Playing in the Dark

by Jamie and Lisa

Copyright© 2019 by Jamie and Lisa

Incest Sex Story: Jamie is awakened by a man and woman who make her body do things she did not ask it to do...

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Brother   Sister   Light Bond   Rough   Polygamy/Polyamory   Anal Sex   Fisting   Oral Sex   .

This story does not contain any non-consensual acts.

Jamie and Lisa had talked for a time before both had gone to sleep that night. Jamie had for the first time in her short academic career finally caught up. She had just turned sixteen a couple of months ago, and had spent the evening working on a science project that was due next week. Two years ago she did not care about school, or what her teachers thought of her. She still didn’t care what the teachers thought, but her new adoptive brother and sister had a truly positive effect on her.

Jamie no longer hurt herself with her attitude. George and Lisa made her realize that she needed to do what was right for her. They both told her that she was beautiful, and there were those who said she would go far. Usually those who incorrectly believed that she would one day have access to her grandfather’s substantial holdings. But Jamie wanted to be successful on her own.

Living on a ranch, meteorology was important. Besides, Punch had promised to teach her to fly his dad’s airplane this summer. Understanding the weather was worth the effort taken to learn. It never got all that cold in Edwards Texas. In the middle of winter, it was nearly fifty degrees outside. Sleeping in the bedroom she shared with Lisa, Jamie wore a long flannel nightgown and cotton panties, with a light sheet it was plenty.

Jamie was fast asleep, when she awoke with a start. There was no moon, so it was totally dark outside. There were no lights, so it was totally dark inside. Lisa’s Baby Ben over on the dresser, showed that she had been asleep for maybe an hour. There was no light anywhere, but she could hear movements in the dark, she heard Lisa’s bed frame creak.

A shadow, no two shadows, moved in the darkness towards her. The larger one placed a folded handkerchief over Jamie’s nose and mouth.

“The ether will render her unconscious in just a moment,” said a feminine voice emanating from the shorter shadow.

Both shadows held her down to her bed as the ether took effect, and Jamie drifted off to unconsciousness.

When she awoke she could barely move at all. Jamie could not believe it. She was naked, and bound by both ankles and both wrists to the four corners of her own bed. She was obviously going to be raped. There were two of them, her tormentors, a man and a woman. It was too dark to see their faces, but they were both naked as well. She was completely helpless. Gagged as well as bound, she could not even call out for help. Her parents, and little brother were no doubt asleep down the hallway, but she had no way to summons them.

Jamie was shaking as her male tormentor sat down on her bed, and started to slowly play with her curly red pubic hair. His companion, the woman, sat on the other side of her and massaged her breasts, pinching the nipples lightly. Even in total darkness, she could feel their eyes on her. She closed her eyes as she had as a child. She was self-conscious about her breasts, wishing that they were a little, or a lot, larger.

Jamie felt their touch on her skin, each of them were running their hands across her. The pressure was nice, but it was not quite enough to make her really react as she would like to. It teased her. She flicked her thumb at Jamie’s her left nipple, tracing a circle about the areola. Then he traced a circle around her right areola. After teasing it a while, he ran his fingertips down to her pubic hair, pausing to make several loops around her navel.

Then Jamie felt the man’s hand on her pubic bone, and his fingertips explored the folds of her labia, which had become greasy. The woman was fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples. Meanwhile the man spread Jamie’s labia, and pushed two of his fingers inside of her. Her body reacted to their attention, whether she wanted it to or not. Jamie saw her male tormentor’s erect penis at the ready.She was filled with conflicting emotions as his female companion stroked it and licked his head.

“Are you shocked my dear,” the woman whispered, “by its massive length and girth. Don’t worry, it will fit inside you, although you might not walk right for a week, or two.”

Jamie was shocked, and she began to struggle at her bonds as he moved towards her. She knew that she was going to get raped, and that should not make her feel all tingly. She wondered if it could be better than having regular sex, what with the hightened emotion and all of the uncertainty. Her body certainly thought so. Juice was rolling out of her gaping vagina. It was embarrassing, her body obviously wanted to be raped.

Her tormentor climbed on top of her with his knees between her legs. The woman shoved the bed’s unused pillow under Jamie’s ass, and then played roughly with her tits. The man laid down on top of her, and placed his elbows on the mattress astride her. He slowly slid the head of his penile glans into her hot wetness, and he just kept steadily going in until he hit the bottom.

The woman stopped biting on Jamie’s left breast, to say softly to her companion, who was buried in Jamie’s cunt up to his balls. “You can go a whole lot harder on this one. Did you feel how wet she was. She probably lies awake at night masturbating about being forced, wanking while dreaming of this exact scenario. Her fucking wet dream just came true.”

“No!” Jamie thought, as she felt his shaft slide into her. But she couldn’t say it, or say anything.

“No! Please! Don’t! Stop!”

“No, please don’t.”


“No ... Please don’t stop,” she thought.

“Please ... Don’t ever stop.”

He pulled out and she shuddered.

“No...” she thought.

But he was playing a newer, rougher game, and with one hard stroke he was back deep inside of her vagina. Then he resumed pumping her. She felt the tip of his penis moving about inside of her, bouncing off of her rugae and cervix.

He knew what he was doing, giving it to her hard, but in a way that made her want more. She wanted him inside her.

“Don’t be gentle,” Jamie thought, “it’s OK, you can’t break me. I am not a porcelain doll.”

He seemed to hear her thoughts. He shifted his position, and placed his body’s weight on her pushing her into the mattress. It was heavenly.

As his penis moved within her Jamie felt the corona of his glans each time it withdrew. His member tugged her vaginal walls as he pulled himself back. His appendage also pushed hard against those same walls, and the legs of her clitoris as he pushed in. She was so tight that she believed that her insides would be pulled right out were it not for the seeming gallons of lubricant her cunt was manufacturing.

Her ... What was he? Was he really her tormentor,? Perhaps he was he her lover? Or would be ... His pace abruptly quickened and he was pumping, pistoning in and out for all that he was worth. His chest shook. A few more sharp thrusts he was eerily calm. Then he spasmed twice in quick succession. She felt his penis stop, the jerk then shoot his cum in long, hot spurts deep in her.

After he had come, he got up off of her, and his companion took his place between Jamie’s legs. The woman moved on the bed, adjusting herself. Then Jamie felt it, several of the woman’s fingers were moving about in her cunt. Jamie’s insides were soaked, so it was easy to accommodate three, four or five fingers inside of her.

As the woman slid her fist inside of Jamie’s vagina, her hand bounced off her rippled muscles and off of her cervix. Being wider in girth than the man’s penis, it pushed her vaginal walls even harder, and sent even more electrical signals to her brain. Her body reacted of its own accord, without instruction from her brain. Jamie was loving it.

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