Beautiful Young Wife Is Gang-raped

by Smjle

Copyright© 2019 by Smjle

Erotica Sex Story: Sexy young wife enjoys going to clubs where she unmercifully teases guys while her hubby watches from a distance. Four good looking young that she teased, abduct her after drugging her drink.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Reluctant   Fiction   Gang Bang   .


Codes: From non-consensual to consensual. In the special conditions of this story, the beautiful 22 year old wife is abducted and is gang raped or gangbanged by four young attractive men and she enjoys it.

Until the women’s movement put a stop to it, prior to the mid 1970s, it was common for police to interrogate rape victims with questions such as, “Did you enjoy it?” “Were you a virgin?” “What were you wearing?” That’s outrageous and women’s groups referred to it as the second rape and being raped by the police.

I highly dislike stories about rape and gang-rape that is brutal and/or the where the woman is threatened and is terrorized; but nevertheless she enjoys it and her body responds and she has orgasms. That is unrealistic and shouldn’t happen except for the Stockholm syndrome. In any event, I don’t like stories that include violence against an innocent woman unless it includes payback or revenge against those initiating the violence.

I wondered, “Is it possible in real life for a woman to be abducted and gang-raped, and then enjoy it?” I believe so, if before she is raped, it she not afraid of being physically harmed and if the guys are attractive.

Naturally girls and women may get sexually excited and even have orgasms when having fantasies of being raped.

Of course such fantasies never include being raped by crude ugly fat guys and forty year old men. That would be gross. In real live, it would be very unusual for a young women to be raped and enjoy it, but I believe it is possible if the guys are exceptionally attractive and if she is not afraid of being physically harmed.

That is the premise for this story where Sophia, a beautiful young wife enjoys being gang-raped by four good looking young men. I don’t approve of rape. However, in this story, I can justify or at least rationalize and make allowances for the rapist. That is because Sophia is partly responsible for the rape. Sophia doesn’t do anything illegal. However, she puts herself into risky situations by going to clubs and teasing guys by being a very slutty cock tease bitch.

After getting the guys hot and bothered by grinding her ass into their cocks and letting them feel her up, Sophia implying and even telling guys that they can fuck her, quickly departs and leaves them hanging. Therefore, the gang rape of Sophia in this story is the result of her contributory actions. Consider the gang rape Sophia’s payback and punishment for the torment the guys suffered after the hott and slutty cock tease bitch left them hanging after getting them overly aroused and promising and/or implying that was going to fuck them.

Story: Sophia is Gang Raped

Sophia, a 22 year old slutty tease and wife, loves sex. She also loves to tease guys; and even more so because Robert, her husband, loves to watch. Robert takes Sophia, dressed in a tight fitting strapless mini-dress, to the Paradise night club, a sometimes rather rowdy club.

This is a photo of Sophia at the club.

Inside the club, she teases four young men, Arnold, Bill, Carl, and David unmercifully, especially Bill and Carl. Sophia rubs against them, grinds her ass into their cocks and allows their hands to squeeze her ass. Robert is at the bar watching. He loves for sexy guys to rub their hands on her body, feel her up, and attempt to fuck her.

When Bill tells her he wants to get into her pants she replies, “I’m going to let you.” Then, she goes to the restroom and when she returns, she dances with him and gives him her panties. He tells the others, “God damn! She is hot and willing. I’m going to get me some of that.”

At some point, she tells Bill, “I’ll be right back,” steps out the door and into the car where Robert is waiting to quickly drive off before Bill and any of the other guys realized what was happening. Sophia tells Robert, “I was so turned on. If you hadn’t rescued me, I was about to let them fuck me.” They return home and have wild sex. However, the young men are left hanging.

Every two weeks and sometimes more often, Robert and Sophia go to a club and play their sexy game. Several times Sophia would squeeze and feel a guy’s cock until he squirted in his pants; especially if he was a bit of a nerd and she knew he wouldn’t or couldn’t force her. At least she would attempt to and sometimes she would make a nerd squirt if they were sitting at a table.

When sitting across the table she would remove her heels and rub his cock with her feet, usually that would only tease him. However, if sitting next to him, her hand would be under the table, in his pants, and stroking his cock until he squirted.

The table would hide the fact that her hand was under the table and in his pants and stroking his cock. Robert loved for Sophia to stroke a guy’s cock and make him squirt. He encouraged it and would ask Sophia to tell him all about it. And, Sophia loved being the naughty wife.

Actually Sophia was more than a bit of a slut before she married Robert and, at times, she still is and will fuck another guy when Robert’s not around. Sophia was gangbanged several times before she married Robert and she wouldn’t mind having another gangbang if the situation was right. However, Robert doesn’t know that or much about her past and she is not going tell him.

There are a dozen clubs they could choose to go to so as to not be known in any club. A week later, they went to an almost all black club in the part of town that is 95% black. Sofia felt up the big black cock of some 6’3”, 250 lb ex-linebacker. She told him, his big cock would stretch her pussy so much that she wouldn’t even be able to feel her hubby’s little dick for two week until her pussy shrunk back to normal.

However, he became overly aggressive and with a club full of black guys, she had to think fast for an excuse so she and Robert could quickly leave. She told Robert, “Let’s not go back there for a year. Those black guys will castrate you and gangbang me whether I say ‘No’ or not.” However, that narrow escape was so exciting that her pussy was dripping wet when she and Robert got home and they had a great night of fucking.

Two week later when they went to a club. Sophia was wearing another tight fitting mini-dress that clearly put her assets on display.


The four young men, that a month earlier she teased and left hanging, also happened to arrive moments before Robert and Sophia. Recognizing Sophia they watched Robert and Sophia get out of their car and enter the club. As they entered the club they noticed that once in the club Robert sat at the bar watching as Sophia was meeting and dancing with other guys. It was soon obvious that Sophia was flirting with and teasing other guys.

“That fucking cock-tease,” Bill said to the others. “That bitch needs to be taught a lesson.”

The guys discussed it and devised a plan. Carl had some prescription sleeping pill and tranquilizers in the van. When mixed with alcohol, it would increase the effect and cause dizziness and confusion. Sophia didn’t really tease Arnold much and wouldn’t remember him so while he danced with her, Carl crushed the pills and slipped them in her drink. Sophia continued to tease Arnold while sipping on her drink. When she seemed a little woozy, Arnold suggested she get some fresh air and led her to the side door and out of the view of Robert.

One guy moved the van to the side while Arnold took Sophia out the side door. As soon as Sophia was outside, the guys quickly put her in the Van and drove off.

The guys, with Sophia in the back of van, drove to a farm house in a secluded area. Then the guys removed Sophia’s mini dress and placed her on a sleeper sofa. Photo:

Sophia woke up, with a headache, wondering where she was and how she got there. On the nightstand, she finds a letter stating, “You will not be harmed or touched without your permission, except as necessary to keep you from escaping. Also, whether you call it rape or sex, you will be released after completely sexually satisfied four young men during a 12 hour session of sexual passion in which you will do whatever is asked. That will include oral and vaginal, but probably not anal sex.

“To the extent possible, everyone will be gentle and careful so there will be no pain except you may receive light spankings on your bare bottom with a hand and then no harder than people clap during an applause. It may make you bottom pink, but not red and you must consent to having your bottom spanked. The sex games may include bondage. Therefore, part of the time, you may be tied up and blindfolded.

“You will be given a safe-word that will immediately stop the session and you will be returned to your room. Then, when you choose, you can start over again from the beginning. The only stipulation is that your body must respond. Therefore, you must enjoy it and have orgasms. Otherwise, you will have failed to be a good sex plaything and you must start over again at the beginning.

“You can start now and be released tomorrow or you can wait a few hours, days, weeks, or months. The choice is yours. If after three months, you do not agree to have sex, you will be released.

“A video will be made of the sex session and you will be given the video on a password protected thumb drive.” [Sophia is not told that their faces will be obscured.] “Approximately eight to twelve hours after the sex session you will be taken to a semi-public place and given your cell phone so that you can call a taxi...

“In the meantime, your room is your castle. We will knock before entering and will not enter without your permission and will leave immediately if ordered. No means “No”, stop means “Stop”, and leave means “Leave.” Our names are Arnold, Bill, Carl and David. If you wish to talk, there is a button to push to signal us. We will attempt to furnish whatever you wish to eat, or any book or movie on a DVD.”

‘What kind of fucking shit is this? What kind of insane creeps have kidnapped me?’ Sophia pushes the button. Arnold knocks and she says, “Come in. Release me immediately and take me back. Kidnapping is Federal felony and you can go to prison for 20 years to life.”

Arnold remains calm, refuses to release her, and just confirms what was in the letter. Sophia gets upset so he says, “I must leave since I am upsetting you. If you wish I can bring you a couple of tranquilizers.” He then quickly leaves.

‘What the hell? Those guys are scary.’ Sophia sits on the bed for a moment. Then she opens the chest and finds night clothes and under clothes. Sophia finds a comb, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. in the bathroom. Sophia wants more information and she doesn’t really wish to be alone so again she pushes the button and Bill knocks. She asked about clothes. He replies, “Your mini-dress and perhaps other outer clothes will be returned when you are released. In the meantime you will not need your dress but you may wear the sleepwear and underclothes.”

Everyone talks nice to her, with no threats or aggressive moves. At times, one may ask, “May I give you a foot massage,” or “May I give you a back rub,” “May I kiss you.” or “May I fuck you?” Sophia quickly discovers that, except for freeing her and giving her any clothes, they will do as she asks so she relaxes and is no longer afraid and is reasonably comfortable being with them. Beside, Sophia knows how to control men, but she is apprehensive that after they fuck her, they may have other very dark intentions.

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