A -small- Trip to the Massage Parlor

by Peter Petite

Copyright© 2019 by Peter Petite

True Sex Story: Peter's partner decides to put him in chastity and go together for a happy-ending massage to see how the masseuses will humiliate and tease him.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   BiSexual   True Story   Wimp Husband   Humiliation   White Male   Oriental Female   Petting   Size   .

Monisha and Peter had talked about this a few times and it excited them both in theory, but now that they were on the way and it was about to get real, they were both trembling.

They had known each other a long time but she had been abroad for studies and they were never a couple. When she returned, they reconnected and soon realized that they felt safe in living out their kinky fantasies with each other. And so, they got her to fuck big cocked guys while he watched, then later they got him a chastity cage and even got him to suck the guys hard and clean up after.

Today they would take a new step in their sexual journey - they would try to do some sph - small penis humiliation - publicly. The idea was going to the massage parlor for a couples massage, but he would be wearing his chastity cage, and they had talked about what could possibly happen if/when the masseuse found out.

Mo was thinking about whether she could go through with the plan - she was to tip the girl 50$ before the massage and in chinese ask her if she would take good care of him and that she would not have to be afraid of his penis as it was small and locked.

An alternative they had talked about was to wait until the masseuse noticed either from trying to play with him or when tuening around. If there was an audible gasp or giggle, this would be the cue for her to start speaking in chinese to the two masseuses and tell them that he was her slave and that his penis was so small and worthless that she decided to lock it up. And that he would do anything she demanded, so if they wanted to see or touch, she would make him present himself for them.

Both these scenarios gave her butterflies in the belly and she was not sure if she had the guts to go through with it, but she really got horny thinking about him being exposed and humiliated publicly like that, especially if they would laugh at him or tell the other staff so he would be forever known in that place as the guy with a very small penis.

As they entered the reception he announced their reservation for 1.5 hours couples massage. Before clming here with Monisha, he had been there twice before, and each time the girl had been adventurous but then disappointed when he didn’t get hard and big for her. He made the appointment today with the same girls he had met before.

Originally he had been in denial and was thinking he should take some viagra and go show them that he could get big and hard - but now that he had been allowed freedom to explore and open up with Mo, he got a bigger thrill from knowing that his penis would be considered short, thin and small and that maybe it would shock them and have them laughing at him.

As they got up to the room, the masseuse asked if they wanted a quick shower first. Mo quickly said to me to go ahead and she would join me shortly, then she closed the door so she was now alone in the hall with the masseuses. I thought ‘this is it, she might actually do it’, and at the same time I that I wanted to back out and that I hoped they came in together and she would tell me to show them.

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