Ordinary Sex Won't Do

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A girl can only orgasm with illicit sex. How will that affect her life?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   .

Getting my orgasms was easy until I turned eighteen. Almost any kind of sex would do. After fucking guys that had been good for me on my birthday, and discovering they were no longer as satisfying, I was puzzled.

One night a couple I was babysitting for came back and the wife was drunk and went right to bed. The husband was pretty well lit too and he made a pass at me. I was horny enough that I took him up on it and the sex was mind blowing like I remembered. That was it! It had to be wicked to be good!

I hope you realize that makes getting well-laid a lot more challenging. The number of available men was less and I couldn’t just walk up to one and say, “Let’s fuck!”, Or could I? I got to thinking about it and realized there were probably a lot of guys to which that had never happened and they might be very eager to bang my sexy teenage body. I had to be careful though, since I did not want my reputation to get too tarnished.

After a couple of situations, I realized that babysitting gave good opportunities for guys who would keep their mouths shut. I also took a part-time job with a little one-man business run by an older guy who wasn’t getting any at home anymore. He was grateful and discreet. It was working!

Skip ahead a couple years and I’m getting anxious to be married. I’m not sure why but that seemed to be what I was supposed to do. I found a nice guy with a nice dick and got my thrills screwing around on him while I was engaged. Single guys were open-game now.

After the honeymoon, where I snuck off twice with different guys to get some strange cock for the thrill, I realized I hadn’t thought it through very well. Although taking on any guy was now wicked, I had to be even more careful.

This was getting kind of complicated. It was made worse by the fact that since sex with my husband was legitimate it wasn’t very satisfying. He was such a nice guy that I couldn’t imagine him being kinky or wicked. Shit!

One day when my older boss was balls deep in my cheating pussy, I asked him what to do. His response got me to thinking, “You got yourself in a nice fix now, young lady. If you keep fucking around you’re going to get caught and that’ll raise hell in your life. Some husbands can get an erotic thrill out of their wife getting fucked when they know about it and even sometimes watch. But the fact that he knows and approves would make it more legitimate so that door would get closed in your face.”

I thought about that a bit and recognized his logic but wasn’t sure I agreed with it. After all it was my thrills we were talking about, not his. Maybe just the fact that it was not ordinarily condoned by society would make it wicked enough for me, and if my husband cooperated then that would make the logistics immensely simpler. The big question was how to find out if there was even a possibility.

My older lover did make a suggestion for that. He suggested trying role-playing and maybe some porn to gauge my husband’s feelings and fantasies. He showed me some videos that might be helpful and I copied down the URLs.

I started out by having some curiosity about my husband’s sexual history. Like when was his first time and what was most interesting lover he’d had, etc, which gave him the opening and incentive to inquire into mine and I gently doled it out to him which did seem to enflame his libido and his passion. I began making comments like, “You seem to like having a wife that isn’t a lily-white innocent virgin.”

He grinned and said, “I had a virgin once and it wasn’t anywhere near as interesting as when I bedded you.”

That was the opening I needed, “So what you’re saying is that because I had sex with other men I am a lot sexier for you, right?” He nodded so I continued this line of thought, “If I get boring to you then I should go out and fuck somebody else and tell you about it and that would get you hot for me again.”

That got to him and he acted little bit flustered as he replied, “Well, maybe it’s not just like that. You’re not boring to me yet but the thought of you ‘fucking around’ is kind of hot, I have to admit.”

Bingo! “I really appreciate you being honest with me. I want to be honest with you too. I’m kind of feeling the itch to get some strange since I’ve never been with just one guy for so long.” I justified the outright lie as sparing his feelings. I continued, “If I were interested in fooling around with some guy and I let you know, how would you feel about it?”

He had to chew on that one for a while and said it might depend on the guy and just what I wanted to do. Was I thinking about a quickie or spending the night? I told him this is all hypothetical and I didn’t have anything specific in mind. He relaxed a bit at that and said he’d have to think on a particular case when it was presented to him.

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