The Deal

by Generic Lost Soul

Copyright© 2019 by Generic Lost Soul

Incest Sex Story: Jake was having second thoughts about his terrible betrayal, but the lust he felt towards his mother was overpowering...all he needed was a push from a stranger.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Slavery   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Humiliation   Rough   Anal Sex   Analingus   Prostitution   .

Shaking with anticipation and fear, Jake stood in front of the filthy and cramped apartment, knocking and calling time after time with no reply. He was feeling nauseous and uneasy, standing alone in the worst part of town, surrounded by hobos and junkies, all looking at him as if they were about to jump him.

As the gravity of the situation dawned on him, as he wondered whether he should contact the police, the door finally opened.

“Hey hey! Jakey, how have you been?”

It was that man. The man who contacted him on that anonymous forum several months ago, the man who talked with him countless nights and indulged his twisted and sick fantasies.

It was the man who had convinced Jake of selling his mother into prostitution. His name was Frank, or so he claimed.

“W-where is she?” Jake said with fear in his voice.

“Oh, you mean my- I mean- OUR new fucktoy? She’s waiting for you back there, come on in, Jakey...”

The apartment was filthy and trashed, almost pitch black. Bottles of beer, needles, drugs left around. The walls scrawled with obscenities.

Finally they reached a closed wooden door, light escaped through the sides and the bottom. A strong stench of cigarette smoke and marijuana escaped the room.

“Open the door” Frank said in a calm tone “It’s time to reap your rewards.”

The room was strongly lit, and the effect was amplified by the mirrors that covered 3 of the walls. There was a tripod on one side of the room with a camera mounted on it. At the center of the room lied a bed. It took Jake a moment to register what was going on.

His mother was completely naked, with her hands tied behind her back, bent over giving a full view of her asshole. Her buttcheeks were reddened, showing marks of hands and even a bite. She was being held down by her hair by another man sitting on the bed, forcing his cock inside of her mouth as she choked on it.

Jake felt blood rushing to his dick in an instant.

“Hey, hey” Frank joyfully called to the man fucking the mouth of Jake’s mother “Look who’s here, the momma’s boy”

The man pulled Jake’s mom by her hair, taking her mouth of his cock and allowing her to gasp for air. “So this hot piece of ass is your momma? Lucky bastard” the man said in mockery.

“Don’t worry Jake, we kept our part of the deal” Frank continued “We haven’t done anything to that sweet tight butthole of hers. As promised, we are gonna let you take mommy’s anal virginity.”

“J-Jake!” his mother called out, seeing his reflection in the mirror, her face showing her terror “What’s going on? Call the police! H-Help me!”

The man sitting on the bed slapped her face “Who the fuck let you talk, bitch? Get that mouth working” he said as he once again pulled her by the hair and forced his filthy cock inside of her mouth.

“We showed her all those chat logs of yours, you know which ones ... how you couldn’t stop looking at her ass, the times you jerked off while sniffing her panties, how much you wanted to sniff and lick and such on her asshole, how you led her to me because in your own words “her body was made to please men” ... all that fun stuff ... but she just wouldn’t believe it, so Jakey, why don’t you show her how serious you are?”

Suddenly, Frank pulled down Jake’s pants along with his underwear, revealing his throbbing erection. He then grabbed Jake by the hair and dragged him right behind his mother, making him kneel in front of her ass.

The other man pulled his cock out of the mouth of Jake’s mom. Still holding her by her hair.

Jake was trembling, tears streaming down his face.

“Tell her Jake” Frank said “Tell her what you told me you would say when you had her bending over for you like this”

“J-Jake...” his mother meekly called out “Please...”

He looked at his mom’s heart shaped ass. Her puckered asshole tightening and giving him a show. Surprisingly hairless and smooth, Jake could tell that it was wet, probably with the saliva of those disgusting men. A soft and delicious musk emanated from it, driving Jake further into his insanity.

“I’m in love with your asshole, mommy...” Jake said as he buried his nose between his cheeks and took a deep breath.

“No!” His mother screamed in horror, as she tried to move, only to be stopped by another harsh slap.

Jake sniffed her asshole like a horny dog, while he stroked his cock hurriedly. He then started frantically licking it, trying to bury his tongue as deep as he could up her tight and warm anus.

His mother was forced to silence her screams with the cock of the man sitting on the bed, laughing at the whole spectacle. Frank moved the camera closer to get a good take of Jake burying his tongue and making weird, perverted sounds.

Between his obscene slurps, Jake occasionally cooed out “I love your asshole mommy ... Mommy’s asshole is so tasty...”

“That’s a good boy” Frank egged him on “Suck on that slut’s fart box, let her feel how much you treasure her stinky little hole.”

Jake took his remaining clothes on and stood up, hugging his mom from behind and pressing his hard and hot dick against her slippery anus.

“Joe, get off the bed” Frank ordered the other man “I want this to be a deeply intimate family moment.”

“Jake-Jake listen to me!” His mother immediately screams at him “Please stop this! Jake Please!”

“Mommy’s body is all yours, champ” Joe said in a mocking tone “Go crazy on that bitch”

Jake positioned the bulbous head of his cock against his mother’s soft and wet asshole, gently pressing against it. It was too tight to just slide in, not to mention that she had been trying to tighten it.

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