even if I wanted it to happen, how would we ever decide who to ask?” Since she’d mentioned it, I had adjusted to the possibility.

“I have a couple of thoughts about that. I mean, just like belly to belly sex with a strange woman, he’d have to wear a condom unless we were sure he was healthy. That takes the best parts of the whole thing away from you both. I hate condoms as much as you do. I mean, the sliding of your naked cock inside my ass feels great. And when you come! Wow, that’s ... well, the heat and the sudden increase in lubrication help me reach my orgasm. Otherwise, with a condom, your dick might as well be a plastic dildo”

I thought for a second. “Well, then we’d have to find a friend we knew was safe – which I don’t want to do. If I asked one of my friends, ‘Would you like to fuck my ass?’ and he said no, there goes my circle of friends once it gets around. Or we’ll have to meet some stranger and wait until we can both get tested and cleared. That seems more like business than pleasure to me.”

“So, then we’re left with the puzzle of finding a guy we know is safe,” she said, adding, “but who won’t blab it around afterward.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “so I guess I’ll never find out.”

“But ... there is another way. We could join a club that ensures that everybody is clean. Pre-certified health certificates would be required.”

“Yeah, dream on, honey.”

“I’ve heard there’s a place in the city just like that. Sheila at work told me a guy tried to hook up with her at a bar one night. He told her about it. But there are some other things he told her about the club that might not appeal to you so much.”

“Like... ?”

“Well, it’s primarily a swinger’s club, I guess, where everybody is available to everybody else. The guy said there’s no bias about men with men or women with other women. Supposedly, the second rule is that you can say ‘no thank you’ politely and it’s acceptable. You wouldn’t be forced to bend over for the guy with the fourteen inch dong. But neither would I.”

We were now both staring at the ceiling. I thought about it. “So it’s an orgy, basically. So ... what? Is everybody in one big room watching everybody else suck and fuck?”

“Honey, I don’t know any more than I told you. Sheila turned the guy down and he didn’t get pissed off, so maybe it’s true.” I yawned and saw it was nearly one in the morning.

“I’m going to sleep,” I said. I rolled over and kissed my girlfriend. We told each other we loved the other and closed our eyes.

I’d heard about something like this club. It would almost have to be the same place, if it wasn’t just an urban myth. I heard the membership cost quite a bit, so it would need to be people with a fair amount of disposable income. As sleep began to shut down my conscious mind, I wondered if we wanted to try something like opening up our physical relationship.

I left for work the next day feeling as if I hadn’t slept at all, reminding myself we’d have to start earlier next time if we had something to do the next morning. On the heels of that thought, the memory of our conversation returned. I still had some misgivings. Having been raised in the U.S in a middle class Protestant family (though we stopped going to church when I was still a kid), I’d been filled with all the prejudice about ‘the gays’ most other kids were. I was in my forties before I could really look at it objectively, and I realized that homosexuality wasn’t the evil thing I’d been told. It was just a different kind of love.

It took another few years before I could admit, even to myself, that I’d like to see what sucking a cock felt like, let alone bending over to take one up my butt. That was some ten years before the morning after my conversation with Gail the previous night. I still hadn’t done anything about it, for the same reasons Gail and I had discussed. I simply kept the curiosity about it to myself. I had, however, mentioned my curiosity to Gail.

Philosophically, I concluded that everybody is probably born with the capacity to love somebody, of either gender. But the society in which a person lives determines the standards of morality for the whole group. So I decided I was condemned to never realize my secret desires.

Gail and I experienced anal sex – the first time for us both – less than a year after we’d started dating. How we reached that point isn’t important, but we began moving that way after the first time I let my tongue slide down between her cheeks while I was eating her. She went through the roof! After that, I used a lubed up finger, then two. It was only a short hop from there to Gail fingering me when she sucked me off, and from there to me using my dick on her ass.

After Gail brought out her toys and used some of them on me, I bought her a strap-on so she could fuck me more realistically. We didn’t do it often; just once in a while.

So now we were discussing joining a swinger’s club for the main purpose of me losing my anal cherry (Though I realized ‘swinging’ involved both partners, so Gail would be able to indulge in some fantasies of her own, too). IF, that is, the stories of this club weren’t complete fiction.

Gail got home before me most days. When I got home that day, she had been home for some time. It had been easy enough for her to find out more about this club on the computer. She met me naked, and with a big grin.

“Honey! I’ve been waiting for you to get here. Come see what I found!” she said, eagerly taking my hand and hurrying us to the spare bedroom and the computer. She stripped off my clothes before sitting me on the towel she had apparently been sitting on before me. I felt a very wet spot, just under my balls. I started to become erect just from that.

She plopped on my lap, facing forward, with her legs straddling my thighs, confirming my assumption about how wet she was. I love her juices, whether they’re in my mouth or on my dick. She quickly brought up the site that told about this semi-mythical club. The text outlined exactly what it was and what it was not. It was for consenting adults, not a brothel in any way. Members paid for access to the club, not the sex, so it was all legal.

Unlike some of the nudist places I had researched a few years before I met Gail, they accepted unaccompanied men as well as couples and unescorted women. State health certificates were required and kept up to date.

Condoms were available there for free, but they were not required unless a partner desired it. The choice was left to those involved. Absolute, too, was the rule about consent. Breaking any rules could lead to a suspension, but violating the consent rule was grounds for immediate expulsion for life.

Off-hours tours were offered for free. Joining was easy, though expensive. A one day participatory visit was $250. The initial charge for membership was $1000, with annual dues of $500. There were some pictures of the place (empty of members) and it looked like a clean upscale recreational club. The pictures showed pool tables, shuffleboard tables, a dance floor, and a bar (“Where the prices are much lower than at a regular bar.”). Drunkenness was taboo.

There were private and group rooms where all the “playing” went on. They had king sized beds and what they called ‘custom-built larger group beds’ that were covered with lush sheets that the staff changed regularly. There were private and community showers with towels provided, also free to members. Then there was a phone number and hours.

“Wow!” I said. Leaning back, I pulled Gail with me, my hands full of tits. She strained to turn her head to kiss me. She ‘dismounted’ and turned to face me, leaking her tasty juice again on my stiff cock, which by then was standing tall against my belly. We spent a few minutes making out, while my fingers made love to her openly spread ass. I used some of her slickness to lube her up so I could slide my fingers into her tight back door. Gail groaned and the moisture between us increased.

When our lips parted, she again grinned at me and she played with my nipples. That was something else I learned when I sorted out who I was: Both women and men like their asses penetrated and their nipples pinched, sucked, and even bitten. So, except for the obvious differences, we’re all the same. So that was about the time I changed my mind about homosexuality. The hardest thing for me to accept, surprisingly, was the idea of two men kissing, even more than the actual cock sucking and ass fucking. I came to accept even the idea of men loving – actually loving – other men as the LGBTQ community gained more acceptance.

“Can we go try it out?” Gail asked excitedly.

“Well, it’s expensive! We might have to save up if we decide to join.” I kissed her nose. “But it doesn’t cost anything to call them or take a tour,” I added. Her excitement returned after wavering when I talked about the expense.

She looked again at the screen for the hours to call and picked up her phone. I heard her side of the conversation and couldn’t wait to hear what the person on the other end told her. After explaining that she and her “husband” were considering memberships, all I heard were her questions and her ‘Yes.’, ‘No’,” and a few ‘Of course’ answers.

When she ended the call, she still wore that grin. “They’ll be happy to give us a tour – during the few hours a day the place is closed, otherwise we can pay the fee for a ‘one day visit’. They close mornings from six to eleven and afternoons from four to seven for maintenance.”

“Seven days a week?” I asked.

“That’s what he said. Meanwhile, he suggested we get tested. We will need to produce our health certificates at the time of the membership interview.” She reached between us to pull my cock out straight so she could slide herself onto it, her pussy splashing with her stew.

We made love there, and she reached her climax rapidly. I lost it when her insides squeezed me tight. I spray painted my cream deep inside her. She stood up abruptly and pushed me onto the bed. Gail squatted above my mouth and we both watched my creamy deposit begin to escape. I clamped my lips over her hot hole and sucked, trying to suck my load from her. I savored our mixed fluids.

That made me hard again so I rolled us over and shoved my new erection into her in one stroke. On the chair, we had made love. This was fucking! She groaned and came twice more before I could no longer hold back. I blasted what I had left into her and we rested.

After I softened, she tugged me up on the bed so she could lick me clean. She loves our taste as much as I do. She had fucked me so well that my cock barely gave a twitch, but it felt like velvet to me. She released me and smiled nastily. “Nicky’s gonna get his ass fucked,” she whispered up at me.

“Well, there’s something I was wondering about, though,” I said. “What are you going to be doing?”

“I’m gonna watch, naturally,” she said.

“Hold on. We aren’t going to shell out their dues just so I can get a dick up my ass once or twice. That thousand dollar fee is for couples, though singles pay the same amount. If ‘we’ are joining this circus, you’ll be hit on. And other women might want me to fuck them. I would bet even some women will be hitting on you. Will you accept either a dick or a pussy to play with? And how would you feel watching me with another woman?”

“Nick, I’ve thought about all that too. Before going to the trouble and expense of this place, maybe we should make a test run. It can’t hurt to get tested anyway.

“Then ... we could ask Sheila to dinner and drinks here. I think she might be easy to seduce. If that works -- for us both – we could find a guy to do the same with.”

“Well, then we’re right back where we started. It might be easy for Sheila to accept you joining in, or even if the two of you get into it by yourselves. But finding a guy who will accept the same with me would be hard.”

“After we get tested, we could put an ad out for couples and men who go both ways. They would have to show us current test results, too.” I was leery of doing that, but I didn’t know any guys I even wanted to climb into bed with, let alone ask for it.

“What if this splits us apart, though? I don’t want to risk that. I don’t ever want to lose you, especially just for opening our relationship up for sexual thrills.”

She hugged me tight and we kissed some more. Then she said, “And I feel the same way about you. That’s why sharing our bodies with other people openly, without deceit and secrecy, won’t split us up. We’ll know early on whether we can accept seeing each other in the arms – etc. – of others.”

We stood stiffly and held hands all the way into our shower. Before I soaped her up, I crouched to lick my final deposit from her folds. We dried off when we were done and padded to the kitchen to fix a quick dinner.

The next time we both had a day off, we went to the clinic for our tests. Seven days later our documents arrived in the mail in separate envelopes. We both proved to be squeaky clean, as we’d known we would. We opened them together and were left just looking at each other. I didn’t know about Gail, but I got a distinct shiver down my back.

The next step had to be the toughest. “Well?” I asked her. “Do we start with Sheila or the ad?”

She took a deep breath. “Which would you prefer?”

“Well, while I know I don’t need another woman as long as I have you, how will you feel watching me slide into the hot juicy cunt – or ass -- of your friend – or any other woman, for that matter?” She thought a while, then shook her head.

“I really believe my love for you is strong enough to take it. I know it would just be for the sex, the way it would be for me with another guy. I’ve never seen a live porn show but I’d like to.

“Sheila will be easy to seduce. It’s practically a done deal as it is. Maybe we should start with a guy. The ad should be simple to compose.”

“Let’s not lose the idea of another couple. That way, we can see everything at the same time.”

“Oh, of course. But what if no couples answer the ad?”

I laughed. “What if nobody answers our ad? That would be sad.” Gail laughed then too.

“God! Maybe we should find somewhere we can add a picture – clothed – to it.” That gave me another chill.

“What if one of our friends saw it? Or your parents?”

“Oops! I hadn’t thought about that. We could blur our faces,” she said. “If somebody answers it we can send them our ‘mug shots’ privately.”

“I think I know a place we could put the ad. There’s a web site that has those personal ads. After my divorce, and before I met you, I looked at some of those. There are some nice looking women on there. I haven’t looked at the men, because I wanted a woman. If it was a couples ad, then I looked at the guys, just to figure out if he looked like he belonged with the woman.”

“Show me,” she said, pulling me toward the computer again. “Maybe we can just answer an ad instead of placing our own on there.”

Feeling foolish that I hadn’t thought of that earlier, I pulled up the site after some searching; I had forgotten the exact name. She sat on my lap again while I stumbled my way to it (though we were clothed that time). I opened it up and we perused the ads for our geographic area. Some ads were with their clothes on, but most were nude, the way I recalled. There were several couples and singles that appealed to one or both of us. That time I paid attention to the men as well as the women.

I looked at their faces, then their bodies. With the men, I specifically looked at the cocks if they were visible. If he was hard or soft, I tried to imagine it in my mouth or shoving into my ass. Clearly, some were too large. But Gail didn’t want to consider small dicks, either.

As we looked over the ads and I looked at the women, breast size didn’t matter to me, unless they were huge, which doesn’t appeal to me. I find skinny women unappealing. Having sex with a skinny woman leaves bruises on my pelvic bone. It’s happened. And really fat women were similarly unattractive to me. There’s a range of body sizes that I like, from a little padding up to almost too much. I do like a round ass, though.

As for pubic hair, Gail and I both shave, but I thought I wouldn’t really mind going back to eating a hairy pussy. Women have been mostly removing their pussy hair for several years now. Quite a few men do too these days. The novelty has worn off.

I have asked Gail to stop shaving her underarms for some time, too, strangely enough. I like flattening my tongue under her arm (‘flat’ so it won’t tickle. Tickling isn’t my aim). Gail squealed the first time she saw I was lowering my face as I held her arm up. But she learned it wouldn’t tickle and the eroticism of it overcame any resistance. Still, she continued to shave.

But that didn’t really matter to me either. I still wonder what licking a hairy arm pit would be like. Invariably, the women in the ads were shaved under their arms. But Gail mentioned I could find out what licking a hairy pit is like with any man we picked out. That thought hadn’t occurred (and didn’t really appeal) to me, either. Men don’t have female pheromones.

I had to pee, so I left her at the computer and used the hallway toilet. I looked at my face in the mirror. I had to marvel at what we were considering doing. I opened my mouth and tried to imagine a hard prick sliding in and out of it, finally spewing his cream into my mouth to swallow.

I’ve said I love going down on a woman after fucking her. But then my taste is mixed with hers. I’ve tasted my own cum by itself, catching it in my hand, then swallowing it. It doesn’t appeal to me as much straight. And that was my own. I’m sure there are general similarities, just as it is with different women. But there are differences among them, too. Some are sweet, some acrid, even without semen mixed in.

I decided I’d better start trying to drink my own more often if I was going to be swallowing another man’s cream straight or mixed with the taste of a woman, Gail, for instance. I determined to ask Gail to share a load of mine with me a few times to get used to it.

Actually, after the things Gail has pushed up my butt, I was more concerned about giving a successful blow job than in giving up my anal virginity for real. In either case, I didn’t want a guy who is too big. If he was huge, I’d try sucking him anyway, but I don’t want to rip my ass open.

Gail saw me looking at my reflection as she was passing in the hall. She stopped and asked what I was doing. “I’m just daydreaming,” I said.

“Thinking about one of those handsome guys we’ve been looking at?”

“Not specifically. Actually I was trying to imagine how I’d look with a dick in my mouth.” She came into the bathroom then to hug me from the back.

“Oh, that’s gonna be hot to see, too. I’ve mostly been thinking about a hard cock sliding into your butt. That’s my favorite masturbation fantasy these days.” She loosened her hug so I could turn around. We kissed. Then she added, “I just know watching you with another guy will make me come. It would be better if you were close to him – emotionally, I mean – than just finding him, sucking and fucking him ... and vice versa. But, you don’t want to ask one of your friends.”

I had thought about that. I guessed it might be better if I liked the guy. That’s what I’ve found necessary for me to be with women. The few one-night-stands I tried in the far past were flops, one way or another. I don’t have that many friends here, though, and none I’d trust to ask. None of them were guys I felt particularly close to either.

We looked through a bunch of ads, but none of them were quite right, for one reason or another. So time passed as we fantasized. Then, on the latest page of the site, Gail found a couple she liked. “Honey, I think these two might be good,” she said. I was sitting next to her on the couch. We both were on our laptops. But I was checking our bank page while Gail was checking for possible new sexual thrills. Since we were naked, her hand sometimes drifted into her crotch for a little stroke or poke.

“Let’s see,” I answered. She turned her laptop so I could see the ad. It read much like the others. I looked at the three pictures they’d posted. She was possibly Hispanic or something. She had dark hair to her brown shoulders, hanging loose. Her breasts were small and she had no pubes.

He was part Asian, it looked like. He had a ‘Dad bod’. In other words, he had a belly bulge, but not too much. His eyes sort of grabbed me for some reason. He, too, had removed his pubes, and his cock was slender, but not too thin. It looked like it was a bit longer than mine and circumcised, also like me.

The ad said they’re 38 (him) and 32 (her). The neighborhood they claimed to reside in (the ads don’t give addresses, just general areas) wasn’t too far across town from us.

I looked back at his eyes. I read it again. It said they were basically straight, but had some same sex experience and wanted more. “Well, it can’t hurt to write them, I guess,” I said. Gail grinned and turned her computer back to her face. She thought for a second and then started typing a message. “Hey, don’t send it until I read it, okay?” I asked.

“Of course, honey,” she said and continued typing. Finally, she sat back from the keyboard. “See what you think of this,” she said.

I turned it so I could read it. ‘I’m Gail. We saw your ad (nice pics!) and my guy Nick and I both thought it would be nice to meet you guys. We’re both in our late twenties, smooth and horny. We’ve never had any sort of same or group sex, or swapped, but we’ve decided to give it a try. I’d love to see Nick with another guy or girl, and like most men, he would enjoy seeing me with another girl. He also wants to watch me with another guy.

If you’re interested, let’s arrange to meet for coffee or a drink. I’m sorry we don’t have any nude shots of us, but here are a few from a trip to the beach last summer.’ She had added two photos of us in swimwear. Gail’s bikini looked great on her, leaving little doubt about her figure. The shot she took of me (in my unrevealing trunks) was of me jumping over the top of a dune. But our faces were clear. The third shot was one of us both near the water that she asked a stranger to take for us.

“That’s good. I think it gives enough information without exposing too much.” I looked at Gail. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked her.

“I’ve had trouble concentrating ever since we first talked about it. The image of you groaning at the dick up your butt, or your mouth open and accepting a guy’s dick is permanently etched in my mind,” she said.

“What about one of you with another girl straddling your face? I like that one best.”

“Yeah. That picture is right next to the one of you,” she admitted with a smile.

“I love you, honey,” I told her and leaned into her for a kiss. The kiss turned into a hug and she relaxed, her near leg going behind me and she just looked at me. Her fingers trailed along her moist slit. The invitation was obvious and I accepted it. Leaning forward I moved so that my lips found those moist ones she has between her legs and there were no words for a while, just moans and groans.

When Gail checked her messages two days later, we had an answer. The woman said her name was Donna. She wrote that she and Paul want to meet us. Then she suggested meeting at a bar and grill that was known well enough locally that it seemed almost everybody knew it, even if they hadn’t yet been there. Gail looked on, wearing an excited face, as I read it.

“Okay, write her back and suggest maybe Saturday or Sunday, I guess.” I couldn’t help being apprehensive, but I couldn’t deny the stiffening dick in my shorts, or the grin on my face. We were just going to see if we could be friends, after all. Our discussion topics didn’t make this much of a risk.

She started typing and soon again called me. My hands were wet because I was washing some pans in the kitchen. “What?” I called back.

“Here, let me read this to you,” she said as she came out carrying her laptop. “I wrote, ‘That sounds great, Donna. I’m Gail and my husband is Nick, as I said before. We’ve been to the place for dinner and it would be great. How about this Saturday? Let’s get a drink and talk about all this. If nothing else, we’ll all be making new friends.’ How’s that?”

“That’s perfect. Send it. And as you said, if nothing else we’ll meet some new people.” She clicked the ‘send’ button and closed it down. Her hugging me from behind was nice. We had been out for some errands and had not undressed yet. Gail’s fingers skillfully unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. She bent to pick them up after I stepped out of them, taking the opportunity to bite my right ass cheek. I’d stopped wearing underwear years earlier.

I dried my hands, leaving the last pan to soak. Then we finished undressing each other. My dick stood up against her belly as we kissed. I suddenly had to be inside her. Right there in the kitchen I turned her to face the table and pressed her forward. She realized my intentions and spread her feet to brace herself and folded her arms under her cheek.

Before shoving into her I knelt to slick up her labia and ass crack. I delved my tongue into her back door for a second, then licked her pussy all over. Standing, I set myself on target then drilled her to my balls in one slow push, her juices easing me in. She gave out a low groan and shoved her hips into mine hard, letting me know she was as hungry for me as I was for her.

I fucked her hard as the table shook under her. Without warning I started to come. I pulled out to squirt the last couple of jets over her butt then bent to lick them up. She straightened and turned to kiss me. “I’m not done, honey,” she said, pulling my hand to lead me to the bedroom.

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