Last Dance

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2014 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Erotica Sex Story: Sometimes you just have to put aside that what you can't change and enjoy one last dance

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

Wearing a thin but comfortable, blue satin robe, Daphne Morgan sat on the couch, her legs folded beneath her and a glass of wine in hand. The television was on but held little interest for the forty-two year old account executive, her mind too focused on what awaited her Monday morning, now only thirty-six hours away.

As much as she tried to distract herself, the short haired brunette couldn’t dispel the thought that, at that time, she would be undergoing surgery to remove a small growth that had showed up in her most recent physical. Her surgeon had assured her that the odds were greatly in her favor that it was benign, but of course he couldn’t say it with absolute certainty until after it had been removed and biopsied.

“Just relax and enjoy the weekend,” Dr. Humphrey had said at her pre-op physical yesterday afternoon, “and try not to dwell on it.”

That had proved easier said than done. She’d gone to a movie earlier in the day, just to get out of the apartment, but couldn’t even say now what the film had been about. Even the dinner she’d had at one of the best restaurants in the neighborhood had gone less than half eaten. The phrase ‘last meal’ had popped into her head and killed her appetite.

It might not be so bad, Daphne told herself, if she had someone to share the waiting with. But, desiring privacy, she hadn’t told anyone at work about the surgery, not even her boss. As far as he knew, she was just taking a week off, a little vacation to give her some down time after putting together back to back deals over the last month. Given the backlog of unused comp time she’d accumulated over the last year, he could hardly complain.

Not that he ever had a reason to do so. Daphne had always been successful at work, putting in whatever hours it took to get the job done. The downside to that, however, was that it left her little time to develop a large, much less close, circle of friends.

Oh, there was always her ex-husband, Nathaniel, of course. They’d managed to maintain enough of a cordial relationship after the divorce that at the very least he’d offer a shoulder to lean on. That was if Nat and his new wife weren’t currently a thousand miles away on a real vacation.

In addition, there was Amanda, her closest and sometimes, she felt, only real friend. The blonde haired accountant, who lived just a few floors below her, would happily offer that shoulder as well. But experience had taught Daphne that telling Amanda would only make it worse. As many things as the two women had helped each other through over the years, being sick wasn’t one of them. Amanda didn’t do ‘being ill’ well.

No, it was just going to be her, the bottle of wine and whatever mindless drivel was on the TV. At least there was another bottle of wine in the refrigerator, she reminded herself, one that she could open after she finished the one on the counter. Then she could just sleep Sunday away in mindless oblivion. As plans went, she didn’t think that a bad one.

An hour later, she was making good headway on that plan, half the first bottle already gone, leaving her with a rather nice little buzz. For the first time all day, she was finally able to, partly at least, to put her upcoming surgery from her thoughts.

Daphne had heard the double-ding of her apartment’s doorbell, but thought at first that the sound had come from the television. When it was repeated a minute later, she realized that it was indeed real and, glancing at the clock on the mantel, wondered who in the world it could be. It was, after all, nearly nine- thirty.

Glancing through the peephole before undoing the lock, Daphne saw the side view of a young man wearing dark brown pants and a blue and white short- sleeved shirt. Initially, she was sure he must’ve rang the bell to the wrong apartment, but when he turned back toward the door, she recognized the dark haired and bearded face of Tyler Russell, one of the firm’s interns. A twenty-one year old who had just finished college the previous June, he was quite possibly the last person she could’ve imagined showing up on her doorstep on a Saturday night.

Daphne could’ve easily spent the next half hour speculating as to what he was doing on her doorstep. Instead she took the direct approach and simply opened the door and asked. That she was hardly dressed for company didn’t occur to her until she saw the reaction on his face to the outfit she’d been wearing. By then, there was little point in worrying about it.

“I’m sorry to be showing up so late and unannounced, Ms. Morgan,” Tyler said after a long moment’s hesitation, pulling his eyes from the dark nipples visible through the material of Daphne’s robe. “I tried calling ahead but your phone kept going to voice mail.”

Daphne hadn’t missed his eyes’ gaze, automatically tightening her wrap, not realizing that not only did that make her nipples even more prominent, but it accented her cleavage as well. Once she did realize, it was again too late to do anything about it. He’d already seen what he’d seen.

“I was actually here earlier this evening,” he continued, having come to the same conclusion that Daphne had in reference to her outfit. “Mr. Wilson had sent me over with the papers from the Myerson account. Evidently you forgot to sign them before you left yesterday. I didn’t get any answer then, so I figured I’d just go have some dinner and come back afterwards. But then my car battery died and I had to wait for one of my friends to come over and give me a jump.”

Tyler’s comment about voice mail made Daphne realize that she’d never turned her cell phone back on after turning it off at the movies. Furthermore, she had indeed forgotten to sign those papers before leaving for her doctor’s appointment yesterday. It was lucky that Bob Wilson usually came in on Saturday mornings and had discovered the oversight.

“Won’t you please come in?” Daphne said as she opened the door all the way and stepped aside.

As she closed the door behind him, Daphne made a mental note to send Bob an email commending Tyler’s perseverance in making sure that the Myerson papers were signed. It was bad enough that the kid was making little more than minimum wage during his internship; now he was putting in extra unpaid hours because of her mistake.

By the time Daphne turned around, Tyler already had the papers out of the small shoulder bag he was carrying, holding them out for her to take. She did so and, taking them over to the small desk by the entranceway, signed them.

“I’m really sorry that you had to go so far out of your way,” Daphne said as she handed the small pile back to him.

“It comes with the territory,” Tyler said as he took it and slipped it back into his bag.

“Still, I’m sure a handsome young man like yourself has better places to be on a Saturday night,” Daphne replied.

Tyler smiled at the comment, even as Daphne wondered what had prompted her to make an observation like that at all. Not that it wasn’t true, he was quite handsome, but it certainly wasn’t something she would’ve commented on at the office.

“I really didn’t have any plans,” Tyler quickly said, making Daphne think he had done so to alleviate any sense of imposition she might have felt.

“No girlfriend?” she unexpectedly heard herself ask.

“No, not anymore,” Tyler answered. “We broke up a few months ago.”

Tyler and Cheryl Parker had dated most of their senior year at college, but had come to a parting of the ways soon after graduation. She’d taken a job in another city and had no interest in a long distance relationship. Since then, a lack of free time and limited financial resources had precluded his correcting what he had originally thought would be a temporary condition. So much so that he eventually just gave up on it for the time being.

Up until two weeks ago, if asked the question, Tyler simply said no when asked if he had a girlfriend. The change in response had come after one of the other male interns, Roger Mark, misinterpreting his apparent lack of interest in the opposite sex, suggested they have a beer and get to know each other better. Thinking he could use a friend at work, Tyler had readily agreed.

The bar Roger had taken him to was rather dimly lit, so much so that Tyler didn’t notice at first the lack of any female patrons. At least not until after their second round when, still standing at the bar, his companion not so innocently brushed his hand between Tyler’s legs, going where no man had gone before.

Stunned, Tyler turned to face Roger, to find a broad, inviting smile on his face. Then, looking past his shoulder, he took a more observant look at his surroundings, now seeing them more clearly. As he did so, he also reviewed in his head the conversation between his coworker and himself, both here at the bar and back in the office. In retrospect, he saw how some aspects of them could’ve been misinterpreted.

“No problem man, it happens,” Roger laughed after Tyler voiced his observation. “It’s not for everyone.”

“Definitely not,” Tyler agreed.

As they finished their drinks, however, Tyler found himself inexplicably wondering what it might have been like. Then, just as quickly he dismissed the thought, telling himself that he’d have to have gone without sex a lot more than just a few months before he crossed that line.

“Well, if you really have no plans,” Daphne said, “I was just enjoying a glass of wine. Would you care to join me?”

Tyler hesitated for a few moments, considering the propriety of having a drink with someone who, while not his immediate superior, was nevertheless senior to him at the company. It didn’t take long for him to decide, why not.

She guided him to the other side of the couch where she’d been sitting, then excused herself for the time it took to step back into the kitchen and pour another glass. Handing it to him as she sat back down, Tyler inquired what she’d been watching.

“To be honest, I haven’t the slightest idea,” Daphne replied as she picked her own glass back up. “I think I really just had the television on to keep me company.”

With that, she picked up the remote control and turned it off.

“There, that’s better,” she said as the image faded from the screen.

“You have a really nice apartment, Ms. Morgan,” Tyler said as she turned her attention back to him.

“Thanks, I like it,” she replied, taking a second to glance around it as she did, “and please call me, Daphne. Do you still live at home?” she added, thinking it a natural enough response to his comment.

“God no, thankfully things aren’t that bad,” he laughed, “but I do have four roommates.”

Daphne smiled, remembering her own lean years right out of school. She herself had shared her first apartment with two other girls. In was fun in a way, but she didn’t think she could do anything like that now.

“How are you finding your time with the firm?” she then asked.

“Quite educational,” Tyler quickly replied.

“Good answer,” Daphne laughed, “but I’m curious as to what you really think. I know kids coming out of college today are getting the shaft, jobwise, with most companies offering only internships that pay next to or actually nothing.”

“Well, that part does suck, I guess,” Tyler admitted, “but I did mean it when I said it was educational. I’m getting the chance to see how what I learned in school compares against the real world.”

“Do you see yourself having a future with us then?” Daphne further asked, knowing that the firm sometimes kept on one or two of the best interns as regular employees if they did an outstanding job.

“Well, to be honest, no,” Tyler said surprisingly.

“No?” Daphne repeated.

“I probably shouldn’t have said that,” Tyler added, “but I have other plans once the internship is over.”

“Now you have me curious,” Daphne replied. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone else.”

“I was offered a job at another company,” he explained, thinking it over for a few seconds before deciding he’d already done any damage the admission might have caused. “My uncle set it up. The opening doesn’t become available until the end of the year, after the internship is over, so I figured I might as well use that time to learn something.”

“A good move,” Daphne commented, “and I meant it when I said it doesn’t go any further than right here.”

“Thanks,” Tyler said, clearly relieved.

They quickly decided to put aside shop talk and learn a little about each other instead. When asked, Daphne told a bit about her failed marriage, how they turned out wanting different things and Nat winding up with someone more willing to stay home and raise a family.

Tyler in turn explained what had happened between him and Cheryl, with Daphne nodding with understanding as she listened. Along the way, Tyler had refilled his glass and already done away with half that. Daphne had wisely begun to nurse her original glass lest she find herself drifting off into a now unwanted slumber.

“Not that I didn’t have offers,” Tyler said in reference to his inability to find a new girlfriend, his candor influenced by the wine.

“You’re kidding,” Daphne said in surprise as he told her about his fellow intern’s proposition. “Roger Mark is gay?”

“Nah, I think he just likes to suck cock,” Tyler replied, trying to be funny but instantly regretting his choice of words and apologizing for them.

“Been there, done that,” Daphne retorted, her own tongue also loosened, perhaps too much, by the wine. “I mean, you don’t have to apologize. They’re just words, and hardly harmful ones at that.”

They paused a few moments, mutually deciding without words that perhaps they’d had enough wine. Both set their glasses on the coffee table and left then untouched from then on.

They continued on to safer, more conventional topics, until Daphne took note of the time and expressed shock that it was nearly midnight. Tyler said he knew it was late but was enjoying her company so much that he didn’t want to point it out.

“You are a dear to spend your night keeping an old lady company,” Daphne said, adding that they really should call it a night though. “I really can’t explain why, but it has meant a lot to me.”

“It was my pleasure,” Tyler said, “and I hardly think you’re old.”

“I’m twice your age,” Daphne pointed out.

“Which means what?” Tyler asked rhetorically. “I think that once you’re past a certain point, age really doesn’t mean all that much. Besides, you certainly don’t look “twice my age.”

Daphne didn’t need to look in a mirror to know she was blushing at the comment, but rather than say anything in response she simply smiled back at him. She knew men still found her attractive well, at least attractive for a woman her age, but she hardly expected such sentiments from one barely into adulthood.

In fact, now that she thought about it, Daphne had never imagined she’d have such a good time with someone Tyler’s age – not that she’d ever really had conversations with any of them other than brief exchanges at work. That he had made her laugh, feel good about herself and almost forget about her worries for a while came as a total surprise. But even more astonishing was the fact that the bearded young man had also made her feel something that she hadn’t felt in a very long time.

Under normal circumstances, Daphne was certain she would’ve never even entertained the thoughts now filling her head. But the circumstances were far from normal, weren’t they? If Monday morning could bring the final curtain down, why shouldn’t she have a last dance?

“Tyler, I know this is probably way out of line,” she said as she shifted her position on the small couch, putting her now within a foot of her guest, her hand brushing against his forearm as she moved. “and I would totally understand if you just laughed in my face...”

She paused for a moment to catch her breath, looking for a reaction to her brief touch.

“But I was wondering if, perhaps,” she continued when she saw none, “what I mean is, I ... well, it’s late and I was wondering if you might like to spend the night here ... with me.”

‘Damn, I screwed that up royally,’ Daphne thought even as the last word left her mouth. ‘He’s probably going to think I’m offering him a chance to crash on the couch.’

Tyler, however, had no doubt as to what Daphne was suggesting. It wasn’t the first time an older woman had come on to him, but it was certainly the first time he’d found himself considering it. Aside from the fact that he hadn’t been laid in a few months, he actually was enjoying himself with Daphne.

“That, I think, would be awesome,” he said after a long pause.

The neutrality of his reply caused Daphne to worry if perhaps he had indeed misunderstood her intent. Tyler was quick to dispel any such notion. Leaning towards her, he closed the last gap between them and putting his arm around Daphne, pulled her against him, his mouth finding hers.

Even though Tyler’s response was the one she was hoping for, it still took Daphne by surprise, if only for a few seconds. She quickly began to respond to the warmth of his kiss, opening her mouth wide once she felt the press of his tongue against it. A second kiss followed the first, and then a third. In no time at all, they were making out like two horny teenagers.

Unlike Jesse Turner, on whose basement couch a teenage Daphne had first let a boy touch her, there was nothing she could teach Tyler about kissing – the boy definitely had talent. Then again, considering his looks and the almost five years he had on Jessie, Tyler had probably had a lot more practice at it.

It was also quickly apparent that Tyler didn’t lack confidence either. Despite the difference in their ages, he was quick to take the lead, reaching down to Daphne’s waist and undoing the sash of her robe. As the material fell loose, he slipped a hand under it, cupping her left breast even as their mouths continued to interlock.

“Oh yes,” Daphne moaned into his mouth as she felt his hand close around the soft mound, the excitement of his touch spreading across her chest. A sensation that nearly doubled as his fingers found her nipple and he began to massage it gently.

Her own hand dropped down to the now noticeable bulge in his pants, coming to rest against it. Daphne’s eyes opened wide, pleased with what she found. She wasn’t quite sure which impressed her more, its harness or its length, but quickly decided that was immaterial as she would soon enough be the beneficiary of both.

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