Marvis and the Massage Parlour

by Marduk

Copyright© 2019 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A lonely woman visits a massage parlour and get more than a massage, with such pleasing results that her loneliness disappears and she becomes 'an accommodating woman' - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Gang Bang   Interracial   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

Mavis was a fifty year old woman, there was nothing outstanding about her, she was just a woman, one of the millions that occupied the land where she lived, there was nothing about her that would have created a ‘I must get to know that woman’, no she just existed. She worked in a pastry come coffee shop but rarely mixed with the customers, her job was in the kitchen preparing the orders and getting in the necessary supplies to accommodate the requirements of the clientele. She came to work by tram, day in and day out. Because of her experience and that she was a good worker, didn’t complain even though her pay wasn’t that great, she was satisfied, however, she lacked one item that all the other women and girls that worked in the shop had, was a male friend, or more correctly friends. Acquaintances, yes there were many and she was always greeted with smiles in the shops she did business in, but that was all, these people were just acquaintances. She was lonely, very lonely and it was only her work that kept her sane and reasonable happy, however, one afternoon that situation was going to change drastically.

The tram was late that afternoon, and it began to drizzle and she didn’t have an umbrella; she took shelter under the awnings of the nearest shops and it was there that a woman handing out pamphlets gave her one before moving off, distributing them to whoever she met. Maris accepted it and in the quick examination found that it was an advertisement for a ‘massage parlour’. She didn’t fully examine it till she arrived back at her unit, later than usual because of the transport delay and now with her dinner finished the heater at a comfortable level she sat down and studied the advert. She had heard about massage parlours but had never considered venturing into one, but this pamphlet offered a stress delivery and a massage that would take away any of the aches and pains that a day’s work could produce and many a time she had finished work feeling like a well-used dish cloth. The prices offered were not too expensive but a cost that one could not invoke on a daily basic but for the occasional visit and if the offer was as good as it was advertised, maybe a visit could be worthwhile and it wasn’t that far from her employment; she could walk it. There was a phone number for it did mention ‘appointments’ and the hours the parlour was open. She checked her watch, there was still time for it was only eight o’clock and the parlour closed at ten. She rang and booked for four-thirty tomorrow afternoon, her shift finished at four.

The woman behind the reception was efficient, very businesslike but there was no great welcome, she gave her name and was shown into a room that was dimly lit but the room smelt nice, a sort of perfume that was pleasant and not overpowering. She was told to fully undress and put on the robe that was provided and that the masseur would be with her shortly. In her unit she didn’t have a full length mirror, she didn’t have need for one but as she stood totally nude in front of it she did feel a bit embarrassed, her tits sagged and there was noticeable fat around her stomach and the growth of hair between her legs was just a tangle of hair, in those seconds she began to regret coming, but she had paid so changing her mind was too late, she gave a sigh and hoped that the masseur would not be to critical. She wrapped the gown around her and waited her mind a chaos of misgivings.

The sliding door opened and instepped a man that took her breath away, he was at least six feet in height, very athletic wearing a shirt and trousers that were white, but he was as black as coal, however, before she could utter a sound, he smiled a smile of confidence and when he spoke it was with authority, immediately she felt at ease. “Mavis”, he said. “I am Bruce I am here to service you and it is my duty to give you as much pleasure so that when you leave you will be a totally different woman. I believe you have booked for an hour. Now if you would like to disrobe and lay on your stomach we will begin” ... He noticed the hesitation for this would be the first time, maybe the first ever she had totally disrobed in front of a man to be naked. He smiled and his voice calmed her. “Do not be embarrassed Mavis I am a professional”. He did not comment of what she thought of her body, not perfect and certainly not arousing. She positioned herself; the room was warm so there was no discomfort. “Would you like a sprinkling of oil, it is a special massage oil; it has a nice spell and give more enjoyment to the massage”, he said. She gave a nod.

Her first reaction was a slight ‘Oh! As he began to rub her back, moving with professionalism down, rubbing the cheeks of her bottom, down her legs, to her feet where he massaged each toe, then back up, moving inside her thighs, she felt his hand brush her sex, it didn’t linger but then moved up along her arms to her shoulders. He paused. “Feeling content?” he asked. “Lovely” she purred.

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