Introvert + Extrovert: a Partnership

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Two opposite personality types work out a way to help each other.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Sharing   Group Sex   Prostitution   .

Lizzie and I are partners. Not in the romantic sense, more like a business partnership. I’m a first-class introvert, living quite isolated out in the country and mostly interested in my projects and learning new technical stuff. It’s paid off pretty well. My royalties have been well into the six digits for the past few years and if I’d meet with business people more often it could be more.

That’s where Lizzie helps out. She’s going to college for a business degree and is learning to interface with the corporate types who want my inventions. I supply her room and board and an allowance, plus her college expenses. She supplies cooking and cleaning and shopping and pussy. Plus the above mentioned business manager stuff.

She’s a medium sized redhead with ample hips and bosom who has the legendary redhead appetite for sex. When my creative juices are really cooking, so are my gonads and she wisely knows when to cool them off. Her mouth and pussy are both very talented and calm me down very nicely.

My working schedule is kind of weird so she has her own bedroom. Sex might happen anywhere that is convenient. Fine with me. She thinks it’s fun to do it different places too. I like to work naked and we live in a real mild climate. In nice weather I might be out in the back yard dictating to my voice recognition tablet and she’ll come strolling out nude, hips rolling and tits swaying, to find me stroking my erection as I talk.

“Hey, you look like you need relaxing. Is now a good time?” is a common way I get interrupted. I might not pause my train of thought while she positions her neatly trimmed crimson crotch over me. Feeling that soft and wet place cover my dick spurs my creative juices and I watch her pendulous boobs bounce as she stimulates my release. Sometimes she gets hers from my pecker, sometimes a little finger work aids it.

Late on a Friday she’s just finished bouncing on my rod, causing the expected eruption inside her. I asked, “Are you going out with her boyfriend tonight?” Incidental screws from me weren’t enough for her though, so she has a few boyfriends. Well, technically, one guy is a boyfriend who takes her to social stuff that she enjoys. Mopping her pussy with a paper towel she replies, “Yeah, we’re going to a concert and I’ll bring him back here afterwards.” Boyfriend can overnight once a week. Her door is always left ajar when she is screwing anyone so I can tell. Sometimes I like to watch and I’m always invited to hop on when they finish, whether they leave or not. Like I said, she loves sex.

The others are FWB’s. One lives nearby and she has him over a couple times a week. She leaves the door open so I can peek in and watch her bang. If it gets me hard, she deflates me after he leaves.

I do need to unwind from time to time and she makes sure that happens. Rest is good for the soul and so is hot sex. Let me give you an example. Last Saturday she went grocery shopping. She got back just before suppertime but had brought some BBQ ribs and sides from my favorite place. She set up dinner on the table by the pool and had a cooler of beer there too.

I could tell by the marks on her tits and the lingering rosiness of her labia that she’d spent some time with a fuck-buddy in town just before returning. She noticed that I noticed and grinned, “Yeah, it’s well used. You want some now or later?”

The ribs smelled too good and she’d fucked me after breakfast so I said, “For dessert.” She nodded and served dinner. It was delicious and the three beers I imbibed had me more relaxed than usual. “Tell me about your afternoon,” I inquired, usually not caring about her off-site bonking.

She looked a little surprised but was never shy about discussing her sex life. Kind of liked bragging about it I think.

“It was Reynaldo, that big Latino guy. His wife was gone and he screwed me three times in an hour. Guess she doesn’t give him much. He’s not cut so it feels different too. Rubs me inside in a way I can’t describe. Don’t worry though, I’ve got plenty for you.”

I laughed, “Never known you to not have plenty for whoever you let into your crotch!” One time I had asked her why she liked to fuck so much. Her answer was pretty logical, “Why bother having a pussy and putting up with things like periods if you don’t use it for fun and pleasure?” She sure seemed to get lots of both from hers.

“You know me well. I think you guys must get frustrated with that recovery time you have to deal with. Maybe you could try those pills that keep you hard.”

I laughed, “I spend all the time enjoying your pleasures I can spare already. That’s why I’m OK with your other dicks.”

She came over and sucked a few times on my upstanding pole, “And that’s why I appreciate you so much. I’ve had too many boyfriends that thought they could own my pussy. They’re history. You’re smart enough to enjoy what you get.”

We fucked on the grass, in the pool, on a lounge chair, and finished in her bed, the scene of many a cock-cunt joining. I was awakened in the night by a mouth seeking an erection which it soon produced, followed by a wet pussy riding it.

When she brought breakfast to my lab, she mentioned that her boyfriend was taking her to church then she had invited him for dinner. They were going to spend some time out by the pool and I was welcome to join them, especially if I wanted some more freshly-fucked pussy. She suggested, “That might be a nice break. Check the video feed from there to see what he’s ‘up’ to.” She grinned and wiggled her ass extra as she walked away.

Sunday was their coital catch-up time. Class and work schedules made it difficult for them to get their parts together during the week and even weekend dates were sometimes a problem, hence our at-home dinner last night. I watched her give him a great ride out by the pool and she came for more from me after he left. Her pussy was terrific whether freshly-fucked or not.

Her fuck-buddies filled the “void” during the week and I helped that too. She loved having a well-rounded sex life. I was constantly amazed with the energy she could put into school, servicing my household, and screwing.

She was top-drawer in all three areas: getting all A’s, running a seemingly problem-free household, and providing me, and I assume the other men, prime pussy in ample quantity. Unexpected items were handled well too. One example was the short-notice desire of my biggest customer to pay an in-person visit to talk a big contract increase. She picked him up at the airport, having already stopped to get the fixings for a great dinner, and brought him to our place. There was no other suitable lodging at a reasonable distance.

He was delighted at the place after spending much time in hotels. Lizzie had psyched him out perfectly so when she suggested a swim to relax before dinner and he mentioned he didn’t have a suit, she smoothly suggested we all skinny-dip. When his normal male reaction occurred, she casually gave him a quick blow-job.

Dinner and the business discussion was also in the nude and went quite well in my favor. At bedtime, Lizzie asked him if he was married. Getting a negative response, she said we didn’t have a guest room so he was welcome to sleep with her. It got noisy several times during the night.

Returning from the airport the next morning, she brought a bottle of champagne and we soaked in the hot tub as we sipped. She complained that her pussy was a bit sore from his very vigorous attentions so could I do without until later. “My dear, you are amazing and you just let me know when you are needy again. I’ve got to get busy developing the very lucrative product we just contracted for. I suspect we will get repeat visits and business from that man for quite a while.” She was so proud!

Without telling her, I set up a money market account for her and deposited 10% of the net proceeds of the sale she’d had so ably helped close.

It’s a year later and she has her degree. Her boyfriend has moved away and she stopped going to his church since their negative attitude towards sex bothered her. Her luscious body has closed two more big deals and she now knows about her bank account. She is earning a good salary from me as well.

At the grocery store there was a conversation with a couple new to the area. Long John, the nickname he went by, and Belle had moved to our town to start a cowboy church. He had ordered a homestudy course to become a minister and had correctly answered at least half of the twenty-question final exam so had his certificate of ordination. Belle was working at a cowboy bar to make ends meet and they were living in a crummy camper.

As Lizzie later told me, something clicked with them and she decided to be their benefactor. With my permission she brought them out to our place on a Sunday afternoon. Things were going well and I was feeling a bit more social than usual, especially when I got a look at Belle. They were somewhat of an odd couple, him getting his name from his long skinny gangly frame and hers being shaped a little bit more like a bell. Short and more rounded than Lizzie, she did have an engaging personality. We later learned about her parents sense of humor since the family last name was Pepper. She was lively and we learned later that she was spicy as well.

Being as he was a Rev, we behaved herself on that first visit, although I noticed that Belle was kind of flirty. We had them out again the following Sunday with plenty of beer and barbecue and they really loosened up. Just as Lizzie had hoped, we got their clothes off to skinny dip and I noticed Bell was eyeing my hose, more substantial, but not apparently as long as her man’s. Using her social skills, Lizzie got them to talking about how they met. We discovered that they weren’t married but were working on getting Belle’s divorce finalized so they could wed. She’d finally gotten away from an abusive husband and was working at a cowboy bar where Long John met her. At that time she’d been there about a month, making most of her income in the back room. After John spent a substantial amount of money to get close to her, she was persuaded to accompany him from then on.

He was working at a nearby ranch and they paid her to help with the work around there. She picked up some extra spending money from a couple of the cowboys using the skills she recently learned. They had come to our town since she wasn’t so known as a whore and it was another ranching and farming community. They’d picked out the name of their ministry, “Fellowship of the Lonesome Cowboy”.

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