by Jamie and Lisa

Copyright© 2019 by Jamie and Lisa

Fiction Sex Story: Step siblings are having sex, their parents are watching them.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

I am of course a completely non-apologetic voyeur, and I want to see as much gratuitous nudity and sex as possible. I love it when Monica, my new wife flashes me. Her bare ass, tits and puss being oh so delectably visible. It is especially hot if it is a room in which others, particularly my son or his new step-sister are present. Tom and Meghan, they are both currently sophomores at Rice University, that happy coincidence in fact being how I came to meet Monica, my new wife last year.

Clothed sex, I totally adore clothed sex. Especially with my hot and oh so naughty minded new wife. Clothed sex so beautifully underlines the frantic and especially spontaneous nature of our coupling. Nudity ... Well nudity is nice, it can be sweet. Nudity has its place. Nudity may come afterward, and with us it usually does. Once Monica and I are alone and basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

So far as the ‘kids’ and the rest of the ‘vanillas’ know Monica and I are doing nothing in their presence. Our kink is ours and to them remains completely invisible. Our physical relationship with each other seems to be non-sexualized and in fact is most often ignored. Our devotion to each other is seen as sweet for the most part tenderly admired if it is noticed at all. Others around us never suspect that we are ‘kinksters’ planning our next act right in front of them.

But that is really only fitting. Because it will be played out in front of them as well. Not that they will notice.

So, as an example yesterday in our kitchen my wife yanked down upon the back of her daughter’s shorts exposing her. I wasn’t there yet, but my darling and quite kinky wife, she reported this to me. For my part I asked her for photographs, even cell-phone shots the next time, I think she said that she would, I wasn’t actually listening I was too busy fucking her and her syntax suffers at such times. Back to the tale, she yanked down her daughter’s pants in front of my son, saying that they were in fact dirty and that she was currently putting a load in the washer.

Meghan, her daughter, bless her heart ... Meg took her mother’s hint and actively used it for the purpose of presenting to my boy for his use and his pleasure her sweet delectables. My boy, what can I say about him except that he is my boy. He did not hesitate, and he claimed as his what was being freely offered to him. Monica reports that he immediately went to softly fondling and feeling up his step-sister. Monica took Meg’s soiled shorts to the laundry room and then she loitered in the laundry-room doorway rather than returning to the kitchen forthwith. Giving Tom, my son, adequate time to touch nuzzle and passionately french-kiss Meghan. To eventually finger-fuck her to orgasm as she steadied herself against the kitchen counter while Monica watched them and touched herself.

As Thomas, my boy was eagerly licking his step-sister’s most silky and fragrant lubricant from his fingers Monica returned to the kitchen and told Meg to go upstairs and get herself cleaned up for dinner. She did so, returning minutes later, bottomless for dinner. Nice, but too overt said Monica, reminding Meg of my imminent arrival and her beautiful, natural but given the circumstances improper attire. I was not blood, it was simply not acceptable to greet me, her step-dad with her semi-nudity. Or maybe I thought as Monica told me this story that Meg’s sweet young puss was just maybe a tad too much for ‘ole mom to compete with.

Meg went back upstairs and found a little white micro mini-skirt to put on. Being her mother’s daughter Meg did not cover her lovely assets with the likes of panties. I did not know it at the time, but Meg’s sweet fragrant bare pussy was a bare thirty inches from my rod under the dining room table as we both sat and enjoyed Monica’s roast lamb with garlic, shallots and chardonnay. But really, knowing my new wife’s naughty mind I probably should have.

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