Animal Husbandry

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2019 by George Foxx

Science Fiction Sex Story: A boy genius decides it would be good to be king. He sets about making it so. While he is an ABSOLUTE monarch, he is not a sadist. In fact, his favorite activity is helping pretty girls reach orgasm. He applies his scientific mind to making his kingdom a good place to live. NOTE: This story is not about zoophilia. It is a tongue-in-cheek reference to using Animal Husbandry techniques to breed a better human.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Farming   Science Fiction   Alternate History   Far Past   Time Travel   Incest   Mother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Cream Pie   First   Lactation   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Small Breasts   .

I am the prototypical teenage genius and mad scientist. I’m sure I’d be described as a sociopath and pedophile by those who want to impose a plain vanilla life of near despair upon everyone but the richest 0.01%. I am not a sadist. I do not want to hurt anyone. I know what I like, and I just want to be left alone to enjoy exceptional girls who develop and mature far ahead of the average. To me, the maximum enjoyment comes from a girl offering herself to me willingly and then giving each other physical pleasure and emotional warmth and closeness.

I could invent something and work my life away becoming rich enough to rise above the governments and laws, buy a private island, and live as I wish on a small scale that can be ignored because it really doesn’t affect the powers that be. However, I’ve chosen a different path. I’ve perfected time travel and I will move to a time where I can be the law and no one will question me.

When I say perfected. I mean that I can go to an exact instant in time at a precise location on Earth as many times as necessary. All of the supposed time travel rules you have heard are myths used by authors of fiction to make moral arguments. For example, I can go to Greece in 3000 BC, select a slave maiden, and bring her to my castle in 1300 AD with no ill effects. She is the same age before and after time travel. That maiden from 3000BC and the virgin I abducted from Chicago in 1923AD are equally alive, trainable, and fuckable. They both get pregnant just as easily and they both have pretty little baby girls for me.

I’ve chosen Northern Europe during the so called mini-ice age. Coincidentally, local religious leaders and law enforcement officers had gone over the top with panic fueled witch executions and killed so many females that the population could not be maintained. In one village, only one woman of child bearing age was left alive. The male population moved away, leaving a large area of farmland nearly deserted.

I assembled seed for food crops with very short growing seasons so I could feed a significant population quickly. I also invented tools that let me cut and move large stone blocks by myself. I marketed a few minor inventions to accumulate gold to finance my kingdom and plans. I perfected a translation device that would allow me to understand any language and make myself understood.

I made several scouting trips, deciding on the location of my castle and capital city. The most important considerations were a plentiful source of clean water, proper drainage of the site, and ability to dispose of human waste safely.

I used time travel extensively to allow me to build my castle and city in a way that made it seem to appear overnight. I built glazed ceramic water supply pipes into the castle. Some of the pipes came from hot springs and besides making washing dishes, clothes, and bodies more effective, the hot water pipes heated living areas of the castle, reducing the need to burn carbon containing fuels.

There was also a sanitary sewer system throughout the castle and city, discharging into a very large system of septic tanks. Drinking water came from the mountain aquifer and was many miles removed and hundreds of feet above the septic tanks, so the chances for a water borne plague were greatly reduced.

I also assembled the best made weapons of the time and stocked the armory. I used a tiny bit of my gold to buy female slaves in various parts of the world for my personal use and to do the cleaning, washing, and cooking required to support a castle. I decided that all females in my kingdom would be beautiful even if they were scullery maids. I bought slaves for their beauty first, but also for their health. Most were between fourteen and eighteen years old. I did buy a few women in their twenties and thirties to teach me how to pleasure females. These women were courtesans from harems sold off because the ruler was defeated or had died.

Once my courtesans thought I was properly schooled in the arts of seduction and pleasuring a woman to her limits, I chose the courtesan I felt was wisest and most reliable to accompany me to buy the beginnings of my personal harem. My preference is for a girl to be very petite, slim, and small breasted. I purchased slaves from the Classical era of Greek civilization, Roman Patrician women who had been reduced to slavery, girls from several regions of Asia, Polynesian beauties, Hawaiian Hula girls, blonde Viking maidens, red haired Celtic virgins, a few girls from South America who were literally princesses of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas, and examples of female beauty from North American tribes.

As the size of my population grew, I made additional trips to obtain healers, teachers, physical therapists, physical fitness trainers, and other professions that were needed. I freed each slave when I integrated them into my kingdom. In our schools, we taught that owning another human was disgusting and immoral. My vision was for a free society of free people, guided by my benevolent hand.

Historically, the age of consent, when the majority agreed one was needed, has varied widely. In one of the American Colonies it was as young as seven, while in two neighboring colonies it was ten in one and twelve in the other. The Jewish age for entry into adulthood was set at thirteen. This seems reasonable and to fairly accurately reflect the physical development of the majority of individuals.

In the modern era, people claiming they want to protect women have driven up the age of consent so that it is eighteen in many U.S. states. This I supposed to prevent women from being put into virtual slavery by marriage, pregnancy, and unpaid house and child care work from an early age. Eighteen seems like an artificially high age of consent to me, and doesn’t seem to correctly match the age when most females develop sexual desires.

While I believe a few girls develop sexual desire before the age culturally accepted in regions neighboring my kingdom, I decided to set the age of consent for females at fourteen. Most adolescents don’t develop the ability to do abstract thinking until age fourteen, so by that age girls should be capable of feeling love and be able to understand the meaning of promises and commitments. The concepts of duty and honor should also be understood by that age. By setting a fairly conservative age of consent I should avoid most of the holy indignation that has brought down many absolute monarchs who tried to impose the their desires on all females, when only of 0.01% of girls develop sexual desires at an early age.

I did have my teachers and house-mothers identify girls with early and particularly strong sexual needs. These girls were moved to a separate house and raised to let their desires and needs develop without any restrictions. I kept close track of these girls. I personally made sure their needs were taken care of and that the girl credited me for her relief. When they were fourteen I brought them into my harem immediately, and bred them without delay. My house-mothers kept careful records on each girl, chronicling her development. These records were continued by the breeding farm house-mothers. I was curious to find out whether a horny teen’s daughters would grow to be horny teens. In other words, is strong sexual desire hereditary?

I contented myself with bedding the chamber maids, cooks, and other servants while continuing my education with the courtesans. The slaves purchased for my harem were all less than fourteen years old. I had my courtesans act as their teachers and house-mothers, training them to have no sense of modesty or sexual inhibitions. Girls were encouraged to masturbate and taught that repressing their sexual desires led to frustration, unpleasing or bitchy behavior, headaches, and other female complaints. We also obliterated any concept of incest. When a girl turned fourteen, if she had maintained or increased her beauty, I would claim her, bed her, and make her a part of my personal harem, if she pleased me.

Girls who were attractive but not great beauties went to the breeding farm. Single soldiers, farmers, scientists, scholars, and tradesmen who were not yet granted personal lands or titles would breed a girl selected for them by my Animal Husbandry staff. Girls not likely to conceive served the function of temple whores by providing sexual release for the men. However, prostitution was not allowed. All sex was to be freely offered, freely given, and freely accepted. Rape was not even a concept. However, if a man did force himself on a woman, he was immediately executed.

The first complete version of my harem included thirty-five girls. All of them were fourteen. I decided not to make a big deal about the presence or absence of a hymen, but I was the first and only man who had penetrated these girls. They all knew what I liked in detail, and were all more than happy to please me because I always pleasured my girls until they felt completely satisfied.

I didn’t use any form of birth control, so my harem girls were transferred to the breeding farm when they reached that stage of pregnancy where they were uncomfortable and irritable. New girls replaced them from the pool of former slaves. I enjoyed the girls in the first excited flush of pregnancy. They had been taught they would have an increase in sexual desire when they became pregnant, so of course, they were very horny as soon as their status was confirmed. A cute, coltish fourteen-year-old girl is particularly adorable in the first months of pregnancy. I enjoyed them begging me to recreate the night I impregnated them. It is particularly sexy to have a teen girl begging you to ravish her when the evidence that you have already seeded her fertile womb is swelling her formerly flat belly.

The personalities of the girls had the most to do with how long after I impregnated them that they remained in my personal harem and I continued to use them regularly for our mutual pleasure. A very few stayed sexy right up to delivery. A Viking girl begged me to fill her with cum when she was already in labor, so if the baby was a girl, she would be born with my seed on her face and body. Hildi said a girl born in this way would be assured of becoming such a sexy slut she would always be her Lord’s favorite, so she would never know hunger or poverty.

I brought in metal smiths to maintain weapons and to experiment with the current technology trying to advance the weapons quality and effectiveness. The smiths were all around eighteen to twenty years old. Besides being strong and trained in metal working, they had to be intelligent and good looking. My staff matched a girl on the breeding farm with a craftsman after her child was weaned and entered the nursery. We kept the children I’d fathered separate from those with other fathers. We kept detailed records on all children bred within my kingdom. Just as people tracked the progress of a breed of cows or horses, we tracked the progress of our human breed toward my goal of a society of beautiful women and handsome men who were all intelligent, healthy, and happy. I thought one contributing factor to human happiness would be breeding women who had very strong sexual desires which reached the level of needs, in the same way a male has sexual needs. If we could eliminate the so called “war of the sexes” by breeding humans who had the same levels of desires and needs, men and women should be better able to communicate and live together.

I suppose our schools were brainwashing or at least propaganda factories, but I wanted to make sure the culture in my kingdom did not ask people to do the impossible or demand gender specific behaviors that would be harmful. Every boy knew “no means NO” but the girls also knew, “After a girl is fourteen, there is usually no reason to say no.” just as deeply. I suppose you could say that graduates of the kingdom’s schools were nice young gentlemen and sweet, sexy sluts.

One of my problems was that I had many different sociological experiments I wanted to do, but no way to sufficiently insulate villages from each other. I wanted to see if forming exclusive couples was advantageous or problematic. I would have preferred the men just visit a female dormitory where they would either breed a female or join a female who was also horny to satisfy each other and release their stress together, then go to his own dormitory to sleep. Because I was having the kids raised in a group rather than a family, creating and maintaining couples wasn’t a priority. I did create a village where handfasting and jumping a broom together were symbols of an official and publicly declared couple. However, there was no Holy Sacrament of Marriage nor any requirement for formalities or rituals before coupling, mating, and breeding. The only requirement was to keep records and forward them to the Department of Animal Husbandry.

I confirmed to myself my initial self-diagnosis. As I went through my twenties, I had no desire to couple with a woman and no desire to mate with or breed women my age or older. I maintained my harem at age fourteen. I repressed my longing to experiment with younger girls, but I had no illusions about myself. I was only maintaining an age of consent to protect myself from pitchfork wielding peasants. If it was up to me, a girl would be allowed to mate as soon as she could coherently express a desire for intercourse. I was kind to my girls and did my best to sexually satisfy them because it was the most efficient way to get what I wanted: Many pretty, sexy girls offering themselves to me so I never had to ask and never felt deprived. Even though the girls were happy, I knew I was using their bodies for my pleasure and their minds and personalities for distraction and entertainment.

In a harem setting, a girl has very little chance to make the King notice her, let alone fall in love with her. When I was eighteen, I was bedding four to six different girls every day. I never thought one was appreciably more satisfying to copulate with than another. As I went through my twenties, I was still bedding four to six fourteen-year-old beauties every day. There was a great deal of variety in ethnic origin and physical characteristics, but all were beautiful according to my personal definition. The girls were close enough to my age that they didn’t see anything strange in my exclusive use of fourteen-year-old maidens in my personal harem. I was just the King, exercising my prerogatives.

When I first entered my thirties, I noticed at least two different alternate responses. One was hero worship, manifested by thoughts like, “I’m so lucky the King chose me.” The second was, “Of course he’s the King and can have any woman he chooses, but why did he choose me, when I’m so young and know so little?”

I dealt with this by starting the girls’ training a year younger, increasing the number of courtesans on staff and increasing the number of subjects relating to the psychology of sex and love that courtesans taught my girls.

Then I was thirty-three, and the first daughter I fathered was turning fourteen. My Animal Husbandry staff alerted me to the momentous event that was about to happen. Ali was one of the early bloomers and it had been very difficult to keep her away from men. All house-mothers were courtesans now, so her house-mother had decided intensive education was the key to keeping her a maiden for me. I was about to bed my first daughter, but while she was technically still a maiden, she routinely did hundreds of Kegel exercises a day. She could hold a weighted dildo inside herself with her vaginal muscles. She had never been told she was my daughter. Her house-mother said she had set herself the goal of becoming my favorite to the point that she would celebrate at least her fourteenth and fifteenth birthdays in my bed.

When Ali came to me, she was prepared as any fourteen-year-old maiden going to the King’s bed for the first time would be. She was wearing only a filmy white baby doll style nightie; no bra or panties. Her nipples were dark pink and rock hard. I could see glistening drips of moisture on her upper thighs. She smelled hot, delicious, and ready. I thought back over the hundreds of girls I’ve deflowered over the years, and I decided the early bloomers, who came to me, red hot and eager, were the best first lays of all.

Ali knelt in front of me and spread her legs wide to display her naked, hairless pussy to me, as all harem girls are taught to do. She whispered, “My Lord, I am yours. Take me and use me as you will. I promise you I will give you pleasure beyond any girl you have claimed before.”

I was using the symbols of my status fully, so I was sitting on my throne. I motioned for her to come sit on my lap. She was so confident and graceful as she settled her tight little bottom on my lap that I was immediately impressed with her. She looked up at me, and I could see an active intelligence directing her actions as she attempted to look shy, batting her eyelashes at me and whispered, “May I call you, ‘daddy?’ There is a rumor that I’m the first daughter you fathered back when you were building your castle. Even if it isn’t true, it makes my pussy really, really wet to think of my own father mating with me and perhaps even breeding me.”

I grinned at her and said, “If it makes your pussy really, really wet then you should definitely call me ‘Daddy’ and I should get you pregnant as soon as possible.”

“My Lord, do you really make girls cum so hard they scream?” Ali asked.

I kissed her neck and said, “It’s time for you to find that out for yourself.”

Ali turned in my lap and kissed me on the mouth. It was different than all the girls who came before. It wasn’t a bit awkward. It was like we were meant to kiss and had been making out forever. There was also something like an electric charge jumping from my lips to hers every time we kissed.

I could tell that her scent was turning my brain to Jell-O. Something in her pheromones was going right to my brain and smashing all logic and reasoning to smithereens. Ali opened my robe and smiled at my erection.

“Daddy, I want your cock in me,” she cooed, then she sat on my dick and took all of my shaft inside her cunt before I could even think. My daughter began riding my shaft like she did that with me every day. She bounced up and down on my dick while massaging my cock with her pelvic floor muscles. Her virginal cunt was tight, and yet her sexual heat and her creamy lubricating juices let her slide up and down my pole like she had been doing me every day for years. Our bodies fit together perfectly and she could grind her clit on my pubic bone at the bottom of every stroke. I was afraid the milking action of her pussy was going to make me ejaculate long before I was ready. Fortunately for me, Ali’s training and conditioning let her reach orgasm quickly and easily. My daughter came on my cock. I always get a huge jolt of sexual energy from the pride and fulfillment I get from making a girl cum good and hard, but all the best times I could remember seemed insignificant compared to the orgasm I’d just given my own little girl.

Ali was multi-orgasmic, and as soon as her first orgasm swept through her little body, the next was already building. My daughter was babbling sexy talk at me, milking my cock with her pussy and riding me like I was a racehorse; all at the same time. Her next orgasm was harder and the third started sweeping in waves through her body before the spasms of her second cum had died away.

Ali whimpered, “Get on top of me, daddy and fuck me into the bed.”

I picked up my little daughter and carried her to my bed chamber, impaled on my rigid prick. I put Ali on the bed and began to hammer her pussy with hard thrusts of my throbbing cock. She came almost immediately, screaming, “Fuck me daddy. Never stop fucking your baby girl.”

I rode my daughter harder than I’d ever pumped a girl during the session when I’d deflowered her. There was something about Ali that seemed to bring me to an animal rutting level and give me permission to fuck her as hard as I could.

How can a virgin know all of this? She’s moaning and telling me, “Fuck me daddy. Give it to me as hard as you can. I want it daddy. I want every inch of your dick in me good and deep. Fuck me as hard as you need to daddy. I need you to give me everything you’ve got.”

I’m groaning, “That’s it baby. Take all of daddy’s dick. Take it deep. Feel the head against your cervix, little girl? Daddy’s going to shoot your womb full of baby making sperm and knock you up. Daddy’s going to make you have his baby.”

Ali whimpered, “Yes daddy. Fill me up with your spunk. Get your daughter pregnant daddy. Sperm me daddy. Shoot off deep inside me and impregnate me now.”

That did it. I exploded inside my daughter’s climaxing, milking pussy, shooting thick ropes of hot cream straight at her wide-open cervix.

We shuddered together and collapsed on the bed. “I know you knocked me up the first time you screwed me, dad,” Ali sighed. She had an incredibly satisfied look on her face.

Normally a house-mother would have taken Ali back to her dorm. A bath girl would have taken me to get washed, and a chamber maid would have changed the sheets. I would have been dressed by a wardrobe girl and then I would have done some work until my dick got hard and I asked for another girl to be sent to me.

None of that happened. Ali and I slept in the wet spot. We were naked, our bodies wrapped around each other. I woke up. My dick was hard. Ali’s pussy was still leaking my jizz out to drip down and add to the wet spot. I shoved my prick inside her cunt without waking her. I started fucking her slowly, but with enough force to move her body forward from the “in” stroke.

I’d never fucked a sleeping girl before. I’d never felt like I could enter a girl without explicit permission, even if I was King. Why was it suddenly all right? Because Ali was fucking back. Her lips were smiling. She was purring. Then she came. I picked up my pace and increased the power of my strokes. Ali moaned, “Oh yes daddy. Never stop fucking me. I’m cumming daddy. I’m cumming again from your big dick fucking my little pussy.”

We tried out a bunch of positions. Everything worked for us. Ali got on her hands and knees. I got behind her and shoved my dick back in her twat. I started pounding her from behind. My little girl moaned, “Do it daddy. Fuck me hard. Make your slut take every inch of your big cock. Pound me daddy. I’m your bitch in heat. Fuck me until I’m out of my mind daddy.”

As I was approaching the end of my endurance, Ali whimpered, “Put me on my back daddy. Get on top of me and screw my brains out. Hold me down daddy and fuck the shit out of me. Hammer me into your bed. Make me squirm and scream for you daddy. Make your little slut cum all over your big daddy cock.”

I was hanging right on the edge. When Ali screeched, “I’m cumming for you daddy. Shoot my womb full of your baby makers dad. Knock me up daddy. Make me have a baby girl for you. Squirt your baby into me daddy. Let’s make a sexy little girl who will beg for her daddy’s cock and suck your nutts through your dick and into her hungry little cunt until she has every drop of your scum inside her and gently slides your balls back in place.”

I went off and dumped all the rest of my load inside my daughter’s already swampy cunt.

We went back to sleep, and no one disturbed us. We slept, wrapped up in each other’s arms, until morning. Ali sucked my cock until I dumped the dollop of sperm my balls had churned out overnight into her sucking mouth. Her tongue seemed to urge me to spurt even when I really wanted to make the intense pleasure she gave me last as long as possible. Then she shocked the crap out of me and swallowed my whole cock. She swallowed three times in quick succession, pulled off to breathe, then rammed my dick back down her throat. On her second gulp, I unloaded straight into Ali’s stomach.

Again, no house-mother showed up to collect up Ali and take her back to her dorm. What did happen was that Ali organized the bath girl, the dresser, the chamber maid, and the cooks so that my morning went very smoothly. A servant went running to Ali’s dorm and came back with clothes for her. The bath girl washed Ali and the dresser dressed her. I smiled to myself wondering if I wanted to let her get away with being dressed like a person. Normally I kept my harem girls as close to naked as practical. We used long cloaks and robes to move girls between buildings or between heated rooms, stripping the girl naked again as soon as possible. I had to admit that I was drained much better than usual and I felt no pressure in my balls and no swelling of my phallus. I decided there was no reason to invoke my normal rules.

About eleven, a house-mother brought me a fresh fourteen-year-old girl, totally naked under her robe. I stripped her, fucked her, and creamed her pussy. The house-mother took the girl, glowing from multiple orgasms, back to her dorm. Ali licked and sucked my cock clean, then we continued whatever discussion or conversation we were having.

Cook sent a new serving girl up with lunch. She was cute, so I fucked her. After I spermed her pussy, Ali ate her and licked all of my cum out of the girl’s pussy, rolled it around in her mouth, and then swallowed my slime. She licked the girl clean, then scolded the girl for not licking my cock clean. Ali did that, then pulled the serving girl’s skirts back in place, swatted her bottom, and sent her back to the kitchen with the dirty dishes.

We went to my bed chamber and took a nap. When I woke up, another house-mother was waiting with a new girl for me. I had to fuck her for a long time before the one or two drops that my body had been able to make since my last copulation oozed out into the little redhead. She whimpered, “I’m sorry I didn’t please you, My Lord.”

She was on the verge of tears when Ali told her, “I took an extra load of our King’s sperm. He didn’t have enough time to make a full load to spend inside you girl.”

The house-mother had told me the girl’s name, so I said, “Erin, I would have corrected you if your performance was lacking or I wasn’t pleased with you. Don’t let yourself get upset.”

I told Ali, “Strip girl. I want to watch you and Erin eat each other,

My daughter took off her clothes and the two girls started their foreplay, kissing and caressing each other. They went into make out mode and then into heavy petting. Finally, Ali positioned Erin the way she wanted and the girls started licking each other’s nipples. When they had each other wet and squirmy, they went down on each other. Erin came first. I loved her orgasm sounds and the sexy way she squirmed on Ali’s tongue and fingers. After she came down from her orgasm high, Erin went after Ali and soon had her cumming and screaming. That got me hard and I moved up behind Erin. I stuck my dick in her tiny twat that was fringed with downy red hair and shoved the head deep to kiss her cervix. I fucked her tight cunt for over an hour, then unloaded a respectable glob of spunk inside her.

Ali licked me clean again. The house-mother took Erin back to her dorm. Ali and I made the bath girl feel over worked as we cleaned up again. We put on clean clothes and went down to dinner. The cook seemed happy to have us for a formal dinner rather than just sending a plate to my room. The Mistress of Dance brought a troop of girls to the dining room. They performed various erotic dances from around the world. I knew the first troop were all over fourteen, so if one had caught my eye, I could have had her on one of the trestle tables. I enjoyed the art of the dances, but none of the dancers stirred my blood.

A new troop appeared. The pink ribbon on their costumes proclaimed them as under-age. I knew one of the dancers was thirteen because I had been following her since she was identified as an early bloomer at age nine. Her skills in dance, conveying emotion, and showing off her body had improved considerably over the raw need she first displayed. I still had to debate with myself over the ethics of the care and development of early bloomers. There were very few of these girls, so it has never seemed a big enough problem to warrant serious discussion or a search for an ethical and equitable solution. However, the need of these girls for sexual relief and release is very real and it moves me to want to ease their suffering when I see them displaying their physical need and torment in dance.

Next a troop of twelve-year-old girls performed folk dances that were in reality a vehicle for single girls to show off their sexuality and desirability to prospective mates. The costumes were small, allowing a fine view of each girl’s figure.

The eleven-year-old troop danced another dance of need and longing. One little blonde was so expressive with her body that I wished I could take her on one of the tables to ease her pain and satisfy her physical need while I soothed her loneliness and longing.

The ten-year-old group danced a dance to welcome spring. It was inspiring to see how well trained and disciplined each of their exquisite bodies were.

I’ve already confessed to being a pedophile, but I am different than a criminal who would rape an innocent girl or kidnap her, brainwash her, or manipulate her. The thing that arouses my desire to possess and make love to a young girl is when she shows that her body is sexually awake and her mind is sexually aware. One of the nine-year-old girls danced in a way that made me wish I had always ruled by fiat rather than logically and via predictable and stable laws.

I knew the girl was an early bloomer whose physical needs were particularly powerful. It seemed she was dancing just for me, telling me of her torment. She ended her dance spread at my feet, presenting herself to me. It took all my self-control not to just take her right there on the dining hall floor.

I was so moved that I didn’t wait for Animal Husbandry to send me my mate for the night. I took Ali’s hand and led her straight to my bed chamber. I undressed her, pulled off my own clothes, and then ravished her little body, visualizing the face of the last dancer as I aroused Ali’s body to the highest peak of passion, then satisfied her over, and over, and over. I was exhausted when I spunked her hungry cunt. Ali licked me clean and then pulled the bed clothes over us to keep us warm. We slept naked, with our bodies pressed tightly together.

Sometime in the night I became aware of a warm little body humping herself on my leg. I saw the house-mother waiting patiently. I took the girl and fucked her until she had cum several times. I allowed myself to shoot off inside her tiny hot-box, more than likely fertilizing her ripe ova. The girl licked my cock clean, then put on a heavy robe and left with her house-mother.

Ali grinned at me and whispered, “It’s good to be the King!”

I kissed my daughter and said, “When I’m older, I’m probably going to need to hire some help.”

One of my personal demons centers on the fact that my cock isn’t particularly large. My courtesans tell me I’m a respectable average size and that even for a well experienced woman I’m completely adequate. If I use my training, I can satisfy almost any female human. To a fourteen-year-old virgin I seemed too big and the girls I fucked more than once all thought I was big enough. However, none of the virgins thought I was too big after I fucked them or complained about being stretched or rubbed raw or any of those other descriptors that make a man’s ego swell.

About the tenth time I fucked Ali I started obsessing about whether I was big enough to keep her satisfied if we were fucking multiple times every day over the life of a long-term relationship, whatever that is. This led me to do something stupid.

You see, there are many time lines. If I stay on the time line where I was born, I can jump around all I want and there are no problems. The really big time travel problems happen when you transfer to another time line. This is when navigation errors can really kick your ass.

The Swarm and the Confederacy[1] don’t happen on my personal time line. If you have read about particular characters or a certain technology, they exist on at least one of the time lines.[2] I wanted Med Tube technology so I could make my penis larger and at least impress or even better, sexually addict and enslave, the woman I was falling in love with. That meant I needed to transfer to a time line where the Confederacy existed.

I successfully jumped time lines and took a Confederacy Naval Officer quite by surprise after a disastrous battle with the Swarm. I traded Time Travel technology, so Confederacy fleets could escape a Swarm ambush, for a Med Tube and a medical technician to operate and maintain it.

I navigated back to my castle and I made an agreement with the Med Tech that he could have unlimited mating and breeding rights with any of the breeding farm girls. He would help me stay tuned up and healthy for as long as my biology and Confederacy technology allowed.

I resisted the urge to go full Confederacy Marines mods and kept my body size about the same. However, I got a strength augmentation to improve my chances in sword fighting situations. I needed to be taller and a bit wider to support the added muscles. I added two centimeters to the length of my dick and made it two centimeters thicker.

By carefully timing all of this to happen while Ali was asleep, everything was done when she woke in the morning.

When my little girl jumped on her daddy’s morning Woodie, she got a surprise. Fortunately, I’d added just enough to give Ali that adoring look all men want to see on their woman’s face after I’d fucked her brains out, but not enough to cause pain. I did notice my daughter walking carefully, so the King’s ego was well massaged.

When the bath girl was washing us, Ali said, “Dad, did I do something that got you more excited than usual this morning?”

“Your enthusiasm to impale yourself on my dick really got me going,” I replied.

“That must have been it. Your cock seemed even bigger today. It stretched my pussy as far as it could go without hurting or tearing or something unpleasant. It seemed like it was more difficult to get all of you inside me too,” Ali said.

“Was that a good or a bad thing?” I asked.

“Good, I think. Almost every girl wants to think her guy is big. Not just average, but big enough to stretch her and big enough to be all she is able to take. I always thought you were big enough, but feeling stretched like that made me remember that I shouldn’t ever take you for granted. You are the King, and you could send me back to my dorm and get a half dozen replacements any time you felt bored with me. Like you were saying earlier, my enthusiasm to get myself Royally screwed by my big, strong, handsome daddy inspires you to love me even better than what I thought was the best a girl could possibly get fucked,” Ali answered.

I had a little alarm bell go off in the back of my brain about that time, and I nearly sent Ali back to her dorm right then and there. My play had worked perfectly and I was riding high on endorphins and dopamine. I was definitely primed for a fall if any of the authors from Classical Greek to modern times are to be believed.

I did dial things back with Ali. I took care of all my Animal Husbandry managed girls by myself. Ali was getting fucked before we went to sleep and when we woke up. She never acted jealous. I explained briefly that I had some desirable genes that AH wanted to preserve. That meant I needed to breed most females at least once in order to spread those genes more widely through the population.

I was definitely self-indulgent and gave fucking as many girls as was physically possible one of the highest priorities, but I had my scientists working on some important things too. We did cow pox vaccinations and it seemed to give 75% of our population immunity to smallpox. We did killed virus smallpox vaccine experiments and boosted our immunity rate to 87%. With my water supply and waste disposal measures in place, my castle and capital city were much cleaner and healthier than all other cities of that era. I had instituted daily garbage collection and disposal to sanitary landfills, down-slope and down-wind of the city. I had a machine built that chopped garbage into very small pieces, so it would decompose faster. I also added septic tank bacteria and garbage decomposing bacteria to each system regularly so they did not back up. I had several types of earth worms on the edges of the landfills and we turned the garbage daily, slowly adding soil. We found that a mix of earth worn types gave better results than a homogeneous colony of one species.

I had peat cut for fuel and we used that most of the time. Wood was not routinely used for fires. I tried to maintain the forests, and had a tree farm nurturing seedlings and caring for them until they were saplings. Every tree cut for spear shafts, tool handles, furniture, carts, wagons, and wheels was replaced with a sapling. Forest soil is commonly nutrient poor, so I had wood decomposing fungus spread over stumps left by lumbering operations. We built as much with stone and fired bricks as possible. Glazed, fired tiles were used for roofs to reduce fire danger as well as provide a dryer interior. I introduced housing built with insulated, poured concrete. This reduced heat loss, and even in the worst winter months, homes stayed warm from the thermal spring water circulation system. My craftsmen improved the fit of doors, and the metal smiths improved the quality of hinges to provide a tighter fit. I introduced weather stripping to cut down on drafts around and under doors. I also brought in glassmakers from the future to improve the quality and availability of window glass so we could build double pane windows to keep out the winter cold.

My scholars recommended that for local government issues, we should have elected officials. The theory was that the people being governed had a better idea of who was competent than I might. We tried it and the people were happier and more content with an elected local self-government in place.

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