Zoe & Stepbrothers

by Smjle

Copyright© 2019 by Smjle

Drama Sex Story: Adolescent Zoe and her father move in with his new wife and her two teenage sons. The wife believes her precious sons regardless, and Zoe's father is too wimpy to challenge his wife and protect Zoe. After several assaults, where the parents and the law disbelieve her, Zoe takes revenge.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Fiction   .


Zoe: f, age 14

Noah: m, age 14, Zoe’s stepbrother

James: m, age 16, Zoe’s stepbrother

Keith: M, age 37; Zoe’s father

Kate: F, age 36; Zoe’s stepmother

Jessi: F, age 31; Zoe’s mother

Jessi was seventeen years old and two months pregnant when she met Keith, my father. A week later during a passionate make-out session, he took her virginity; practically raping her or so she led him to believe. You might wonder how you rape a willing slut that planned and instigated the so-called rape, but mother was a good actress. So, of course, believing he deflowered a virgin, when three weeks later she told him she was pregnant, he married her.

Jessi choose Keith over the unemployed nigger and the two married men she was fucking. My father fucked Jessi the second time two months later on their wedding night. After all, the innocent almost virgin that he believed he raped didn’t believe in sex before marriage. And, Jessi who had been sexually active with over a dozen men since she was 14, played her innocent girl part quite well.

How Jessi convinced Keith, that a six-pound baby was two months premature, I don’t know. Jessi was just relieved it wasn’t the nigger’s baby. Jessi knew she wouldn’t be able to convince my father that he was the biological father of a nigger baby.

Jessi was a slut before she met Keith and she remained a slut, but she was able to hide her many affairs until she gave Keith gonorrhea. That led to their divorce a year later when it became clear that Jessi would always be a slut. By that time, Keith had wised up enough to keep tabs on her and to stop accepting her girl’s night out excuses or that bridal showers lasted until 5 AM. My father may not have realized that Jessi was already a slut when they met. However, after she gave him gonorrhea and continued lying and cheating, he must have realized that she was, and intended to always be a slut.

Jessi got temporary custody of me and that would have been permanent if, at age 11, I hadn’t been allowed to talk to the judge. I initiated that talk. Most judges don’t want to talk to children of parents during a divorce, especially those under twelve. However, I have a high IQ and wasn’t going to be denied when his secretary tried to turn me away.

I told the judge that, “At first, I wanted to live with my mother because she has few rules, and my father is far more restrictive and he wouldn’t allow me to date a high schoolboy. However, I don’t want to be forced to live with my mother and her live-in boyfriend. I don’t like how he’s always looking at me, patting my bottom, and giving me hugs with hands much lower than normal hugs.

I don’t like sitting on his lap and feeling his thing against my bottom. And, I don’t like seeing him almost naked or in tight-fitting briefs and it poking out the top. That’s obscene; I don’t want to see it. He has never hurt me, but I’m always very afraid when mother’s not home.

I suppose what I told the judge is the reason an investigator from Child Protective Services interviewed mother and me. Jessi told the investigator that I fabricated the story and that her boyfriend wouldn’t do anything improper and absolutely he would not have any sexual interest in a young girl.

I don’t know how much the investigator believed me. However, at least I think she would rather play it safe and tell the judge that living with my mother and her boyfriend was not a good environment rather than to have to explain why she took no action if Jessi’s boyfriend did do something horrible to me.

The judge granted my father’s petition for custody. I was very happy for the next 18 months until, three months before my 14th birthday, my father remarried and we moved in with my stepmother and her two creepy sons.

Things were fine the first month until Kate, my stepmother realized that no matter what I said, my father would believe her. And, Noah and James, my stepbrothers, learned they could do almost anything they wanted to because Kate would always take their side and Keith was too wimpy to say or do anything to challenge their mother.

Also, early on Kate had let me know where I stood. Her precious sons could do no wrong; however, I was at best an unruly child or more often a liar if I said anything that contradicted her precious sons. And, that was when she is in a good mood and Keith was present. Otherwise, I was a “tart,” a “little bitch”, or even a “slut.” I wasn’t allowed in James and Noah’s rooms, but they were allowed in my mine. My bedroom has a privacy push button door lock, but that didn’t prevent them from entering, even at night. A nail or even a stiff wire would quickly open it.

I asked my father for a key lock for my bedroom door. Kate said I didn’t need a key lock except to do things I shouldn’t do behind locked doors and Keith wasn’t going to challenge Kate and say otherwise. I saved up and purchased a key lock for my bedroom door. Kate told Keith she needed to be able to get if there was an emergency so my father made me give her a key. Kate left the key on her bedroom dresser where anyone in the house and especially James and Noah could get it. So, my key lock was no better than the push-button privacy lock.

During my second month of living with them, James and Noah would come into my room without knocking. They would harass me, push me, or touch me, but they wouldn’t really get physical. They were annoying, but I didn’t believe they would actually do anything beyond harassing me and minor bullying.

One time I was wearing jeans and a pullover top, and when I stretched a bit; lifting my arms up, my top rose slightly showing a half-inch of my panties above my jeans.

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Noah noticed and said, “Zoe, you are such a tease and always letting me see your panties. Why don’t you show me your pussy? I know you want to.”

Noah, you are a pervert. Do you make a habit of trying to see part of a girl’s underclothes; maybe a bra strap or the hem of her slip?”

Only when they flaunt it and deliberately show it to get noticed like you are always doing, “ Noah replied.

Good grief! A tiny bit of my panties showed momentarily above my jeans because I was stretching and they don’t show now. You need to get a life. You might get a girlfriend if you weren’t so ugly and a pervert.

I have plenty of girlfriends, “ Noah replied.

Then you don’t need to bully me so leave me alone.

I will after you show me your pussy, “ Noah replied.

I’m not going to let you see me without my clothes on, and that’s final.

Noah told James, “Zoe is sexy tart. I bet she has a tight wet pussy. I’d like to fuck her.

Zoe is a hott cock-teasing slut and she’s practically begging us to fuck her.”

The more Noah and James talk about me, the more courage they build up. It may be just a matter of time and the right opportunity before they sexually assault me.

Living with Noah and James was bad enough during the second month. During my third month of living with them, I noticed that they were becoming more aggressive. I don’t know if they would actually try to rape me, but the danger of that happening appeared to be more likely and I was beginning to be afraid. I would feel safer around Jessi’s boyfriend even with his pedophile tendencies.

I told my father I wanted to live with mother and he promised me that I could in two weeks when I was fourteen. However, my birthday was last week and it didn’t happen because Kate was afraid Keith would have to pay child support and she would rather have the money. Also, she didn’t want to lose her unpaid maid/housekeeper. She certainly wasn’t going to require that the boys help around the house.

I was at my wits’ end. I didn’t know what to do. My father should be my natural protector, but he was not my biological father so maybe there is something about “Blood is thicker than water.” However, I didn’t believe he really knew he is not my biological father. I discovered that and more from a friend who was the daughter of Jessi’s best friend when they were in middle and high school.

During many conversations, my friend’s mother told me how slutty she and Jessi were in middle school and beyond and how Jessi fooled Keith into marrying her. She told me, but she would never tell Keith.

Noah and James were using any excuse to say I’m a tease, a cock tease, and a slut. I wasn’t trying to be provocative around them, but I wasn’t going to go to extremes to avoid it. On a day when Kate was out of the house shopping or whatever, they came into my room unannounced, like they always did. They grabbed me and accused me of being a cock tease because of the way I look and walk in the miniskirt and pullover top I was wearing.

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I suppose some boys and men may have thought I looked sexy. However, my clothes are typical for adolescent girls my age. For example, this is a photo of my friend Sofia.

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Sophia was my age and while I was wearing a miniskirt and she was wearing shorts, our clothes were basically the same. Maybe my pose was a bit flirtier, but Sofia was just as flirty around cute boys near our age. Most adult men didn’t give us more than a quick glance. After all, our titties were just buds. As for the way I walked; all well-proportioned girls naturally have a sway in their hips when they walk. My hips didn’t sway more than Sofia’s and she didn’t have to put up with perverts like James and Noah; especially at home. Her parents wouldn’t tolerate it. And, if some guy is harassing her, she can go home and be safe. I tried to explain that to James and Noah, but they weren’t going to listen. They were going to believe whatever they believed and I wasn’t going to change their minds.

James said, “You little cock tease. Since you running around half-naked and shaking your ass. I’m going to fuck you; I know you want me to.

James, you shouldn’t say such things and besides I’m a virgin.

Some virgin!? I bet you have fucked a dozen guys. Noah said he saw you kissing a boy.

You mean Randy? He’s only 12 and I didn’t kiss him; he kissed me and it was on my check.

You fuck 12-year-old boys too. You are a slut, but since you begging for it, I’ll be nice and fuck you anyway.

You and Noah get out of my room and leave me alone or I’ll tell your mother.

Uuuuuuu, I’m so scared, “ Noah replied. “James, I think we should strip Zoe naked; I know she wants us too.

Don’t you dare, “ I screeched.

As James and Noah advanced toward me, they had a sinister look about them. With no way out, except through James and Noah, I trembled** with a fear I hadn’t experienced before. James grabbed me, tightly gripping my hands and upper body while Noah pulled my miniskirt down and off.

Let me go; stop, STOP, please stop, “ I pleaded as Noah then peeled my panties off leaving me naked from my waist down. They were about to remove my top when they heard their mother return.

You better not say anything or you will be sorry, “ James warned as he and Noah left my room.

Badly shaken and almost sobbing, I lay down on the bed for a while before putting my skirt and panties back on. Later I tried to tell my father, but Kate was there to intercede claiming that, even if something happened, it wasn’t as I described because her sons wouldn’t do such a thing. And, my father wasn’t willing to stand up against Kate. As a result, I was grounded for a week because Kate and the boys said I was lying.

James and Noah thought that was hilarious. They take my clothes off and I’m the one that gets punished. It also means that whatever danger I was in; it was now much greater.

Later, James said to his younger brother, I’m going to fuck Zoe. She can scream rape, but mother and Keith won’t believe her.

I want to fuck her too, but if Zoe claims she was raped, I am not convinced that our parents won’t believe her. They may think, ‘where there’s smoke; there’s fire.‘ I think that first, they need to believe that Zoe wanted to be fucked, and claims she was raped because we wouldn’t fuck her. And, I believe I know a way, “ Noah replied.

What do you have in mind?” James asked.

Let’s go to some porn sites and click on incest, gang rape, and gangbang videos. After a week, we can copy the browser history folders onto her laptop and show mother and Keith that she is watching porn every night. Then after we fuck Zoe, if she tells our parents, we can deny it and they will believe it’s just her rape fantasies or at the very least that she instigated it.

It has been several days and Noah and James haven’t been harassing me so maybe nothing else will happen. So today, while I was lying on the sofa, Noah said, Hi“ and seemed friendly so I smiled when he took my picture.

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After Keith got home James and Noah showed Kate and my father the photo. Noah said, “Zoe was teasing me by letting me look up her skirt“ and James chimed in with, “Zoe wasn’t wearing panties. I could see her pussy.

James is lying. You can’t tell from the photo because you can’t see that far up my skirt and all you can see is the back of thighs, but I was wearing panties and I didn’t know that Noah was looking up my skirt when he took the photo.” However, they told Kate and my father before I could make a rebuttal and people are strongly influenced into believing suggestions and first impressions. Therefore, Kate and my father choose to believe James and Noah

Your daughter is becoming very slutty. She is a bad influence on Noah and James.

Zoe, I’m very disappointed in you; you are just like your mother, “ my father said.

That really hurt. “This is so unfair. It should be obvious that you can’t tell from the photo, and yet you believe the lies of Noah and James instead of the truth from your own daughter.

Young lady, if you even deserve to be called a young lady, I don’t want to hear any more of your lies. You go to your room; I’ll decide on a suitable punishment later, “ my father said, severely scolding me.

I slammed the door to my bedroom and laid down on my bed sobbing from the frustration and injustice of it all. I felt like I was a prisoner in my own home with a couple of potential rapists and my parents believing I’m a slut.

James and Noah couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Not only did they have their mother believing them; now they also had Keith believing them over his own daughter.

They knew that what little creditability I might still have with my father would be totally demolished, after they copied their web browser history folder to my laptop and showed Kate and Keith all the incest, gangbang, and gang rape videos that supposedly I was watching, on hardcore porn websites. Then they could rape me, and the parents would believe them when they said, “Zoe said, she is going to scream rape if we don’t fuck her.” Then regardless of what I said, Kate and Keith wouldn’t believe me.

The next morning, before breakfast, I dressed in a dark blue miniskirt and a white sleeveless pullover top. I wasn’t wearing a bra so you could detect my pointed nipples if they pressed against the thin material. My legs looked terrific and the small separation between the top and miniskirt exposing my navel was sexy.

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I realized Noah and James would take notice and call me a cock tease again. However, my clothes were customary for girls my age and I wasn’t going to dress like a nun with full sleeves and an ankle-length dress. Besides, they already treat me like I’m a slut and that wouldn’t change regardless of what I wear.

Noah and James certainly took notice of how sexy I looked. James felt his cock began to swell as it often does when he sees me.

Noah and James certainly took notice of how sexy I looked. James felt his cock began to swell as it often does when he sees me.

Zoe, you look nice this morning, “ James said, being careful not to say anything that would get him admonished by his mother.

I didn’t reply and just sat down at the breakfast table. I knew James didn’t mean it in a nice way and I didn’t wish to engage in a conversation with either James or Noah.

You are not being very friendly this morning, “ James said.

Kate chimed in with, “That’s right Zoe. It’s only polite to acknowledge a compliment.

I was about to explode. James tells lies and I’m the one that gets in trouble. However, I didn’t want to get into more trouble by saying what was really on my mind so instead, I replied, “Yes ma’am ... Thank you, James.

The next few days were relatively peaceful. James and Noah weren’t going to try anything when Kate or my father was home. Also, I had paid $4.25 for an under-the-door rubber wedge. That stopped them from coming in because before they could force the door very far open, I would quickly step on the wedge. Then they couldn’t get in without damaging the door which they weren’t willing to do. That worked until they learned they could slide a flat ruler under the door and quietly push the rubber wedge from under the door.

A few days later, when I was out of the house, James and Noah copied their browser history files to a thumb drive. After entering my bedroom, it took less than five minutes to first delete the browser history from my laptop and then to transfer the browser history files from the thumb drive onto my laptop. The top three web sites in the browser history are:

Threesome with stepbrothers

Schoolgirl gang rape

Hentai Alien Gangbang

When my father got home, James told him and Kate that he saw me watching a porn video and that my browser history is full of very hardcore incest, gang rape, and gangbang videos. Kate didn’t know what a browser history was, but my father did.

Kate and my father looked at me and I said, “James is lying, I don’t watch porn.

However, when they looked on my laptop, there it was-videos of naked men with hard cocks fucking vaginas and other openings.

God damn! Zoe, how can any girl watch this vulgar filth, “ Kate almost screamed at me. My father looked at me and recoiled in disgust like I was some kind of depraved deviant.

I don’t know how that got on my laptop; I didn’t put it there and I haven’t seen any of that, “ I said to no avail.

My father angrily said, “My God! Zoe. Stop your fucking lying. I’m taking your laptop and cell phone. You are grounded for everything except school. Your stepmother and I will discuss what we should do about you.

I was in a state of shock. I lay down on my bed too stupefied to even cry. I didn’t know that was on my laptop; I didn’t put it there. I already knew that Kate hates me and now my father does too. This is the worst day of my life and I don’t know how to fix it.

Later James said to Noah, “Did you see the look Zoe’s father gave her. He was outraged. I’ve never seen him so angry. We really got Zoe good this time. No matter what we do to her, mother and her father won’t believe her.

I can’t wait to give that haughty bitch the fucking she deserves. She’s so fucking hot, I get a hard cock every time I think about her, “ Noah replied.

Yes, Zoe is a sexy bitch. As soon as I get a chance, I’m going to pound her pussy with my hard cock. Mother and Keith usually go out for dinner and play cards with the Morgan’s every Friday night. That’s when I’m going strip her naked and fuck her.

Friday night, after the parents left, James and Noah unlocked my bedroom door and entered my room.

Get the fuck out of my room!“ I yelled at them.

Yeah, yeah, “ Noah scoffed.

Then get out!“ I shrieked at him again.

First we need to ask you something. We can do that; can’t we?” asked James.

What do you want?” I spat impatiently.

I’m just curious, “ he replied looking around at the pictures of a young movie star on my wall, “since you are a hot sexy porn star in training, how many guys have you fucked already?”

I haven’t had sex with anyone; I’m a virgin.”

Oh, you don’t say?” Noah smirked.

That’s right; I’m a virgin, “ I retorted. “Now get out!

Ignoring my demand, James walked over to my dresser and looked at the contents of my jewelry box.

Get away from my stuff and get out!“ I said, angrily, pointing towards the door.

Disregarding my demand, both James and Noah began to slowly walk towards me.

You know, James and I have been thinking. Since you are such a sexy slut, you need to show us your hott body.

Look you perverted retards. Just leave; get the fuck out of my room now, “ I demanded.

Ignoring me, Noah said, “So James, do you think little Zoe here should do a striptease for us and show us her naked body?”

Well! She sure likes teasing us. I think she should show us something!

Like what?” Noah asked.

Oh, I don’t know, “ replied James. “Maybe her titties? Maybe her pussy?”

Noah turned back to Zoe “Yeah, I think James is right; how about you showing us that hott body of yours?”

NO!“ I yelled. “Now get out! GET OUT!“ They weren’t leaving so I decided I would leave, but James grabbed me before I got out the door.

Hold her, “ Noah said.We’re gonna have a little fun. You know, let us see a little more of that sexy body of yours that you’re always showing off.

Let go! Let go me or I’ll scream“ I cried.

First we are going to have some fun, “ James said. I started to scream; but with his arms still wrapped still around me, James just lifted one arm and put his hand over my mouth.

Noah, with a sinister look, advanced toward me and said, “James, I think we should strip the little tease naked. Hold her hands while I pull off her top.

As Noah grabbed hold of the hem of my pullover top; James held my wrists over my head. Then Noah lifted my pullover top over my head leaving me bare above my waist. Although I would often wear a bra in public, I was a slow developer and didn’t really need one and seldom wore a bra at home.

The little slut is not wearing a bra, “ Noah observed as he traced his fingers over and around my titties. Then after unbuttoning and unzipping my denim shorts, Noah pulled them over my hips and down my legs.

As Noah hooked his thumbs under my panties, I said, “Would you guys stop; just please stop.” However, as Noah peeled my panties off, I was resigned to the fact that my stepbrothers were going to see me naked.

Okay! You guys have had your fun so let me go.

Not yet, “ Noah replied as he ran his finger up and down my pussy inserting it slightly. Spreading my pussy lips and taking a closer look, he said, “James, Zoe has a really hott pussy. It’s gorgeous.

I was struggling to get loose, but there was nothing a 95 lb 14-year-old could do to break loose from my 6’-1” 16-year-old stepbrother that played football and outweighed me by more than 60 lbs.

Noah, help me lay Zoe on the bed; I’m going to fuck the sexy little slut.

After they lay me on my bed, I watched in fear as James removed his pants and shorts exposing his six-inch-long thick hard cock.

With tears running down my cheeks, I began to cry. I’d never seen my stepbrothers act this way before; and, knowing that James did, in fact, intend to rape me, I was panic-stricken.

With James between my legs, I struggled to get loose as I felt James cock poking against my pussy. James was trying to insert his hard cock into my pussy. However, his lack of experience and my constant struggling and twisting; moving my hips was making it difficult to keep his cock located on my pussy. Before he could penetrate my tight, tense, non-lubricated pussy, I would twist my hips and his cock would slip away.

My struggling intensified his sexual excitement and urges. Trying time and time again, James felt like his rock hard cock was going to explode if he didn’t plunge his cock into my tight virgin pussy. He desperately wanted to fuck me and spew his cum deep inside my pussy. Spreading my legs wider and lifting my legs over his shoulder; and with me exhausted from struggling, James pressed his cock against my pussy and was about to force his cock into my pussy when he heard the garage door open. The Morgan’s mother was visiting so, after dinner, the parents had decided to skip playing cards tonight and arrived home over two hours early.

Oh fuck! Our parents are back, “ James exclaimed as he quickly put on his shorts and pants. Before leaving my bedroom with Noah, James threatened me, “You better not say anything or you’ll be sorry.

Noah chimed in; threatening me, he said, “Not a word of this to anyone or we will hurt you. Do you understand?”

Still naked and terrified, I could only nod.

You better, “ he snarled. “It’s your word against ours!” Then the boys pressed the privacy lock before leaving my room and closing the door.

Sobbing and till badly shaking, I collapsed on my bed. Gathering my wits and believing that James had taken my virginity, I was furious. As a virgin, I lacked any experience to know what a penis inside my vagina feels like and especially since I was so terrorized, I didn’t know exactly what was happening. All I recalled is the terror and pain I felt as James cock roughly poked and pressed against my tender vulva.

Should I tell and, if so, would my father believe me? I feared he wouldn’t, but gathering up my courage, I told my father, “James raped me.

James wouldn’t do that, “ Kate said.

Zoe, don’t lie to me, “ my father warned.

I’m not lying. James and Noah came into my room. James held me and Noah took my clothes off. Then James raped me.

After calling the boys, Kate asked, “James, Zoe claims you raped her; did you?”

James knew he hadn’t penetrated so he said, “No of course not, but don’t take my word for it; have a doctor examine her.

I don’t believe that’s necessary, “ Kate replied, just in case James did fuck or rape Zoe. Kate knew that even if I instigated it and was willing, it would be statutory rape.

Mother, I don’t want any doubt that I’m innocent so a doctor should examine Zoe.

At the hospital emergency room, Kate told the doctor that she and her husband were at their wits ends from at all the lies her daughter tells. She stressed to the doctor that she didn’t believe for one minute that her son raped his sister, but he was insisting that his sister be examined to prove his innocence


After listening to Kate, the doctor’s mind was already made up so, he just half did his job, he didn’t question me like he should have in a rape case nor did he take swaps that could have detected a few sperm in the pre-cum on and around my vulva. And, although he noticed some tenderness and redness on my vulva, he didn’t put that in his notes.

The doctor’s notes did say, “Zoe is an apparent virgin with an undamaged hymen and that there were none of the tenderness, redness, or other signs of sexual intercourse inside her vagina that rape victims; especially virgins would have. Zoe appears to have false rape beliefs that are not based in reality and I would advise an examination by a qualified expert.

After the examination, the doctor spoke to Keith and Kate and Kate requested that a copy of the examination and doctor’s comments be mailed to her home.

Based on the doctor’s statements, two weeks after the examination, the insurance company denied payment for all but a small amount of the $2,400 doctor and hospital bills because they determined there was no medical reason for an emergency examination at a hospital. Keith was furious that my lying cost him over $2,000. He told me that he was withholding $10 of my $20 weekly allowance for the next four years to pay for the examination.

James and Noah were thrilled how things turned out, but decided to cool it and not harass me for a few days until things settled down.

The few days of bliss lasted until the following Friday night when Keith and Kate went out for their weekly dinner and card playing with the Morgan’s. Noah checked with his mother to make certain they and the Morgan’s would be playing cards tonight.

Thirty minutes after Keith and Kate left, Noah and James barged into my room. They had a determined look on their faces. I could tell right off that they intended to fuck me if I was willing, which I wasn’t, or rape if I was not. Although, I would try, I didn’t see any way to prevent it unless somehow I could talk them out of it. Three weeks ago, my struggling delayed it just long enough for our parents, who unexpectedly came home two hours early, to return. However, I knew it was extremely unlikely they would return home early.

Seeing the look on their faces, I decided that my only chance of avoiding being raped is to avoid making the boys angry or threatening them. So I said as nicely as I can, “Hi guys, if you are here to visit, would you mind waiting until I finish my homework?”

Do your homework later, “ Noah snapped.

I can do that. What do you say; let’s play Monopoly?”

We are not interested in Monopoly. We are interested in your pussy. You and I are going to finish what we started, “ James retorted.

I’m having my period so would you mind waiting a few days?” I pleaded. Actually, I’m a little slow developing so based on other signs, my periods may not start for another few months, but it’s the best argument I could think of.

James looked at Noah and said, “Do you think we should fuck Zoe while she on the rag?”

I don’t know why not. Men do it all the time. No reason to wait until next Friday. Let’s fuck her now and fuck her then too.

That sounds like a winner. Zoe, you heard Noah; you little slut. It’s time for you to show us your hot body.

Some other time; I’m not in the mood, “ I said as I looked to see if I might get past Noah and out the door. That didn’t seem likely. However, with James and then Noah advancing toward me, attempting to get past Noah was my only hope so I made a dash for the door.

Noah grabbed me around the waist saying, “Oh no, you don’t.” I tried struggling and kicking, but immediately James was there to help hold me. I continued to struggle, but if James and Noah are determined, I know that preventing them from raping me is almost hopeless.

Zoe’s struggling is really turning me on. I can’t wait to stuff my rock hard 8(an exaggeration) cock into her pussy, “ Noah exclaimed.

Hold her, I’m going to take off her top, “ James said. I was wearing a pullover top so as James grabbed the hem on both of my sides, I tried to keep my arms down, but he was just too strong and removed my top. This time, I was wearing a bra, which I sometimes do. James was fumbling with it for about 30 seconds, but then he was able to unhook and remove it; leaving me topless.

I was wearing tight-fitting jeans and James unbuttoned them, but I guess he was still having a bit trouble because he said to Noah, “Let’s lay Zoe down on the bed.” In my struggles, when he pulled off my shoes and socks. I managed to kick James, but that didn’t seem to bother him.

Then he grabbed my jeans at the bottom of my legs and pulled. With Noah holding my arms, there was nothing I could do, my jeans came off my hips, down my legs and off my feet, leaving me in only my panties. However, not for long because James grabbed my panties at my waist and pealed them off leaving me totally naked and my pussy exposed to whatever wicked deeds the boys had in mind.

Zoe, you have a lovely pussy, I going to love stuffing it with my rock hard cock, “ Noah said.

I knew it was hopeless, but I had to try, “Guys please let me go and we’ll forget any of this happened.

Fuck no! You cock tease! You have been shaking your tail as us for months and now you are going to get the fucking you been asking for, “ James replied.

James stroked my pussy, then he inserted his finger and finger fucked me. Zoe has a tight pussy, but this time I have some K-Y Jelly. James put a little on his finger, rubbing some at the entrance of my pussy and inserted his finger to get a little inside my pussy. Noah said, “Hold Zoe’s hands, I’m gonna fuck her.” As James held my hands, Noah quickly removed his shirt, jeans, and undershorts exposing his hard cock sticking almost straight up.

As Noah position himself between my legs and spread K-Y Jelly on his hard cock, I realize that nice doesn’t work. And, to say I was afraid is an understatement. I didn’t want to accept the inevitable. I screamed, “Get the fuck away from me you depraved perverts if you don’t want to go to prison for twenty years?”

Listen you stupid bitch. I was going to go easy on you. Now I’m gonna ram my cock up your pussy and give you a fucking you won’t forget.

I was struggling and wiggling as much as I could, but with James holding my hands and Noah holding my hips, I couldn’t wiggle much. Every time I felt Noah’s cock at the entrance of my pussy, I would twist and turn as much as I could; but, after several attempts, Noah cock was in the right place when he pushed and the head of cock popped in and then it hopeless.

As terrorized as was, I don’t know how intense the pain was, but I screamed, “AAAAAAiiiiiEEEEEEEEeee.” Tears were running down my face as Noah tore through my hymen. I just gave up and relaxed which seemed to help the pain and moments later Noah’s hard cock had gone all the way in my pussy and he started fucking me. I don’t believe I felt him spew his cum deep into my pussy, but I felt him tense up and then relax. He stopped fucking me, but his cock stayed in my pussy until I felt it get smaller and he pulled out. There was some blood, but not as much as I thought would be.

God James! That was great. I can’t say how really really good Zoe pussy felt. It was tight liked she was squeezing my cock and sucking every last of my cum.

Now, I’m going to fuck Zoe, “ James said as he started stripping his clothes off.

I had stopped struggling and just lay there. I knew James was going to rape me whether I struggled or not so struggling was pointless. Besides, I wasn’t a virgin any longer and I was too exhausted to keep struggling.

James climbed on top of me. He kissed my titties and then my lips. I felt his 6” hard cock against my thighs and I spread my legs to give him access as I knew it was futile and more painful to resist. I felt James cock against my vulva and I shifted slightly so his cock would be at the entrance and he could more easily penetrate. I was well lubricated from Noah’s cum so James cock easily slipped all the way into my pussy. With lubrication, there was little or no friction so most of the pain had gone away.

James fucked me slowly at first and then faster. I certainly wasn’t enjoying it, but I accepted it and relaxed the best I could. I’m inexperienced. However, from his expression, etc., I could tell when he emptied his balls into my pussy.

Zoe, you are a great little fuck. It seems that you were enjoying it. From now own, I own your pussy. I’m gonna fuck you a lot.

It was a bit crowded, but the three of us lay in bed. Less than 30 minutes later, Noah with his cock hard again, climbed on top of me. I assisted by spreading my legs. I decided that, for the time being, I would be the fuck toy they wanted. It was less painful and resistance was pointless. With my assistance, Noah easily penetrated all the way into my pussy and started fucking me. This time, he fucked much longer; it seemed like ten minutes, but it may not have been that long. I believe I knew when he spewed his cum into my pussy. I was more sure of it than the first time; I guess I’m learning.

Then James was ready to fuck me again. He said, “Get on your hands and knees; I’m going to fuck you doggy style.” I did as he asked and after a bit of shifting, I was in the location and position he wanted me in. I guess he was learning or maybe it was because I was assisting and well lubricated from all the cum, but James easily entered my tight pussy and started fucking me. He was holding on to my hips and slapping my bottom with his thighs and lower body.

I was glad when he finally squirted his sperm in my pussy. I was more than a little bit raw or it felt like I was and even with all the lubrication, the soreness and pain were increasing. No doubt, I will be sore for a couple of days or more.

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