Enjoying Kitty

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2019 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: Stanley has feelings for his daughter's friend Kitty.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Lesbian   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

Is it a crime when teenaged girls flirt with middle-aged men? Stanley Jenson was often embarrassed when his daughter’s friend Kitty Jones was over at their house. She flirted and gave Stanley all kinds of compliments. She talked about sexual things and liked to get attention from Stanley.

She purposely would wear short-shorts and tight shirts. She had luscious lips which she often licked but kept them shiny with clear lip gloss. She would bat her eyes and act very flirtatious. She acted much older than she was. The girls were eighteen.

His daughter and her friend were quite developed and liked to flaunt their bodies in their clothes. Kitty flirted excessively with Stanley when she was over. Several times she would cause him to get a boner. He never would let his daughter see how Kitty affected him.

One weekend, his daughter, Michelle had invited Kitty to a sleepover. The girls mostly hung out by the pool. Stanley sat in his chair reading a book and drank beers while the girls swam in the pool. Every now and then, he’d look up and Kitty was shaking her ass and tits. She had an amazing body and wore a white string bikini. She had a nice set of tits which he could basically see in her white suit.

Stanley hated how he felt around his daughter’s friend. His mind wandered and he wondered if she was a virgin. She didn’t act like one and when she drank her soda, she would seductively suck the straw, leaving Stanley horny and wondering what her mouth would feel like on his cock.

After the girls swam, Michelle went inside to grab ice cream cones. Kitty licked her ice cream in a sexy way. She looked at Stanley while she ate her dessert. At one point, she put the whole ice cream in her mouth and sucked it like you would give a blow job.

The girls were boy crazy. They would giggle and read magazines that talked about sex and would take quizzes. Every opportunity there was, Kitty made sure to make Stanley hot or excited.

Stanley was a single dad. His wife died a while back from cancer. It was hard raising a child on his own, but he had help from his parents. Michelle liked to be around her friends and often had them over for sleepovers.

Stanley went into the hot tub and the girls sat with him. They were giggling and laughing. Kitty sat next to Stanley and had her hand on his leg. She smiled and nonchalantly put her hand down on the front of Stanley’s suit. She rubbed at his cock that grew in his bathing suit.

He couldn’t believe that Kitty was feeling his cock. Stanley was so turned on while she played with his cock. She rubbed his cock which was huge by this point. He knew that this girl meant business. He wanted to fuck her brains out.

“Kitty, I’m going to shower and do my nails. Are you going to come or hang out with my dad?”

“You go on. I’m going to sit here a little while longer.”

“Okay. Come in when you’re done.”


Michelle went into the house. Kitty continued to rub at Stanley’s bathing suit.

“You’re a little firecracker! You have me all horny and hard. Why don’t you pull that bikini off and sit on my cock! I know you want it! You like to tease me! Now you’re crossing a different line. Why would you want to be with an older man? Your daddy wouldn’t approve of this!”

“My daddy isn’t here! Do you think Michelle would mind if I fucked you? You’re very sexy, Mr. Jensen. My pussy gets so wet when I’m here.”

“Let me help you off with your suit. You can sit on my dick and I’ll make your pussy feel nice. You’re such a hot girl. My mind gets like rubber when you’re around. Are you on the pill?”

“Yes. I’ve been on it since I’m sixteen. My momma didn’t want any babies.”

“Smart lady!”

Kitty pulled her bikini bottom down and Stanley pulled his off too. Kitty climbed on top of Stanley’s lap and pushed his thick dick up inside of her. She kissed him hard on the mouth and they French-kissed while he moved her up and down on his dick.

Her pussy wasn’t as tight as he imagined. He was impressed by how she fucked. She rolled her hips like a pro. She unhooked her bikini top and freed her bodacious breasts. Stanley held her melons in his hands while they kissed passionately. Kitty continued to fuck him, and the bubbles felt amazing on their bodies.

“Your pussy feels nice. Do you like my dick?”

“It’s so big. Fucking hell!”

“I’d like to lick your pussy. I bet it tastes so nice. Let’s go into my man cave in the garage. I want to taste your honey.”

“That sounds divine.”

Kitty got off and the pair walked into the garage. Stanley took her to a couch where she got comfortable. Stanley pulled her legs apart and began exploring her pussy folds with his tongue. She moaned and groaned while he licked her pussy.

She played with her big tits while he pushed his tongue deep into her vagina. He found her clitoris and teased it with his tongue. It made her crazy and she started moaning and groaning. Her pussy was flowing nicely from the orgasms he gave to her.

“Mr. Jensen, that feels so good. Don’t stop!”

He licked her folds while he sucked on her clitoris which drove her crazy with lust. He smelled her pussy and drank her sweet nectar. His cock was still hard while he licked her sweet pussy.

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