Game Night

by Alex Waters

Copyright© 2019 by Alex Waters

True Sex Story: At a game night with the guys, we decide to let my friends impregnate my wife.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   True Story   Sharing   Wife Watching   Interracial   Black Male   Black Female   White Male   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   .

She is 23, 5’6’’ about 125lbs with a thin waist and 34C breasts, mixed (half black) and sexy as hell. She loves to suck dick and is a wildcat in the bedroom. She orgasms very easily.

I had decided I was going to invite three of my friends over for a game night. We would drink, smoke some cigars, play some video games, and just enjoy some guy time. Sarah never cared when I had all of the guys over. She got along with most of them and depending on the guy it was an opportunity for her to play. She is insatiable in the bedroom and can easily take on several guys right after one another. On this night, she played the hostess to a T by getting us beer and snacks when we wanted and walked around in a skimpy outfit like I liked her to do. I had obviously noticed the guys watching her throughout the night and joking about how hot my wife is. A couple of them were surprised that I was able to marry her because she is black and I’m as white as they come from the Midwest. I used to joke that it was my huge cock, which in reality is just about average at 7 inches. Sarah called me into the kitchen while the guys were busy playing a first-person shooter.

She asked if I wanted to play tonight, and I made a suggestion that always excites her. We had been talking about starting a family soon, and truth be told, she stopped taking her birth control months ago so we could try. We had always talked about having the experience of not quite knowing who would knock her up. It was an exciting thing for her to think of having me breed her and it turned me on insanely. Until just then it was always just a fantasy we talked about during sex. I told her to wait for about two more rounds of beers and then to go upstairs to our bedroom and lay on the bed completely naked.

After several more drinks were poured and I noticed the guys were definitely closer to drunk than tipsy, I text her to go upstairs and wait. We were still messing around and playing games when I leaned over to a buddy of mine, Ajay, and asked him if he would go upstairs and get us some cigars from my bedroom humidor. Ajay is about 6’ tall, 190 lbs and all muscle. He is a gym rat and watches his diet meticulously. He is part Jamaican and Dominican. We have never played with him, but he knows we are in the lifestyle. He said of course and went upstairs.

I slowly walked up the stairs knowing John and Ryan were enthralled in the game. I could hear Ajay stuttering something out as I turned the corner to the top floor. Our house is built so that if I sit in the guest bedroom across from my master and keep the lights off I can sit on the guest bed and watch everything occurring on my bed. Sarah was crawling across the bed trying to convince Ajay that I would be cool with it. She told him I even set this up as a present for him.

After a little convincing, Sarah had Ajay’s dick out and was working it like she was dying of hunger. I could see her bobbing her head back and forth just working his cock over. Ajay stopped her and pushed her to the bed after a couple of minutes of Sarah’s work. He lifted her legs up and I knew he was running the head of his dick along her pussy slit. I watched as he thrust forward and knew he was in my wife. He had a steady rhythm going fucking my wife’s pussy and would look over his shoulder every once in a while. I could hear him moan, “God damn this pussy is tight. No wonder Ray married you. You like that don’t you slut.” He was really getting into it. She kept getting him going begging for him to fuck her harder. “Ray never fucks me like this. Give me that big dig. Bend me over and take your pussy.” I was going crazy watching him fuck her. He pulled out, pushed her over the side of the bed, and quickly pushed himself back inside her. I could hear her muffled moan as he started up again. I was impressed with his pace as he wasn’t burning himself out going too fast but also wasn’t going slow.

As he fucked her doggie, he began to lightly slap her ass. She moaned every time he would slap her and ask for more. I knew Ajay was probably good in bed but I didn’t realize she was going to enjoy it this much. I kept peeking over the railing to make sure the guys where still occupied. After one of the times checking on my buddies, I stepped into the guest room just in time to see him quicken his pace. I barely heard him say he was cumming and he was going to pull out. She almost yelled NO as she said she was something. She begged, “please cum in my pussy. Drop that big seed in me. I’m safe. Give me your cum baby.” That was all it took for Ajay as he thrust forward a couple of times then collapsed on top of her for a minute. I watched as he pulled his pants up, and that was my que to head downstairs.

I sat on the couch just as he came downstairs. I asked where the cigars were and he apologized. I saw he was sweaty and seemed anxious. He said that he forgot them because he had to hit the head. John and Ryan attempted to make fun of him saying he was getting sick, but he and I both knew he was just unloading his baby sperm in my wife. I said I would go get them and headed upstairs.

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