Lenora Goes Looking for Her Husband

by Corundum

Copyright© 2019 by Corundum

Erotica Sex Story: The first in a series of stories about Lenora, a girl that I knew while living in South Korea, and her misadventures on the sexy side of life. In this one, Leonora's husband is out cheating on her (again), and she is trying to catch him in the act. Unfortunately, her temper gets the best of her and she gets caught out instead!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Coercion   NonConsensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   True Story   Cheating   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Spanking   Group Sex   Oriental Female   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Revenge   .

Definition of Terms:

Pinay: Colloquial term for a female from the Philippines

Ajumma: Literally translates as “older lady” or “aunt”, in this case it is used to refer to an older lady that acts as a mnder for bargirls, similar to a Vietnamese “mamasan”. Also can be used as an insult to a younger woman.

Pekpek: Tagalog for pussy.

Asawa: Spouse, can mean either Husband or Wife.

Puta: Whore or slut, in either Spanish or Tagalog.

‘ville: Small town or village outside an American base overseas. Typically refers to those in Vietnam or South Korea, and usually consists of bars and restaurants.

Bargirl and/or juicy girl: girls, typically from the Philippines, typically hired to dance in a bar. The customers typically must buy them a small glass of expensive ($10) juice for the girl to sit and talk with them.

Lenora was pissed! Seriously pissed, with a capital “P”. Hot tempered to begin with, the 5ft, dark-haired Filipina strode angrily down the neon-lit streets of the ‘ville just outside Camp Humphreys, South Korea, her tight, rounded ass, clad in a form-fitting pair of sweatpants, swinging in circles of indignation as her shapely legs carried her down the sidewalk. Muttering dire implications as she checked her cell phone, the screen glowing softly in the not-quite-bright darkness of the street, she read the message from her friend again; “I just saw Martin making out with a juicy girl in Sevens! You need to get down here!”

“Martin”, she thought to herself, “has finally crossed my last line!” It was bad enough when she caught him in bed with the Russian cook from the restaurant down the street from their apartment. She had raged, and screamed, and thrown things, and she was pretty sure that the Russian blonde had required stitches after Leonora had opened her cheek with her fingernails. He had begged for forgiveness, promised to make it up to her ... all the lies that men who cheated told their wives. Martin knew that he had it good ... after all, a traditional Filipina is very much about her man ... or should that be, Her Man. Cooking, cleaning, ironing his clothes, dedicated to the family. That’s why it hurt so much, that he would just casually throw her away like that ... again. But to start up again with another Filipina! At least with the Russian, she could tell herself that he just wanted to sample something different ... a different flavor, if you will. She could salve her broken heart with that rationalization ... but to take up with some Pinay slut-whore bargirl!

Leonora checked her screen again, for what seemed the thousandth time, and stared at the picture that her friend had sent. There was Martin, sitting on a low couch, upholstered in red. A variety of drinks were scattered on the table, including several juice glasses. (That little detail just made her more angry ... that he would pay the equivalent of $10 American for a girl to sit with him for the length of time it took her to drink a tiny 6oz glass of juice) Sitting on his lap was a petite Filipina, somewhat smaller than Leonora’s 5ft frame. He had one hand on the outside of her thigh, disappearing up under the very short schoolgirl skirt that she was barely wearing, and the other hand inside her top, which had all but the bottom button undone. The girl (to Lenora, she looked barely 18) was nibbling on his ear, and it looked as if one of her hands was below the level of the table, right about where his fly would be.

“GRRRR!!!” She growled in frustrated anger. “I am going to drag him home and give him a piece of my mind, then kick his ass out!” Lenora swore to herself as she entered the bar. Thumping club music filled the air, the bass beat almost heavy enough to feel in your chest. Dim lights illuminated several tables, leaving the seats around them somewhat in the shadows. A lone girl danced on the brightly lit stage, swaying back and forth, occasionally swinging around the pole that was bolted to the stage. Several Soldiers sat by the edge of the stage, catcalling and waiving 1000W (won) notes at the girl. She smiled shyly as the Soldiers, giving her modest rack a shake under her bikini top. Behind the bar, an older Korean woman served drinks, and another, slightly older, kept watch on the whole scene. Leonora scanned the bar but did not see her husband. She did, however, see a girl in a schoolgirl outfit, sitting at a booth with several other girls in various types of scanty dress, all of them texting on their cell phones.

“Hoy! Where is my asawa, you puta!” Lenora said vehemently as she tore the cell phone from the girl’s grasp and tossed it aside. Theresa looked up, startlement rapidly giving away to anger in her eyes. “Who the fuck are you to call me a puta?!” she said, rising rapidly to her full 5 feet, 6-inch height ... although 4 inches of that was from the spike heels that she was wearing. She glanced at the other girls, who slid out of the booth and quietly moved around behind Leonora, who did not notice as she was focused on the schoolgirl. “I know here was here, making out with you! I suppose you think you are hot stuff, yeah!? Strutting around in your slutty little skirt, with no panties on underneath, tempting husbands away from their wives! WHERE IS HE! I KNOW HE IS HERE!” Lenora hissed, her face inches from Theresa. “Tell me where he is, or so help me...” Theresa cut her off briskly, “I don’t even know who your husband is, and I certainly haven’t been tempting anyone to do anything that they didn’t want to do! Maybe if you dressed a little better, were a little nicer, your husband wouldn’t be out in the clubs! Maybe you could use some lessons in how to...” Leonora, having grown angrier during the exchange, hauled off and slapped Theresa across the face. “You can’t talk to me like that, puta! I am not a bargirl! I am a respectable woman!” Theresa’s eyes narrowed at this last sally. “Perhaps she does need some lessons, eh, girls!? Grab this “respectable lady” so we can teach her some manners!”

Leonora looked around in alarm, having forgotten the other girls who were sitting at the booth, and were now in a loose semi-circle behind her. “No!” she started to say as her arms were grabbed and held out from her sides. Wriggling back and forth, she tried to get free, but there were two girls holding each arm. She tried to kick at them, but they saw it coming and moved out of the way. Theresa leaned forward and grabbed Leonora’s chin, forcing her to look in her eyes. “Now, let’s see what we have to work with here, yes?” Theresa released her chin and walked around Leonora, now held firmly by the other girls. “Tsk ... sweatpants and a t-shirt ... no wonder your husband wanders out to the clubs ... oh!” Theresa stopped and exclaimed, having gotten around to Leonora’s plump, rounded rear. “You come in here, ranting and raving about bargirls, and you have “JUICY” printed on your ass!” Completing her circuit, Theresa walked back in front of Leonora. “Perhaps there is something to work with here after all, ajumma ... now, let’s see what you have on underneath!” Theresa said with a glimmer in her eyes. Leonora’s eyes grew wide with disbelief as Theresa began to raise her t-shirt. “Oh ho!” Theresa exclaimed. “It seems someone forgot to wear a brassiere this evening!” Leonora looked aside, having realized that she had, in fact, forgotten to put one on in her haste to get down to the club and confront her husband. “It looks like someone thinks it is cold in here as well!” Theresa joked, thumbing Leonora’s erect nipples that were standing proudly out from her rounded, apple-sized breasts. Theresa smiled as Leonora shivered at the bargirl’s touch. Leonora’s heart began to race as Theresa bent closer to her chest and took a nipple in her mouth. She tried to twist away, but the other girls still had a hold of her arms and legs. She let out a whimper as Theresa gently nibbled on her nipple, feeling her pussy grow damp. Theresa drew back, releasing Leonora’s nipple with a pop. “Raise her arms up” she said to the girls as she began to raise the hem of Leonora’s t-shirt. The girls swiftly raised Leonora’s wrists over her head as Theresa stripped Leonora of her shirt. Tossing it aside, she eyed Leonora’s sweatpants. “I wonder” she said thoughtfully, tapping a finger on her chin, “if you forgot to wear panties as well!”

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